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Do you love me? - Episode 6 Broken glass

Priya went to her room and found some gift boxes
Box 1: A saree with a letter
Box 2: A handbag
Box 3: 2 toys ( A boy and girl)
Box 4: a luggage bag with a big teddy bear in it
Box 5: earrings

In the letter: I remember that the day when you wore saree for the first time, you are so beautiful just like your mother but I don't know why you never wear it again? But If you like this saree wear it next time when we meet after you came back from the U.S.

The box which contains toys give you the Answer to your question( how many children do you want?) Priya blushed while reading this sentence.

These are the earrings I wanted to gift you when we are at college but you never gave me an opportunity. So it's yours now and a teddy bear in the luggage bag is the first teddy bear manufactured in My own company (small scale industry).
I hope you like my small presents.
Your childhood friend,

Priya felt sad after remembering how she treated him at the time of college, she hugged the teddy bear he gifted and fall into sleep.
(Their college life will be covered in upcoming episodes)

Pavan and Vamsi went to their hotel and the manager came to receive them.

Manager: Sir Everything is ready and this is your room keys.

Vamsi: I don't know what you will do but our hotel should become popular in our city.

Manager: we are working on it sir, we are posting advertisements on youtube channels and invited various YouTubers to our hotel to review our food and services. I think we will reach our target soon.

Pavan: tomorrow we are going to have a party here, many highly influential people will attend the party so make sure everything went perfectly, this will help to improve our customers and popularity.

Manager: we already completed arrangements sir, everything will go as we planned.

After having a conversation with manager Pavan and Vamsi went to their room

Vamsi: the pre-wedding party in our pub went perfectly as we planned right.

Pavan: yes, my engagement parties are really helping us to improve our business, our pub already becoming popular and we already got half of our investment back.

Vamsi: what about Priya's dad? Did he accept the money? And why he suddenly gifted this expensive car?

Pavan: No, he didn't accept the money and he gifted me the car because it's what Priya insisted on him to gift.

Vamsi: Did you bring your wine glass with you? (pavan only drink in his glass)

Pavan: yes but I can't drink, he explained to him the promises he made to Priya.

Vamsi: ok let's go to the indoor pool and relax for a while.
After relaxing for a while they went to the garden, gym, spa(with sauna), indoor games zone, water games at the outdoor pool, bar (with pub) Finally, they visited the business area, and then they had dinner at a restaurant in the hotel and went to their rooms.

Next day
Pavan woke up at 8 o'clock and after completing daily routine he went to check the arrangements. The manager greeted him and they both had tiffin, later Vamsi joined them.

Vamsi and Pavan spend the morning by estimating the profit and losses of their businesses with their accountant and had lunch. after 7 Pm their friends started to join them.

Party started at the bar in the hotel and while DJ playing top songs, mashups and people started dancing and drinking. pavan sat on a table and having orange juice while Vamsi making fun of Pavan's phobia of sharing Glass, spoons, etc.

At 11 Pm the party completed the people got drunk and they went to their rooms.
Pavan Helped Vamsi to reach his room. After reaching the room Vamsi gave a wine bottle( Screaming Eagle Cabernet sauvignon)as a gift to pavan.

Vamsi: according to your promise you can't drink at parties but you can have it in your room (pavan closed the door and went to his room)

Pavan went to the room and called room service to bring the washing soap to wash his glass, But unfortunately, while cleaning,
the glass was fallen from the housekeeper's hand and broken. Pavan got angry but after looking at the pale face of the housekeeper who was very scared and sweating in an AC room. Pavan became calm and said: it's ok it's just a glass but don't repeat this mistake again. Clean this area and leave quickly.

Housekeeper: I am extremely sorry sir, I will never repeat this again. After cleaning the floor with broken glass pieces, he said sorry again and ran from there.

Time was 11:33 PM, Pavan spend the entire day busy with preparation and calculations but he got free time now, he wanted to sleep but after closing his eyes he starts thinking about Priya, he wanted to speak to her but he remembers his promise.

time was 11:49 he was looking at the phone to pass 12:00, but seconds passing like hours he took the wine bottle, opened it, and started drinking directly from the bottle. Generally, he drinks not more than 3 glasses, because after drinking more than 3 he becomes drunk and doesn't remember what happens after that. After having a few sips he took his phone dialed to Priya but cut the call before it reaches her. Time reaches 11:56 so he took the phone into his hands and waiting to reach 12.

Time reaches 12:00 Am pavan was drunk and can't hold anymore, he called Priya but he got a busy tone, he dialed many times and the result is the same. He started to feel lonely, he got a doubt, Is sending Priya to the U.S. is a good decision or bad?
the brain tells him that he did a good thing by supporting her career but heart telling him that he was doing a mistake by sending her with Vikas, he tried calling her again but he again got a busy tone.

Thoughts start running in his head, why he is getting the busy tone, with whom she was taking at this time, Is she taking with Vikas? Can I really live without her? He drunk some more and fallen into sleep.

In the meanwhile, Priya was talking with pavan's relatives (who offer her to stay with them) she noticed his calls but can't attend because she was speaking to them. After completion of the call, she calls back him but He already has fallen into sleep.

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