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Do you love me? - episode 11 we don't know any girl

Vikas: what was in that letter?
Priya: Pavan was selected for the state volleyball team and he should go to the practice session within 2 weeks.

Vikas: he lost his opportunity to play on the state team because of you, so he started hating you right?

Priya: no he went to practice sessions a week late.

Vikas: But He was injured, how can he play for the team?

Priya: what I know is he didn't play, he sat as the bench player.

Vikas: what you did after reading the letter?

After reading the letter I hated myself, I know the hard work he did to get that opportunity, but I was afraid of how will he react after knowing this news. so I decided not to go to their home until he recovered.
My Dad came after some time and we went to our house.
The next day Pavan's father dropped me at University.
on my way to class, I noticed that Everyone was looking at me weirdly.
I went to my class, a girl came to me and gave me a pen, she told me that it was my boyfriend's pen.

Priya: boyfriend? I don't have any boyfriend, I think you have mistaken me for someone else.

Girl: No need to hide, you both look good together. And the whole block knows about your relationship.

Priya: Are you mad? I said you are mistaken and you keep on speaking nonsense.

Girl: then who was the guy got into a fight with seniors yesterday?

Priya: Pavan? What made you think of us like that? Anyways Why did he get into a fight with them?

Girl: Really!! Don't you know the reason?

Yesterday, while I was coming to the class seniors called me and asked me to write an apology letter to them for coming to college early. At that time Pavan was passing by, they saw him and called him too.
I took a paper but I didn't find my pen in my bag so I borrowed his pen.
Everything was ok until you came.

Priya: until I came? what do you mean? what did I do? I didn't even come to them.

Girl: That the reason for their fight.

Priya: I cont understanding what you are talking about, say clearly.

Girl: pavan was having a normal conversation with them.
Then you arrived,
Senior1: look at that chick, I am going to make her mine.
Senior 2: dream on, she is mine.
Senior 3: first ask her to come here, then we can decide.
Pavan saw that they were talking about you, he got angry but didn't say anything.
They called you but you didn't come and went on your way. That made them angry.

Senior 1: look at that bit*h, how arrogant she is.
Pavan: watch your words😡😡

Senior 2: don't be so harsh at that baby, look at her assets. Look at her b.
before completing that word pavan slapped him on the face.
Everyone around us was alarmed by hearing the slap sound.

Senior3 (pushed Pavan): how dare you? Why did you beat him?

Pavan: how dare you to talk about her like that

Senior1: we can talk more, what will you do? Will, you beat me too?

Pavan: if you speak one more word about her I will kill you.
Senior1: tried to hit him, Then the fight started...

Priya got angry: I will make them pay for every word they spoke about me👿.
(She thought in mind) so He got into a fight with them because they commented on me but what I did was helped the people who criticized me. Priya felt ashamed of her actions.

Girl: if he is not your bf then what is he?

Priya: he is just my childhood friend.

Girl: ok by the way I am Ashritha, friends call me Ashu, nice to meet you.

Priya: I am Priya, nice to meet you too.
Ashu: so you're going to help me to know your childhood friend better☺.

Priya😒😑: ok but it will take some time for him to return to college.
Ashu: why?

Priya phone rang °°°°
Priya: excuse me I will back in a minute (she lifted the phone)

Ram: hey why pavan not lifting my calls? Why didn't he come today? Where are you?

Priya: Pavan met with an accident so he didn't come to college.

Ram: when? Why didn't you tell me until now?
Priya: brother I want your help, I will tell you all the truth if you promise me to help.

Ram: what happened? Ok, I promise, tell me what's the problem?
Priya told him everything and asked him to do something about the seniors.
Ram: how can you do this to him? He always wanted to help you but you😤...ok, I will deal with you later, first I will deal with your friends 🤬 cut the call.

Vikas: so you started loving pavan after knowing he fought for you?
Priya: no I felt sorry for him. But I thought it was his fault for putting his finger on somewhere that doesn't belong.
Vikas: you are a horrible person in past.
Priya: 😤

Police caught that 15 seniors and informed Priya's dad.

Priya's dad: where are they? I want to talk to them.
Police: they were in your brother's house.
Priya's dad: what are they doing there? Who took them there?
Police: your brother's son Ram sir.
Priya's dad: ok thanks for your help and cut the call.

At Ram's house.
Seniors: please don't hurt us. We will never do that again. We learned our lesson.

Ram: Did the police beat you?

Seniors: yes, please leave us, we can't take anymore.

Ram: did police asked you any questions? Did you tell them about the girl who helped you?

Seniors: no they didn't ask us any questions.

Ram: good, now listen to my words carefully, If you people want to live then keep this in mind 😡if you tell anyone about the Priya part, you're dead💀

Seniors: we don't know who she is? How will we tell anyone about her?

Ram( God I said her name): I mean forget about the girl Who helped you.

Senior 1: that girl😲? we don't know any girl.
Remaining seniors: yes, we don't know any girl, please leave us.

Ram smiled and his serve started beating them.

Seniors: please stop, why you're beating us? We agree with everything you said.

Ram: This is your punishment for the loose talk on my sister😠😠.

Priya's dad entered rams house and saw rams servents torturing seniors. He got sympathy after seeing some of the seniors with wounds that were bleeding, the majority of them got bruises, bandages on their body and head.

Priya's dad: leave them.

Ram servants stopped and in the view of seniors, Priya's dad was an angel who came to save them from this brutal world.

Seniors: thanks for saving us, sir can we leave now?

Priya's dad: yes, but first you have to answer one thing, who you people managed to get pavan out on that night?
Ram looking them with a killer face.

Seniors: we.....we have his number, we called and challenged him for 1 vs 1 them we applied Our plan.

Priya's dad didn't believe them but let them go, he thought he can speak to them some other time in absence of ram.

Vikas: but in this story, you didn't say anything about how the love between Anu and pavan started.

Priya(yarned): it's another story I will tell you something time, good night.

To be continued..........

Thanks to the people who support this novel, this novel will be completed in 10 more episodes
Thank you.

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