Do you love me? - 14 in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - Episode 14 Full of surprises ‼️

Do you love me? - Episode 14 Full of surprises ‼️

Note: Come and get in the car waiting for you on the outside.
From pavan

In that package, there was a Blush Pink Embroidered Net Anarkali dress.

She dressed in it with earrings he gifted last time and got into the car, she has many questions in her mind like where she was going? Why? And so on but she didn't ask him any because she didn't want to ruin the surprise he planned for her, At 11:33 she reached his hotel. The hotel was full of customers, it became quite popular just a few months after established.

Priya got a message from Pavan
" come to the rooftop restaurant"
Priya entered the lift and reached the restaurant floor.

the path to the restaurant was decorated with the Rose petals🌹 in the color of love ❤️.
She walked on the path and reached the entrance of the garden, The path was continued to the table which was covered with a white cotton layer with red color table runner on it with roses. There are 2 red color candles in the center of the table and large candles 🕎 in the candle holder next to them.
The place was filled with a soft romantic melody and with the illumination of the candles. The sky was beautiful with the shining stars ✨ with the Full moon 🌕. Priya got lost in the moment and stood at the entrance.
I know you will get astonished after reaching here, come on hold my hand I will take you there!.
She turned back and saw Pavan, her eyes were filled with joy and happiness

Priya: really, you planned all this for me?
Pavan: no this was arranged for a couple but unfortunately they canceled their reservation after paying for everything.
Priya: So you didn't do this for me😒 (she got upset and started walking back)
Pavan hugged her from the back and said: I am just kidding Princess. You're more beautiful when you get mad.
Priya was surprised by his words: Who are you? What have you done to my husband?
Pavan: come on Priya, Am I not allowed to compliment my wife?
Priya's cheeks got red, she gave her hand to him and they both stepped to the table. After they sat, the waiters brought Priya's favorite dishes which were pre-ordered by the Pavan, and left them for their privacy.

Priya's eyes were shining and her face was glowing in Golden shade like a princess in the candlelight, while seeing her sugary lips, he can think nothing but kissing them.

Pavan: Do you like this place?
Priya: I love it.
Pavan: the two moons are so beautiful today.
Priya: two moons?
Pavan: one moon is in the blue sky with the shining stars and the other is sitting with me with a shining Blue dress.
Priya cont believes what she heard: flattery what happened to my innocent hubby? You acting so nice today, Do you want something Mister?
Pavan: of course, I want something so valuable from you.😊
Priya: really? What is it?
Pavan smiled at her and moved from the table towards her, she was watching him but didn't get what he was doing.
Then Pavan stood on the knee with a rose in his hand and said: what happened in the past was over and we can't change it, but the future is in our hands. I love you so much Priya, On the day when you were going to the USA, I ran 2 km not to give you a sendoff but to stop you, I can't imagine my life without you. Will you marry me and stay with me until my last breath?

Priya's heartbeat was raised and her eyes get watered with joy tears, she jumped on to him and they fell on the garden. Priya was on the top of the Pavan and smiling at him like a cute baby and said: I was waiting for so long for this day to come, No one in this world can stop us from getting married, I love you, Pavan I love you so madly that I will do anything for you, I will be with you even in your death. She fell on him and they both hugged.
Alarm ranged in his phone 📳
Pavan: happy birthday Priya 😊.
Priya still is in his hug and said thank you, my love.
Pavan: ok Priya move aside, we have to go
Priya: No, I want to stay like this forever.
Pavan: You are so heavy, I can't bear you like this forever.
Priya lifted her head from his shoulder and said: you slept on me for an entire night, and I just fell on you for a minute and you are calling me heavy 😒.
Came on Priya I just joking
They both stood up,
Pavan: Hey Priya Do you know how a perfect date ends?
Priya: How?
He went closer to her and laid his lips on hers, they both kissed passionately for about a minute until Pavan's phone rang.
Pavan looked into his phone and said: ok Priya let's go.
Priya: cont we stay here for today?
Pavan: hotel was out of rooms and just in a few minutes we will reach our house, so why waste money?
Priya nodded her head and they both when to home at 12:23.
Pavan told her to get into the house while he Parkes the car.

Priya opened the lock and got into the house, she heard some noises coming from the hall, so she decided to check it, she took a flower vase in her hand and slowly moved to the hall and switch on the light.
"Happy Birthday Priya"
shouted by the people in the hall
Priya's father, Pavan's parents, Ashu, Vamsi, Ram, Ram's father, and some of her college friends were there in the hall. They started laughing at her after seeing the Flower vase in her hand.
The hall was decorated with floating balloons and the balloon arch with orange, red, and pink colors on the Golden color background. The chocolate cake with 24 candles was placed on the table covered with pink colored cloth.
Priya was so happy after seeing them, and she was talking to herself "is it a dream?" Or true, please it should not be a dream. I was never happy as today. It should not be a dream.
Pavan placed his hand on her shoulder: look who can.
She was surprised after seeing Anu and Vikas.
Priya: Anu when did you come back? Vikas why are you here? Don't tell me that you came to wish me on my birthday.
Pavan: it's already late now, let's talk after the cake cutting.
Priya agreed with him and went to cut the cake, while she cutting the cake, Ram and Vamsi blew up the party poppers 🎉 with golden sparkles.
She blows the candles and cut a piece of the cake, everyone looking at her to see To whom she is going to offer the first slice of the cake.
Priya: I am really happy today the reason for my happiness is my hubby so that it.
Guests: look he already kept her under control, how sweet she is. ( they started clapping for the new couple)
Pavan took the first piece from her hand and make her eat it, After biting it, she took that piece and placed it near his mouth.
The party was suddenly turned to silence, they all know about his phobia and didn't know how to react to the situation.
Priya: sorry I forgot, wait I will cut another piece.
Pavan ate the cake piece she kept near his mouth. Everyone was surprised after seeing this.
Pavan whispered to Priya: we are exchanging our fluids while kiss, so there is no logic in not sharing food.
Hearing it in front of all of them made her blush with shyness. Pavan's father felt happy to see them close, the reason for making them stay in the house separately from them is not to test him, To break the distance between them(Priya & pavan).

To be continued........
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