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When We Met - EP - 27 (Jealous Arguments And Broken Hearts)

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Emily's POV:

The exclusive journey to our home was much more comfortable, sitting on a comfy seat of an air-conditioned VEYRON after a long agitating day in those ill-fitting heels. But it was equally more awkward sitting beside Edward who was busy on his phone, texting someone with so much hardness I could hear his fingers making firm contact with his poor expensive phone. He didn't talk to me after our little argument at that shop, now only making slow nods and dull 'hmm' at all my questions.

We reached home about half an hour later. It was already past two hours midnight and I just wanted to get out of this tight short dress. For once, we didn't have to pretend and I was thankful for my idea that Linda wouldn't dare to follow newlyweds to the bedroom.

"You can wash up first, I am a little tired so I'll just take my time removing these accessories from my hair for now," I motioned Edward to the washroom, who was a little slow with his steps, maybe tired from his infuriating date.

Well, that was my first date also. So I tried to be as good as I could, but no matter how I thought about it, I could sense something had changed between us overnight and it was not a good change.

We had our pretty little fights in our twenty-five years of friendship, some were serious and some a mere trifle and the fights which we had tonight couldn't even stand a chance against them. They were so small in comparison.

And so precise and illogical!

But still, these little fights, I could sense, had already changed a lot for us.

"What was that?" I stopped midway in opening the clips on my hair to see Edward pacing in the room, with his arms crossed across his chest, front buttons undone, his tie hanging loose and sleeves folded upwards.

I almost lost my control to run over and wrap my legs around his waist but I bit my lips to refrain myself from doing anything illegal. He is a married man, for God's sake!

And you're his wife, madam!

"What? I said you can use the washroom first and-"

He raised his hand, waving it once to stop my blabbering.

"I know what you said earlier. I have a better long term memory for a man. But not that! What did you do at that shop?"

I was confused. What did he mean by...

Oh, that!

"Yes. I specifically remember a guy named George asking me out and I, as a kind person we both know I am, agreed to it happily! You were there, Eddie! Don't you remember? Don't tell me you forgot!" I pulled the clip holding my hair out and in a second, brown curls of wavering hue fell on my shoulders, cascading my face and features.

"I know what you did there Emily, I am asking for an explanation and a sensible one at that!"

Oh so he's angry now, skipping to my first full name now!!

I turned around to look at him, seeing his eyes widening a little at my full-length hair. I flipped them one side, my hands this time on my earrings to unhook them.

"Well, what type of explanation do you want? Don't you know that when a guy asks a girl out, it means he is interested in her and when a girl replies with a yes, it means she is ready to be interested in him! It's simple and cool as a cucumber, Eddie!"

I heard him take a deep breath, his fingers forming in fists before he hit the wall with so much intensity, I jumped from my spot to stare wide-eyed at him.

What the heck!

"I am not asking for your witty explanation, Emi! Tell me why did you say yes to that damn excuse of a man?"

"Why shouldn't I say yes to that man, Edward? You tell me! One plausible reason. Just one logical reason and I'll call that man right now to reject him at this same spot right in front of you!"

A look of surprise passed his eyes as if he never thought that type of question even existed. It caught him too off guard and he slightly leaned against the wall.

I looked at him, daring him silently to answer the question seeing him opening his mouth, closing it, opening it to speak a word before closing it again to think of something. I decided to let it go, accepting that there was too much of disappointment and disapproval between us in just one night.

And that night was supposed to be the beautiful night of mine. My first date night!

Pulling out a drawer to take fresh towels, I advanced my tired steps to the washroom when I heard a distinct shuffle.

"Because you're my wife!"

I had to admit the time he took to blurt out this stupid reason wasn't supposed to move me or my heart even a bit but the way word 'my' rolled out of his tongue, I felt a strange heat settle in my stomach making my breath quicken its pace.

"Not a real one, not forever, Edward! I am just a part of your plan, a plan made in haste to help you keep up your relationship with Lara!" I reminded him, just in case he had forgotten a real reason why I was suddenly his wife when he never held any feelings other than friendship for me.

He was silent for a while, knowledge and reason seeping slowly in his brains. "But you're my best friend too!" he added so quickly I had the urge to pinch his cheeks for being so cute and rolling my eyes at the same time.

I smiled. "Well, that I am, but tell me which part of the constitution says that best friends aren't allowed to go on dates?"

"But if people ever know about it, they'll think you're cheating on me with that crow faced guy!"

I sighed.

He and his stupid way of twisting everything around may need a little tight fixing in the near future.

"Honestly, you're the one who had been cheating on me with Lara! But look at me, do I say anything to you? No! Did I ever ask you to come home early or stopped you from making out with Lara or having sex with her when I am in the next room hearing her loud moans? Did I ever say to you not to visit her and spend all your time with me? Did I? I don't think so!"

I walked to him, and put my hands on his shoulders to assure him.

He opened his mouth to speak. "But Lara is my girlfriend and we've been dating for five years already!"

Thanks for providing me with the most obvious information, mister!

He was making me angry yet again, but I tried not to show it on my face.

"Then I can make George my boyfriend and then, tell me, will I be eligible for all those things with him which you do with Lara?!"

His head snapped at me, looking at me as if I decided not to be a human in front of him! All of a sudden!

"Hell no! Never! You don't even know the guy! What if he tries-"

"I'll never know the guy until I spend time with him!"

"But why so sudden? You never showed interest in men and sex before!"

I narrowed my eyes at him, anger flaring to earnest inside me.

"Unlike what you think of me, I actually want to have a husband, kids and a family full of love and happiness! And all of it in real, not a thing which would be fake!"

His eyes turned a shade darker with something, his little left finger twitching in an effort to calm him down.

"But Lily-"

"Look at me, Edward. I am just a boring tomboy nobody ever wants to have anything to do with! So if a guy ever shows interest in me, I am bound to respond positively if I ever want to have those fairy tales come true which I always dreamed of!"

"But what if anyone tries anything bad-"

"I am twenty-five for God's sake Edward! See, don't you see the difference? I was five twenty years ago but at present, I am a fully grown up woman ready to take my own decisions!"

"He clearly wants to get in your pants, Emi!!"

"I'll let him. It's my problem. And Edward, seriously, we're having a futile argument here!" I said, retreating again to collect necessities to go to the washroom.

"Why so sudden, Emi?! Why have you developed a sudden interest in dating? Did I do something wrong?"

Because you never gave me the hope to wait for you and your love as you never had enough to share it with me!

"It was never sudden Eddie! I always wanted to date but you never let me-"

"Because men are all beasts who might take advantage of you anytime you let your guard down!"

"And what makes you think you're not one of them? What makes you so sure that I had done the right thing marrying you as a fake wife? You never ran a profile check over yourself! I never doubted you as a man but you sure as hell never thought of me as a woman!"

He took two broad steps towards me, now standing in front of me. I could clearly make out his beautiful features of a god, his ruffled hair falling across his face, his chiselled nose pointing erect, his sexy jawline following to his delicious throat and most of all, his peaceful blue eyes which could make me forget my own existence.

"It's not that! I always thought of you as a beautiful woman, Emi. I respect you more than me myself but I am a gentleman if I am not letting you go out with just any man out there!"

But his words pulled me out of my wild fantasies, reminding me again that we were having an argument here.

"Oh, really? Then let's see if you'll be maintaining your gentleman etiquette if I remove my dress right now, in front of you!" I pointed a finger at his face, gripping the front of my dress to threaten him, my eyes challenging him to something which I never thought I would ever do in my present innocent life.

Stop, girl!

I saw his eyes turn dark blue, and when they roamed up and down my body I felt a chill run down my spine. Something dark was pooling behind those blue eyes, like a raging storm and for a moment, I was scared. I never wanted to provoke him but he provoked me first so I spoke all that bullshit!

His hands closed around mine the moment I decided to let my hand slide down from my dress's front. I was surprised at his sudden physical contact, feeling very clearly his masculine hands over mine which were settling indirectly over my chest.

I coughed a little.

"Okay. If that's what it'll take you to stop from going out with that crow!"

I looked at him, confusion evident in my eyes. He sighed.

"I said I am ready to stand still like a gentleman while you remove your clothes if that's the way you won't go out with that piece of shit!"

At first, I thought he was joking but when I looked at his eyes clearly, he was damn serious as an AIDS report!

What? Did he seriously mean I would...

Immediately, hot wet liquid gushed out of my genitals, wetting my panties at the thought of Edward looking at me naked while I give him a striptease. And thinking that maybe he joins me in my little tease made me rub my bare thighs subconsciously.

I was looking at the ground purely with embarrassment.

"I... erm. I didn't mean it literally. I just said it out of rage! Forget we ever had the conversation as stupid as this!"

Grabbing my towel, I rushed to the washroom when I felt a hand wrap around my wrist. I wanted to groan loudly in sexual frustration but I held it in.

"So you won't go out with him then?"

I took a sharp breath to calm my raging hormones.

"Now what? Eddie?"

"I just wanted to make sure-"

"What the hell, Edward! You can go out with Lara but I can't go out with a man? Why? What did I ever do wrong to you? Tell me!"

"I just don't want you to leave me! Ever!"

I looked at him only to find naked truth staring back at me and it felt as if someone had slapped me. I was touched deep in my soul.

"I understand, Eddie, but someday, I need to go and live my own life! I can't just go on being your fake wife my whole life? And besides, our marriage is just for two years. You can give me the reason for being your wife to stop me from dating but after two years, I am gonna have to do everything, Edward!"

"I don't know anything! We're supposed to be best friends, Lily and best friends don't leave each other just because they found the one they love!"

Well, well. Look at who's talking!

"Edward, I need a man who would love me, take care of me, would laugh with me, cry with me, would listen to all that I have to say, can't eat a meal if I wasn't able to make him one and would be happy just by looking at me," my voice turned soft, "I want a man to need me, to want me, as if he would die if he didn't tell me how was his day! I want him to look out for me to, be it in his happiness or his deadly sorrows," I whispered softly, my eyes filled with unshed tears.

"I do all that! What else-"

"As a woman, Edward! As his woman!" I raised my finger to make my point clear before gripping towel tightly and walked straight to the washroom.


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