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Revenge of the Ghost - 11

Heat of cold wave??? Something strange. But Ravindra and Satya were experiencing something extremely unbelievable. The entire room was cold, but the body temperatures were rising as if both were burning from inside. Then the entire room started to spin, both were blown away by the speed. Satya was screaming Ravindra, ‘Save me. Save me. Save me.’ Ravindra was in the far side of the room and Satya was in the other corner of the room barely trying to hang on the handle of an opened door of the cupboard. Ravindra was stuck between the sofa and the wall which was crushing his chest very heavily.

Suddenly, a shadow with red eyes appeared in the middle of the room and everything stood still. Every flying item crashed to the floor and brittle items were broken into pieces. The entire room was a mess. The shadow was so horrendous that a look was enough to faint Satya. She just collapsed. Ravindra was trying to gather courage and trying to understand the situation at hand. He never believed in ghosts or anything which was supernatural. But now the situation is different. The shadow stared Ravindra and he was feeling the same cold and hot from inside. The shadow spoke, ‘Stop looking for the answers. Or I will kill you and her both. This is just a beginning. Many more will die in some time.’ Ravindra could not dare to speak first as he was still bamboozled. Finally, he gathered all the courage he had from every muscle in his body and said, ‘I am a police officer, and it is my duty to fight crime.’

The shadow laughed in a gruesome way and said, ‘Consider this your last warning.’ Pointed towards Satya and said,’ She will die first in the same manner as the victims.’

Then the shadow vanished with a puff of smoke, and all the lights went dark. Ravindra was now free from the virtual bondage. Lights are on now. Ravindra walked hurriedly towards Satya. He took her head in his lap and pampered her chicks by calling her name and said,’ Satya please wake up. Please wake up.’ A few tears rolled down the chicks of Ravindra and dropped on Satya’s face. Satya opened her eyes. She was still terror stricken. Her entire body was shivering and with that shivering voice she asked, ‘where is it? Where is it? It will kill us.’ Ravindra said,’ It is gone Satya and don’t worry, till I am alive nothing would ever happen to you.’ Satya hugged Ravindra tightly and smiled with a lot of pain.

Satya was still sobbing and could not stop crying. ‘The shadow would kill us. The shadow would kill us.’ Satya was repeating this sentence vehemently. Ravindra took her face in his big strong and broad palms and said, ‘Satya, trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you ever.’ Satya said, ‘I love you Ravindra.’ Satya said so suddenly that Ravindra was shocked. He could not react and did not understand what to say. Satya was still hugging Ravindra tightly, so he could not see her face. Ravindra was confused as he was not able to decide, whether it was Satya talking or the fear of the shadow. Ravindra lifted her like a feather and put her in the bed. Ravindra turned around and Satya pulled his hand and said, ‘Are you going to leave me alone during this horrible night???’

Ravindra could not resist and he sat near her and she closed her eyes and slept while holding his hand. Ravindra’s head was about to burst. Based on the voice, he could say that it was she. So, the question is who was she? Why did she kill all those people? What did she mean by, ‘This is just a beginning and many more will die?’ How many people are going to die? There were only questions and no answers. For the first time in life, he was not able to decide the next step. He rummaged his entire brain with any possible answer but could not find any. The only possible solution to this entire issue was only one. He had to find a possible connection among all these victims. But how? He was trying hard to find the answer and while doing so, he got tired and slept.

What will happen next? Will Ravindra be able to find the connection? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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