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When I Understand My Self - 9

⚜ CHAPTER - 9 ⚜

❂ When I Lost The Balance...
Between My Home And Society ❂


Let's start with today's burning question. Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?

Education field has increased, educated youth have started making their own decisions. Some of them succeed and some fail. Where Permanent Decisions are made on Temporary Emotions, there is no deciding whether the marriage will last long.

Why Love Marriage Doesn't Succeed?

Foolish people like us determine the success of marriage by divorce. If divorce happens then marriage fails and if lifelong divorce does not happen then marriage is successful!

Well, let's think about it, do all those who don't get divorced stay happy with each other for the rest of their lives?

We can't even begin to imagine what it really means to have a successful marriage. The discussion of the youth is towards the criticism of Arrange Marriage and the discussion of the elders is towards the criticism of Love Marriage.

It is not a question of Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage, it is a question of understanding, collaboration, and it is a question of experiencing love.

We educated youth understand life as a timepass and life as a timepass. Making fun of true love feelings.

When Love Marriage takes place, parents tend to take care of their children. Now quarrels between husband and wife are common.

Even quarrels happen where there is love!

Love Married Couples tend to back away from their responsibilities instead of supporting the family when there is a quarrel. Then he criticizes his children and says that we did not want to have a love marriage. But you young people did not understand our words. And then the talk reaches Divorce! But if the same situation arises between the Arrange Married Couple, the family members are risking their lives to prevent their divorce. Because this marriage was arranged by him.

The possibility of divorce increases in love marriage, not because of love marriage, but because of the unsupported support of family members.

If the family accepts it wholeheartedly, the solution to the problem is at home, nowhere outside in court!

There is no point in blaming parents or children. If family members can accept each other with a sincere heart, each person's life will be happier.

Maintaining the right balance between our family and society is also important for family happiness. Often we fall prey to the distance of society and forget our home.

We think more for the people of the society than our own relatives. If the person in the house is sad, he walks away, but the people of the society should be happy. We know that we live for the society, we see with the eyes of the society, we think with the mind of the society, we live by giving priority to the beliefs and beliefs of the society.

In all this hustle and bustle we forget a nice funny thing that God has also given us eyes to see, brains to think and a pure heart to solve every embarrassing problem. Which we have not used till now because we do not have the courage to support the truth against the lies of the society.

We love the dignity of the society more than the happiness of our beloved son or daughter or parents. An honor that has never been and never will be wiped away!

The decisions we make within our family are made by thinking of the people of the world, and then the consequences make us miserable. Neither our society nor our family supports us in that grief.

It is not a matter of opposing society here, we must co-operate properly with society if we are social. But the show is meant to accompany a social attitude that often robs us of our family and ultimately our happiness!

The time has come to think outside the cage of the nonsense we have been fed by the nonsense of society.

Think Out Of The Cage My Dear ...
Think Out Of The Cage ...

There is no need to hate society to save our home, nor to hate home to save society. Winning is not about trying to be the society or our home. Also try to make the victory a reality.

It is this effort that can make us happy. Our home should really be a home, a home that is scattered here and there just smiling love.

We have a lot of respect in the outside world, we have respect, the world gives us full respect wherever we go, but if the relationship with our father-son or wife is bitter, then there is a need to realize something incomplete in life.

But a person has no reputation in the outside world, the world hates him very much and I am very saddened by the harsh criticism of the people outside. You come, my darling, just say that, the wife leaves all her work and kisses you on the cheek affectionately, and the little doll-like children leave their beloved toy and embrace Daddy Daddy ... so this house is more beautiful than heaven If we give the title, it will be less.

Seeing such a scene makes God proud of the world he has created, and at the same time a little jealous. Because where does such love come from?

If only the members of the household fully accept each other, then the outside world also accepts immediately,

That is why I like to say one thing that happiness from all over the world is contained in our home, if we need to, just make it happen ....

The dangerous virus that has infiltrated our love relationship is also mentioned here.

It is a dangerous virus. Penny. Today, money is the key to man-made relationships. But the same man does not know that the same gardener is going to remember him when he betrays money. Where money prevails, there is no deciding when the sword will reach the neck of the relationship.

When your child fails an exam, money is at the forefront of reprimand.

We do no favors to our children by spending money on them. Would it be fun to fail? He is doing his best. If it fails, it worries us even more than we do.

What does it matter if our wife earns more than us? Was our love affair built on the condition of earning less money?

Today, money is just being added here and there. Instead of giving our children a warm touch, what do we want to prove by finally putting their feelings under our proud feet?

If money is so dear, why did you give birth to a child?

Just as a wife was bought with a relationship deal, so was a child!

Sorry my friends, I have no intention of hurting anyone's heart. Bitter is bitter, but this is the reality!

Money is blinding us today. Money is the only thing that can buy it.

Raising the banner of money to win relationships, we are strangling our happiness.

We are very happy that we built a new house by collecting some money and erecting four walls and a roof. But we didn't even try to see if the atmosphere inside the house was really like home!

Have we been able to accept our relatives with relative limitations? Every evening is a celebration of love in our home?

As soon as he enters the house, he shouts “Hush! .... 'should be experienced, does it really happen? Or is everyone looking for a chance to run away from home? There Should Be Purity Inside...

' Let's Realize A Real 'Haas's! .... ' 😍

"The happiness of the whole world is contained in our home."

- ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ 😍

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