Do you love me? - 16 in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - episode 16 invisible

Do you love me? - episode 16 invisible

Priya: why are you still here? Don't you have anything to do?
Vikas: you are so smart Priya, how do you know that I am free today?
Priya: my bad. Give me your phone, (in a low voice) God where did he go?
Vikas: He went to the hotel to bring your phone back.
Priya: Did you saw Anu? I mean a tall girl with an innocent face
Vikas: she went with him.
Priya: she started already...😡🤬🤬
Vikas: 🤔??
Priya: What about your job? Did you got fired or something?
Vikas: they send us on a project, my colleagues will land tomorrow.
Priya: Good for you, why don't you go to your home? Do you want me to call the watchman to escort you?🙂
Vikas: I know what you mean😒😏, No need for that I can go on my own... hey Priya, will you please continue and finish your story today?
Priya: Hmm but in return, you have to do something for me.
Vikas: what's that?
Priya: Anu will try to bring disputes between us, you have to help me to shatter her plans.
Vikas: I will do anything I can, why she came back now after your engagement? What does she do?
Priya: she got a transfer to our district, she is our collector.
Vikas: 😧wow she became a collector at such a young age.
Priya: 😒 Are you going to support me or her?
Vikas: of course you, but first continue the story.

After the completion of the tournament, Pavan came back home but He looked a bit depressed because he sat on the bench for the entire tournament and saw his team lose, Just like he lost the games which he didn't even play. He missed half of the semester, and still, he was not coming to college. So I went to his home to talk to him.
Vikas: So you have a concern about him.
Priya: I don't know then but I went...
At Pavan's house (Past)
Pavan: Are you missing me already?
Priya: Don't think highly about yourself, I am just... Want to know the reason. Are you afraid of the seniors?
Pavan: Haha really do you think I am scared of that losers? I am just taking a break.
Priya: There are only 2 weeks left for 2mid exams and the final exams will be conducted soon after them, I know you will pass them but what about grades?
Pavan: you don't need to worry about anything, I already have planned everything.
Priya: But I have to worry about it Because I...I made a promise to your parents that I will look after your studies. tomorrow on words, you are coming to college.
Pavan: then we are again going together😊.
Priya: No.
Pavan: if you are not letting me come with you then I will tell my parents the truth about how I got injured.
Priya: 😧 Are you blackmailing me?
Pavan: No, I am requesting you😁.
Priya: why should we go in the same car?
Pavan: To save fossil fuels and to reduce air pollution😜.
Priya: Hmm ok But you have to get down at the bus stop near our college.
Pavan: ok...Buy me a bag and Don't forget to put some books on it.
Priya left his room without saying anything.

Next Day
They did as they planned,
Priya: Take this bag 🎒.
Pavan: Thanks But it's heavy, how many books are there in it.
Priya: you are doing workouts with heavy weights and complaining about the bag weight🤨. There are 5 notes and 2 lab records.
Pavan: Why are you wasting money on a book, one book is sufficient right.
Priya: Do you even know how many subjects are there for you in this seminar?
Pavan: there are 5 Book📚 so 5😉, I am smarter than you 🤪.
Priya: 😤😤 Driver please drive the car.
Driver(Vamsi's dad): young master please wait here, I will come back after dropping her.
Pavan: No need for that uncle, it's just a little distance I can walk.
Priya went to the college in the car while Pavan started walking from the bus stop.

A car stopped near him, Anu get down and came to him.
Anu: How are you, Pavan? How was your health?
Pavan: I am good, why don't you just have given me a ride, instead of walk with me?😅
Anu: But In the car, it will take less time to reach college so we get less time to talk, and I want to walk with you🥰, only if you don't have any problem with it😊.
Pavan: it will be a pleasure to walk with a beautiful girl like you.
Anu blushed and replied: Do you mean that or just complimenting me for what I did last time?
Pavan: l mean it and if you are free in the evening I will take you to my house.
Anu: 🥰 ok, wait for me at the parking, we can go in our car.
Pavan (our car?): ok

They went to their class and everyone looking at him differently.
Boy 1: Are you a new student?
Boy 2: is it possible to get admission after a mid?
Pavan: Hey I have 100 percent attendance, if you don't believe me check the attendance percentage sheet on the notice board.
Boy1: But how?....
Boy2: we never saw you before?
Pavan: I am using The Cloak Of Invisibility😉( cloth that Makes a person invisible in harry porter movie)
Boy1&2: haha you have a great sense of humor bro.
Pavan: let's leave about it, tell me about the most beautiful girl in our branch.
Boy 1: Our class CR( class representative)
Boy 2: All the boys in our class are trying to impress her, But I am ahead of them.
Boy 1: he is just bluffing but That MLA son Ram is also in the competition so better don't get into trouble.
Pavan: Hoo thanks for your advice bro. I already have a girlfriend.
Boy 1: look she is the girl we are talking about her name is Anu. She got our state first Rank in intermediate and our class 1st mid topper. I don't know for sure but I hear she is the daughter of our chairman.
Boy 2: Bro what's your girlfriend's name?
Pavan: Her name is Priya and I know Anu is also my Friend.
Boy 1: But you never came to the class before how you know Anu?
Pavan: it's a long story. In simple, we both are in the class in inter and she is my lifesaver, I owe her a big thing.
Suddenly, Ram came to the class and angrily reached towards him.
Ram: I thought you were my friend but you're changed.
Pavan: don't blame me, go to your sister and ask her directly.
Ram: Are you going to sit here and listen to that boring, classes? Let's go, man.
Pavan: No we are not going anywhere, come and sit here. Will you leave your friend like this?
Ram: I don't bring books, I will go and get some.
Pavan: No need, I can share mine.
Ram: I have to use the restroom. Bye.
Sir came into the class
Pavan: you can hold it until the completion of the period right?
Ram: don't make fun of me, I have to focus on the lecture.
Boy1&2: 😅😅 do you even know what class this is?
Ram: So you are going to enlighten me😠?
Boy1&2:😖 sorry bro we don't mean that.
Pavan: stop threatening them take these 2 notes and write notes for us.
Ram: why? Don't you have hands?
Pavan: it's been a while holding a pen so I will pass for today😁.
Boy1&2: do you know him?
Pavan: No, he knows me.
Ram: so funny, hey you two write our notes too.
Boy1&2: 😑
After the class:
Anu: everyone submitted your assignments
(She was coming to every Beach to collect them)
Ram: I forgotten it at home, I will submit it tomorrow.
Anu: will you come tomorrow?
Ram: come on, we are inter friends why don't you favor me and write it.
Anu: everyone has to write an assignment on their own. don't make me say it again.
Pavan: I don't know about the assignment so I too will submit it tomorrow
Anu: No need for that, I already have submitted yours😊.
Ram, boy1&2: 🙄🙄 injustice.
Pavan🥳: thank you Anu, you are my angel.
Anu: Always welcome.
Ram: 😏
Pavan: don't put your face like that, lets go to the restroom.
Ram: why are you coming with me?
Pavan: I don't believe you will return, so I come with you😄.
Ram: 🥺
After completion of the classes, Pavan and Ram went to the parking
Ram: come I will drop you at home.
Pavan: I am going with Anu. I invite her to our house.
Priya came while he saying that.
Priya: she is the girl who brought you to the hospital right.
Pavan: yeah, there she is, come with us Priya, we will leave you at your home.
Priya: no need, I have a brother with a car
Pavan: ok then Bye guys.
He got into Anu's car and started to his house.
Priya: Are you not going to drop me?
Ram: of course I will come let's go.
Priya was silent and thinking about something.
Ram: what are you thinking about?
Priya: I think Anu likes Pavan, I am planning to use her and get rid of him.
To be continued...

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