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Do you love me? - Episode 21 imagination

The annual day event was nearly at the climax and Some of the people started leaving.
Priya (dialled to Pavan): Where are you?
Pavan: I am at the auditorium. Why?
Priya: nothing... I am waiting for you at the parking...
Pavan: haha sorry for making you wait, I know I am not worthy to be a driver. I am coming.
Priya: I...I don't mean that, please come soon. (Cut the call)
Pavan didn't understand the reason for a sudden change in her behaviour. But while going he saw Priya going towards the college buses. ( Priya in his point of view but she is Nisha)
He got a call from an unknown number.
Pavan: Hello, who's this?
Arjun: Boyfriend of your girlfriend, Are you following Priya?
Pavan: Don't irritate me😠. Arjun. How you got my number?
Arjun: it's not important, keep following her you will get a surprise. ( he cut the call).
Pavan ignored it and started going to the parking lot, But he wanted to know why Priya went there, so he went back towards the direction she headed.
Arjun friend (spying): He is coming.
At the back of the bus, it was dim with bus shadows, because of that many couples choose that spot.

Pavan went there and saw many students talking to each other, holding hands, kissing, hugging. There were so many people out there but they are behaving like there is no one other than them.
Pavan( thinking): how shameless these people Are, is this a college or park? I should inform Bajrang Dal😉. why she came here? He looked around but he couldn't found her, he thought he mistook someone like Priya and started moving back, suddenly a flashlight fallen into his eyes. He gave a glimpse towards that direction of the flash and saw Arjun hugging Priya (Nisha) with his hands on her waist. While looking at him Arjun smirk and kissed her on the cheek.
Pavan's heart shattered into pieces, he felt like someone stabbed in his heart. His blood boiled with anger and sadness. His eyes were shedding tears, he wiped them and moving towards them with temper.
While moving Pavan stepped on something #Crack# He saw a watch under his feet, it's glass was broken because he stepped on it. He picked it up and noticed that was Priya's watch. He looked at her hand, which was bare. He placed it in his pocket and leaving from there to the parking.

Arjun friend: he is leaving.
Arjun: Buy some time, I have to go there before him.
Arjun friends: Haha it's getting funnier, ok we will do that.
Nisha: What about me?
Arjun: I already transferred the amount to your account, don't tell anyone about this.
Nisha nodded her head after checking her account.

While he going one of the Arjun friends bumped into him and started a quarrel with him. In the meantime, Arjun went to Priya.
Arjun: Hii Priya.
Priya: Hi? How do you know that I am here?
Arjun: When there is a will, there is a way, Why did you cancel our plan?
Priya: I am... I am... Not feeling well. So...
Arjun: ok give me your hand.
Priya: why?
Arjun: please, I already hold them many times and I always agreed with everything you said, so listen to me this once, I am not going to eat your hand don't worry😄.
Priya got a smile after listening to his words, he took her hand and wrapped a watch ⌚.
Priya: No, I cont take it.
Pavan came there and saw them, he didn't said anything and Asked Ram to move aside from the car and started it.
Arjun: may I drop you at your home?
Priya looked at Pavan. He didn't want to see her face and turned away his face and said.
Pavan: I don't want any drama here, you can go with whom you want, no one going to stop, just move away from the car. I have to go.
Priya: No thanks, I am going with him. She tried to open the front door but it was locked. She knocked on the mirror and Pavan signed to sit in the back seat. She gazes at him for a second and got into the car, Ram and Ashu gave all the best sign 👍, and the car starts moving. she noticed that he was angry and his hand were red.
Priya: did something happened?
Pavan (quivering voice): No.
Priya: why your hands were red?
Pavan: shut up and sit silently until we reach home.
Priya: what do I do? Why are you shouting at me?
Pavan: Nice watch, your boyfriend gave it right. You are so lucky to get a loser like him.
Priya: He is...not my... Boyfriend. we have to talk.
Pavan: what else he gave?
Priya: what do you mean?
Pavan: Do you remember the day when I first played my volleyball match? I mean in our school days. I felt very happy when you gifted me those shoes.
Priya: why are you talking about this now? Did I do anything wrong?
Pavan: Making me suffer is your nature. But let me finish. You placed needles in those shoes and laughed when my legs were bleeding. It's my fault, I should have checked them before Waring, Haha but it's true when it comes to you, I became a loser, instead of the brain my heart gets turned on, you never treated me like a friend, sorry you never treated me like a human being, I am just a slave to you. I was the one who always ran after you without any shame. I did a mistake and I am paying for it now.
Priya: I am sorry, I was stupid, please tell me what happened? Why are you talking like this?🥺
Pavan: I always thought that you liked me but acting tuff to admit it. But it's just my imagination All these years I was torturing you to like me. You often told me clearly that you hate me but you know I am trash without a brain, sorry for annoyed you all these years. Don't worry anymore I am back to reality, My eyes opened today. Thanks to you.
Priya( crying): I am sorry. Please forgive me for my behaviour. Let's talk tomorrow.

They reached the Priya home, The sky was filled with stars and moon starting at them. The area was silent just like the world stopped for a second,
Priya came towards him to hug. But he avoided her by blocking her with his hand and gazed at her with an angry face.

Pavan: I think this is your watch, I understand that you replaced it with a new one like you did with me but it's yours so I am giving it back.
Priya: where did you get this? This new watch, it's not what you think. let me explain.
Pavan: no need I got full clarity, I even felt some relief after getting clarify. All this year's I did many stupid things to impress you but from today onwards I don't have to impress you anymore, it's like I got freedom. (He placed the car key in her hand), there is no need to prolong It to tomorrow, this is the end of my chapter in your life. Give these keys to your dad and say, I am failed as a driver too.
Priya (holds his hand): I love you, please... I am sorry. I love you so much, just give me one more chance. At least hear me once.
Pavan: shhh, just shut up, Do you even know what it means? How many people do you love, hugs and kisses? You are a person who threw memories of her dead mom on road Do you think I will believe you? You are the person who laid to my parents while looking into their eyes, My mother will be ashamed if she knows that she raised someone like you. I promised your father that I will bring you home back safely and I did. Goodbye. I am done with you.
Priya: Someone like me? What do you mean?
Pavan: just a few minutes back I saw you with him and now you confessed to me. you are a characterless and shameless Bit. h.
She slapped on his face, he became silent for a second.
Priya( shivering): How can you call me that? 😭 what I did to deserve this?
Pavan( gave an angry gaze at her): From today on words, you are nothing to me. Don't try to come to my home, if you didn't listen to these words I will make sure you will regret it.
Priya: Are you ending relation with me?
Pavan: we never had any relations between us. I was a slave and my slavery ends today.
Priya ( hiccups): This car is your gift right? Why are you giving me the key?
Pavan: your father gave me this so I will take you to college daily with me. Tell him that It not going to happen that's why I am returning the key. Convey my apologies for not keeping up with his expectations.
Priya: why? Cont you tell him yourself?
Pavan: I am not going to set my feet in your house again, I am expecting the same from you.

Priya: You... You cont stop me from coming to your home, your mother is like my mother too.

Pavan placed a water bottle in her hand and said: sorry for calling you, I crossed my line, I hope you will forgive me, even if you don't I don't care if I saw you in my home than I will make sure that will be the last.
She can notice the tears in his red eyes which he was trying to hide. Without turning back He left from there.

Priya drank some water, washed her face and went inside. Her father sat in the hall watching TV while waiting for her. She sat next to him and placed the key on the table.
Priya's father: did you two fight again?
Priya: He asked me to stop coming to his house.
Priya's father: you better do that, we find out the truth about how Pavan got injured, His father is very angry with you.
Priya's heart skipped beats after hearing that. She didn't understand what to say. She felt like she lost everything in a single night. She hugged her father and started crying.
Priya's father: it's ok, His anger will calm down in a few days, everything will back to normal.
Priya: why I am so unlucky Daddy?
Priya's father: you are not. I will make sure that everything will be getting normal. I will talk with Pavan.
Priya: Really? Promise?
Priya's father: of course, I will do anything for my precious daughter.
While Crying Priya fall into sleep and his dad carried her to her room. His heart got heavy when his only daughter crying, He wanted to do anything to make her smile again.

At college.
Arjun friends(5) were brutally beaten up and their mouths were tied with napkins and hands with their shirts, there were wound all over their upper body as someone slashed them with a belt.
Arjun cont believe what he saw and immediately ran to them and untie their mouths and asked: who did this to you dude?
Arjun friend( crying): That Pavan is a Psycho. We shouldn't live him like this, What his background?
Arjun: I don't know but he is someone dangerous...
To be continued...
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