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Do you love me? - Episode 23 Blank gun?

Priya went back home with her father and thinking how to make Pavan understand that she is not the one Arjun kissed on that day. She was angry at Nisha for her betrayal. She dialled her but Nisha was not lifting her calls. She was angry and furious, not only on Arjun and Nisha but also on herself, she went to Ram's house and said what happened while choking. Ram thought for a while and made a call.
Ram: will you come to my house today?... I have something to talk about with you. No, it's cont wait, it's urgent. Ok, don't be late.
Priya: whom did you call?
Ram: Pavan will be here, we will make him understand
Priya: do you think he will believe us? We have to catch Nisha first.
Ram: There is nothing to do, she will come to college tomorrow or the next day.
Priya: but Anu birthday is...
Ram: Did you do something without my knowing?
Priya: Noo...
Ram: 😈 what is it?
Priya told him about the idea she gave to Anu.
Ram: you are an idiot.
What's the emergency? Why do you ask me to come immediately? Said Pavan.
After seeing Priya there He angrily looked at Ram and starts walking back
Ram: where are you going? we need to talk.
Pavan: What is there to talk about?
Priya: I am not the one Arjun kissed.
Pavan: just shut up, I saw you with my own eyes.
Priya: do you saw her face?
Pavan: I didn't saw your face but it's you. Do you think I cont identify you?
Ram: it's Nisha.
Pavan: Nisha?
Ram explained everything while Priya looking at Pavan with hope.
Pavan( clapping): You both have great creativity, why don't you write stories for movies?
Ram: Don't you believe me?
Pavan: I cont believe anyone, you are saying this story because I said I didn't saw her face.
Ram: No what we said is true.
Pavan: then prove it, where is she?
Priya: she will come to college tomorrow, So please believe us.
Pavan: What if you two didn't show her tomorrow?
Ram: then it's will be Arjun who stopped her from coming to the college.
Pavan got a phone call, he seemed to be frustrated and rejected the call.
If your boyfriend calls me again even god cont save him from me said, Pavan.
Priya: Are you deaf? He is not my BF and does whatever you want, If you are scared of him then give me the phone I will... ( phone rang again)
Pavan lifted the call and said, " Fix a place and send me the location". The look on his face shows that he is going to crush Arjun at any cost.
Ram: where and when?
Pavan: it's none of your business.
Priya: If you don't let him come then I will tell aunty.
Pavan: then I will never speak to you again.
Priya stood silently, and while leaving Pavan said to Ram " if you failed to show that girl to me in 3 days then that will be the end of our friendship".

The next two days passed but no news of Nisha is known. Priya and Ram tried to get information about her but failed. As a final attempt, They inspected Nisha address in the Student registration form available in the office. They got another number of her and tried to it.
Unknown: Hello.
Priya: hello I am Nisha's Friend, Is she there?
Unknown: she is at a hospital, don't you have her number?
Priya: Does something happen to her? I have her number but it's not working, Can you give me any other number?
Unknown: she is good, one of the children is going through heart surgery and Nisha giving her some ethical support. ( and gave another number of Nisha to Priya)
Priya: thank you, can I know who you are?
Unknown: I am one of the sisters of this orphanage.
Priya thanked her once again and cut the call.
Ram: where is she?
Priya: she is in the orphanage mentioned in the address. It is 400 km away from here and there are no flight services available.
Ram: let's go and bring her.
Priya: how can I convince my father to send me?
Ram: say him that one of your friends got into an accident and you are going to visit her.
Priya: ok we will start tomorrow morning and bring her in the evening.

At Pavan's house
Time: 4:39 am.
He is not getting sleep and looking at the window waiting for the sun to come so that he can break some of Arjun's bones and then sleep in peace. He gets down from the bed at 7:30 Am so that his mother wouldn't be suspicious of him waking up early, He ate tiffin and went to the hall, he looked around and sneaked into his parent's room, he went to the safe, opened it and stolen something, while leaving the wine bottle his father drinks 🔞 caught his eyes. He got a desire to drink, he took it into his hands and opening it. But suddenly he heard someone coming towards the room. In that rush to hide he thoughtlessly took the bottle and ran to the car through the other door.

Where are you going, young master? He heard a familiar voice and turned back. 6.4 gigantic and muscular body appeared at his back. He is Rudra one of his father's trusted employees who deals with the security aspects.
Pavan: I am going to PWD grounds to play some cricket.
Rudra: if you don't mind, will you please drop me there?
Pavan: Don't you have a car?
Rudra: I have cars waiting there.
Pavan tossed the key to Rudra and sat on the back seat. Rudra driving the car and after they passed the gate Pavan opened the bottle and started sipping.
Rudra: Did your father knows this?
Pavan: No I stole it.
Rudra: it's a strong wine, people will get drunk just for a few pegs.
Pavan receiving calls from his friends who are waiting for him at the PWD grounds. The wine started working on him, His cheeks became red and he looks sleepy. Suddenly, The car stopped.
Rudra: we reached the ground.
After drinking a few more gulps Pavan gets down the car and saw around 50 bodyguards waiting for him. he looked at Rudra in surprise who covered his face with a mask.
Pavan: Did Priya told my father about this?
Rudra: I don't know but I am here to protect you, don't worry we are not going to involve if it's just a kid's fight.
Pavan: Are you calling me a kid?
Rudra: of course what kind of man will get drunk for just a few gulps🤭.
Pavan embarrassed and walked clumsily toward his friends while saying that he is not drunk😪.

The ground was full of crowd, Arjun was confident that he will win the fight because he brought some rowdies of his father.
Pavan: I have a proposal, let's fight 1 vs 1 so that we can keep away our friends from getting injured.
Arjun knows what will happen if he agreed to it, so he rejected his proposal and his friends who got beaten by Pavan were ready to charge at him.
Pavan( giving warning): Mark my words No one of you is going to leave the ground in one piece, if anyone wants to leave can leave now.
Arjun laughed after hearing this and his friends charged at him and Pavan's friends did the same.
The fight started, both groups have weapons in their hands but Arjun friends are hesitant while Pavan and his friends beating their rivals without kindness, they are spraying chilli power & pepper sprays into their enemies eyes and using chains ⛓️, stones, wooden sticks, and knuckle dusters as weapons 🔫.
Rowdies guarding Arjun were surprised By the sudden change in the attitude of those kids.
Rowdy 1: Are they students?
Rowdy 2: just a few minutes back they seem to be so innocent,
Arjun who is looking at the fight got angry and ordered them to join the fight.
Pavan saw them coming, he is thinking about using Rudra and his group. he knows that his friends will get injured if they fight against actual rowdies.
Then he shouted at his friends saying Plan-D.
All his friends ran towards their bikes and cars and brought half-filled balloons out from them. Arjun group and rowdies looked confused for a while and laughed after seeing balloons.
Pavan's group took the balloons and throws on the Arjun group.
But it didn't take much time for changing their smile into shock after realising that it's not water but petrol.

Rudra (shocked and reached Pavan): You are not going to do anything stupid right?
Pavan gave Rudra a sinister smile that resembled his father ( Pavan's father).
Rudra: Not even a mad man will do this. Young master, please listen to me your father will never appreciate this.
Pavan: yes you are right but I am not a mad man, I am just a drunken kid. He started shouting at Arjun's group, " this is the final chance the people who want to live the rest of their life with burned skin, ugly face and Visionless eyes can stay in your places and the rest who want to live an ordinary life can leave before I finish counting 5. Let's start the countdown 1,2,3
The people in Arjun's group looking at each other sceptically. Then Pavan took out a gun from his pocket and said " last night I was unable to sleep so to pass the time I saw a movie, In that villain blasted an oil tanker by shooting a bullet at it, I thought, is it possible? I have a gun in my hand and you are wet with petrol so why don't we try in reality, once again thanks to you guys for volunteering for my experiment.😈😈
Because of the wine, he lost proper control over his body, and his hands were trembling and the gun in his hand is shaking.
Rudra: young master you are not in control give me the gun if not I have to use force.
Pavan: Really? Then I should deal with you first. He turned off the safety lock of the gun and loaded the bullet by racking the slide. Not only Arjun's group is frightened but also the people around him moved back keeping some distance from him.
Pavan: 4, BANG he shot a bullet into the air which made a deafening sound horrify the people out there.
Arjun friends who once got beaten by Pavan started running from there while shouting: " He is a psycho" he will undoubtedly shot at us, Move aside we want to live. The people in Arjun's group lost morality and ran away with them. But Arjun's Rowdies are still there to protecting him.
Rudra took the bullet shell fallen on the ground and laughed while saying: you had me there for a second. Then what about petrol balloons?
Pavan: we added petrol in the water until it's got odour of petrol.
Few feet away.
Vamsi: why are they laughing?
Sai: I don't know and who are you?
Vamsi: I am his friend.
Sai: Me too bro, you are quite daring.
Vamsi: how do you know?
Sai pushed him towards Pavan and Rudra and said: Because you are going to ask them why they are laughing.
Vamsi talking to himself, How crazy these people are? They planned petrol balloons, Mirchi power attack, pepper spray attack and now pushed me towards an armed person who is standing next to a muscle head.
Because of the sudden movement in the surrounding Pavan turned towards the Vamsi, pointing the gun at him.
Vamsi( shivering): bro chill, It's me. You remember me right?
Pavan: what's that stupid question dude? Do you want to try Gun?
Vamsi: Haha, I know you remember me why are you two laughing?
Rudra: Because it's not a real gun, it's a blank gun I mean it's a fake gun that looks and sounds like a real gun.
Pavan: Do you think I am a mad man to bring an original gun for kids Fight?
Vamsi: of course not, kids fight?
Pavan saw one of the Arjun's bodyguards making a phone call.
Pavan: we can talk later let's deal with Arjun 😈 first. What are you people are waiting for? go and smash that Rowdies before their reinforcement come. Rudra nodded his head in approval and their bodyguards rushed towards Arjun.

At the hospital:
Priya and Ram went to the hospital which the orphanage sister mentioned in the phone call and dialled Nisha through Ram's phone.
Nisha: Hello?
Priya: what is the patient room number?
Nisha: You came this far to beat me? Undoubtedly, today I am going to see black and blue.
Priya: tell me the room number.
Nisha: 103.
Priya cut the call and both Ram and Priya went there. The patient is a 6-year-old girl sitting on the bed next to Nisha. Priya gave her a Flower bouquet 💐 and Ram placed a fruit basket on the table next to the bed.
Nisha: you didn't believe me when I said my friends are coming to see you, look they came.
Girl: Are these flowers and fruits are for me?
Ram: Do you like them?
Girl: yes ( she started crying) No one gave me flowers before, no one ever came to see me thank you so much brother and sister.
Priya is not in a state to consolidate that little girl and said: Nisha do you want to talk here or can we go out?
Nisha: outside will be a better idea she whispered I don't want to get beaten before my little sister.
Priya and Nisha left the room while Ram stayed with the little girl showing some cartoons on his phone.
Priya: Why did you do that to me? I never did anything wrong to you then why?
Nisha: What is the cost of your mobile?
Priya: Is this even relevant?
Nisha: just answer.
Priya: nearly 1Lakh.
Nisha: How many years will you use that?
Priya 😤😤: year or so...
Nisha: Do you even know The feeling of hunger? We don't have parents as you have and no one care for us, The people like us never have the luxury to buy new clothes, we used to wear the worn clothes donated to the orphanage. The sisters in the orphanage always told us that the only thing that can change our lives is education, I believed it and studied hard. I got state 5th rank in intermediate and got selected for the university scholarship, I was so happy, and got hope for my future. But when I went back to the orphanage for the seminar holidays I found that my little sister is suffering from an atrial septal defect.
Priya: your sister?
Nisha: people in an orphanage is my family right, the treatment cost just 1 lakh, we asked everyone for help but no one cared maybe they thought If they helped us now then we will ask their help again and again or they thought her life don't value even 1 lakh. Hahaha Our life's don't have the value of your phone, After that, I came back to college and wanted to ask for help from you guys ( classmates), you people are from rich families who come to college in cars uses costly mobiles.
Priya: I remembered I even gave 1k to you.
Nisha: of course you gave, but I am just able to collect 20k, and sisters in the orphanage collected 40K and we still need 40K. I was thinking How to adjust that money, while I was talking to senior boys for help, I met a girl.
On that day:
Hey, Priya let's go, Hello, Are you ignoring me? ok I did the mistake I am sorry you don't love him, I said sorry let's go... are you deaf? In anger, that girl threw a drink bottle at me and it hit on my head.
Ouch, Nisha turned back and saw the person who throws a bottle at her and said did I do something wrong?
Ashu: woow you are just like Priya from the back. You are the orphanage girl in our class right.
Yeah, My name is Nisha. She said
Ashu: ok sorry Nisha bye.
After few days
Priya: Nisha will you please come here.
Nisha: me? Ok.
Priya: I will come straight to the point, I want some help from you if you do that I will buy you whatever you want.
Nisha: what I have to do?
Ashu explained everything.
Nisha: I will do.
Priya: What do you want in return?
Ashu: let me guess A iPhone?
Nisha whispered to Ashu: How much it costs?
Ashu: more than 50K.
Nisha: will you give me 50k instead of a phone?
Priya: ok.
Nisha: that's all?
Priya: Do you want anything else?
Nisha: No no I will do anything for that money.
Ashu: we already know that.
But on that day of the event, you stopped your plan, I am in dire need of money, I didn't know what to do, then Arjun came to me and agreed to give me the money if I do exactly as what he said, I didn't have any option other than agreeing with him. I did what he said and he paid me.
Priya: But you throw my mother watch on the road and because of you the person I love the most hates me now, I waited for you at the parking lot, with money but you didn't show up. Do you know how I feel?
Nisha: I don't know how you felt but I did what I feel correct, I felt that the life of my sister is more important than your boyfriend or your mother's watch. I am sorry I will accept any punishment you give but leave me for this week.
Priya: a week?
Nisha: today, they are doing operating and after 4 days they will discharge her, I want to be here with her for this week.
Priya explained that the reason for her visit and gave her a cover: there is 50k in it, do whatever you want to do with them but you are coming with us now.
Nisha: No, I don't want your money, I am not coming.
Priya: yes you are.
Nisha: I said no.
Priya: Are you out of your mind cont you understand what I said?
Nisha: that's my question, cont you understand?
Priya: come by yourself if not
Nisha: what will you do? I already paid the bill and I don't have any money with me. There is nothing you can take away from me because I have nothing.
Ram: I think you forgot with whom you're messing with, we can stop this operation with a single phone call.
Nisha turned back and saw Ram: you are just bluffing, why will they stop operation? we already paid the money.
Ram: you forgot a simple logic, we can play twice the amount you paid.

To be continued...
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