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Do you love me? - episode 12 Ding- Dong

The next morning Priya wake up at 6 Am and went for a morning jog and came back at 7 and made tiffin, Pavan wakes up at 7: 30 and got ready for the office, and went to the dining room.

Maid: good morning, with tiffin, do you want coffee or tea sir.

Pavan: I don't feel like eating tiffin today, Bring a glass of milk.
Priya came to the table and sat in a chair next to him, she thought he already ate and asked how was the tiffin?
The maid came back and gave a glass of milk with sugar in a cup.

Pavan: thank you, I don't feel like eating tiffin today, so I skipped it. If you want to know try yourself. He drank the milk with 2 spoons of sugar and moving to the car.

Priya: wait, eat a little i
Pavan interrupted her and said: I will be waiting in the car, come after finishing your tiffin.
Priya😠 got frustrated with his attitude, she ate her tiffin and went to the car.

Pavan: did maid made the tiffin up to your liking?
Priya: I prepared the tiffin today.
Pavan: why? I am playing them 20k Priya, it's their job, don't repeat this.
Priya😤: I didn't make it to reduce their work, there is happiness in making something for our loved ones🥰🥰.
Pavan looked at her and saw a box in her hand and said: But your house is on another side of the city and we are on the other side how will you give this box to your father?
Priya: 😦 What?😡 it's none of your business, just drop me at the office.

Pavan started driving the car to the office and they reached in 20 minutes, Priya noticed that he was driving a bit slow and she thought he was caring for her safety, and felt happy.

Priya while leaving the car: this box is for you if you don't want to eat just taste it a bit 🥰, bye see you in the afternoon at lunch.
Pavan didn't say anything and went to parking.

Priya went to her office and sat at her desk, she was designing interiors for a real estate company, she was smiling while doing it, Ashu noticed and went to her.

Ashu: someone is so happy today, what may be the reason?
Priya: I am just normal.
Ashu: then why are you smiling, unconditionally?
Priya(told her about their new house): you should have seen his expression when I offered him to share a room, hahaha Hilarious🤣🤣.
Ashu: what if he takes it seriously?
Priya: what do you mean?
Ashu: what if he takes advantage of you and tries to do something naughty?
Priya: I am ok with a kiss 😘.
Ashu😅: I mean, s*x.
Priya: No, no he won't think like that
Ashu: what if he thinks like that?
Priya😊: he should marry me then.
Ashu: who knows what will happen? I know You love him madly, can you say no to him if he begged you with his cute face 😂?
Priya: Do you think he will ask me that?
Ashu: I just warning ⚠️ you 😉 Ok, it's lunchtime let's go.

Priya went to Pavan's office but he was not there, she thought he already went to the canteen, But he is not there too, so she called him.

Pavan: Priya I have other plans, so I can't have lunch with you sorry,
Priya: But you didn't eat tiffin, are you alright?
he cut the call.
She thought he went to a restaurant with his friends, she ate lunch and went to her office.

Evening, they both got into the car and started driving back.
Pavan stopped the car near a pharmacy( medical shop) went to the shop and came back with something in a paper cover.

Priya( thinking in mind about What Ashu told her today) did he buys condoms🤯?
No no he is not like that😊?
What if he is😳?
She was blushed and became uncomfortable & shy😖.
She wanted to see what's inside the cover🧐 but failed😩.

They reached home, Pavan took that cover and went inside the house. Priya followed him to the house. She went to the hall, sat on the sofa and starts watching tv.

Maid: good evening sir, what do you want to have at today's dinner?
Pavan: ask her, I am not going to have dinner tonight, bring a glass of milk, bread, and jam to my room, don't forget to knock before entering.
Maid: ok sir.
Maid went to Priya and asked her the same question.
Priya: didn't you asked him?
Maid: sir said he is not going to have dinner tonight.
Priya: ok you can leave now.
Maid: sir, asked me to bring him a glass of milk and bread mam.
Priya: don't worry I will do that
Maid: ok madam good night and went to her house.

Priya took her phone and called Ashu.
Ashu: Hey Priya
Priya: Ashu Pavan was not eating properly, he went to a medical shop before coming home. he looked a bit tired but normal. What do you think?
Ashu: Hmm maybe he is homesick or he wants to ask you something but he felt embarrassing so trying to avoid you and medical shop 😅😅, didn't you understand what he brought?
Priya: I don't know what to do now?
Ashu: ask him directly.
Priya: Ok I will ask him now.
Ashu: no need to hurry, Fresh up before going to him.
Priya: why?
Ashu: don't act like a child and wear something revealing, if you want to hear the truth.
Priya: what? 😐
Ashu cut the call.

Priya went to her room, fresh up, and wear a white nightdress with a halter neck with woven detail on chest, uneven hem with ruffle and lace detail which exposes her thighs.
she went to his room with a glass of milk, bread on a plate like a bride on her first night, and knocked on the Pavan's bedroom door.

Pavan opened the door and saw her, on the dress exposing her cleavage and, thighs which were white, smooth like cheese, beautifully and muscular. They were perfect maybe because of her daily jog and exercises.

Pavan( he seems to be weak): 😯why you are wearing a dress like this🤨?
Priya: what's wrong with my dress 👗? Don't you like it😊?
Pavan,🙄 he checked her and said: Whatever.

She wanted to ask him the reason for not eating, but she was blushed and shy, her hands were becoming cool because of the tension.
Priya: I want to talk with you.
Pavan: some other time,
Priya: at least compliment me.
He took the plate and going inside, she held his hand and felt hot. She placed her hand on his cheeks and His face was hot as a burning sun.

Priya: you got a fever😨.
Pavan: I know, I took tablets.
Priya: did you call the doctor?
Pavan: no need, I will be alright with some rest.
Priya😠: you are insane, just sit on the bed I will back in a minute.
She dialed 📞 their family doctor to come and went to the kitchen, brought a bowl of water and cloth, went to his room.

Priya: remove your shirt 👔.
Pavan: No, I can do my self give it to me.
Priya: don't waste my time by acting shy, I still remember what you did at goa beach, don't argue and do what I saw😒.
Pavan removed his shirt and Priya started a sponge bath for him, with the cloth and warm water.
Priya: how do you feel now?
Pavan: better than before.
Priya: Drink this ORS water (oral rehydration solution)
Pavan: 😬🤢🤮 no please don't
Priya: 😒😠
Pavan: ok, I am drinking, don't look at me like that🥺.
Priya: I will be back in a minute, be a good boy, and finish the bottle.
She went to the kitchen and made soup and came back to him.
Priya: now you have to drink this delicious soup.
Pavan: what? I will drink after some time.
Priya: No, you have to drink it when it's still warm. She asked him to open his mouth.
she blows air on the spoon with soup to make it mild-warm. Her lips 💋 give her face a kiss look😚 while blowing.
Looking at her made Him a bit excited and uncomfortable.
Pavan: I can feed myself give it to me🤗.
Priya: if I get a fever, don't you feed me?
Pavan: of course I will.
Priya brought the spoon near his mouth and started feeding him.
Priya: how was it?
Pavan: great, taste yourself. But not with this spoon, go and get another one.

Priya leaned towards him, looking into his eyes intensely, she was flushing.
pavan didn't understand why she was looking like that, then she suddenly kisses him on the lips 💋. He lost in the sensation of her cherry lips and can feel her soft skin pressing against his body and her hair smells so good.
Pavan tried to resist her but she was making it tuff. After a few seconds, She breaks the kiss, while wiping her wet lips with her fingers, she said.

Priya( with lewd face): hmm it's so delicious 😘.
Her dress, facial expression, and voice made him too horny. he pushed her towards him and started kissing her. His hands moving gently on her body and his warm fingers were reaching her chest, she can feel his fingers sliding down but didn't resist him and kissed him back😚.
Ding- dong,
Ding- dong.
The doctor came and pressing the doorbell.
They both stopped and looked at each other awkwardly😣😳, Priya pushed him and ran to her room to change her dress.
Pavan got back to his awareness & went to the main door to invite the doctor in.

To be continued......

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