Do you love me? - 17 sorry novel submitted unfinished in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - episode 17 - hkkskdkfk

Do you love me? - episode 17 - hkkskdkfk

Ram: Get rid of him? What are you planning to do? Are you not guilty about what you did last time?
Priya: look, bro, I tried to get my revenge, and I did it. He deserves more than that.
Ram: you don't know but " you are so foolish Priya". What are you planning to do now?
Priya: what kind of girl is she? I mean Anu.
Ram: she is so beautiful 😍 and innocent quite opposite to you😊.
Priya: I don't like Pavan. You know I hate him, But my father always thinks of him as his future son in law, if we help Anu to impress him then he will stop bugging me and I can have my freedom.
Ram: But How can you do that? He didn't get mad after what you did to him.
Priya: what if I make someone act like my boyfriend, I already have someone better than your friend in mind and I will do that soon to break your best friend's heart. Then Anu will get close to him and my problem will get solved.
Ram: Do you think anyone will look at you after knowing what happened to your senior friends?
Priya: I know a person who is not afraid of you.
Ram: Who is he?
Priya: Arjun...

At Pavan's house:
Pavan: This is my house, let's go inside.

They both went inside and Pavan's mother was watching TV in the hall.
Pavan: ma, she is Anu the girl who brought me to the hospital on that day.
Pavan's mother turned towards them and saw Anu.
Pavan's mother: please come inside Anu, sit here I will bring something to eat.
Anu: No need Aunty. I am good.
Pavan's mother: In the meanwhile, Take her and show her your room.
Pavan: Come on Anu let's go to my room.

They went to his room, it was clean and well organized.
Anu: you have good taste.
Pavan: thanks. What are your hobbies other than studies?
Anu: I am a Basketball player. I am also a state-level player like you.
Pavan: 😳 I thought you were a complete nerd.
Anu: HaHa I am also interested in studies. Pavan, can we become friends?
Pavan: we already friends and I have some favor to ask from you.
Anu (while Running fingers through her hair): Really what's that?
Pavan: Can you help me in preparation for the exams?
Anu( with Bright Eyes): Are you inviting me to study with you?
Pavan: yeah, only if you're ok with it.
Anu: of course, let's start today, which subject you like to start first?
Pavan: No not from today😦, tomorrow is a good day to start, we can start from Tomorrow.
Pavan's mother came to them with snacks and juice.
Pavan's mother: How do you know her?
Pavan: we are friends, I used to clarify her doubts when we were in intermediate. With my guidance, she got state 1st rank. Why are you not saying anything Anu?
Anu: yeah... Aunty He is a brilliant student, he is my inspiration.
Pavan's mother: Haha Anu you are a bad liar. Then why don't you got 1st rank son?
Pavan: catches don't play 😉
Pavan's mother: Thank you Anu for what you did, we are forever in debt to you.
Anu: it's nothing, Auntie, it's my responsibility as a friend.
Pavan's mother: you are so matured and kindhearted. If you don't mind will you accept the scholarship we offer for the merit students through our company?
Pavan: mom Her father is our university chairman.
Pavan's mother: Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you. When you feel free please visit us.
Anu: Hoo Aunty, please don't apologize to me, and I am going to come for combined studies with Pavan from tomorrow.
Pavan's mother: please don't spoil your grades while helping him.
Pavan: mom she is not helping me I am helping her.
Pavan's mom: I know you better than anyone my son.
They spoke for some time and then Priya wants to go back home.
Pavan's mom: let's have dinner Anu.
Anu: sorry aunty I have to go I did inform my parents about coming here, I will have dinner with you Tomorrow.
Pavan: take care Anu.
Pavan's mom: Bye Anu. Convey my greeting to your parents.
Anu: Bye aunty, bye Pavan. See you tomorrow.

The next day onwards, Anu started coming to their house, she impressed Pavan's parents with her maturity and helping nature, she mingled with everyone in that house.
She started to come even on Sundays to learn cooking from Pavan's mother. Priya didn't like Anu getting along with Pavan's mom but she let it go for her plan.

Anu and Pavan become good friends. Pavan got the first-class distinction in the 1st sem.
After the semester college gives 3 weeks of holidays before starting the 2nd sem.

Pavan's mom: Did you give any gift to Anu?
Pavan: I am thinking, do you have any suggestions?
Pavan's mom: What she like the most?
Pavan: I don't know?
Pavan's mom: then know it and gift her.
Pavan: ok

In phone call:
Pavan: Hey Anu how are you? Why are you not coming to our home?
Anu: can I come? Exams are over so...
Pavan: why do you ask? My mom was missing you.
Anu: Are you not missing me?
Pavan:😳 ye..ah. I am also missing you, my friend.
Anu: why don't you come to our home?
Pavan: Because you never invited me.
Anu: ok then, please come to our home mister Pavan.
Pavan: ok madam Anu, send me the location I will come now.
Pavan went to her home
Anu's mother: How are you, Pavan? I still got a doubt why you leave that senior without punishing them?
Pavan: so chairman sir didn't tell anything to you. He requested me not to give any complaints because it will ruin the reputation of the University.
Anu's mom: But don't you want justice for what they did for you?
Pavan: in place of justice I got made a deal. Chairman sir promised me to give 100 percent attendees for the 4 years and engineering degree with a minimum A grade.
Anu: Hey Pavan when did you come? Let's go I will show you around our house.
After that, they went to her room.
Pavan: Anu what do you like the most?
Anu: why will you bring it for me?😊
Pavan: yeah sure, just tell me what you want I will bring it to you.
Anu(she closed her eyes and said with a shaky voice): I...I
Pavan looked at her with shock: A..Anu I... I like Priya...
Anu( smiling): I just poking fun at you.
Pavan ( took a breath): you got me 😅😅
Anu: I heard while you speaking to my mom. if my father promised you the degree then why you want to study for the exams.
Pavan: I want a good percentage Anu, I think you know Priya, she doesn't like me at all. If I lack something then she will use it as a weapon against me.
Anu: But why you want her? When you have many other people who like you?
Pavan: I don't know I cont hate her even if I want to. Hey, Anu let's go shopping.
Anu: can we go tomorrow, I am not feeling well today.
Pavan: yeah sure.
After some time Anu's father came home and saw Pavan.
Anu's father: Pavan Don't you got mail?
Pavan: I saw it, Do you want me to get surprised to get selected for the college team?
Anu's father: No, I mean Why are you not going to the practice sessions?
Pavan: cont I take some break after working hard for the exams? I heard that the college will provide a 50% scholarship for the college team players is it true?
Anu's father: of course, why do you ask?
Pavan: I need the scholarship too.
Anu's father: 🤔 more than 100 students in our college get a scholarship from your company's and you want a scholarship for you?
Pavan: I am eligible for it, so I want it.
Anu's father: you can get it but what if your father knows about this?
Pavan: It's your responsibility to keep it between us, sir.
After having some friendly conversation Pavan left for his house and on the next day, Both Anu and Pavan went shopping.

At the Shopping Mall.
Watch shop:
Pavan: Anu this will match you perfectly, try this.
Anu: Haha you even know what a girl likes❤️.
But Anu likes to watches there and she is confused to pick one.
Pavan: please Pack these two.
Salesman: ok sir.
Anu: No pavan wait I will choose one.
Pavan: why should we limit our options when you can have more?
Anu: 😊 ok do as you like.
He played for the two and they both came out of the store.

Ram: Pavan lets go to
Pavan (thinking): when did I ask her to help in my studies?
Anu: yeah an

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