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Do you love me? - Episode -7 Alcoholic heart

On the next day, Pavan woke up at 8:11 Am and opened his phone. he saw 33 missed calls for Priya and realized that Priya"s flight is at 8:30 Am. To reach the airport from his hotel it takes just 10 minutes, He is still a bit drunk and the only thing he wanted to do is to stop Priya. He asked the manager for someone to drop him at the airport and the manager volunteer himself,

They started at 8:15 am and reached 3/4 distance in 4 minutes. But sometimes life doesn't go as we plan. An overloaded truck lost its balance and fallen on the road which leads to a traffic jam. His car struck in between the vehicles in addition to this, it's started raining.

The airport is 2kms away from the place where they struck. Pavan doesn't have any option other than running to the airport,
Time 8:21 he started running to the airport in the rain, his slippers become slippery so he left them and started running barefoot.

In the meantime in the airport
Priya reached the airport( in saree ) at 8 Am and Vikas is already there waiting for her.

Vikas: You are so beautiful in the saree

Priya: thanks it was gifted by my fiance.

Vikas: You don't have to remind me that you are engaged. Where is he?

Priya: he will be here in a few minutes.

Vikas: I have a question? will you answer me that?

Priya: hmm ok what is it?

Vikas: Last time when we met at your company canteen pavan said he was sorry for something that happened on the last night of your tour, what is it?

Priya smiled softly while looking at her engagement ring and said

Priya: After completing masters(PG) My BTEC friends planned a gathering (get together) in goa, But my father didn't allow me to go with My friends because he thought it will be unsafe for me.

Priya: it's unfair I am strong enough to protect myself and this are my BTEC friends I know them from 6 years. I want to make some sweet memories with my friends, once after starting our carriers we cont make time for this dad. Please Dad let me go.

Priya's father: ok you can go but you have to take pavan with you.

Priya: But he already at goa with his friends and he may think of me as a burden or I came there to spoil his happiness.

Priya's father spoke to pavan on phone and he promised him that he will take care of Priya.
Priya and her friends landed in goa on the next day.

Pavan received them and after resting for some time at the hotel they went to the beach.

After reaching Beach
Pavan: Priya I am going to have my fun and you better have yours, Don't get into my way, and if you have any problem than feel free to call me.
( he left her and went with his friends)

Priya and her friends(some boys also) played on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Priya friend(girl): Wow he has six-packs, look he is so hot without a shirt.

Priya looked at the direction her friend pointed and saw pavan (without a shirt) & his friends playing beach volleyball with foreign girls.
After the match, they are taking photos with them and one of the girls hugged him.

Priya becomes angry and started moving towards them

Vamsi: Hey sis don't get angry, you are just falling into his traps.

Priya ( looked surprised because no one called her sister other than relatives): what do you mean by the trap?

Vamsi: he wants to make you angry and if you shout at him or punches him then he will complain to your dad and sent you back home.

Priya: hmm but why you're on my side and calling me sister.

Vamsi: Because I am his best friend and he loves you. You will be his wife in the coming future, and my friend's wife is equal to sister right.

Priya's face blushed and said: but how can you say he loves me?

Vamsi: he will start speaking the truth, after drinking 4 glasses of wine and forgets what he spoke on last night after he drunk. He became drunk only three times in our entire BTEC and all the 3 times he spoke about you and said he loves you but you... Hate.. him. Never mind.

Priya: Can you make him drunk this night? I want to hear it from him.

Vamsi: it's quick he will only drink more than 3 glasses of wine only if someone gifts him a Screaming Eagle bottle which costs around 3lakhs and now I am a bit shortage of money. So I cont promise you anything.

Priya: I will arrange money but will you help me to make him drunk, please, pls

Vamsi: how can a brother say no to his sister's first wish (said a plan to her
and Priya agreed to it)
Vamsi brought that bottle and gave it to her.

On that night
Pavan went to a pub with the girl he met on that morning(foreigner) after dancing with her for some time, he noticed Priya with her friend's in the pub and moved towards her.

Pavan: Hey what are you doing here? I don't think your dad will appreciate this.

Priya: I am not going to tell him .then who will?

Pavan: I will

Priya: I am having my own fun and not bothering you, so better don't come into my way, mister.

Pavan surprised by Priya's answer and went back to her (foreigner). He sat with her but his eyes are on Priya. He wants to take her back to the hotel before someone asks her for a dance but don't know how to convince her. In this gap, one of the Priya"s friend (boy) asked her for a dance.
Priya looked towards pavan and winked.

Pavan(ran towards her): Priya let's go back to the hotel.
Priya: what's the problem, I just came a few minutes back. I want to dance peacefully for some time. hmm ok, I will come with you if you dance with me.

Pavan: no way

Priya: ok then I will have a dance with him. Let's go...

Pavan(holds her hand): ok ok I will dance with you but only for a few minutes, and after the dance you are coming with me to the hotel.

Priya(smiled): ok deal let's go.

They both danced for an hour and pavan become a bodyguard preventing people from touching her then went back to the hotel.

Priya: What are you doing with that girl(foreigner)? Did you like her?

Pavan: no, but she asked me out, I don't want to hurt her by rejection.

Priya: you will never change, ok what's now?

Pavan: nothing just go to your room and sleep.

Priya: I have a better plan. Let's play truth or dare in your room.

Pavan: why should I play with you?

Priya: I came to the hotel because of you and now your afraid to play a game with me.

Pavan: I am not afraid of you.

Priya: then let's play

They both went to pavan"s room and Priya took that wine bottle with her.
They both sat on the bed and placed her phone with the truth or dare app opened.

Priya: if you can't answer my questions then have to drink a glass of wine and the same goes for me (placed that bottle of wine in front of him)

Pavan nodded head without hesitation and they started the game.
Priya clicked on the start button and it stopped towards pavan.

Priya: How many times you kissed Anu(Ex GF).
Pavan: without answering he took his glass and drink one peg.

Priya smiled and press on the spin button it stopped at her.

Pavan: who told you about this wine?

Priya: My brother.

Pavan: can I know his name?

Priya: sorry cute boy, only one question for a spin.

Priya clicked on the spin and it again stopped at her.

Pavan: what color inners you ware today?

Priya( become angry with a killer face): I don't know you were a pervert.

Pavan: I am not and you are free to leave without answering.

Priya: red😡

Pavan: what? Don't you think drinking a peg is better than an answer?

Priya: what do you think about me? I never drunk anything like this.

Pavan silently clicked on the spin and it stopped at her.

Priya (thinking in mind): WTF I am going to kill my brother tomorrow for giving this plan.

Priya: I choose to dare.

Pavan: message someone in your contacts that you love him.

Priya sends that message to pavan that he loves him.

Pavan saw the message and replied: well played.

Priya replied: 🥰💋 want a kiss?

Pavan blushed and clicked on spin and it stopped at him

Priya: Do you love someone?

Pavan: drank another peg(2) without answering.

Priya clicked on spin and it stopped at him

Pavan: I choose to dare

Priya: remove your pant.

Pavan: Do you lost your mind? There is no way I am going to do a vulgar dare.

Priya: did you forgot the question you asked me? Shut up and do it or drink 2 pegs.

Pavan drank 2 pegs(4) his eyes started turning into red.

He clicked on the spin and it again stopped at him.

Priya: someone is out of luck today. Is there anything you wanted to tell someone but didn't told them?

Pavan: I wanted to tell your father not to send you but I didn't tell him.

Priya: I mean something like love.

Pavan: one question for a spin baby girl.
Pavan clicked on spin and it stopped at her.

Pavan: did you have any secrets I don't know?

Priya: I got selected in the axis designing company in the USA. But I don't know what to do. I don't want to leave you.

Pavan ( drunk another peg): Do you really don't want to leave because of me?

Priya: yes

Pavan: Priya I want to tell you something.
Their hearts started racing.

Priya: what is it? (She started blushing)

Pavan: you many think me as selfish but I don't want you to leave. I will be lonely if you leave.

Priya: don't make fun, how will you be lonely? you have a beautiful family and friends who will do anything for you. I am just a passing Cloud to you.

Pavan(watery eyes): you are everything I wanted and I did everything A man can do to impress a girl but you never treated me even as a human.

Priya(with a sad face): I am really sorry for what I did in the past but I promise I will never leave you. I don't know how much I loved you until Anu came into our lives.

Pavan: why you hated me? Did I do something wrong?

Priya: when I was a kid I lost my mother but your mother always cared for me as she cares for you but I always wanted to spend some time with my father. But he always busy with his business.
Your father held you while your learning cycle I got jealous of you. I wanted the same with my father but he said he was busy but if you want to lean then our maid will help you.

When we were in school I wanted to learn painting but he sent me to karate classes because you joined in it. I felt angry but don't know what to do I thought I was losing everything because of you.

I wanted to go abroad to study my bachelor's but he said I am going to join the college which you joined and my brain marked you as an enemy. I got depressed because every step of my life is based on your choice.

But it took some time to realize that you are the one who always with me, you were the one who holds me from falling. You are one who always cares for me and with me even I treated you worst and I love that selfish in you who want me as I want you.
**few seconds of silence**
Pavan: I love you Priya. Will you accept me as your boyfriend.

Priya(with joy): I love you too and I don't want to end as your girlfriend. I want to become your wife. Will you marry me?

Pavan: hmm I have to think about it👻

Priya punched him and hugged him and pavan hugged her back.

Pavan: who told you about the wine?

Priya: everything is planned by Vamsi and executed by a beautiful girl.

Pavan: he is a traitor, are we a couple now?

Priya: yes, pavan I want to taste your wine. Can I?

Pavan: let's do it ( he gave her his wine glass)
Priya sipped some and pavan fell into sleep after drinking the wine she left in the glass.

Priya left him after some time and went to her room praying God to make him remember what happened on this night.

The next day morning he woke up with a headache and say Priya"s phone on the bed and remember that they played a game and took it back to her.

Priya: thanks,(hugged him) so you remember what happened on the last night?

Pavan: yes we played the truth and dare after that you went to your room, I am fallen to sleep. You forgot your phone so I bought it are you this happy because I found it?

Priya becomes upset and shuts the door on his face. She doesn't know how to express her sadness and packed her luggage. She called her father and told him that she is coming home. He called pavan and asked him to come with Priya to talk about the money he asked for starting his own business.

Pavan went back with Priya and he asked her did he done something wrong but she said everything fine with a sad face with the voice filled with sorrow.


Vikas: why don't you tell him about what happened that night?

Priya: I will make him tell how much he loves me without wine than I will tell him about what happened that night.

Vikas: why he broke up with Anu? Who is she?
Fight announcement
Priya: I will tell you later, but now you have to get into your flight.

Vikas: hey I didn't notice where is your luggage? Are you not coming with me?

Priya: even after hearing the story you're asking that question?

Vikas: So you just came to give me a send-off, but what about your dream.

Priya: I already accomplished it.

Vikas: how? Ok, thanks for coming I will call you as soon as I can. bye.

Priya: pleasure is all mine and all the best for your carrier

Vikas went into the Que and Priya sat back waiting for pavan.

To be continued
( sorry for the delay I was busy preparing for my exams, I will try to post an episode every week without fail, thank you)

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