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Do you love me? - Episode 18 Mixed feelings

After Pavan paid the bill they both went to an ice cream parlor.
Anu: Are you going to come to classes regularly?
Pavan: it's already December now, some of the college's fests will start soon and I am going to play in our college team so. No, I cont come to the classes regularly.
Anu: Then we can again do combined studies right.
Pavan: Yeah... You are the only friend who can help me with my studies.
Anu: Don't worry I will help you out.
Pavan: Are you not playing in our college team?
Anu: No I am busy with students and started preparation for competitive exams.
Pavan: competitive exams?
Anu: yeah, my dream is to become an IAS, I am taking the coating for UPSC(Union Public Service Commission) CSE(Civil Services Exam)
Pavan: But still you need a degree to write the exam and you have still 3 and half years for that.
Anu: I am studying BSC privately and I will get a degree after the next 2 years. We cont dig hills in a single day it will take a lot of time and effort. So I started the preparation.
Pavan: wow then why do you join engineering? A 3-year degree is a sufficient right.
Anu(shy): For you, I joined in engineering.
Pavan: For me?
Anu: Haha I joined in engineering just to supervise your studies😜.
Pavan: haha so funny, ok. Let's go back.
Anu: Ca..n we go to...the zoo?
Pavan: But it's a long way from here, it may take one and a half hour journey.
Anu: are you saying no? It's only noon now. we got a lot of time, let's go pls.🥺 ( she was looking at him with an innocent face and twinkling eyes and he cont say no to her for everything she has done for him)
Pavan: ok let's go.
Anu: thanks Pavan you are the best☺.
They got into the car(Anu's was driving the car)
Pavan: You took the wrong turn, this road didn't go to the zoo.
Anu: We are going back to our house.
Anu: we are going to the zoo on a bike 😄.
Pavan: Are you crazy?
Anu: No, it's my dream to go on a ride with a handsome boy.
Pavan: Ho pls this is a sunny day.
While speaking to Anu Pavan got a call from Priya and he lifted it.

****Phone call****
Priya: I have to go to a movie come and drop me there.
Pavan: are you kidding me? I don't have a car how can I drop you? And don't forget how I lost my car. So book a cab or ask your father to send a car.
Priya: Who gifted you a car? You are just useless, you are not even worth as a driver. You are changed after meeting that Anu witch.
Pavan: you don't know her and don't take about her like that.
Priya: I can talk more, what will you do if I talk about her?
Pavan: I don't have time to play with you now, I will come to you in the evening Bye.
Priya: Don't show me your dirty face at my home.
Pavan cut the call.....

At Priya's house
(Call ended)
Ashu: Do you think he changed?
Priya: No. But this conversation will help to execute my plan soon.
Ashu: I asked you to help me with him but you are setting him to Anu.
Priya: he is looser, why you are interested in him?
Ashu: how can he be a loser Priya? He is a rich good looking, sports guy, good at studies and he even got the guts to fight against the seniors on the first day and If I become his girlfriend, All the remaining girl will get jealous of me😋😋.
Priya: come on, you don't even love him but you want to become his girlfriend 😅.
Ashu: what? I don't love him? What do you know about love?
Priya: the difference is We like hero's but we love our father. Our favorite heroes may change but our love towards our father never change. After some time our beauty will fade but love makes an ugly girl look beautiful in her lover's eyes.
Ashu: Maybe I can learn more about him in the future and then I may love him. But you are running my chances.
Priya: the most attractive features in him are his kindness and caring nature. He never left me even when I did some horrible things to him. You didn't even notice them. He is a nice guy and Anu likes him for a long time. So I chose her.
Ashu: Do you think your plan may work?
Priya: of course
Ashu: Can you be ok with it?
Priya: what are you talking about? I will be the happiest person if it happens.
Ashu: why are you still single?
Priya: Because no one likes me really, they just got attracted to me but like a bee attracted to a flower with pollen grains. Some people try because I am from a rich family and some may try because I am a bit beautiful 😉, When I was in school no boy even look at me because I am overweighted. But many of them asked my number when I recently went to a school function. (get to gather)
Ashu: so he is also the same as them?
Priya: who?
Ashu: pavan.
Priya: he... He never left me. He is just my father's spy who always follows me and keeps an eye on me.
Ashu: When you get fit?
Priya: why are you asking a lot of questions? When I was in school, people used to make fun of me and insulted me while comparing with him like...
Girl: " Why he likes this elephant 🐘?
Boy: she is a unique girl.
Boy: she is only an elephant without a trunk and tail.
Girl and boy: 😄😄😄.
He is the reason why I got bullied but I wanted to prove to them that I am better than him and I did it😊.
Ashu: Are you sure you can be happy without him?
Priya(mumbling): What's your problem? Why are you asking the question repeatedly?
Ashu: you cried out for a week after seeing him in hospital.
Priya: I was guilty.
Ashu: Do you know what you used to talk about on the days when he was not attending the college.

** After Pavan came back home but not attending college** (Past)
Priya( 1st period): why he was not coming to college.
Ashu: who?
Priya: Pavan, My father said he came back home a week ago but still he is not coming to college.
Ashu: Maybe he is coming but not showing up to you.
Priya: No He only comes to the college with me if not he will not come.
Ashu: Will you let him come with you? I mean you hate him right.
Priya: I...I will let him come with me, only if he begged me for that😺.
Ashu: Hoo ok.
Period 2:
Priya: Don't he get bored sitting ideally at home?
Ashu: Pavan?
Priya: yeah
Ashu: maybe he is still recovering from the injuries.
Priya: 3 days back I asked our doctor about him and he said Pavan was perfectly fit now.
Lecture: stop talking and focus on the lesson👿.
Priya: He is not attending the classes How can he focus on the lesson?
Ashu: 😑😑 the lecture is telling to us.

Lunch break.
Ashu: what's your curry?
Priya: chicken 🍗
Ashu: did you brought that extra box for me? So sweet of you.
Priya: I thought that he may come from this Monday so brought it for him because it's his favorite curry, but he didn't come.
Ashu: Can I have it?
Priya: sure enjoy yourself eat my box too.
Ashu: thanks😋, it's so yummy who prepared it?
Priya: I cooked it on my own.
Ashu: Did you cook it for him?
Priya: Yes😔
Ashu: what? Is he your enemy?😏
Priya: Did I said yes? no no, I wanted to eat it today so I made it😣.
Ashu: then why you are not eating?
Priya: I don't know I am not feeling hungry.

The evening after finishing college.
Priya: Ashu I will drop you at your house.
Ashu: No need, I don't want to waste the fee I paid for the college bus.bye 👋
Priya ( in mind): I don't want to go alone what's wrong with him? Why he is not coming to college? today I will go to his home.

She went to his home and he started coming to college ( episode 16)
Priya was active on that day and listening to the classes attentively.
Ashu: Hey what's happened to you?
Priya: what's happened to me?
Ashu: you are listening to the classes silently
Priya: That's what I do daily.
Ashu: 🤨 ok. Is he coming to the college from today?
Priya: Who?
Ashu: Pavan.
Priya: Yeah, why are you so interested in him? just let me listen to the class.
Ashu (in mind): Am I the one who interested in him?🤔
On that evening.
Priya was running after the class ended.
Ashu: hey wait I am coming with you.
Priya: No need I am going with him. Bye.
After she reached the parking, She heard Pavan speaking to Ram about going with Anu.
Priya got jealous and angry.
Priya: I am the one who asked him to come to the college and how can he leave me and go with her 😕?
But she let him go because of her attitude.

( present conversation)
Ashu: You love him Priya.
Priya( got angry): what Do you say?
Ashu: I think you heard clearly.
Priya: shut your mouth or get out.
Ashu: cool, No need to get angry I just don't want my friend to suffer because of her stupid decisions.
Priya: You don't know what he did to me.
Ashu: I know, you told me so many times already. If you think someone did a mistake then it's your father, not him.
Priya: How dare you to talk about my father like that, get out now.
Ashu: ok Bye 👋 see you tomorrow.
Priya: Run you idiot pig (and threw a pillow at her)
Ashu: But I booked movie tickets for us,
Priya: I don't want to see any stupid movie.
Ashu: ok then you are so unlucky bye 😜.
Priya: are you not going to request me? Pavan is so better than you.
Ashu: Do you think I am your BF to request you? I am leaving.
Priya: wait I am coming...
Ashu: No I am running (They two went to the movie)

At Anu's house.
Pavan: I have a bike which is better than your scooty.
Anu: But it's mine, please let's go.
Pavan: you will get tanned, I cont accept that.
Anu: You saying no because you care about me?😍
Pavan( in mind: it's working): yeah I cont let your delicate skin burned by the sun.
Anu: Don't worry I will wear a helmet and sunscreen.
Pavan: shhh you are such a pain.
Anu( she pinched his cheeks and said): Haha you are so cute, let's go can you drive the scooter?
Pavan: yeah...
They started their journey, the roads were full of traffic and We all know how people in our country behave. They will waste hours playing games or chatting, gossip, etc but when they get on the roads some people feel like they are racers and roads as their race tracks. And some people will raise their bike speed when they see someone crossing the roads. Someplace their vehicles at the wrong routes and some others will place their vehicles in small gaps between the vehicles. Because of this, He was applying sudden breaks and Anu's body was pressing on his back.
Pavan: Sorry I don't do it intentionally, you see it's full of traffic right.
Anu: I have a solution(she hugged him from the backside🥰)
Pavan: what are you doing?
Anu: I am afraid that I may fall, can I hold you, please.
Pavan (did not know what to say😐): But you know what the people think?
Anu: we are wearing helmets No one can identify us.
But Ashu and Priya were on the same road and Priya identified him.
She took her phone and clicked a picture
Ashu: why are you crying?
Priya: what? ( she noticed teardrops rolling out from her eyes and said) some dust fallen into my eyes.
Ashu: But the window was closed. Is everything is ok?
Priya: Yeah...
Priya and Ashu went to the cinema

Anu and pavan went to the zoo, Anu took some pics with him and placed one in them as her Instagram DP which made Priya angrier.
They came back in the evening.
Pavan: ok Anu bye today I enjoyed it a lot thanks.
Anu (holding his shirt sleeve): I also brought a gift for you. She opened the scooter seat and there is a gift box inside it.
Pavan: no I cont accept gifts.
Anu: why? Am I not your friend?
Pavan: you are my friend but you know... what I did to get a gift? It's not even my birthday.
Anu: you got this For taking me on a ride
Pavan: what if I didn't agree to the ride?
Anu: of course you will agree 😉, she placed it in his hands, and then they both said bye to each other.
Pavan went to Priya's home but she didn't even see his face and asked him to leave.

Pavan went to his home
Pavan's mom: what is that box?
Pavan: can't you see it as a gift given by Anu.
Pavan's mom: open it let's see what inside it.
He opened the gift box and there were a lot of boxes in it and finally, he opened the lost box.
There was an Apple watch in it
Pavan's mom: you two are just friends or...
Pavan: stop, there is nothing between us.
Pavan's mom: then why she gave this expensive gift.
Pavan: I will fresh up and come.
Pavan's mom: you didn't answer me.
Pavan: if I know I will tell you but first prepare the food, I am hungry.

On that night.
Priya(thinking): Why I am feeling sad? Did I like him? No, it cont be true. I should soon make him feel worse 👿.

To be continued......
Thanks to the people who are supporting me with good reviews I am trying to complete the novel as soon as possible.
Thank you 😊

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