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Do you love me? - Episode 19 Panic Attack

Pavan spent the days Practicing and gets his form back. Priya doesn't speak to him and blocks him in what's up and Instagram. He didn't know what he did to make her angry but still tells her sorry.
Days passed But she Still acts stubborn and ignores him.

One day evening, while Priya leaving the car.
Pavan (holds her hand): Hey I didn't come to drop you at the theatre because something important came upon that day.
Priya: May I know what's that important work is?
Pavan: I...I took one of my friends to the zoo.
Priya: whatever I don't care just leave my hand I have to go.
Pavan: I am coming to our house, let's walk while holding hands.
Priya got a smile on her face but said: I don't like holding trash in my hands and I don't want you to come to my house.
Pavan (left her hand and Priya face suddenly turned sad): ok Bye.
Priya: Are you not coming?
Pavan: No, I don't want to bother you.
Priya didn't say anything and went straight to her room.
Priya's father saw him and invited him to come and have some tea.
Pavan: sorry uncle, some other time. My father asked me to come back home early.
Priya (watching them through the window in her room and thinking): did My words hurting him that much? Will he leave me that simple?

At Pavan's house.
Pavan's dad ( asked Pavan to sit and closed the door): How you got injured in that day?
Pavan: which day dad?
Pavan's dad looking at him seriously: Why did you go out on that night?
Pavan: Dad What happened is happened let's leave that and move on.
Pavan's dad: your uncle said everything, except the reason why you went out on that day. Tell me about it.
Pavan thinking( if I tell him the truth then relations between our families may disturb and they may ask Priya not to come to our home): I got challenged by one of the senior for 1 vs 1 but they grouped up and you know the rest.
Pavan's father: you are not good at lying, if you don't want to say the truth then you can go.
Pavan: Dad will you buy me a car?
Pavan's dad: sure but first you have to tell your mom about that incident, and it was not an accident.
Pavan: No dad you know she will make a big scene.
Pavan's dad: No I cont do anything without her approval. Pavan tried to convince but the result was the same. So he went back to his room.
After Pavan left the room his father calls to a number and tells him to keep an eye on pavan.

After some weeks, they(college team) went to a fest to participle in the tournament. The college team was good with 2 state-level players and district level players. they own the games with ease and enjoyed the cultural events which are organised for 3 days and came back to college.

When Pavan went to the tournament Priya met Arjun and asked him to act as her boyfriend.
Arjun: why should we act? If you are single, we can date.
Priya: I already have a Boyfriend, But he is studying abroad, even if I tell Pavan about him he wouldn't believe me.
Arjun: who is Pavan? What his background?
Priya: He is someone dangerous but he didn't pick fights easily, Are you scared?
Arjun: of course not, What will I get in return?
Priya: we will become friends, Don't you think becoming Friends with us may bring good terms between our families?
Arjun: I am not that much old to think about it, you have to come with me on a date.
Priya: if everything went as planned, then I will think about it.
Arjun: Hmm ok I don't know who this Pavan is but if he gets into a fight with me I am going to crush him under my foot.
Priya: I don't have any problem with it. Ok, then it settled. ( she went from there)

Arjun friend: if I were you I would ask her a kiss or at least a hug.
Arjun: That's what I am planning to do it on our date 😉.

After coming from the tournament Pavan went to Ram and took his phone to message Priya to meet at the parking lot but he saw her Dp, which is a selfy with a boy.
Pavan(angrily): what the hell who is he? What are you doing when your sister put a profile pic with a Boy? Do you have any responsibility for her?
Ram: Hey don't blame me what can I do, he is her boyfriend.
Pavan smiled and said: she is just acting to get rid of me. What in the world she got a boyfriend.
Ram: I think it real, I saw them a few times while walking around the college holding hands.
Pavan: Maybe they are close friends that all, let's go and meet her.

They went to college and met Priya, He tells her about the win in the tournament.
Ram: congratulations dude.
Priya: it's not your achievement, You are not even the vice caption of the team.
Ram: But he is the main player and member of the team.
Pavan: Haha Maybe she is right, Take this I brought this for you.
Priya: A Rose in a wooden box?
Ram: Pavan she got a boyfriend. How can you give a rose to her?
Pavan: Haha stop joking, it's not just a rose 🌹 Priya, it is a forever Flower.
Priya: Will it stay like this forever?
Pavan: it will stay like this for more than a year.
Priya turned her head to avoid facing him and said: You should give it to your girlfriend, not to me.
Pavan: Yeah take this and be my girlfriend 😉😊.
Priya: I...i...already got a...

Arjun saw Priya and Ram and came to them.
Arjun: Priya lets go I will drop you.
Pavan (noticed him from the pic and got angry): can't you see we have a car here?
Priya: let's go Arjun.
Pavan holds her hand and asks him to leave.
Priya: take off your hand or you will regret this.
Ram stayed calm while Arjun wanted to show his heroism to Priya and pushed Pavan. This made Pavan angrier.
Ram and Priya signalling Arjun to stop but he didn't listen to them and tried to hit him.
Pavan left Priya hand and kick Arjun on his head. Because of that force, Arjun plummets on the ground.
Priya: don't hit him, he is my boyfriend. I will complain about this the principal and make you suspended.
Pavan ( trowed that flower box in anger. He lifted Arjun from the ground and said): Are you alright, Can you stand?
Arjun: My head, it feels heavy, I will kill you.
Ram: Pavan please listen to me, leave him.
Pavan took away his hand from him and Arjun again fall on the ground.
Priya took her phone and showed the pic she took on that day when Pavan and Anu went to the zoo on the bike and asked him about that.
Pavan: it's not what you think, she was just afraid of falling so she holds me.
Priya opens Anu Instagram and shows him her DP
Pavan: look Priya don't act like an immature child, she is my friend and it's her DP it's not mine. How can I be responsible for this?
Priya: I am not showing this to blame you or something if you have someone who loves you then better be with them than chasing someone who doesn't like you, Ram helps Arjun to stand and they took him to the medical centre.

Pavan got an Sms.
* your account got credited with Rupees 70,000*
( he got sports scholarship and got half of his fee refunded to his account)
Anu saw Pavan and came to him and said: congratulations.
Pavan: Why did you put our selfy as an Instagram profile pic?
Anu: did you saw it? I liked that pic and it's my Dp my wish.
Pavan: but I am in that pic
Anu: sorry I thought you may not have any problem with it and if you don't want me to keep it then I will change it, it's not a big deal.
Pavan: sorry I am not feel good, I will talk to you some other time.
Anu: what's the problem.
Pavan: it's nothing to do with you.
Anu: why are you angry? Tell me what is it? You may feel less anguish if you share with someone.
Pavan: I am... I am ok. I am not angry.
Ram and Priya came back and got into the car.
Pavan: I will message you later, I have to go now.
Anu: ok call me after reaching home.
Pavan went to the car but Priya gets down when she saw him coming.
Ram: come on How can we leave him.
Priya: either choose him or me.
Pavan understands the situation and said: Ram I will book a cab you two can go.
Ram: Are you sure?
Priya gets into the car and asks him to drive.
Anu: Do you want a ride?
Pavan: Haha whenever I am in need you will show up.
Anu: I am your Guardian Angel after all.
While she driving the car Pavan asked her to suggest a gift which girls cont refuse and that gift should stay life long.
Anu: Buy her some gold ornament.
Pavan: Hmm yeah, let's go to a jewellery shop.
Anu: now?
Pavan: yeah, do you have anything to do?
Anu: why you need me?
Pavan: Help me in the selection.
Anu and Pavan went to the store and after seeing many models they select earrings and brought them. ( He gifted them in Episode 6)

In the car
Priya: you performed very well.
Ram: I am not helping you, he deserves someone better than you.
Priya: I thought very highly about that Arjun, he just fell for a single hit.
Ram: if we didn't stop him, he may get some more hits. When will this drama end?
Priya: the award function of the annual day will be the lost.

The annual day was generally conducted in every college, they conduct various events like sports, cultural's events like dance, quiz, rangoli etc in which different departments participate and compete. The best players in the sports will be taken into the college team and given a scholarship.

Annual day (Beginning)
The days passing but Priya was not speaking with him and the competitions were started. They started the Annual day's celebration in the auditorium with some dance programmes.
Pavan enjoyed the programmes until he heard the announcement.
Anchor( student): let's welcome Arjun and Priya on to the stage to Perform a beauty duet.
Arjun classmates started to cheer by clapping and shouting.
Pavan body got sweating, his hands were shaking and his vision is blurred. His heart was racing, feels difficulty in breathing and chest pain. After seeing Priya and Arjun on the stage, he felt Diggy, he wants to run from there but his legs were shaking and not taking his commands.
Ram was not there with him but someone saw him and helped him to get out from there.
Boy: Bro listen to me, take a deep breath, come on you can do it. Pavan doing as he says.
Anu saw Pavan leaving the hall and came out.
Anu: what happened?
Boy: he got a panic attack.
Anu holds his hand and said: I am here with you, everything is alright, Take a deep breath. After a few minutes, he became normal.
Pavan saw the surrounding and saw a person and Anu with tears.
Anu: are you alright? Can you breathe normally?
Pavan: yeah. I am fine. Anu hugged him after hearing that.
Boy: ok bro, I will go back.
Pavan: bro what your name? In which branch are you studying.
Boy: Haha we are in the same bro, my name is Vamsi.
(Then onward they became friends after someday he found that he was the son of their driver and started to come college together)
After the performance, Priya came out and asked him: How was my performance?
Pavan body starts trembling Again after seeing her, his eye getting wet, Anu noticed the chance.
Pavan(shaky voice): g.GrEat.
Priya: Haha it seems like you became speechless, and she was going back.
Pavan( stood up but his legs are shaking): Hey Priya wait, I brought you something (Arjun came to Priya and holds her hand)
Priya: Are you saying something?
Pavan( again feeling difficulty in breathing): N-NoThiNg. ( he felt the earrings box in his pocket)
They both left from there and Pavan started taking long breaths again.
Anu: you should meet a doctor.
Pavan: No, I am fine, I didn't have anything like this before, I am healthy.
Anu: Please here me this onetime. Mental health is also important. If you leave it like this it may become severe.
Ram: did I missed anything?
Anu (angrily): get lost, You were not there for him when he needs you, and you call your self as a best friend.
Ram: what happened? Did he get into a fight?
Anu tells Ram about what happened to him. Ram didn't expect this and felt regretful.

At the hospital (psychiatrist)
Doctor: Can I know what are you afraid of?
Pavan: No, it's something personal.
Doctor: ok, look, Pavan, there are 2 ways to get through the Fear. 1) To accept it and control your anxiety by Using deep breathing, closing your eyes and imagining the happy place or focus on the other thinks etc and
2) Eliminate the course of the fear like...
Pavan: I understand.
Doctor: I will give you some medicines, take a table before sleeping after having dinner.
Pavan: ok doctor thanks you.
Anu (waiting outside): what the doctor said?
Pavan: it's nothing, he gave me some tablets.
Pavan went home and threw that box into the cupboard and started listening to love failure songs😜 and fell into sleep ( Ater taking the tablets given by the doctor which are given for the sleep).

Next day:
Cricket match.
CSC Vs ECE (10 over match)
Pavan and Ram went as an opener: they both hit 40 runs in first 2 overs. Pavan was looking good with 26 runs in 8 balls. He saw Arjun in the crowd but didn't felt any changes in his body. after the 4 over their score was 70, Ram 33, Pavan 37. 4.1: He started the over with a 4 and reached 41, the crowd cheering by shouted, He saw Priya came to Arjun and sit next to him. He feels his body started to shiver. Priya shouted, "come on ECE".
Pavan ( talking with himself): I can do it, I will prove her wrong, I am not a coward, I can do it.
Bowler took the run-up and Bowlers the ball, the wanted to hit it but his hands were shuddering and mistimed it & gave a catch and got out. While he was going crowd clapped for his play which made him feel better. They made 150 runs and won the match.
After the match.
Pavan: Ram I want help from you.
Ram: what is it?
Pavan: send me a screenshot of Priya's DP.

To be continued...
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