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Do you love me? - Episode 20 storm

Ram: why do you want that Pic?
Pavan: To practice
Ram: Practice what?
Pavan: Stop asking questions and send it.
Ram: Picture
Pavan placed it as his wallpaper, every time he opens his phone he sees it and his heartbeat rises, tears roll in his eyes. He started to practice restraining the symptoms and getting used to it.
The matches were going on and reached semi-finals. ( cricket)
Not like before, Pavan rotating strike even in the Presence of Priya with Arjun but his reflexes were slow because of shivering.
EEE scored 195 runs in 20 overs. ( semi-finals were conducted for 20 overs) the score is not so big to CSE to chase down because of their batting lineup. The caption of EEE is the vice-captain of the college cricket team, who was a rangi player.
Priya was there from the beginning of the match.

Pavan: the score is big, it will get difficult to chase if I eat the balls and taking single, we better change our batting orders.
Captain: we won all the games with the same lineup so it's better to continue with it.
Ram: Yeah, I thought the same. Just rotate the strike I will deal with the rest.
As a player, he respects the captain decision and came to the batting.
Pavan was facing the new ball and the bowler was EEE caption.
Pavan rotated the strike after playing 4 balls because of it Ram wanted to hit a boundary, but he missed the ball and got out. The score was 1/1. But CSE was still confident, the CSE caption came into the grees and took a single off the last ball.
At the end of 10 overs, CSE was at 90 runs with a caption on 60 in 27 balls and Pavan was 30 in 32 balls. Unfortunately, the Capitan became run out while taking the single at the end of 10th overs, the score was 96/2. They needed 100 in 9 overs. The new batsman came into the grees and played aggressively and got out quickly. The score was 146/6 for 15 overs. Pavan was at 50 in 47 balls. They needed 50 runs to win but the main problem is the captain of EEE going to bowl 3 overs in that 5. At 15.1 Pavan got hit on the helmet with a bouncer in captions bowling ( VC of the college team and rangi player). After that, he got angry and hit the next ball six. But as usual, Priya and Arjun gang cheering for EEE: " One more bouncer".
His anger doubled and tried to hit the next bowl but it edged and rasses for a four. He noticed that his body was not shivering, and gave an evil smile while looking at them( Priya and Arjun). They didn't know why he smiled and mystify.
The match was completed at 18.3 over. CSE won got to finals with mechanical.

After the match
Volleyball coach met him and said not to play in games.
Pavan: But remaining players are playing, why are you wanting me to stop?
Coach: No your captain and main players were not playing in this games. We have 2 great hitters in our team ( 1 caption who is also state player and the other is Pavan) what if one in you got injured.
Pavan( lifted his sleeve and tightened his muscle and said): Do you see it 💪, nothing will happen to this body.
Then why were you sitting on the bench in past? Said caption(volleyball).
Pavan: that's a different story.
Captain: look this year after I left college, you will be the captain, last time our team lost the final against AU college but this time we can win, don't ruin our revenge.
Coach: the main aim of these games is to choose the players into the team not to lose them, the fest you went last time to play is not real competition for us, you will see the real rivalry in our fest Do you want to play the real game or not?
Pavan agreed to them.

A Storm started in the Bay of Bengal is moving towards the coast, this may cause slightest to heavy rains in our state. The government was warning the Fisherman not to go for hunting and move to safe zones.

Because of this rains, outdoor games were temporarily stopped. The indoor games were completed but the rains didn't stop for 2 weeks. It already Feb and campus interviews were going on for Final years.

Phone call.
Priya's father: Did you note their names?
HR: yeah sir.
Priya's father: select the best in them and get the information.
HR: sure sir.
Out of 15 senior( who got into a fight with Pavan), 3 passed the ground discussion and reached the HR round.

HR: you got a lot of potentials, what is your expectations on salary?
Student: I am expecting the best from the company sir.
HR: you are selected, You will get the joining order after a month and your package will be around 6L.
Student🤓: Thanks, sir.

HR: Hey wait please tell me your name again.
(The same scene repeated for all the three)
Student1: Harsha
Student 2: Vijay
Student3: Riyaz

HR: you got into a street fight with a junior right. We cont take employees of your attitude.
(The same scene repeated for all the three)
Student 1: Sir I didn't do anything, sir, I was just there sir.
Student 2: sir I am pure vegetarian sir, I didn't even harm animals sir, why would I harm humans, sir.
Student 3: ( crying) sir, please sir, I am not that kind of person sir. Please give me this job sir.

HR: ok I will think about it, but what is the reason for the fight.
Student 1: He beat one of the seniors in front of everyone. The reason is...
Student 2: One of our classmates commentated a girl in front of this junior, he got angry and said she was his girlfriend and got into a fight with my classmate.
Student 3: But the crazy thing is, she came to our classmates and asked to beat him.

HR: who is she?
Student1: I don't know her name, sir.
Student 2: But she was from the designing department.
Student 3: He every day comes to the college with her, Sir.

Phone buzzes.
HR: Hello sir, they told that a girl asked them to beat him, she is from the designing department and Daily Pavan comes to the college with her.
Priya's father( though for a while): I will send you my daughter pic, show it and ask them.
HR: ok sir.
HR showed them her Picture and asked them.

HR: Is she the girl you are talking about?
Student 1&2: No...No sir ( they lied Because they were Afraid of the warnings given by the Ram)
Student 3: Yeah sir. She is that girl.
HR: Do you think I am a fool who believes what you say? She is the daughter of our company owner.
Student 3: I don't know who she is but I am sure, she is that girl. That MLA son Ram threaten us that he will kill us if we tell her name to anyone.
HR: then tell me, what is her name?
Student 3: Priya. ( silence take place for a while)
HR: Are you not afraid of the MLA's son? Why do you need this job?
Student 3: A few weeks back my father passed away, I have 2 sisters who are in the college and my mother is housewived for all this year's so its difficult for her to find a job now, As an elder son it's my responsibility to take care of my family.
HR: you can go now.
Student 3:...😟 Thank you, sir.
HR: you are selected you will get the joining letter this week.
Student 3( He got a smile with happy tears ): He gave a handshake to HR and left the room.
HR informed that news to Priya's father.

Priya's father: Are you sure? What if he is lying?
HR: No sir, I am sure about this.
Priya's father: Don't tell anyone about this, Understand?
HR: yes sir.
Priya's father was fallen into thoughts about what will happen if Pavan's father knows about this and how to tell this matter to him.

Days passed the storm was ended and rains were stopped.
The annual bay games came to end, The prizes presentations day has come.

Ram( placed his hand on her head from the backside): Priya lets go, programs are going to begin.
Girl(turned towards him): who are you?
Ram( cont believe his own eyes): sorry, you were just like my sister from the back.
Priya: Haha That's our today's plan. She is Nisha, my classmate. Nisha, he is Ram, my brother.
Nisha: Hi handsome
Ram( thinking himself "she called me handsome😱"): Hi☺, what's the plan?
Priya: I asked my father to allow me to go to the annual day event in the evening (The program will be conducted grandly where popular singers and artists came and Perform)
Ram: Do you want me to convince him?
Priya: he agreed to send me if I go with Pavan.
Ram: So you are not coming, ok Pavan and I will enjoy the event.
Priya: No I am coming and after the completion of the event, he must take me home safely so he will call me to pick and I will say that I am near the college buses.
Ram: Finally, you are going to unblock him. So what's next?
Priya: He comes there and sees me hugging Arjun.
Ram: stop ✋, I am not allowing this. You are not going to hug anybody.
Priya: yeah, I am not hugging anyone, she will.
Ram( looked at Nisha but she was busy with her phone chatting with someone): whispered why will she do that?
Priya( whispered): she is a gold digger and I promised her to buy an apple if she helped me.
Ram: Are you sure all this will ends today?
Priya: 100% sure, it will break his heart and he will leave me.
Ram agreed to this and they told Arjun about the plan.

Priya: He doesn't have any shame and you cont find better servant than him.
Priya's father: Shut your mouth for some time.
Priya: God didn't give me the strength to kill him if not I would have done that a long time ago.
I got a lot of strength, you can tell his name to me said Pavan's dad.
Priya (shocked): when did you come? Uncle.
Pavan's father: I just entered and heard your screaming.
Priya: it's nothing uncle.
Pavan: can we go?
Priya: I forgot my handbag in my room, I will go and bring it.
Priya's father gave the car keys to pavan.
Pavan: What if my mom sees with this car? You even said the car was damaged.
Priya's father: Did you ever saw your mom coming out after 8 PM?
Pavan: No. Haha ok, I understand.
Priya's father: drive safe.
Priya came and they both started to the college.
Pavan's father: why do you ask me to meet you at your house?
Priya's father: there is something I want to speak with you in person...

In the car
Pavan: unblock me so It will be easy to pick you up if I know where you are.
Priya: I know what to do.
Pavan: you said I don't even have a car right, here it is.
Priya: You are just a temporary driver for me.
Pavan: I am owner, your father gifted me this.
Priya: Then why doesn't he gifted me?
Pavan: I don't know, ask him.
Priya: because you're his servant.
Minutes of silence takes place.
Priya: why are you not saying anything?
Pavan: I love you Priya. Do you know How I feel when you hold his hand🥺?
Priya(low voice): you should move on. I don't like even sitting next to you now.
Pavan: why? What did I do?
Priya: I have my reasons.
Pavan: what are those reasons?

They reached the college. The college was decorated with the lights 🔆, the programs were started.
As soon as they reached the college Priya left the car without answering him and went to Nisha. As she planned They both dressed in the same clothes. Priya gave a watch to Nisha and said: this is my mother watch, this is the only difference he may notice between us, so ware it, be care full it is very valuable for me.
Nisha nodded her head and went to the celebration.
Ashu: Are we not going to the program?
Priya: I am not in the mood.
Ashu: why? You should be happy because everything going as you planned.
Priya: yeah but I don't know...
Ashu: I know the reason.
Priya: don't start again.
They saw Anu going to Program. Priya shouted her name and Anu saw and came to her.
Anu: why are you here? Let's go.
Priya: you love Pavan right.
Anu: No we are just friends.
Priya: you are good at lying. I would have believed you if I don't know you.
Anu: I am used to lying myself and to the others.
Priya: Propose him at your birthday party in front of everyone, he won't reject you.
Anu: But he... He😕
Ashu: Don't worry about it, he will hate her after today.
Anu: please don't hurt him, he suffered from a Panic attack because of things that you did recently.
Priya: panic attacks?
Anu: don't you know? (Anu told her about what happened episode 19)
Priya: Ram didn't say me anything.
Anu (phone ringed and she answered it): I have to go bye. She went from there.
Ashu: Are you alright?
Priya was crying and her face became red and her lips were shivering.
Ashu: Do want to stop what you planned today?
Priya called Ram and ask him to come to their block, he came to her, and she asked him why he didn't tell her anything.
Ram: what will you do? You will become happy and will do something more terrible to him than this.
Priya (yelling): do you think that I am a psycho?
Ram: off course
Priya hit him with her handbag and items in that bag fallen on to the ground. Ram saw the wooden box ( forever flower) in the bag.
Ram: You don't have any shame when did you take this? He thrashed it and you took it without embarrassment like a thief.
Priya( she got hiccups because of crying, she snatched the box from his hands): he brought that for me, what's wrong in taking it?
Ram gave her some water and asked: do you like him? You know he will hate you after the things you planned today and you will lose him forever.
Priya (crying again after hearing that she will lose him forever): I...I... like H...him.
Ram: what you say?😯
Priya: I like him😖.
Ram immediately called Arjun and said the plan was cancelled

Arjun's friend: what about our fun, what will you do now?
Arjun: Don't worry I have a backup plan😈.

To be continued.......
Thank for the 600 supporters, I am trying to end quickly but if I increase the episode length more than this, many will lose the interest to read and if I cut the matter like Skipping the storm part etc then the story becomes less logical.
But I am sure it will end up within 25 episodes.

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