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Falling in love - Chapter 22 Will You....???

My heart leaps with joy. Yeah when I saw Aarav, I just can't get angry on him, for a moment I forgot my last few days like nothing has ever happened and all I am feeling is excited. My heart, the damned thing has began to race and I only hope that rapid inflation and deflation of my chest is not visible to Aarav.

I don't want to admit but all these last days I've expected that atleast he will try to meet me once, and I was looking for his car, out of my window like a kid looks for rain. But alas.. he didn't come. It nearly killed me.

Now at this crucial time he is here, obviously looking god damn handsome in full sleve navy Henley and beige chinos with of course his style icon black sunglasses, With unusually mysterious smirk on his lips.

I get up with jerk, coming back to my senses that we are not the same now, he is someone else's and I can't look at him that way now. And again Avira comes back to my mind, making me really confused that am I feeling the pain or pleasure... ?

But wait a minute.. I want to ask him a question, and I utter desperately, crossing my hands on my chest, "you..? what the f**k are you doing here..?"

But he, like the monarch, doesn't even bother about my question, looking at me with the same astonishment, takes a chair, sits himself comfortably on it, crossing his legs, then utters, "water please.." and an attendant out of nowhere hurriedly enters with two water bottles. I am looking at him, narrowing my eyes, asking my self what the shit is going on here?, I was here for around 20 minutes, but no one bothered to serve me water. And now Aarav behaves like I am not here, am I invisible or what? No, that's not possible cause just few minutes back he addressed me..!!!

So here I am stuck again. It took whole week for me to disguise my pain and suffering, now he is sitting opposite to me in a whole empty cafe, giving me excitement with embarrassment.

Where the hell is that Chirag now? If he is not going to come then I should leave this place before I get to see Aarav's girlfriend again.. but I glance around with unsteady gaze of mine to search for her and ask to myself, "where is that clingy girl?" Chuckle answering to myself, "well no matter wherever she might be.. I am not interested.. hopefully I won't get to meet her!!!"

Then what is this man doing here?, exactly on the same place where I am about to meet Chirag. Hmm something fishy..!! So I again take the chair opposite to Aarav to ask what's going on?

But before I speak anything, Aarav clears his throat, sipping water out of bottle and addresses me, "well I want to ask you the same question.. but without that 'f' word.. so tell me what brings you here, and that too this elegantly..?"

Oh so he still notices me, being flirty...huh!! I snorted, twitching my lips. Deep down I am loving, talking to him after so many days, and I want to confess that I don't care if he loves me or not at this time. I only want to relish his company as much as I can.. only god knows how much I was craving for his attention lately.

But whatever, I want to play like I am not interested so I answer flatly, "a meeting.." he removes his sunglasses, I see his beautiful blackish brown eyes get widened as he asks me with shock, "what..??.. this is not fair.. you are meeting someone looking this beautiful, it looks like you are interested in him and ready to settle down then.." he continues sipping water out of bottle with his piercing gaze on me, "so the boy must be lucky then..." really making me confused about his behaviour. Of course I want to yell at him that I am not interested in anyone except you.

Is he speaking out of jealousy or flirting with me.. but why? He has never been this flirtatious with me. And he can't look this cool when he gets jealous. So I really smell there is something he is really up to, but what?

Today I don't know why but I am in a total mood to support him in whatever game, he is up to.

All my wish is, please god make the time stop so that I can stare at him shamelessly for eternity. I don't know why but when Aarav is around me my dumb self takes charge making me act weird, keeping all the worldliness and wisdom aside.

But thank god my smart self takes the charge again and to his nonsense chats I get up annoyingly saying, "oh.. mister it's my will I can get dress whatever way I want so.. just shut up and do whatever you came here to do..without bothering me.. okay..!!, cause I am waiting for someone here..and it's none of your business if I am interested in Chirag or not okay..!!"

To that he twitches his lips saying, "oh so his name is Chirag..huh? Interesting..!!!

But sorry my dear Raavi.. cause today I've booked this place for me, so all the events, arranged here, have been cancelled.. really surprised that you didn't get the message yesterday.."

"Message?" I ask furrowing my brows. I check my phone twice to search for message but nothing was there. Oh does that mean I came here in vain.. Chirag won't come then, thank god for that..!! I smile naughtily.

Though I can't trust this man so I dial to my mom but don't know who is she talking to that her phone is busy.

Aarav is keenly observing me still with a smirk on his face, that makes him look more handsome.. but my smart self suggests me that I should leave now. So I get up to leave, wishing badly that please god he will try to stop me.. and my lips get stretched as Aarav asks almost getting up, "hey Raavi won't you ask me that why would have I booked this place?"

I mumble to myself that I am dying to know that but I don't want to give you a clue that I am interested in you.

But the fact is I am still interested in only him. I felt like my heart gets up pandiculating just by seeing him. It's like all my body cells somehow woke up from deep sleep and starts working again giving me new energy. It is like when we switch on and all the machines turn on at once..! To my body Aarav is that switch..!!!

He wakes me up by snapping so that I answer rolling my eyes, "it must be for one of your boring meetings.. I guess.." and he laughs cunningly, "no.. you are wrong.. don't you remember it's Sunday?"


"Then it's not your birthday right?" I ask, surprised remembring that I don't even know his birth date. He nods 'no'. I pretend rolling my eyes, "okay so now you tell me cause I am really getting late." He utters literally blushing, "do you know I come here to propose to my girl today..?"

Oh god my heart starts pounding in my rib cage making my breaths heavy. I say to my self very good only this was left to witness now.

Oh god really he didn't have any idea about my feelings for him or he deliberately avoids accepting them. Here I am dying with pain and he is blushing like a tomato.

I inhale deeply thinking whatever. I plaster a big smile on my face greeting him, "oh.. wow.. congratulations Aarav.. I am really happy for you." And move my legs to leave.

He asks innocently, "hey don't you wanna know the girl?" I regard him feeling disgusted of his behaviour, "really he wants to make fun of me now.. but I won't manifest my weakness, I can pretend for some more time" so I fake a smile and answer of course with bleeding heart, "oh c'mon who can be that lucky girl except for that Avira.." I feel my stomach flutters. no matter how hard I try. I am still the same silly emotional girl.

But I inhale deeply mumbling to myself, "I can do it.. I have to accept the reality now"

But to my utter surprise, Aarav laughs loudly saying, "oh.. Avira.. yeah she behaves that way but my dear Raavi, she is not my girl.. she never was.. now she knows that and I hope one day she will accept the truth and find her real love."

My heart starts dancing, listening to his words, and the little hope which was still there in me, comes front to ask hurriedly, "oh.. then who is the girl?" This time really eager to know..

Aarav asks me back, "really.. you don't have any idea..do you?" I say to myself, "oh..please.. I have an idea but not sure about it and I don't want to think about any other girls than me." so I nod my head saying 'no' of course with my heart hammering in my chest out of excitement.

This is the irony of love, whole world looks better and we just smile without any reasons like crazy just remembering the person we love. Here my love interest is standing in front of me. Of course I want to behave crazy but still I am not sure who is he talking about so.. I am trying hard to be serious.

Aarav again makes me sit opposite to him and utters huskily, "okay.. you are my friend na..?" I ask rolling my eyes, "oh.. wow. thank god you know that."

He laughs cheerfully and I am like oh god I can sacrifice my whole life to see him laughing like that.. he wakes me up by snapping and utters clearing his throat,"hey what is happening to you?" I nod my head out of embarrassment, "nothing"

To that he states shrugging, "okay.. I think there is still some time left.. so let's play a game.. I give you a hint and you have to guess the name.. well I can tell you that you know her.."

Obviously my heart sinks listening to his words. Oh god this man is really tough to judge and of course I am not interested in any game if it's not me, so I get up again annoyingly and hasten to the door without uttering a word, but Aarav follows me and grabs my hand to stop me saying, "hey.. Raavi.. c'mon..." But when he glances at my hills, he asks annoyingly, "hey.. why are you wearing hills again.. didn't I deny you?"

My lips twitched as I ask annoyingly, "why do you care?" He speaks shrugging, "okay.. now you have to give me company as you've disobeyed me!" I roll my eyes, "oh.. really.. Is there any kind of rule? Well I don't want to give you company. please just let me go."

But he is Aarav, the most stubborn person I've ever met so he starts without looking at me, like he is in deep thoughts of that girl, "okay the first clue is.. she is beautiful, smart and intelligent." I roll my eyes asking to myself that is he talking about me? If yes then I want to listen more so I say to him, "it's general. Can't guess a name on that basis."

He looks excited, "okay.. don't worry I have so many clues to give you and he utters with chuckle, "she is damn caring." I roll my eyes saying, "next.." of course with each sentence he speaks.. fireworks of joy are exploding in my stomach.

To that he quickly adds, "you know she has many friends, and she is so friendly that whenever she goes, she makes people her fans."

I twitch my lips to smile thinking that too related to me but I wanna play more so I say faking annoyance, "no idea yaar.. these all are so common.. give some unique about her.." actually I am eager to know more about me from him now.. well of course crossing my fingers and really hoping that the girl is me.

He utters rolling his eyes, "you know Raavi you are not good at this." I twitch my lips to give a smile, "okay then may I go?" Obviously I don't want to go..

To that he continues by twitching his lips, "she loves driving." I turn my face to him with shock of joy. Obviously he is observing my reaction keenly so he asks, "what?" I nod my head saying nothing, but my heartbeat increases abnormally.

He utters annoyingly, "so again no idea.. right..? I am not in a state to give him any answer. So he adds, "okay this one, I like most about her. You know she has the most beautiful eyes, which speak more than her lips, yeah.. you can tell just by looking at her eyes about her mood.. cute na..?"

Oh god why on earth I am being emotional now. These all things, he is describing are related to me I am damn sure, or is there anyone else?

He turns me around to face him by gently grabbing my arms adding, "you know the funny thing about her.. she cries over a dream.. yeah first she dreams bad about a person and then cries over it.." Then laughs ironically, giving me goosebumps just by his charm.

Oh god it is truly me, I lower my face with my heart panting in my rib cage, my breathing heavy, my palms sweaty, my eyes moist.. don't know why?..

I look at him. How on earth, he can be this calm? Here I am feeling whirlpool of emotions in my body, really holding my self on the edge of a knife..

He annoyingly utters,"okay.. okay.. I know you don't have any clue.. so let me suggest you the first letter of her name.."

My ears start ringing out of excitement, I feel a knot twist in my stomach, and I am listening to my heart beats in my ears like it is beating behind my ear drums. Oh god is it really me?

But to my astonishment he utters casually, "and the letter is 'Y'.."

Oh god my heart sinks by listening to that word, all the excitement flew away and deepest grief takes its place,I don't have any capacity left now. Why on earth is this happening to me? I am tired of this hope game.

Tears gather at the rim of my waterline.. this is second time my heart breaks in a week by the same person. This time I am sure that it will never heal again. Who else can be as dumb as me. I am numb again. Really want to dig in the floor with my toenails and hide my face in it cause I am really really stupid that hoping badly where there is no chance. Now what to do? I am so embarrassed now that not able move an inch.

But Aarav lifts my face with his thumb and forefinger giving me goosebumps by his touch, as I look at him, his smirk turns to most beautiful smile as he utters gently, "and the girl is 'YOU'.. "

Wait... what.. it feels like time has stopped, I have listened to his words but my mind is taking so much time to understand it like it was some ancient language of mishra to decode..

So he holds my face in his hands and continues, "it's been always you since the day I met you.." I feel regret over his face as he adds, "please forgive me, I know I've been a jerk lately.. or all the time. But I was not sure of myself cause the way you make me feel, I never felt it before..!!"

I was damn confused the way you were taking over my heart and mind. Yeah there was only you in my mind since the day I met you.

Acting stupid like,being damn excited just by the thought of meeting you, feel my self on the top of the world just by your touch and it hurt hundredths times worst than a heart attack when I saw you crying.. I am sorry cause mostly I was the reason but I was feeling that too Raavi.."

Oh.. no.. I don't know why but tears of love, regret, anger, confusion, happiness start coursing down my cheeks but with a smile on my lips. The rarest but great combination. Really flying high in the air.

He stucks my hairs behind my ears and asks me in the most polite voice, I've ever heard, "so miss Raavi.. would you like to fall in love with me?"


To that I chuckle banging my fists on his rock hard chest, "I've already.. you stupid.." to that he wipes my tears with his thumbs mumbling, "I am really sorry." and pulls me in a most affectionate hug I've ever felt, my eyes get shut to feel his embrace with my heart pumping at its best speed, sparkle in my eyes, thousands of butterflies fluttering in my stomach, fireworks of happiness in my mind. If I get this man to love me.. I don't want anything in this world. I am feeling king of the world right now.

He utters huskily to my ears, arousing me with gentle touch of his lips to my ears, "oh god.. I love you Raavi.." giving me goosebumps on my whole body... I hug him back tightly chuckling happily.

So would you like to dance with me? He asks again running his fingers through my hairs. I nod 'hmm' still with my eyes closed. to that he releases me and kneel down to open straps of my hills. I ask with shock, "hey.. what are you doing..?"

He smiles twitching his lips, "I don't want you to twist your ankle again.. so.." I smile and remove my hills.

He companies me to the dance room holding my hand, I am smiling like I am living my happiest dream. As I enter in the dance room, my jaw drops as the whole room is decorated with red heart shaped balloons and red roses. He smiles at me looking my expressions. I ask, "so.. really it's just us?" He shrugs saying, "yeah it's just us.. I don't like any distractions in my special moment." And he turns on the music, grabbing my both hands and pulling me in his embrace.

I am feeling sweet arousing smell of his cologne, despite fluttering in my stomach, I sank into his warm side, and with his touch the whole room felt warmer.

The sweet melody of 'holy by Justin bieber and chance the rapper..' starts and I got to see his romantic side like never before.. he is like a whole different person but true gentleman..

I must be blushing cherry red but I don't care, my dream man loves me. Of course I am on seventh heaven right now.

We are moving our legs with the music resting our heads on each other's shoulders. It is so peaceful.

Then suddenly I remember something and I ask him releasing myself from his hug of course missing his warmth the next moment, "how do all this happen? I mean how did you know that I would be here...?"

To that he laughs naughtily, "so do you wanna know now?" I nod 'yeah' he inhales, "only on one condition.." I roll my eyes, "no.. no condition... okay.. Just leave it.. I am fine without knowing it." He laughs loudly, "oh.. you are afraid of my condition now.. "

I say twitching my lips, "whatever.." but he continues, "That day when you left crying, I was worried like a hell for you." But you were crazy enough to not receive my call so I called your dad but he was at his office so I called your mom to ask about you.. I was relieved that you were at your home.

I remember, "oh so that was you, my mom talked to.. oh then my mom got the idea that it was you I was crying for.."

Yeah.. she called me back on that day evening to ask what is going on and I explained her whatever happened on that morning.

Actually when I saw you crying, I was hurt, I realised that I care for you and I am deeply in love with you. First I thought to meet you and express my feelings to you but then I've decided to make it very special and surprising for you so I took it another way..

First I cleared my self to Avira that I can't love her. Then I talked to my parents about you. Of course they are very happy for us.

Then my parents and me met with your parents with Anurag and Kia then planned everything to give you surprise.. and see I am here, dancing with you like nothing has happened.."

Of course I am shocked that they all knew and they still kept me with my bubble of sorrow.. huh..?

Aarav observes me with amazement saying, "annoyed now.. see I love this about you I can tell looking at your eyes whatever you feel..but don't worry cause it was only day before yesterday we planned this evening" of course I must be blushing more by listening to his words..

Suddenly I remember so I ask, "and what about that Chirag?" To that Aarav shrugs, "well I think your dad has handled that matter.." oh.. I love my dad...

Then he winks cunningly at me saying, "okay so now my condition..." I roll my eyes, "oh really.." he cheerfully answers.. "yeah.."

I inhale deeply and say, "okay.. tell me.." but he grins at me saying, "let me show you.."

And before I can think anything, the song changes to 'love me like you do by Ellie goulding' and Aarav wrapes his hand gently around my waist and clasp my one hand with his and pulls me closer with the jerk, uttering, "oh god you don't know how badly I wanted to do this with you and starts dancing gracefully."

we start waltz dance, this time so much comfortably cause no one is here to watch us or I can say me.

Aarav's eyes are continuously on me, of course with smile on his lips.

He flips me around with a jerk and pulls me closer so that my back touches his chest and he moves my hairs on one side and gives a warm kiss on my shoulder, which gives me burning sensation of pleasure, He then trails his kisses from my collarbone to the neck. my head automatically tilted to the opposite side to give him more access.. his warm breaths with wet kisses giving me shock of pleasures.

This feeling is heavenly, my eyes get closed with my chest panting heavily making me breathe deep and slow.

He intertwines his fingers with mine and wraps his both hands with mine around my stomach to give me back hug. Then his soft lips touches my cheek gently again melting me with his warm breath.

Oh dear.. it's feeling like I am levitating in the air with my closed eyes.

And he again flips me to face him, of course I am feeling shy, not able to meet his eyes, he addresses me huskily, "hey.. sweety.. look me in the eye.. as I look at him I feel his pupils dilates out of excitement and arousal.. he asks, "are you comfortable with me..? " I swallow my saliva down by nodding my head, "yeah.."

Of course this is whole new to me, I have never touched any man this way, and no one has ever kissed me.. what if I will do it badly.. what if he will make fun of me that I don't know even kissing.. oh gosh it's so embarrassing.

He moves his face closer, that his nose touches mine, feeling his fresh breath on my face, he utters slowly, "don't think much.. you are mine now and his lips stretched into a beautiful smile so that my eyes get closed.

He pulls me closer wrapping his arms around me. Then he gives a gentle soft kiss on my forehead, of course my heart is hammering.

Then I feel his soft plump fleshy lips touches my lips, oh so this is how it feels, oh dear I am under his charm now. Feeling tingles all over my body,like thousands of confetti is showering in my mind. Sending wild tremors along my nerves..!!!

He is so passionate while kissing, gently sucking my lower lip, softly at first then with the swift gradations of intensity, that makes me cling to him. his insistent mouth is parting my trembling lips. His tounge slips inside my mouth, gentle but demanding, every part of my body dissolves into his. My fingers grip his hair,pulling him closer, as my heart explodes, Feeling the sensation, I never thought I am capable of feeling before. All I want is him, his lips tastes like honey, and before this giddiness spins me round and round.. I know that I am kissing him back..

We both are breathing heavily and laughing with blush as we parted our lips. It is like today my body turns into shower of joy, all I am feeling right now is utter happiness. Without any thoughts and confusion. It doesn't feel weird when he touches me, I want him to touch me. I want to witness the pleasure of his soft touch, oh god I didn't have any idea that this man would be this gentle and caring and yeah passionate..

He tightly hugs me again, kissing my forehead, uttering in my ears you are amazing Raavi..I love you more than anything. And again gives soft kiss on my lips. I rest my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes, inhaling satisfactorily with smile and moving my body to the rhythm of the song 'perfect by Ed Sheeran..!!!'

The End


Hi.. friends so this is it.. end of a story.. really feeling emotional right now..!!!

I am really grateful for the love and support I've got from all of you...

Well about the bonus chapter I will try to publish it on next Saturday but not sure...

I am really looking forward to write another story but after a short break... till then please remember me

Stay safe , stay healthy


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