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Falling in love - 13 - What have you done.....?

Aarav tries to read my face and asks, "what?"

I think, please god it is going so good. I am really feeling that I am on a seventh heaven and now don't spoil it by just a name that I don't want to hear from Aarav.

I don't know the reason but I tend to get more sentimental whenever I am with Aarav. At one minute I feel like I am on the top of the world and at the next, I feel like I am the most miserable in the world.

I say to Aarav, "nothing.. I am just trying to guess but I don't know who it is?"

He smiles, "when I look at you, I see determination in your eyes, you have passion for your work, that reminds me of my self.. yeah I was just like you.. same dreams to do something different, to be someone so that world have to notice!!!

I am looking at him with bewildered look on my face..oh dear he is telling me that I am just like him.

He continues, "today I can be... whatever I wanted to be, cause someone gave me that opportunity, proper guidance and throughout support.. now when I see you constantly struggling, I see my young self. So I want to be your support to make your dreams come true..!"

Oh dear this is the first time in my life I am feeling that someone in this world appreciates me and my dreams.. I really want to hug him and kiss him on his cheek.

I speak to my self, 'no..no I can't do that!!'

I am not good at composing myself, I mean, I express what I feel. This is the first time I can't reveal my feelings to Aarav, and it's killing me.

Surprisingly Aarav asks me, "what's that you can't do?" He smiles with mischief on his face.

I am shocked cause I spoke out loudly my thoughts.. so I try to explain, "nothing it's just...my stupid thoughts..." I pause for a while because of an embarrassment.

"by the way thank you so much for everything Aarav..." I add

I think he is opening up to me now. I have so many questions to ask him. About his study, about his struggles and most important about his friends and girlfriend but he shrugs, "okay so you have your answer now I think..so let's go then." I unwillingly go back with him.

As we get in the car, we both are silent, deep in our own thoughts. I observe from the corner of my eyes that he is wearing a cute smile on his face.

He drops me at my home. As he stops the car, he says, "so here we are..." I look at him. He continues, "talk to your parents and call me okay..I know it can be tough for you too but think about the outcomes....." I nod, "hmmm"

I am not good at saying goodbye, I just don't like it, going away from the people I use to love and care. Today my pain gets ten times worsened cause I know that I am not gonna meet Aarav in the near future.

He sighs..it's time to say good bye then... I wish him good night by glancing down.

Of course I have so much to talk to Aarav. I feel that he too seems sad by waving me bye, but I can't say it clearly cause it's Aarav who is always self-possessed and confident.

I get out of his car and start walking slowly towards my home. I have a strong feeling that he is staring at my back but I don't want to turn around. What if I am wrong!!!

Though I've tried hard, upon reaching at my gate I turn around as I can't control my strong desire to look back and see that Aarav is looking in his phone, he lifts his head like he knows, Smiles by waving his hand to me and drives off in his car.

Oh so he was waiting for me to turn around!! I smile and slowly enter in my house and close the gate.

My parents are watching TV. So I go and sit beside them. My mom asks, "so how was your date?"

I reply annoyingly, "mom, it was not a date.. it was just a dinner."

My mom chuckles to that. My dad rolls his eyes and twitches his lips.

I inform them, "I have so many things to discuss with you tomorrow so let's just go to sleep.." my mom chuckles to that. I look at her, roll my eyes and explain, "mom it's about my internship so stop building castle in the air..okay" my dad laughs loudly at her. My mom furrows her eyebrows and leaves, I smile and wish them good night.

I come to my room, Then look at my self in the mirror and recall Aarav's compliment. I smile at myself. I lie down on a couch think about our conversation with a big smile on my face.

After a while I come to my senses, run to bathroom, strip off my clothes and let the cold water run down my body.

I change to pajama and lay myself down on my bed. I can't sleep even if I put my thoughts about Aarav aside, cause I am so excited about my internship.

I have to plan everything in just 2-3 days, cause Aarav is delaying his tour for me. I get up from my bed and write down list of the things, I want to do tomorrow in my mobile diary.

The first one looks tough, to convince my dad. I stand in front of mirror and organise my thoughts and also practice expressions so that I'll look poorest child tomorrow.

Next day I wake up very early, I can say I didn't sleep last night, I was switching sides on my bed with eyes closed.

After completing my routine, I go downstairs, prepare tea and my dad's favourite breakfast 'aloo paratha'.

It is my mom's training that I am able cook everything. My mom taught me each and every house hold work like swiping the floor, washing clothes, doing dishes and cooking.

She was so strict when it's about work and study. When I tried to give examples of my friends she shut me off, arguing, "I am doing this for your future, so that you won't have to be dependant on anyone else."

Well I am grateful for that.

After a while my mom joins me in the kitchen and observes me carefully with a smile.

On the dining table my dad happily eats my 'paratha'. When I see that his mood is perfect, I start in a low voice, "dad I want to talk about my internship.." he nods "hmmm"

I continue, "actually because of Aarav's reference, a celebrity designer Ms. Shalini Kapoor has hired me. She wants me to work in Mumbai for one month with her.."

my dad opens his mouth to say something but I stop him, "first listen to me please, then I continue, "I know you are worried about my accommodation .... I was worried too. To discuss about it, yesterday I met with Aarav and told him my confusion and he solved my problem quickly by offering me his Mumbai's house to live, I won't be alone there as a security guard and his family lives there so I won't have to worry about anything.." I study my dad's expressions, clear my throat and ask in a low voice, "so now my question is, papa can I please go there? It's only about a month and I crazily want to go.." I try to look as sad as I can...

My dad clears his throat, "I think you've planned everything cleverly, well I still insist you to work here but it's Mumbai that you want and everything is arranged then I can't say no so I think you can go there but first I want to talk to Aarav.." I get up from the chair jumping and I run to my dad's chair and hug him from behind, thanking him and jumping happily. Then I hug my mom too.

So the hardest task was over. I call Aarav to let him know that my parents are agree. He replies happily, "see.. I told you." I say, "hmmm" He says, "okay..so you have so much to do now..I'll talk to you later.. bye." And he hangs up.

Of course my dad won't talk to Aarav in front of me so all I can do is just wish for best...!!!

As for shopping, this time my mom is going to accompany me, so we decide to go for it after lunch. After breakfast my mom is in the kitchen preparing snacks for me.

I message to all my friends about my internship and they all are happy, they all want a party from me which I promise to give them tomorrow evening.

Now my second task is packing, I am in my room actually in my walk in closet, confused like a hell. Well It's about one month so I have to pack so many things. I am feeling so down cause I can't take my wardrobe there. I am not able to decide what to pack and what not?

As I am gonna work with a celebrity, I must work on my looks, I should pack my accessories and shoes too.

At the lunch time with a heavy heart I leave some of my dresses, accessories and shoes in the closet and pack most of them in three large bags.

Today I feel like time is running like a horse. So after taking lunch, me and my mom leave for the marketplace.

I have to admit that my mom's fashion sense is greater than mine, so whatever she selects I can't deny to that. She picks many designer's pieces for me.

It took us whole four hours to shop. In the evening I book an appointment in saloon for tomorrow and try to pack in bags the dresses and accessories we bought.

When I have done packing, I have five bags, one small purse and still one is remaining in which my mom wants to pack snacks for me.

Of course my dad is annoyed because of the bags, I've packed!!!

He informs me that he talked to Aarav and he is satisfied. He adds that Aarav already left for Mumbai. So we'll leave as early as possible.

I am really impressed by Aarav now. The way he is helping me, he is doing things for me.. oh god my feelings for him are getting deepen day by day..!!

The next day is as same as yesterday. I pass half of the day at saloon and in the evening I am busy with my all friends, of course except Aarav. I am missing him badly.

They all hug me and wish me all the best. Then we talk about my workshop and internship. Then we order for food.

I notice that Ved and Anisha are continuously glancing at each other, I am smiling for both of them.

Tina is chatting with someone with smile on her face, I guess it's her new boyfriend.

Anurag and Kiara are laughing on something. There is only me and Kartik just observing all of them...

Kartik states, "I think we have two couples in our group now." I nod with a smile.. I look at him and ask, "what about you?" He shrugs and answers, "well just like you, I want to focus on my career first..actually I've applied for a job in New Zealand's big travel company.. waiting for their answer but don't tell anyone now.. I chuckle with surprise, "wow" and congratulate him in a very low voice.

Tina looks at us and speaks loudly, "hey both of you....what are you whispering about...?tell us too"

Kartik answers, "it's nothing important, first you tell us, with whom you are chatting? Tine rolls her eyes and replies, "a friend.."

We all look at her and tease her loudly, "ohooooo.." and then laugh. She hides her face with both her hands.

Then we enjoy our dinner talking about random things. I wish Ved all the best by gesticulating my thumb towards him and Anisha. Ved thanks me by blinking his eyes.

After dinner they all hug me again. I sadly say, "I am gonna miss you all.. guys.... for one whole month."

Anisha says with some doubt, "what about your birthday?" Oh dear I totally forgot about my birthday..I'll be all alone there. Now I am feeling wretched.

I reply, "I guess I won't have any celebration this year.."

Anurag ensures me, "don't worry about it.. you just focus on your internship...okay."

I smile and thank him. Thank all of my friends and one by one they leave.

Kiara informs Anurag to leave as she wants to discuss something with me. Anurag furrows at her, then waves us bye.

It's only Me and Kia now. As Anurag leaves, Kiara smiles at me in a mischievous way and asks, "what have you done to my brother Aarav? I caught off guard by her question and ask, "what happened to him?" Kia says with raising her brows, "Can you believe he was smiling without any reason and singing too...?"

I narrow my eyes at her.. she continues, "yeah I met him yesterday and he was like a person from another planet...

So...don't lie to me, Anu told me you both came together from Delhi.."

Now it's my turn to embarrass, please god tell me that I am not blushing. I try to avoid the matter, "nothing it was just rain and ..."

Kiara interrupts, "I want to know whole story.. no hiding.. you know that you can't lie to me so tell me the truth.."

I close my eyes, inhale deeply, clear my throat and start, "first promise me you won't tell anyone not even Anurag.."

She shrugs, "of course I won't, I promise and that's the reason I told him to leave.. so now say I am damn curious.."

I tell her everything happened between us, even about sharing the same suit and dance.. she is listening to me with disbelief, happiness and shock in her eyes.. when I tell her about our dinner out, she widens her eyes by covering her mouth with her hands.."

Then she replies, "oh god Raavi I can't believe it.. you know Aarav never danced before..not in any events or celebration... and about dinner he never ever arranged a special dinner for anyone..so you are a lucky girl...

She continues, "so tell me the truth what's going on between you two... huh..?"

I tell her shyly, "I dont know Kia, I am confused too.. Now that I know him as our misunderstandings are clear so...I can say that I like him as a person but nothing more than that..It's just a new friendship I think...!!

I shrug and continue, "So don't think anything else cause you know me, I am not that type of girl.. I don't think I have a time for.."

"yeah".. she interrupts "and you are stubborn too.. not ready to accept your feelings." She adds with somewhat anger and disappointment in her voice..

It was all a lie and my heart is hurting like a hell for that, I don't know why but I am not ready to confess my feelings.. my instincts are yelling at me to tell her whatever is in my mind but I want to be sure from Aarav's side which I am not.. so I just hold myself.

I ask her, "by the way do you know anything about Avira?" As I speak that name, my stomach starts aching...

She looks at me by narrowing her eyes and answers, "how do you know about her?.."

I lie, "I heard this name from Aarav, while talking about his life in Toronto."

She continues in a teasing tone, "oh so now you are feeling jealous." I roll my eyes, " no yaar, I am just curious" oh God please forgive me for all my lies, I promise I'll tell her truth as soon as possible.

She continues with a wicked smile, "well I don't know much about her but her father is a big name in fashion industry and he helped Aarav a lot, it's because of him Aarav is at this place, my uncle wanted Aarav to join his textile business, but Avira's dad helped Aarav to achieve his dream or I can say he mentored Aarav, that's the reason Aarav worships him as a god.."

It is enough for me, to guess who is Avira? I am feeling like someone pushed me in the deep water, with a heavy rock bound to my chest..I am literally suffocating without any reasons..

Kiara observes my reactions, "you look tense... don't worry about her, she is in Toronto...I don't think she'll come here so just take a chill pill and let your emotions flow.." she winks at me.

I twitch my lips, "just shut up okay.. I don't have any emotions for Aarav.." She giggles, "who told 'Aarav'?" I get up and say, "okay okay now we should leave, I have a flight tomorrow" She joins me with giggle...


Next day with my mom and dad, I board a flight to Mumbai with butterflies in my stomach.

It's four hours later we reach at Aarav's mansion.. of course it was not a small house.. little bit smaller than his recent house.. but bigger than our home.

Aarav left yesterday from Mumbai..and he is already in Singapore. he was continuously talking to my dad on phone after we landed.

I feel disappointed not to meet Aarav again, but I am so much impressed with his arrangements.

As we reach at the door step of Aarav's home, A man hurriedly comes and helps us with the luggage and leads us inside the house.

As we sit in the living room, a middle aged woman, serves us water.

We introduce ourselves and they give us information about themselves.

The man whose name is Haresh, is a security guard here and his wife Punita works as a maid..they have a two daughters named Namrata and Annanya, the elder one is in 9th grade and younger one is in 6th grade. they are taking care of this house for around 4 years.

Then they show us whole house.. Punita informs us that Aarav's family frequently visits the house..

I think that's the reason everything is so neatly arranged. No one can say that this house is empty. I didn't find trace of a dirt.. or even a smell..

Then Haresh, leads us to first floor, where he shows me my room appointed by Aarav.
It is very big with one king size bed,a big couch, a wardrobe, dressing table, computer table and a big balcony with a swing.. I am so happy about it.

Then he leads us to my parents room, it has the same facilities but the room is somewhat smaller.

As my dad wants to see my workplace and wants to meet Shalini maam. My mom wants to give me company for 3-4 days.

After arranging luggage. I take a bath and change to casual clothes. It looks like my parents are satisfied.. that's a relief I think.

At 12:30 Punita calls us for lunch.. I must say she is a good cook. She informs me that she will prepare whatever I demand..we all laugh to that..

After lunch I come to my room, I am so happy and excited about everything.. I am feeling lucky that I met with Aarav, what could have I done without him?

I am smiling and thinking about Aarav, that my phone rings, I look at the screen, Its Aarav on video call..

I feel fluttering in my stomach, my heart starts pumping in my ribcage. I look at my self in the mirror, do my hairs..and receive the call..

He is looking so cute. I smile at him, he is smiling too. He asks, "hey what took you so long? I thought you are not going to receive my call as I left early.."

I interrupt, "no it was not that, actually my phone was silent." I lied.

He asks, "so do you like my room..?" I am surprised, "don't tell me I am staying in your room."

He laughs, "actually you are.." oh god I am feeling so embarrassed now.

He changes the topic, "so what about your joining?" I answer, "well.. I am thinking to call Shalini ma'am tomorrow.."

He says, "no.. call her today, after 6:00pn she'll receive your call and tell her that you are joining tomorrow..okay...?"

I nod 'okay'.. He continues, "I have a car in garage at backyard, Haresh will give you the key.."

I widen my eyes, "no..no..no... I can't use your car, I will arrange cab or anything.."

He asks, "and why is that so..?" I lie, "well I am not comfortable to drive in Mumbai's traffic."

He nods, 'okay.. what if I arrange a driver for you..? I refuse, "please Aarav.. I will be fine.. and if I'll need your car then I'll ask for it by myself.."

Aarav smiles, "are you sure?" I nod smiling.

He agrees, "okay.. then as you wish..but call me anytime, if you need anything okay.."

I assure him..he adds, "from tomorrow your internship will start.. so work very hard and grab every chance to show your talent to them.. okay.. they are good people, so don't hesitate to ask anything..and yeah..a very important thing.. do whatever they ask you to do.. remember no work is small.. okay!"

I am just looking at him.. without listening to him, oh my god why on earth I adore him so much.. he calls my name, "hey Raavi.. are you listening to me?" I just nod 'yeah'..

Okay all the best then.. now I have to go.. call you later okay bye and take care.. I say, "you too.. bye"

I hang up.. I lie down on a bed and think only about Aarav..


As Aarav told me I call Ms. Shalini and inform her about my joining.. she sounds happy.

Tomorrow is a big day for me so after dinner I directly go to bed. I know that I will not be able to sleep but I just want to give rest to my mind and body..

As expected I wake up very early.. I am nervous, anxious, afraid, god knows what am I feeling right now?..

I am wearing formal clothes today.

My dad already arranged a taxi.. Her fashion studio in not so far from Aarav's place but with traffic it took us one and half hour to reach there.

As I step up to the studio's huge glass door . I can hear my heart beats in my ears, I slowly push the door.. oh my god... my eyes are widened.. it is a very big place with so many people working there..

As we enter, a girl hurriedly comes and asks, "Ms. Raavi right?" I nod. "Okay come with me" she smiles..

So me and my parents follow her, as I pass through the studio.. I am overwhelmed by it..I mean where to look and what to look...

So many closets with clothes in it. Many dummies. Sewing machines and boxes, computers, wall are filled with different materials and sketches. It's ten times bigger than my lab I think. oh dear I am so excited cause this is the place, I am gonna work!!

The girl leads us to the a glass cabinet. I am very much nervous cause I am going to meet the great designer of my time, face to face.. I don't know how to act..

The girl pushes the door and informs, "ma'am ms. Raavi is here with her parents.. I hear very gentle voice, "send them in dear..."

As we enter I see Ms. Shalini is sitting on a revolving chair with a genuine smile.. well she is forty plus in age, but her style and confidence makes her look so much younger.. today she is in Saree, open straight hairs, light makeup..

She smiles and addresses me in a very sweet voice, "nice to meet you Raavi" Then she welcomes me with bouquet.

Then she starts talking to my parents, gives them brief introduction about her studio and work. My dad asks some stupid questions like what type of work I'll do here? what will be the timing of work? and many more..? My mom explains about her worries..

Shalini ma'am ensures my parents that she'll take care of me in every possible way and says that they shouldn't worry about anything when Aarav has arranged things.

I am surprised cause she is talking about Aarav like her own son.. and she knows that I am living at Aarav's place..

After around an hour my parents leave. As it is my first day, a girl named Rene gives me brief introduction about the work I am going to do. Then show the studio to me. Show me my chair.. then introduces me to her colleague or I can say my colleague.. in short my first day was quite a cheerful.

Next day my dad leaves. My work as an intern starts. it took two to three days for me to understand my work, now I am really enjoying my work.

On fourth day my mom leaves too. Now I feel lonely at home, I am missing my parents and my friends badly,... even Tina.

My working hours pass quickly cause as an intern my job is not an easy task. I have to do each and every kind of work. From making tea and coffee to cutting and sewing clothes, patterns making, arranging closets, answering to emails and messages, plan an event, help in photoshoot and many more but for me it's all worth it.


It's been fifteen days since I came here, I regularly talk to my parents and my friends but Aarav just called me once.. I can understand that he must be very busy.

My birthday is coming next week so I am very much excited about it. Well I like to celebrate my birthday with my parents and friends but what will I do this time? I can't go home for only one day and I don't think my friends will come here.

As for my parents I was hoping that they will come but they told me that they are busy too, so I am just disappointed.

I think that I'll celebrate it with my new family.. yeah Haresh's family. I am really attached to them now.

Punita is very good natured woman, always talks about her village and farms. She taught me many native dishes of her village. Her daughters are so lovely, they call me 'di'. At every night I help them in studies.

Punita talks about Aarav's family too. I come to know that they are really good people. They are helping them financially.
As for Haresh, he is very hardworking man. He does two jobs as a security, I really get to know very closely, how tough a life can be for some people. Though happy and satisfied. I really salute to their passion.

It's day before my birthday, I come back at 8:00pm from the studio, very tired, take my dinner and watch tv with Namrata and Annanya. At 10:00pm I go to bed.

I open my eyes when I hear a loud knock on my door, it is 12:00am.. so I ask, "who is it?" In answer, all I hear is a knock.. so I get up with sleepy eyes and open the door.

I jump from happiness cause it's Anurag and Kiara.. I hug them both tightly. They wish me happy birthday and I am just thanking them...for a great surprise. I get to know that they came here at 11:00pm, In a while I get a phone call from my parents too.

I am so happy now. I go downstairs, make tea and coffee for them. And then we start talking, of course none of us wants to sleep cause it's been 19 days, longest period of my life living without my friends!!!

I am little bit disappointed cause Aarav didn't call me to wish me and my other silly friends too forgot about my birthday.

But I am happy now, when my two besties are here with me!!! We just chatter about silly stuff whole night.

It's 5:00am and I am feeling sleepy so Kia tells me to sleep, saying that I have a job tomorrow.

Of course I don't want to go tomorrow. I want to spend time with my friends.

I don't remember when we all fall asleep. When I open my eyes, I find me and kia on my bed and Anurag on couch still sound asleep.

Its 8:30am. So I slowly get up and complete my routine, then go downstairs, Punita wishes me happy birthday with a big smile, I thank her and sit on a chair that Kia and Anurag joins me.

We take our breakfast. It's 9:30am, I am planning to go to visit amusement park so I discuss my plans with them.

Kia asks, "and what about your work?" I shrug and answer, "I am not going today, after 10:00 o'clock I'll inform them in my studio."

"And why is that so?"... I hear a familiar voice from the stairs.. I look at there.. My eyes get widen and jaw drops.. cause Aarav is standing there in his night dress, with stern look on his face and sharp eyes on me...!!!


Hi my lovelies.. I am really grateful for your support. I know my work is not best..as I am not professional.. so thank you so much for loving my story and ignoring my mistakes..

As per your request I am writing about Aarav's POV so you will get to know little bit of his feelings after 3 chapters..as they are already written (only outlined) so I can't change them now....and yeah about posting my chapters earlier well I think I can't do anything for it, so they will get published on every Saturday..I can promise you that.. so have a happy reading 😊👓😊

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