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Do you love me? - Episode 13 Sorry for What?

Pavan invited the doctor in and took him to the hall.
Doctor: nice house. Who did the interiors?
Pavan: Priya did them.
Doctor: where is that talented girl?
Pavan: she...she went to the kitchen to make a coffee for you.
doctor: Hoo ok. he checked the body temperature and asked him about the medications he took and did an injection.

In the meanwhile, Priya came back in a normal outfit with a coffee cup and gave it to the doctor.
Doctor: how are you Priya?
Priya: good uncle.
Doctor: Are you both planning to have any kids soon?
Pavan: what? no no,😧😧 uncle, I think you forgot we are not married.
Priya(spontaneously): Yeah uncle (she winked at Pavan and said) But after getting married😅😅.
Doctor: Haha, that's my girl. You should have some sense of humor Pavan. It's good for you.
Pavan gave a forced smile and they had some conversation for a few minutes.

While leaving, Doctor said: you two are made for each other kids, But in the present generation there is more divorce rate because of egos and distrust, Never let your ego win against your love and never lie with each other.
They both nodded their heads like school kids.
After he left Pavan went to his room and Priya followed him.
Pavan: I want to sleep now.
Priya: ok?
Pavan: Go to your room.
Priya: I will go after you fall into sleep.
Pavan: The doctor told me to take some rest tomorrow, so I am not going to come to the office.
Priya: I am also not going to the office tomorrow.
Pavan: why?
Priya wiggled her head and said: tomorrow, I have to do some shopping.
Pavan: whatever good night. He turned this head to the opposite side of the bed light and tried to sleep.
Priya turned her phone into airplane mode and started playing 🎮 some offline games.
After some time she felt sleepy, so she turned off the bedlight and went to her room to sleep.

Next day morning 🌞
Time was 7:00, Pavan's alarm started ringing, he felt the bed was so soft today and wanted to sleep some more time. So he moved his hand in search of the phone, But before he reached the phone the alarm stopped. He nuzzled his nose on the pillow and squeezed it.
he heard a voice he knows very well "Don't squeeze"
He opened his eyes and saw a pair of lips. His head was on her chest, his hand too and his leg is on hers. He jumped from the bed in shock🙀.
Pavan: why are you here on my bed?
Priya: last night I just came to check your fever and then you cradled me tightly, and didn't let me go.
Pavan: you should have woke me up.
Priya: I didn't want to disturb your sleep so I let you sleep on me and Don't act like an innocent, after what we did on yesterday's night🥰😍😛.
Pavan didn't get any idea to defend himself and said: I am ashamed of my actions, will you forgive me😔.

Priya looked at him angrily, stood up from the bed, and slammed the door💥 while leaving.

Pavan didn't understand why she got angry after apologizing to her, he fresh up and went to the kitchen and saw Priya cutting the veggies.
Pavan: When will we go shopping?
Priya didn't answer him and turned her face away from him. He saw that she was angry with him and he went close to him and placed his hand on her shoulder and asked her again.
Priya: don't lay your hand on me😾.
Pavan: come on Priya, I already said sorry to you.
Priya: You're sorry for what? For kissing me? Or for sleeping with me? Or for both? And what do you mean by saying sorry? Who I am to you?
Pavan: cool down Priya, you are the one who started the kiss.
Priya: Yes, I am the one who started kissing you because I love you and you're my husband and I am not sorry about what I did with you.
Pavan realized what's she mean by that and said: I...I just woke up from a nap and saw you in my bed made me a bit frightened. In that confusion, I spoke something like that.
Priya: don't talk to me, just get lost🤨.
Pavan stopped Priya from cutting by holding her hands and turned her towards him.
Pavan: ok I did the mistake, I will do whatever it takes to rectify my mistake.
Priya: who I am to you?
Pavan: Wife
Priya got a small smile but suddenly becomes angry again, he saw her change in mood and Didn't know what he did now.
Priya: Where is your ring 💍?
Pavan looked at his hand and glanced at her with fear and said: I left it in my room😑.
Priya pointed the knife towards him and said: if you stood in front of me without the ring for one more minute. I will cut your finger👿🔪.
He rushed to his room and came back with the ring.
Priya: I will forgive you if you take me on the long drive.
Ok sure, he replied
After having tiffin they both got into the car and first, they went to a temple which was insisted on by her. They started traveling on endless roads without any destination with a lunch break and some coffee breaks.
Pavan let Priya drive on the roads where there is less traffic, time was 11:00 Pm they reached home.
Priya got into her room, fresh up, and saw a package on her bed with a note.

To be continued......

This story is fully fictional, I am too young to be married😹. I just used my name for the character,
Thanks for your love and support 🥰.

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