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When We Met - EP - 19 (He Loves Cuddling)

Emily's Pov:

"My birthday ended three hours ago. Its way past midnight, Mr Jones!"

Edward's face fell comically. His smile turned into a frown.

I was sad seeing Edward's face full of guilt upon hearing that my birthday ended and he didn't even get to wish me. I tried to convince him that it wasn't his fault and that I was happy spending time with him but he didn't look much convinced.

He nodded meekly before rushing upstairs to change after we settled on the matter that he wouldn't cook, as we didn't want him to endanger our health.

I went to pick up the lilies and roses which were scattered on the floor, half wilted, half disintegrated. I selected the ones which were still intact to put them on vase filled with water and the rest I had to throw in the dustbin.

I really didn't like the thought of throwing someone's gift in the dustbin, especially of Edward's, so I settled on burying them in soil.

I boiled some water, cut some fresh vegetables only to stir fry them, sprinkling some spices and salt in the pan. I prepared a quick ramen for us, calling Edward to come and eat. I placed two bowls on the table, some fruits and water after putting my own previous dinner aside.

We were in comfortable silence, eating our meal when I heard Edward chuckling. I looked up to see him staring at my previous meal, or should I say my diet food.

"You were eating grasses? On your birthday? Since when, 'cause the last time I checked you had this weird habit of eating like an elephant!" he said, his hands on his stomach, laughing out loudly this time.

"When did I eat like that?" I said, pouting at his comment, glaring, making him laugh like a maniac.

"No seriously Emi, you were munching on vegetables, what about meat? That's why you always fall or slip because you are as weak as a pigeon!" he said, this time fake chuckling to himself, his hands draped over his mouth.

I glared at him, throwing my salad consisting of spinach, cabbage, tomato and cheese at him. Now it was my turn to laugh when he grudgingly removed the strips of spinach and wiped himself with a napkin.

"You're not getting any now!" he said, pulling a container of ramen towards him, eating in front of me like a cow.

"Hey, this is unfair! I made it with my weak hands and you-"

"Then go make some more for yourself," he said nonchalantly stuffing himself. I lunged at him only to yelp in pain when contents of my bowl get spilt over my injured hand, this time tears pricking at the corner of my eyes.

"Oww. My hand!" I shrieked.

"What the- Lily, you really are such trouble!" he quickly took my hand, covering it with a napkin and pouring his glass of water over it. I whimpered in pain and he looked at me with pity.

"What? This is all your doing! How am I going to work now? I have to join in weeks! This is fucking-" I yelled, kicking him in legs.

"I am sorry. My bad. First, come here and treat your second trouble in a single day, shall we?" he said, rubbing his legs before pulling me to sit on the chair. I rolled eyes at his not so formal language.

I tried feeding myself only to spill half of it on my shirt. Edward stared at me for some time, laughing at my attempt to fight with the spoon before snatching it.

"Here. Let me," he wiped my mouth with a napkin, using his thumb to clean the tip of my nose.

He lifted the spoon and I leaned in to take it in my mouth. It was comfortable this way. It was really my first time getting fed by someone. I smiled to myself and leaned for another when he poked my forehead, and I fell back on my seat. I pouted, glaring at him.

"Don't pout and don't lean! I could see your-" He stopped in between, averting his gaze, looking at anywhere but me. I looked at him in confusion.

Feeling my gaze, he sighed loudly, placing the bowl of noodles on the table. He raised his hands towards me, his fingers gripping my shirt and buttoning it up-to my face.

Like, what?! Excuse me, but I am shocked!

"What-" I didn't get to complete when he stuffed a spoonful of soggy ramen into my mouth. I glared at him.

"Just stay like this! Here!" he said offering me another spoon after eating one himself.

I placed bowls on the sink, opening the water to wash them. Just then I heard a crashing sound upstairs. I ran quickly to our room, only to find Edward buried under the heaps of my lingerie.


I helped him up, much to his annoying cussing. He took one lacy black lingerie in his hands, staring at me and I couldn't help but blush at his gaze.

"Let's just forget this ever happened!" I exclaimed, collecting my stuff, too embarrassed to even look at him.

"Is it supposed to fit you? As much as I know, your butt is larger than this and your chest is-"

"Edward!" I yelled in embarrassment.

"But seriously, what the hell Lily? You hid these under bedsheets. What were you even thinking of?"

I fiddled with my fingers, looking down.

"Well, my mom gave me to wear them on our...urmm that night-"

"Which night Emi? I am afraid I never heard of this word before!" he said, smirking.

Oh, he was enjoying this, wasn't he?

"Oh shut up. She gave it to me to wear these on my wedding night, and others for our...you know..." I cleared my throat, "subsequent nights and your mom also gave me some of these, like this red one!" I completed.

I am sure I am dead with embarrassment right now!

"I am sure my mom doesn't know what colours I like. I like hot and sexy ones so I would like it very much if you walk for me in these black ones!"

"Edward! Seriously, that's so not funny!"

"Oh yes, it is! I can't believe my mother gifted you these. But why did you hide them here?"

"Well, I am sorry if I thought you are smart enough not to violate bedsheets' closet!"

"I didn't violate it! I just wanted to sleep on two pillows tonight cause I have this intense headache!" he muttered.

"Here. Take your two pillows and hug them to sleep. I am going!"

"Wait, where are you going? Won't you sleep with me tonight?" Like seriously, his level of insensitivity!

"Do you know you have this really wild habit people call 'cuddling'?" I teased him, expecting for some comeback.

But it didn't come. Instead, I saw his head hung low in shame. Wow?

"Well yeah! I have. That's why Lara doesn't let me stay at her house. She doesn't like cuddling. I am sorry if that was uncomfortable for you!" he said, pouting at me.

Isn't he doing it on purpose?!

But it is cute!

"I don't actually mind, but-" I was cut off by my own shriek when he lifted me suddenly, plopping me on the bed and snuggled close to me, his hot breath fanning my neck.

What the hell just happened?

I shifted in my position only to be pulled back on his hard chest, his arms wrapping protectively around me.

"Remind me again the exact time when I agreed to this cuddling thing!"

No response.

I kicked his leg which was slowly draping over my waist earning a grunt from him. I tried to glare at his face which was all too difficult when I was forcefully pressed against him.

"Edward, I can't sleep!" I said, churning in my side, finding it difficult to sleep.

He loosened his grip on me and I tried to escape when he grabbed my arm, pulled me little closer to him.

"You can sleep as well as breath now," he murmured.

I sighed and went back to sleep, knowing that fighting was a futile thing for me.


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