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When I Understand My Self - 11


When My Responsibilites
Released Me


We all have a heavy basket of responsibilities on our heads. Responsibilities do not leave us till the end of life, we carry out the responsibilities of business tasks as we like but we are getting tired of fulfilling the related responsibilities. Man does not get tired of his personal life as much as he gets tired of more responsibilities.

We see these responsibilities as a burden on our heads. A load that never goes away, just keeps growing. Even though we know that responsibilities will never go away, we will always try to avoid them. As a result, the load does not decrease, but increases. So why not make an effort to make this basket disappear from our heads!

We try to fulfill our responsibilities, but it often hurts our soul to fulfill them. Our feelings are hurt when we have to save relationships. Life becomes boring because of the constant doing this and that.

The binding experience of why we have to save everything is annoying to us. And then the man gets so bored that he turns away from the responsibilities even though he wants to.

But if we take a look inside us, it seems that we have the light key of such a heavy lock.

At first, we may feel overwhelmed when someone breaks our trust. But can anyone really break our faith?

Trust keeps the bond strong. Walking the path of faith leads to the destination of love.

We should trust a person only when we have the courage to break the trust we have placed in the other person in the future. No matter what the other person does, no matter what life he lives, we should always have faith in him.

In fact, no one else is breaking our faith, but we are loosening our faith.

Most of the time we are tying up the opposite person in the name of faith.

My children don't do that
Don't go against me
Etc. etc.

And when the offspring do that we are putting scissors on the relationship.

Doesn't everyone have the right to live their life independently?

If we really trust someone, if we really love them, there will be no bondage.

True love is that which is free, innocent, without reason ...,

Where there is bondage in the name of love and faith, it is not true love but a false display of love. The doors of our heart should always be open to all of us.

Because when a person makes fun of our love, he / she will regret it from time to time in the future. And we can only be called true lovers if we place it in our hearts again.

Our trust in any person should be "Unexpected", an independent trust that does not bind him.

While fulfilling all the responsibilities, we should think that we are doing all this for our young children.

If our little child tears a thousand rupee note, we do not blow it. We know it's small, misunderstood. We sincerely forgive him for everything that hurts us.

Life does not remain small and incomprehensible ....

"Because Every Little Kid Makes A Big Man One Day "

If someone hurts us, instead of hurting them emotionally, we should forgive them as our own children.

One thing we should always remember is that our relationship with any person is connected to his heart, not to his brain!

We should feel patriarchal-motherly for every relative connected with us.

It is a difficult need, but it is because we are not used to it. And there is no need to think big by imitating this.

In addition to the fact that we are the fathers of all our relatives, we should also remember that we are also beautiful children of God. This spirit of "Forgive and Forget" can lead our lives to lightness. Then there is no pressure to breathe.

Our habit of living this kind of life if something is missing!

So let's learn to love independently. Let us truly trust the Son of Love.

Let us adopt the attitude of the Father of the world by becoming innocent children of God,

Let's fulfill our responsibilities honestly, regardless of what other people do or how they live their lives.

Whatever we do, if we do it for anyone, we should do it with an "unexpected" heart, not with a sense of responsibility!

"Let's Be An Unexpected Lover ..."
ᴡʀ.ᴍᴇꜱꜱɪ 😍

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