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Falling in love - 15 - Is he Ivaan???

After my birthday, days are happier for me, the one and only thing I ruminate about in my free time is, that 'cute hug' and Aarav.

After that day Aarav has called me just once..and that too, just to ask about my work..yeah sometimes he wishes me simple 'good morning' and 'good night' in messages..but nothing more than that..!!

His behaviour really makes me worried about his feelings..he is so much good in camouflaging his emotions that it's being really hard for me to decide what's in his mind or I can say heart?

But remembering that hug moment I console myself that perhaps..He wants to take things slowly..or

I don't want this option to be true but logical part of mind strongly suggests me that, it may be possible that he doesn't have any feelings for me..so its upto him now.

As for my internship, Shalini ma'am is so satisfied with my work that she offers me a seat in her institute for my master's !!!Well.. what can be greater than that!!?. I am really looking forward to it.

Days are passing quickly in the company of good people, by working eight hours at the studio, I feel lethargic sometimes but I enjoy most of my work.

Only few days left now, I start liking it here and now I have to leave. I am so much attached to everyone here. Especially Punita and her daughters.

As I use to spend my home time with them. Sometimes we use to play games or go out. Try to prepare new dishes.. it is so much fun.

Oh course I miss my family and friends, but after my departure, I'll miss these people too. Even my colleague, they all are very supportive.

That's the thing about me..I don't like leaving those people, I have come to like, spent a good time with, the people, in whose presence I felt good, and achieved something...!!

But as every dark cloud has a silver lining, My silver lining is, I have many people in my friend's list now. I'll definitely keep in touch with them.

For the last three days, Kiara is calling me everyday.. to ask me, "how many more days I am going to take here?" She suggested, "if possible, make them less and come back soon..!!" Strange!!?

It's only two days left now. I've almost packed my luggage. At this time, I informed my dad from the first that, I'll take care of tickets and everything.

So finally my last day has come.. At the studio,my colleague arrange a small farewell for me, they offer me bouquet with best wishes for my future.

Shalini ma'am calls me in her office and wishes me best luck.

I thank all of them for giving me great support and experience. I am happy for the things I got to get learn here. Because of them only I have so many contacts in this field now. At last with a heavy heart I leave studio.

From studio I go to shopping mall and buy gifts for Haresh and his family. As they have done so much for me, I want to confess here that I love to purchase things for others...it makes me happy to give things as a gift...

I want to buy presents for my friends too.. but at the last minute I drop the idea as I think about my luggage.. though I have purchased key chains for all of them.

At night..I pack remaining of my luggage. My phone rings, well it's from Aarav, my lips are stretched into a big smile, it's after a week, I am going to listen to his mellifluous voice, the thought itself turns me on..

I compose my self and receive with a broad smile, "Hey Aarav.." I guess he is smiling too. He answers, "hey Raavi..so done with your packing.." I reply, "yeah..I think so." He nods, "hmm..by the way..at what time are you going to leave tomorrow?" I say, "at 7:30am.." He sighs, "oh..then you have to reach very early at the airport... umm I will try to arrange a driver for you so that you don't have to bother about cab and all.."

I say annoyingly, "no..it's okay Aarav..I'll call the cab..please don't worry about me.." He swiftly changes the topic, "okay..how was your last day?" I utter, "umm somewhat emotional I must say.... with the farewell and all..I was really touched..!!"

He chuckles to that and says, "okay..so take care of your self in a journey back home.. so..see you soon.." I ask, "when are you coming back?" He answers, "most probably in a day or two, but can't be sure" I sigh by twitching my lips, "okay.." He says, "okay then good night and sleep well." I reply, "yeah.. you too.." and I hang up.

I was hoping that we will reach almost at the same time, but now I am feeling bad that I won't be able to see him for more few days!!

I go to bed early cause I have to leave early tomorrow.

Next day before I call the cab, Haresh enters with a man, introduces him as a driver to me..I think with a smile..Aarav is just unbelievable..

Haresh insists to come to see me off at the airport but I deny.. so he helps me to arrange my luggage then I wave them bye with watery eyes..of course!!

As our car heads to the airport..I start missing, all of them already..!!


Within two hours my plane lands, as I collect my luggage, I see, my parents are already waiting for me, I literally run to them and hug them. we get out of airport talking about my journey.

On our way back home, I am looking at everything in my city like a child. Oh god I missed it so much.

After reaching at home, I start chattering about my internship by laying my self on a couch, I don't remember when my eyes get closed and I fell asleep?

My mom wakes me up for lunch. I get myself refreshed and after a whole month I taste my mom's food.. it feels so yummy. I eat slowly slowly, feeling the taste in every bite, my mom is smiling at me.

After eating stomach full of meal, I go to my room, jump on my bed, close my eyes and sleep like a baby..

When I wake up, I am somewhat sad and feeling acute nostalgic about my days in Mumbai..

At the same time, my dad knocks and enters in my room with two cups of tea. I get up and smile at him. He sits on a couch, I sit beside him after splashing plenty of water on my face.

Then we start talking about my work in studio, I inform my dad about Shalini ma'am's proposal for doing master's, contacts I have created, Aarav's home, Punita and her daughters and many things...

Then slowly and reluctantly my dad states, "it was Aarav.. the boy you met from matrimonial page, on Kiara's birthday..?"

Oh my god..how on earth my dad knew it? I gulp the saliva, look at my dad with confusion..my dad smiles.., "Aarav himself told me..on your birthday.." I lower my eyes and twitch my lips..why on earth Aarav tried to clarify it? I utter hesitantly, "I am sorry dad, I didn't tell you..before."

My dad interrupts me, "may I tell you one thing?" I nod. My dad continues, "He is a good boy..I like him as a person." Then taps gently on my cheek and gets up to leave smiling at me. When he reaches at the door, he looks at me,clears his throat and adds, "and yeah..he cares for you like I do..." and steps out of my room..before I can react..

I am really confused about the words my dad spoke. I am happy that my dad likes him but still not sure...about Aarav...

So I am pondering about Aarav that my cellphone buzzes...it is Kiara again. When I receive, I hear only , "hey..I want you to meet me immediately.."

Well I am not in a mood as I am lost in my bubble of thoughts, but she insists so hardly that I agree to meet her after dinner.

For that I take my dinner early and at 9:00pm I go to her place. She opens the door before I press the door bell, like she was waiting for me, now I am curious what is that much important thing she wants to share with me?

As I enter in her house, she grabs my hand, before anyone notices me, and drags me to her room almost running. She makes me sit on her couch and lock the door.

I am looking at her with so many questions in my mind. She comes to me, she is continuously blushing with smile, and breathing heavily.

I wait for her to calm down, after five minutes she gently grabs my hand in hers and slowly starts speaking by lowering her eyes, "Anurag proposed to me.."

Now it's my turn to get shocked and excited, "what...!!?" As I ask my eyes get widens, "and did you say 'yes'?" She blushes and nods.

I jump from happiness and tightly hug her, "oh dear.. I am so..so.. happy for you, I really mean it."

Then for sometimes we just smile at each other, I don't know, I have so many things to ask her and I am not sure where to start from, perhaps she is in the same situation..

Then she explains, "it happened last Monday, Anurag called me to meet him and then he proposed to me with a rose, it was amazing..I was shocked first, I didn't know what to say but then I realised that all I want in this world is him so I said yes..and.."

I ask in a teasing tone, "and....tell me every thing you naughty."

She clears her throat and adds, "and we kissed.." she pauses for a while and continues, "for the first time.."

Her face is cherry red from embarrassment.. I smile so big that my cheeks start to ache. Oh god I missed that, I wish, I were here at that time!!

She says still blushing, "you are the first person to know...I wanted to tell you on phone but I wanted to witness these expressions of yours, so I waited for you to come here.."

I say by again hugging her, " oh god Kia.. you really made my day, I am so happy...for both of you.. by the way.. where is that so called brother of mine..where he lives nowadays?

Kia replies, "well he is busy in completing his projects.. don't be angry at him..of course he wanted to tell you but I refused him doing so...saying that, you are my friend first, so it's my right to tell you the good news.."

I twitch my lips, "okay..okay..so tell me, now what?" She shrugs, "what 'what'?" I explain, "I mean what do you want to do now?" She rolls her eyes, "of course I want to make our relationship official..by engagement or marriage..I don't know."

"Oh..so my dear Kia is in so much hurry now.." I wink at her. She grabs my hands and utters doubt fully, "I am so much confused now..how to tell my parents?..I know they are cool but..oh god I don't to think after it..so please you tell them."

I jump on a couch with shock, "Omg.. Kia.. what on earth am I gonna tell them...? There must be some other way..let me think okay."

I try to think every possible way to convince her parents and meanwhile she nervously paces back and forth in her room.

I suggest, "it'll be better..if my parents talk to your parents on behalf of Anurag..what do you think?" Kia jumps with excitement, "good idea.. now it's up to you, to talk to your parents..okay." I nod...hmm.

I spend the night at Kiara's place, talking about only one person and that is 'Anurag' I can say from her eyes that she is totally in love with him, for that I am so much happy for my brother..

Of course I am not gonna talk to him easily, he proposed a girl, my best friend, without even informing me.


Next day Anurag visits to my place.. he enters in my room with a big celebration pack in his hand. I twitch my lips, without looking at him and suppressing my smile. He apologises, "hey dear..I am sorry..okay..but I was nervous and scared.."

I look from the corner of my eyes that he is blushing. He grabs my hand in his and tries to explain, "oh c'mon Raavi..I need your help..you met Kia..you should've observed that she wants everything so quickly now..so I am confused..please..! I'll do whatever you want."

I shrug, "okay...okay..just chill. I am ready to help you..so tell me when to inform our parents?" He hugs me cheerfully.

At the evening, when my dad comes back at home..we take our dinner and then I make them sit on a couch and slowly explain about Anurag and Kiara's relationship. It is only me, who explains everything, Anurag is just sitting, glancing down to the floor.

Both of them are very much excited..In the end My dad calls Kia's dad and arrange their meeting on Sunday. After a while Anurag leaves by hugging my parents.

I come to my room happily. I am missing Aarav so much right now.


Sunday comes, as decided my parents go to Kia's home with Anurag. I am at home, nervous like a hell, crossing my fingers and checking out my phone at every ten minutes..

Finally after waiting for almost two hours, Anurag calls me that they want to fix a date for engagement..

I am jumping and dancing like a crazy.. oh god I am so happy.

Next day Kia and Anurag throw a small party for us at Anurag's place to announce the date, I am exciting to meet all my friends.. I make myself ready for the party.

When I reach at Anurag's place, to my surprise Aarav is there too, with all others.
I am really shocked with happiness.

I greet my all friends, hugging them.. last comes Aarav, I am so nervous..as that hug flashes back in my mind, butterflies are erupting in my stomach.

I stuck my hair strands behind my ear, shake hand with him and say in a low voice, "hi.. how are you?" Oh dear his touch is gonna kill me..

He smiles and says, "well..fine... I think..." I wish I could tell him..how much I missed this smile, these beautiful eyes!!!

He clears his throat to bring me back. I hesitantly ask, "so when did you come back?" He shrugs, "today morning...actually.. I wanted to call you but then I thought to give you a surprise... !! so tell me.. how have you been?

I am about to answer his question, that Kiara interrupts us.. hey guys come here.. we have one announcement to make..

So we start listening to her eagerly. Kia and Anurag both hold their hands, look at each other with a smile and declare that they are going to engage on 22nd next month.." everyone of us claps and cheers for them...

I sigh with a big smile, by resting my palm on my cheek, "wow.. they are looking so cute together.." Aarav nods, "hmmm...." but I observe from the corner of my eyes that he is gazing at me in wonderment...which makes my heart beats faster.

We enjoy the party till late night, I am last to leave cause I help Anurag in cleaning the mess..From tomorrow, Because of my mom's order Anurag is going to stay with us till the engagement..I am happy for that. So we'll leave for my home together.

Next morning, when I open my eyes, I hear voices from the downstairs so I get up from the bed and step down the stairs, see that Anurag and my mom-dad are enthusiastically busy in writing something. When they look at me, my mom suggests, "oh..Raavi..you are waking up this late..we have so much to do..so get ready quickly..

I nod..and go to my room that Kia calls me to meet her, I hurriedly complete my routine and inform my mom and head in my car towards her place.

Her mom welcomes me. When I meet Kia, she strictly states, "Raavi..I know Anu is brother to you.. but you are only mine for this month..I will need you for shopping, planning.. in short for everything..cause I am nervous and confused like a hell.."

She pauses to take a breath and then adds, "and one important thing... you are going to design my outfit for engagement." I am shocked, "what..!!! No Kia. I can't do that.. what if Aarav feels bad..?"

She rolls her eyes and states, "oh so now you care for my brother's feeling.." I twitch my lips and lie, "no It's not about caring.. but he is a owner of a whole fashion house, best people work for him and you are telling ..'me'..to design your dress..so"

She smirks and says, "don't worry about it cause Aarav him self suggested your name.. even before I asked him.. so I think he is cool with it" she winks at me.

I am surprised, "really.." then speak to myself, Aarav really believes that I am capable of doing this..oh my! I am so glad for that.

She raises her brows, "do you wanna talk to him and ask him?" I say no to that..

So she says firmly, "okay..it's done then.. you are my designer.. wait not just mine..we all are going to wear matching outfits so you have to design for all of us.."

I am speechless..cause it was just not enough to design a dress for a choosy princess..now she wants for all of us..I argue, "Kia.. I am not an established designer..I have to do everything by my self..and I have only two hands and one mind.."

She says, "okay.. you start with mine..then I'll think about others.."


First thing I want to know is, what's in her mind, which type of dress she wants and as I've expected, she wants..Roses, diamonds, Pearls with lace and net.

Then she introduces me with her event planner to discuss the theme..we finalize 'Purple and Blue theme'..after discussing half of the day..!

So for Kia's dress I have to choose purple colour now..Oh god I am so afraid..what if I am not able to design a good dress for her..will she forgive me ever...???

I return home to sketch the illustrations, I notice..no one is present in my home..so I sit on a couch by leaning my head that my phone rings...to my surprise it's Aarav..I receive with somewhat anger in my voice cause he is the person behind all the tension..I wanted to enjoy my time with Anurag.. now thanks to him I 'll be busy like a bee..!

He wishes me good luck and laughs, so I cut his call and try to draw sketches with Kiara's demands in mind..

I send her images of sketches which I draw and thank god, she selects one out of them. Then we wander in market to choose materials.

I spend most of my time at her home cause she wants my suggestions in everything she selects..even in invitation cards. Well I must say I am glad for that.

During all these, when I meet with Aarav, we exchange occassional smiles and simple 'hi..' of course with butterflies in my stomach.

I am so excited cause it's going to be a huge celebration.


At my place, my mom is another Kia...takes so much time in every selection..after fifteen days..she still stuck on a guests list..

God knows how much time will she take to finalize invitation cards and all? As for Anurag's outfits..of course I'll design for him too, but his choices are simple so that's a relief for me.

Now only one week is left, Kia and Anurag's outfits are almost ready.... after many sleepless nights of course ..

And thank god with the help of Aarav's designers...our dresses are ready too. Atleast he says so..It includes outfits for my parents, as they will take part in all the rituals and Kia's parents and outfits of me and my friends.

On the day before their engagement, I show Kia, her engagement attire.. in presence of her mom and her makeup artist, so that she will get idea about Kia's make up tomorrow.

When Kia tries it on..oh my goodness I can't believe my eyes.. she is looking so perfect, Kia is jumping from happiness. Her mom hugs me and thanks me.. I am surprised too that I've made that dress. The whole day I spent with Kia to work on her final look.

As for tomorrow me, Ved and Kartik are going to be with Anurag..while Aarav and the girls are with Kia..

Finally the most awaited day has come.

My mom and dad are very busy from the morning, in welcoming the guests and all last moments preparation.

Anurag is very nervous..I know that he is missing his family badly..and for that all I can do is to keep his mind busy in Kiara's thoughts..so I am teasing him and I think that it's working..

It is 2:00 o'clock, my mom is getting ready, I am with her attendant, according to the theme.. my mom is wearing purple and golden half n half embroidered saree, I am admiring the work, no doubt it is done by Aarav's designer. My dad wears pastel blue floral Sherwani...when he looks at me..he asks by pulling his collar, "so how do I look?" I hug him with a smile, "wow you are looking so handsome....exactly groom's father.." and release him. He smiles, "thank you dear."

Then I go to check on Anurag ... well he is ready, when I look at him.. I can't believe on my eyes, he looks like heir of some royal family.

I've designed bold and blue indo western set for him using printed velvet fabric.. with princely blue juti.. and he nailed the look.

Kartik and Ved are ready too in their indo western asymmetrical blue sherwani.

As this is the first family occasion for our group so we all are excited..I am looking them in this type of traditional outfits for the first time.. they all look so charming..

Kartik asks me in a teasing tone, "are you not gonna come with us?" Ved adds, "yeah.. Why are you not ready yet?"

Then it clicks in my mind..where is my dress? So I dash to ask to my mom, she simply answers, "oh sorry..I forgot to tell you that your dress has not arrived yet." what the hell? Now I am ruined.

I was so busy in these last days that I totally forgot my own outfit..!

This Aarav..again playing his nasty tricks on me, oh god what will I wear now?.. I didn't even buy any clothes recently and I don't have time for shopping now.. it's merely two hours left.

I try to call Aarav, but he is not responding. He must be enjoying there..I can't go to his place, what to do?

I am so angry at Aarav, I shut my self in my room.. that my maid knocks on the door.. as I open the door.. she is there with a man with transparent bag in his hand. I sigh with a relief.

He hands me my dress as my maid goes away, I say almost screaming, " what took you so long..? you know I was so worried."

He replies, "I am sorry ma'am but as your garments are designed by Aarav sir, he pointed out some correction in patterns just yesterday so.."

I am astonished, my anger just flew away, all I can do is just smile and say, "thank you.." he nods and leaves.

I shut the door, open the bag, oh god my dress is just amazing.. it is a long wine purple net gown with embroidery and zari work, I hurriedly change my clothes and call my attendant..

She is just looking at me with wide eyes and teases me that I am looking like a bride, I laugh to that.

After one hour as I am ready, we arrange ourselves in Anurag's car. Kartik is driving, Anurag is on a passenger's seat, me and my mom are at back seat.

My dad is in his car with Ved, Anurag's uncle and aunt. As for the other guests..they all are in their respective vehicles.

My mom is not taking her eyes off of Anurag and me. I am blushing.. how will I meet with Aarav? Will he like me in this dress? How will he react?oh dear I have fluttering in my stomach...!


When things are related to Kia.. they are huge. So today's celebration will be grand. Their engagement is arranged at one of Kia's holiday home..located near by city.

It is a modern glass house surrounded by garden lawn with swimming pool at the backyard..it is very huge place covering some hundred acres. Of course I've been there many times..though I am excited to see the decoration!!

As we reach there, Kia's parents welcome us and lead us to the entrance..omg I am overwhelmed by the decoration...

As per the theme..the semi circle arch entrance is created from twigs, draped with purple fairy lights and blue myositis flowers..

The charming purple doiley globes with golden lights is adding to the majestic look of the entrance.

The floor is covered with purple velvety carpet. At the end of the entrance there are rose water sprinklers, to make the atmosphere fragrant..it is heavenly experience..

Whole place is arranged with round table, covered with neat purple satin and blue flowers in pedestal over it.. with chairs around them.

Randomly placed pedestal and hanging lanterns with string lights are adding to the beauty of the place.

What attracted me the most is aisle for Kia's entry, it is created by hanging lotus lights.

The 'mandap' is dome full of flowers and vines, with trendy flowery chandelier in the middle, what giving it a perfect look is string lights.

For announcements and music, there is a stage,infront of the mandap.

I am busy in admiring decoration with bewildered look on my face, while Anurag with my parents and friends goes to his appointed room.

Kia calls me to her room, I am excited to meet her, so I move my legs to walk towards her room.

As there is time in ceremony, only close relatives are there.., busy in getting ready.

As I open the glass door entrance of the glass house, Aarav is standing there with bouquet in his hands. My heart skips a beat, cause he is looking at me without blinking his eyes..!

I clear my throat, he smiles at me, "hey Raavi.." I reply, "hi.. very busy.. I see." He smiles, "yeah..sisters..you know" and rolls his eyes.

He looks at me with admiration, "by the way nice dress.." I say proudly, "yeah all the credit goes to your designer.. I really wanna thank him or her.. who is it?"

He stretches his forehead, "oh I forgot that your dress is made by my designer.." I am just observing his expressions.. he is a very good liar.. if I haven't known the truth than I would have been angry but I say, "it's okay you were very busy these days..! But why are you not ready yet..?"

He answers, "actually I was going to get ready that aunt called me for the flowers and now she is nowhere to be seen..can you do me a favour..please hand over this bouquet to aunty for me and by saying these he grabs my hand, put that bouquet in it"

His touch makes my hair stands at the back of my neck. He smirks and leaves.

In Kia's room, When I see her, we both look at each other with admiration in our eyes.

She is looking so stunning in applique purple mermaid embroidered dress with diamond beads and Roses at the satin flares. Her hairs are tied in a loose low bun, with silver diamond earrings.. she is looking like a goddess of the ocean.

At the same time she admires my dress too, oh dear please say I am not blushing red. Anisha and Tina join us, they are looking gorgeous too in their purple attires.

After admiring each other for a while, we take group selfies. Then Tina and Anisha go to meet Anurag, Kia is not going to leave me now, cause she is too nervous.

After sometimes her mother enters with Tina and Anisha..She informs us that everything is ready so it's time to go now, Kia grabs my hand, I feel that her hand is all sweaty, I gently press her hand and we start walking towards the 'mandap'.

Whole place is filled with the guests and they are not taking their eyes off of Kia...

As we approach to 'mandap', I see that Anurag, with my mom and all boys, including Aarav.. is coming towards us..

Aarav is looking god damn handsome in dark blue sherwani and white salwar..I am trying my best to not look at him but I can't control it. His look gives me goosebumps and I am breathing heavily.

Anurag's eyes glued on Kiara and vice a versa. They take their chairs under the 'mandap', I am with Kiara and Kartik is with Anurag. Rest of all my friends take chairs around the table near the 'mandap', from there I can feel that Aarav is checking on me..

As the celebration begins, a beautiful young lady starts it with welcome speech and informs about the big surprise for Kiara, we look at each other as she asks to me, "do you know anything about it?" I nod my head by twitching my lips 'no'

Suddenly all the lights goes off, all the guests start buzzing but anchor inform us not to worry as it is a part of a surprise.

So we all be quiet and think about what can be the surprise?

Suddenly the spot light of the DJ stage pops on, we all set our eyes on a stage, I notice a silhouette of a person is standing, facing his back to us.

Who is this? Kia asks.. I shrug, "no idea.." then music starts to play.. by listening to the melody I say to Kia.."wait I know this song.. it is 'tum mile' from the movie 'Tum mile..'"

At the same time the person on the stage.. turns around.. and all the lights pop on..he is standing with a mic in his hand.. as I look at him..my eyes get widened, I place a hand on my mouth and look at Kia..

Kia is in the same state, she looks at me..We both utter almost together.."is he Ivaan?"


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