Do you love me? - 5 in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - episode 5 First kiss

Do you love me? - episode 5 First kiss

Pavan spent a day making all the arrangements for Priya and went to her home to know her decision.
( opened her room door without knocking )

Priya was applying oil to her long hair and said "why don't you come inside and sit with me instead of standing there?

Pavan: 😳😯Sorry I forgot to knock, But how do you know that I was watching you?

Priya: I can feel your presence😊 and sorry accepted.

Pavan: Hmm ok, what is your decision?

Priya: I never thought loving someone causes this much pain🥺. Why are you always pushing me away from you?

Pavan: I never pushed you away, you never wanted me to be with you in the past I don't know what made you change, and What happened on that night of our tour? I don't remember anything, did I do something wrong?

Priya: no that's the only time you spoke honestly in your entire life, I will go to the U.S. only because you want me to go and you have to make some promises to me in return for that.

Pavan: ok what are they?

Priya: 5) I will tell you after our engagement.
4) you should not drink alcohol at parties.
3) you should call me daily and have to tell me I love you.
2)if you don't want me to leave, or want me to come back after going to the U.S you should not hide your feelings.
1) you have to do whatever I say until I go to the U.S
Will you promise me this?

Pavan: ok promise. I will what'sup all the details about the flight tickets, stay, etc check them once.

Priya: it can wait, take this oil bottle, and give me a head massage.

Pavan: what? I am not going to do that?

Priya: I thought you are a man who keeps his word. You agreed to this.

Pavan took the oil and start rubbing oil gently on her hair. Priya's long black silky hair smells like fresh blossom jasmine, pavan's fingers moving in it like a wooden boat sailing on a black sea filled with jasmine scent. He started taking deep breaths to fill her scent in his lungs while his hands lost control and want to feel nothing but her hair. few minutes passed in silence while Priya enjoys her massage.

Priya closed her eyes and said: I know My fiance has magical hands, what do you think about shoulder massage after completing this.

Pavan: dream on

Priya: I have a doubt?

Pavan: what's that?

Priya: how many kids do you want? I think your mom wants a granddaughter first.

Pavan (don't know what to say): I want...I have urged w-work to do, see you later bye( ran from there)

Priya laughed after seeing his reaction and starts writing her diary.

while Pavan washing hands at the washbasin

Priya's father: how was your business going?

Pavan turned towards him and said: thanks for your support uncle, they are going well, but I will feel happy if you allow me to pay your money back.

Priya's father: it's not mine, it's ours if you want you can spend that money for business expansion and You can also pay me back by gifting something to Priya which makes her happy.

Pavan: I will do that uncle and thanks for believing me.

Priya's father: don't mention that and be careful while driving mister magical hands😄.

Pavan: so you are watching us😐.

Priya's father: how can I miss such a wonderful seen happening at my house, Don't worry I won't tell your father about this.

Pavan(awkwardly): I did that because I promised her. there is nothing to ashamed about that, ... please don't tell my father😑, bye uncle.
Next day
Priya spends the next day in engagement preparation and Pavan spent the day having a pre-engagement party with friends.

" The day finally came 💍"

The engagement took place at the famous function hall in the presence of family, friends, relatives, and employes.

Pavan dressed simply in a blue suit and Priya dressed in a red and gold colored heavily embellished lehenga with minimal jewelry which makes her look like a fallen angel.

The time finally came and the priest asked them to exchange the rings.

Priya took pavan's hand in a blink but the priest insists than the bridegroom should put the ring first.
The people who attended to engagement started cracking jokes on Priya that she will marry pavan on the same stage if he agreed to that.
Priya's cheeks redden with embarrassment and Pavan took her hand.

Their hearts started beating faster, their eyes forgot to blink while they both looking at each other and they exchanged rings(Classic Six-Prong Diamond rings). Priya's eyes filled with tears by remembering her mother, Pavan held her hand to console her and Priya hugged him. Pavan's friends started whistling and the crowd started clapping. After that, they took blessings from their parents and Guests. Priya's father gifted a brand new Audi A8 and pavan's mother gifted some diamond jewelry to Priya.

After the photo session with guests, they both sat together to have lunch with Priya's friends while Vamsi was taking care of arrangements for the guests.

Priya's friends started making annoying jokes about pavan.
Friend 1: I never thought Priya will agree to marry a Playboy like Pavan.

Pavan: I am not a playboy😡.

Friend 2: How many girlfriends you had before?

Pavan: Priya knows about everything and I had one girlfriend in the past.

Friend 3: why you too broke up.

Priya (interrupted): Do you know pavan will never share his spoons, glasses, lunchbox, etc with anyone except family. He thinks by sharing them cause transfer of saliva from one person gets into another person's mouth, This made his girlfriend, upsetting so she dumped him.

Friend 1: so he never kissed her?

Priya: it's a long story will tell you, later

Pavan didn't speak a word about that while Priya's friends laughing after hearing the reason.

Friend 1: so you two are going to eat in the same plate now.

Pavan: after marriage, the couple will eat in the same plate, not after the engagement.

Friend 3: we break the rules and you should feel happy because a beautiful girl like Priya is sharing her plate with you😅.

Pavan got bored and annoyed by Priya's friends and wanted to go away from there, but Priya took his hand and said: I am hungry, and I want to eat today's lunch by your hand, will you do this for me, please. She asked him with a cute face and a sweet tone.

No man in this world can reject that request and pavan is one in them. They both had lunch and guests started to leave.
Priya's father insists pavan drop Priya at home in the car he gifted.

Pavan finds no harm in that and dropped Priya at her home
while leaving Priya said she got a gift for him and asked him to close his eyes. He closed his eyes without questioning.

Priya moved forward and kissed him.😘
her soft red lips pressing against his, pavan was surprised at first but started to return her kiss, he placed his hands on her waist and she wrapped her shoulders around him, their both lips locked for a few seconds.

Priya's face became red like a tomato and said: Do you know I never kissed away one before .this is my first kiss and it is better than I imagined.

Pavan just came back to earth from heaven and said: me too

Priya: you never kissed a girl? don't lie I saw when Anu(Ex-GF) kissed you.

Pavan: I mean I never kissed a man before, this is my first time 😄.

Priya punched him in the stomach with her fist even a strong man like pavan can't hide his pain.

After a few seconds of silence.

Priya: your 5th promise is you have to spend tomorrow by staying away from me No phone calls, no messages, nothing. If you did this I will go to the U.S.

Pavan: no problem, I can do that easily.

Priya: if you break this promise you will get a kiss😘. So think about it.

Pavan: Don't tease me, I am a man of my word, I will come to the airport on 31 to give you a sendoff. We can talk there.

Priya: do you like this car?

Pavan: you know the answer already. But you don't have to spend this much on me.

Priya: "what's mine is your" and All yours are mine. So this car is mine too. What will you say, my dear handsome fiance?

Pavan: maybe I will think about it after you have property learned driving a car.

after completing the conversation Priya went inside her home. There are some gift boxes inside her room.

Pavan went back to the engagement hall to pick Vamsi and then they both went to a hotel.

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