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Falling in love - Epilogue: ..23 - HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

This chapter is dedicated to my lovely readers who wanted Aarav's POV....


1 year later...

Aarav's POV

Bip.. bip.. bip.. my eyelids flutter as I listen to the alarm.. the brightness of the room made my eyes squint, I get up quickly with a jolt and shut it off, rubbing my eyes.

As I don't want to disturb my queen, who is lying next to me.. thinking about her, my face quickly turns to glance at her, obviously making my lips stretched into a blushing smile.

Well she is in deep sleep, only covered in blanket, facing her naked back at me, revealing my love bites of last night..

Again turn on by recalling our first golden night. So I run my fingers through her long messy hairs and get up to take a quick bath after brushing my teeth.

Still my mind is drowsy with the noise of people, music, firecrackers and dj, but this is what marriages are all about, obviously tiresome but they are the marker of dawn of civilisation..

For me it is my new beginning as a husband.. new role to play with my wife Raavi, whom I like the most, I adore the most and I love the most..!!!

As I come out in bathrobe, I enjoy the marvellous view of west Auckland from the big glass window of honeymoon suite of our resort..yeah all green as far as I can look,as our resort is situated near Piha beach. birds are singing and flying, butterflies are fluttering their wings to taste the nector of fresh flowers, sound of waves giving lively touch to the whole place, I inhale deeply the quietness of this place.. it's like we are in different world far away from everything.. !!

And all the thanks to Kartik, that he has arranged everything cause I was too exhausted as the celebration of our marriage lasted a whole week..

I was totally against it, all I wanted was a simple marriage in presence of our blood relatives and friends only, but this time my parents were not ready to listen to me so I gave up..

That's the reason the last week was really chaotic with So many guests and events and celebrity performances that I didn't even get chance to talk to my Raavi quietly or even not able to look at her to my heart's content.

Yeah I was only worried about her, to continue smile infront of camera with that much heavy designer wear and make up, with almost no sleep, to meet with everyone, to touch the elders's feet everytime they meet, oh god I was just looking at her doing all these and literally wanted to stop that all, but to my astonishment she was enjoying it all.. but I was all wore out after one whole year's preparations.

That was the reason I planned our honeymoon on the same day of our marriage.. as our reception lasted whole night and I was really worried about my Raavi cause she looked so exhausted..

So the next morning we boarded a flight for new Zealand.. cause this is the beginning of our new life and all I wanted is, only us in a quiet place, not any chaos around us. I wanted to dedicate my whole self to Raavi and of course I wanted that she too can feel comfortable cause when my elders are around she just behaves like a touch plant..

It was really long journey but thank god to that cause we mostly spent our time in sleeping.. so when we reached at the resort we were fresh enough to start our new journey... to become one..!!!

There are two main reasons for selecting this place for our honeymoon. First my dear wife has promised to Kartik that her first abroad trip would be New Zealand and second she has little bit of adventures in her blood.. so she wants enjoy those adrenaline sports.

It took whole year for me to convince her for marriage before completing her studies. Obviously I was not able to hold my horses for long and she wanted to marry virgin.. she really has her rules which no one can change except for her. I like that most about her..!!!

I remember for last six months, I've asked her the same question everyday and convinced her that our marriage won't spoil her study .. though she was so confused.

I knew she was craving for me too but she wanted to enjoy our married life without any pressure. That's the reason she choose to marry after completing of her master's. Though she agreed to me and I love her for that.. She is just amazing in each way, Every day I just fall in love with her more, for one or another reason.

My smile broadens as I look at her. She is still sleeping like a baby. I can't just hold my self so I approach her, give a gentle kiss on her cheek, she gives a slow moan in her sleep and switches the side.

I order for breakfast. Then I sit on a couch to read news in my phone but again my eyes move towards sleeping Raavi. she is like as if god has created her in a spare time, everything perfect, just like a sculpture carved from marble .. butter soft skin, spotless face, big brown eyes, rosy pink lips well somewhat swollen today, of course I am responsible for that and long black hairs enough to make me crazy for her. I can't believe myself that I am in totally love with her..!!

My parents were worried like a hell for me cause I couldn't find any girl interesting.. cause most girls I've met were only interested in my status and money, well I came to know little late that Avira was one of them too.

In my business I've seen so materialistic people that I started to believe that no emotions left in this world, I've seen many girls, who were ready to do anything just to reach on the top and that made my heart inert as stone.

but thanks to matrimonial page and to our moms that I got to meet this marvellous person, of course when I saw her for the first time, I was angry and thought her to be the same girl, but I must admit I just fallen in love with her eyes, what I saw in them was pure innocence and that was the reason I was not able to forget her the whole day, and deep inside my heart, first time I felt a pain by hurting her.

Then when I met her again, oh god I was just taken aback by her attitude, Yeah first girl I found who was not interested in my looks and not in my status and money even after knowing about me..!!!

That made the situation goes into reverse cause I've started taking interest in her.

Of course I was trying to suppress it, but day by day her control over my heart was increasing, I was craving for her company, dying to know her more.

Thank god I got that chance in Delhi.. yeah When I danced with her, I first time felt arousal at my manhood, her body smell was driving me crazy, that night was toughest for me. That day I've realised that I fancy her like a crazy and and I've decided that she will be mine...

Obviously wishing that she has a feelings for me too, but then Ivaan entered and some misunderstandings occurred and I was broken, thinking both of them were together but thank god she was just into me the same way.

I sit beside her on bed and run my fingers through her hairs, pecking her forehead. She opens her big almond shaped eyes, still with sleep in them, she smiles at me, "hey..good morning.." I reply, "morning.." by drinking her beauty with my eyes. She observes me asking, "what.. ? why are you looking at me like this..? And suddenly recalls something and with a jolt try to cover her body up wrapping silky blanket around her, getting up..

I ask naughtily, "so how are you feeling baby?" She answers blushing, "thanks to you, my whole body is aching.." and carelessly ties her hairs in a messy bun..in a way that some of her hair strands touch to her soft pink cheeks..

I hold her hands and kiss them, the smell of that 'henna mehndi' in her hands is enough to turn me on again.. but she gets up smiling at me and leaves to bathroom. I stare at her back, biting my own lip.

Then I get myself busy in calling our families that we've reached safely and everything is good here. Then as I am about to switch off my phone of course to give Raavi my all attention..

Anurag calls me to share a good news that they are expecting a baby.. oh wow..this is really the biggest good news for me.. I don't know why but I've congratulated him so many times that he started laughing.. saying Raavi will be on cloud nine listening to this.

Yeah... it's been around a year they've got married and now they are preparing to welcome a new life.. wow.. I just love this beauty of life..

Many things happened during this one year. Ved and Anisha got engaged and moved to Mumbai. They will marry this December.

Tina and Damik they are still together and meet us on video call every week.

As for Ivaan, well ..He is a famous star now but he is still single.

Thank god he attended our marriage happily. He gave performances too. now I strongly believe that he really has overcome his weakness and we've got a real fighter in Ivaan.. I am just proud of him.

And about Kartik, he is on the top of his career and enjoying every bit of it.

In short we've all been pretty much settled. I should thank Kia that because of her I got to meet all these amazing friends and met with my amazing beautiful wife..

As I look at her.. she is there in front of mirror.. still in a bathrobe, wiping her hairs with towel. I swiftly approach her, tightly hug her from back, inhaling arousing smell of her shampoo and the soap, kiss her collarbone, she gives a slow moan, making me excited to the core.

I look at her in the mirror and state, "hey..congratulations you are going to be an aunt.." to that her beautiful eyes widened, she turns around to face me, bewildered. Then when I give her details she smiles brightly and calls back to Kia..

After around fifteen minutes she joins me and happily hugs me saying, "oh.. Aarav I am so happy today... I just fill her ectomorphic frame in my embrace tightly.. saying, " me too darling.."

She chuckles happily to that. I say naughtily, "we should start our family planning...you know I want a girl like you and we'll name her 'AARAVI'" to that she releases me with gentle push, twitches her lips, blushing cherry red, saying, "omg..Aarav.. seriously..!!"

Her face makes me laugh. She swiftly changes the topic, "what is for breakfast yaar.. I am so hungry..?" Oh breakfast I just forgot about that, it is served already I say pointing towards the dining table.

She hurriedly rushes towards the table and starts eating lowering her eyes.. I know she is thinking about Anurag and Kia.. As she takes a bite of bread butter, the way bread touches her lips, my god I wished to be that piece of bread.. she asks annoyingly wiping her lips, "what?"

I answer, "later.." and ask instantly, "okay so what are your plans for today..?" She quickly answers, "I want to visit hobbiton town.." I nod, "okay.. " She asks, "hey did you call our mom dad.. they must be worried?" I smile and answer, "oh.. yes baby.." To that she smiles saying, "I wanted to talk to them... forget it I'll call them later." Then she gets up and inhale beauty of the surroundings making really hard for my crazy mind to control my carnal desires..

So I ask huskily clutching her from behind, "by the way what do you wanna do before going to hobbiton" she answers innocently, "of course I'll be ready, can't go in bathrobe na.." I enjoy her innocence so I ask again, "okay.. before that"

She turns around, rolls her eyes wrapping her shoulders around my neck, "Mr.. we came back to present.. " but I say no I have doubt that you miss something in between..

She jerks and adds, "what..? No.. I don't want anything in between.. and tries to leave me ..smiling.."

I grab her waist and pull her closer, smelling and pecking her neck, running my fingers through her hairs. She tilts her neck moaning, giving signal that she wants me too.

That thought makes my lips stretched through the kiss. A wave of pure pleasure passes through my body. As I kiss my way gently up her neck to taste her rosy lips.. I just get lost in that moment... and pick her up with a jerk so that she wraps her legs around my waist, chuckling through the kiss. Then I start walking towards bed and with each step my kiss gets deepened.

As I put her on a bed, She observes me with half open eyes full of desire, to that I quickly slid bathrobe down from her and within a minute we are as we were born.

I trail the kisses all over her body and her slow moans are increasing as my kisses turn to gentle bites..and after a big round of love making we both are dripping with the love juices and she is cocooned in my arms as ready to be a butterfly.. panting heavily..!!

Then she utters slowly, "oh... god I love you Aarav..." my lips stretched in a big smile listening to her words.. really wishing that all I want is, this girl in my arms everyday when I sleep and I wake up..

My name sounds beautiful when she utters it. I embrace her tightly replying, "I love you more.. my Raavi.." She chuckles to that and lies quietly closing her eyes..

And I again ask to tease her, "okay so what is your plan now..?" she lifts her head from my chest to look at me, "thanks to you now I have to take bath again..." and she just wraps her self and gets up to leave for bathroom..

After around one hour, I call Kartik to ask for the route and to my surprise he has already booked our tour, we were whisked in VIP transport from our resort, after 3 hours of journey we are at the hobbiton where Peter Jackson's master piece movie was shot.. really felt that we have reached at the middle earth.. Raavi is looking and feeling everything with kid's eyes and I am quite enjoying that.. I would have never believed that someone can be this lovely if I wouldn't have met her..

It took us 2 hours to embark on a guided journey of middle earth.. heading back to Auckland we stopped at the majestic Hunua falls.. spent some time to relax in nature.. the day was amazing but do I have to say nights were more amazing for us..!!!

next few days we spent in Auckland to visit Sky tower, museums and art galleries, Botanic Garden, Mount Eden, Rangitoto island, sea aquarium, water falls, beaches, rainforest along with Raavi's favourite adrenaline activities like bungy jumping, sky diving, canyoning.. then somedays we just spent at the resort in each other's company just cuddling and loving and those were the best days for me..

Then she wanted to buy presents for everyone.. so we spent our last two days in shopping and to my surprise she has bought things for the little one too who is not born yet..

After cherishing fifteen days in that heaven.. now we are heading back to our home. To finally start our new life together. I didn't tell her but I've decided in my mind that she will be my design manager at studio and as she will learn and get experienced she will be CEO of our fashion house and then I would watch over my dad's companies as he has told me once that he wants to take rest and spends his time with my mom..!!

Raavi is sound asleep resting her head on my shoulder, I am damn sure now that with all these delightful memories we can begin our happily ever after...!!!



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