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Stay With Me - 5 - The Unexpected Guest...

I see a man standing at my door step, he mysteriously smiles at me. I try to recognise him, I know I have seen this face before, but when and where...?

And it clicks in my mind he is the person that I have met during my accident.. the whole incident flashes back in my mind... but what is he doing here?

He is standing as if he is waiting for me to recognise him, and when he observes change in my expressions finally, he rolls his eyes and heave a sigh of relief saying, "oh.. god.. finally.. you are here... you know I have been looking for you since last six months.."

I furrow at him thinking why would he look for me? But he is like.. wants to tell me everything, "you know it took me whole month to search your name and address... can you believe one whole month.. ". he annoyingly rolls his eyes, "I must say it is the longest time I've taken to retrieve someone's information living in the same city.. you are mysterious huh..?" He shot up his eyebrows at me.

I am loss for words, I mean what to say? I am just looking at him with dumb face and I am scared too.. how can he found out about me in this big city..?

He snaps to wake me up from my thoughts and asks, "now.. may I come in?"

I rudely say, "no.. you can't.." to that he smiles naughtily, "why.. is there someone inside..? you don't want to meet me.."

I shout, "what...? hell... no... it's not like that.. but I don't trust you so.." he laughs cheerfully to my words, "don't worry... I don't trust you either.. cause you seem the most dangerous girl I have met until now.. so.. but I am tired yaar.. I wanna have a glass of water.. if you can offer that to me.."

And he gulps his saliva down his throat, oh so he is thirsty.. I suspiciously regard him and order, "you just stay here.. I am bringing water for you.. okay.."

And as I move away from the main door, he snap opens it and literally jumps inside saying, "omg.. you live in a really big house.."

I am just observing his behaviour, what to say? he is not misbehaving, so I calm myself down, thinking, "there is nothing to worry about, he will be gone soon.."

But what if my maids will inform to my dad? I notice that they are busy upstairs, in arranging my paintings

Well there is a reason that I have let this man in and that is I am curious, why did he search for me?

But before I can ask him, what I see is, he is roaming in my yard like it is his home.. He jumps on swing, looks at the book.. utters enthusiastically, "omg.. so you are an artist.. interesting!!!.."

I hurriedly go inside and grab a glass of water and present to him.. he chugs it down quickly..

He looks around and asks, "if I am not wrong.. you are living alone with maids right?" My heart is beating faster.. what do I say now?

So I just narrow my eyes, fold my hands on my chest and ask, "why are you here..?"

To that he jumps from the swing and states handing me the key, "oh... I forgot.. I wanted to deliver a scooter..actually I don't know if you have any favourite model but it is the latest" and he sprint to the gate, opens it and points towards a brand new black coloured scooter standing at the side...

He adds, "you know I have been trying to meet you since the day I got to know about you.. but you are like magician.. vanished in the yaar.. by the way where were you? and suddenly today I saw your gate open and spotted you this morning.. so I am here to present you the thing which belongs to you.."

Oh god... I totally forgot about the accident and all. I am just speechless.

I look at the key and look at his face remembering oh god he said to me that he would buy me a new one on that day, I thought that he was telling just for formality but here he is with scooter... what surprised me the most is, he tried to search me to buy me a new scooter.. he is really nice for doing this.. but I refuse to him.., "hey.. thank you so much..but I can't take it.. I am fine without it.. really.."

To that he casually utters, "okay.. cool.. give it to somebody else then, cause I am not going to take it back now. As it's yours.. it's up to you now.."

Oh god.. what am I gonna tell my dad now? Why on earth this man is so stubborn..?

But he wakes me up by asking, "hey.. can I have a cup of tea? I mean I didn't have my morning tea.."

Oh so now he wants tea... I inform in flat voice, "I am sorry Mr. I don't serve tea to strangers.. now if your work is done here then.. you can leave.. cause I have work to do and yeah never come to my place again okay..."

He is keenly observing me with admiration and I remember that my hairs are open, so I hurriedly tie them in a bun..

To that he interrupts, "hey.. hey.. keep it open.. it suits you well.."

His comment really makes my heart skips a beat, my face must be red from embarrassment.

I clear my throat and ask, "by the way.. how did you find out about me?" He raises his brows and utters naughtily, "I need a cup of tea first.."

Sometimes I am too curious so I think that he is not looking dangerous to me, well atleast his behaviour says so and It feels so good to talk to I miss my friends so much but what if my dad will find out? I am really scared.

Though I invite him, "okay.. come in..."
He follows me inside my living room smiling . As he enters, he scans the whole place with keen eyes, then takes a seat on a couch, sits comfortably crossing his legs.. how on earth can he behave this frank..?

now I really wish he should leave as quick as possible.. obviously I don't want to call my maid.

so I dash to kitchen to prepare tea, but he follows me to the kitchen saying, "I forgot to tell you, I didn't have my breakfast too.. and you know what?, I really want to eat some hot stuff with strong and sweet tea so if you can serve me well, then it would be great pleasure to me.. so okay I am waiting.." and he sits himself on a dining chair..

Really people behave this way or he has lost his mind, oh God he is the first outsider enters in our home without any invitation..

But he helped me when I needed so I can't be that rude to chuck him out of my house.

And it'll only take half an hour so I hurriedly roast the Rava, cut the onions and carrots, and make upma for him and tea for us both.

As I serve him, he eats like a horse, after emptying the whole plate he utters, "hey.. you are a good cook.. Tulika"

I am shocked, "hey how do you know my name?"

He laughs deceitfully, "I know everything about you.. the day we first time met.. that day you lost your aai.. right.. the one you lived with.. I am sorry for that"

I am relieved that he doesn't know that she was my mom so he doesn't know .. Everything... though he knows many things.

But I reply sadly, "it's okay.. she is gone now"

Then I remember something that I ask, "okay.. tell me how did you find about me?"

He laughs naughtily, "from your scooter, I found out its former owners then went to them and one of them told me about your aai and here I am but I must say your aai was very smart cause I had to meet many people before I came here. and you know what.. none of them easily told me about you. So tell me your biggest secret I am damn curious yaar.."

Okay so now I know why my mom brought me second hand scooter.. wow mom you were great and my eyes get moist.. that man asks with concern, " hey.. are you alright? I asked you something"

I say, "yeah I am fine.. but you should leave now cause I am not bound to answer your questions..okay?"

He rolls his eyes, "am I really that bad?, I mean you should thank me but you've been wanting to get rid of me ever since I step in, may I know the reason? "

I am really out of words cause he is right, he is being nice to me and I am being so rude so I say, "hey.. look.. don't get me wrong but I don't like to meet with strangers so.. by the way thank you for your help that day and for the scooter too.."

He gives me big smile saying, "oh c'mon, I was just kidding. You don't need to thank me but thank you for your hospitality."

"So are you leaving now....?" I smile at him.

To that he twitches his lips and utters, "okay.." and he moves his legs towards the gate.

I am looking at his back, thinking he is really nice and friendly, I can't believe that almost one hour has passed in his company otherwise it's really hard for me to think where to spend my time.

But I can't be habituated this way, I mean I don't know the danger my dad and Abhi was talking about but there must be something serious that has separated my parents.

I am in my thoughts that the man turns his head, smiles gently and utters, "hey.. Tulika I forgot to tell you one thing.. my name is "Viansh.." and you know what?... I am living in a neighbouring colony.. bye"

And he leaves for his home on foot.. I look at the scooter thinking should I take it in or not? But I really need a vehicle and now I am afraid that if I will go to buy it then I have to give my documents which is not good for me so it's better that I accept this gift.. but what about my dad..? I will think about it later and I get on, self start the scooter and drive it inside.. park it.. I don't know why but a smile appears on my face.

So with a smiling face I go to shut my main door that Viansh is standing there with a mischievous grin on his lips, I am literally shocked. He utters, "sorry for giving you heart attack but thanks for accepting the scooter.. so you trust me.. right?"

I reply, "should I afraid of you?" He chuckles, "no.. I don't have any bad intentions for you.. but yeah I am interested in you." He winks at me.

I look at his face with jolt, he answers rolling his eyes, "hey.. don't get me wrong.. I mean not in that way.. but I want to know about you.. I mean why are you living alone in this big mansion? Why do I feel that you are trying to conceal your identity? I have a doubt that you have a trust issue too.

And I really don't know much about you, though I think, you should spend time with your friends.. you know the world is beautiful, all the people are not bad just step out and feel the beauty..."

His words are affecting me badly, he is uttering the words which I have never heard from anyone and somehow I believe him.. cause he looks nice to me.

But then what about my parents's sacrifices, yeah my mom lived her whole life in disguise and my dad... he is still living alone without us... no I can't trust anyone..

So I glance at his face saying, "it is really nice to meet you but I can't tell you anything.. please forgive me for that..and please leave"

He raises his hands in the air as if he surrenders, "okay.. sorry.. but you know I am ready to trust you so whenever you want you can talk to me.. so bye Tulika.. nice name by the way!!!" And he leaves finally.

I shut my gate and heave a sigh of relief thinking this was last time now I won't trust anyone, I can't be this stupid... but as the time passes his words swirl back in my mind.. making me confused that why is he curious about me? Why is he ready to trust me? I don't even know him..

Then a dangerous thought strike in my mind.. should I take his help to know my past?, he is able to do it, he has retrieved my information only from the scooter then he can help me cause my dad is not uttering anything and I am damn curious to know my enemies.. who has made my life a hell... who has made me live like an orphan....

But then again I think no.. no.. I can't trust him, I don't know anything about him. What if he is bad too.. well but he doesn't look like one.. oh god..

I am deep in my thoughts arguing with myself whether to trust that Viansh or not that I hear a mobile rings.. first I don't pay attention to that thinking it must be my maid's but it rings second time.. as I know it's not my phone's ring.. then whose mobile is ringing, I look around and suspect that the sound is coming from the scooter.. I, with a slow pace go to the scooter and I was right cause the mobile is ringing inside its 'dicky'

I hurriedly open it and I found a mobile in it.. it is still ringing, the person who is calling is non other than Viansh... oh god he has forgot his phone or what?

So I receive with trembling hand and breathing heavily, "hello.."

To my surprise the voice on another side chuckles happily saying, "oh wow.. Tulika you sound nice on phone.. "

I roll my eyes and reply, "so tell me whose phone is this?"

He laughs, "yours.. I forgot to tell you, and as I have known you.. you don't seem that curious to check your scooter's 'dicky' without any reason so I thought to give you a call... not a bad idea.. right?" He chuckles merrily.

He adds after a short pause, "on that day you have broken your phone too so I thought you'll need a phone too.. and you know now I have your number so that I can talk to you.. hey can I call you na..?"

Oh god what to say to I am afraid of him so I almost shout angrily, "hey.. do one thing.. come here and take back your mobile.. I don't want it okay... and I don't want to talk to anybody so don't ask me that type of silly questions again.." and I hang up.

But it rings again, it's Viansh again.. I am scared of him now.. so I switch off the phone
And keep it back in that 'dicky'..

Within half an hour he is at my doorstep. This time I don't want to open the gate for him but he looks at the camera and addresses me, "hey.. Tulika.. I know you are looking at me.. I am sorry okay.. but I want to talk to you about something important. Please open the door for me.. please. "

I roll my eyes thinking, "what can be that important.. I mean I have just met him so I am about to go away from screen that he utters slowly, "hey.. I don't know.. you are aware of it or not but I have come to know that you are being watched..."


So friends now our story is on a track...
First two chapters were necessary to describe Tulika's character, her struggle and her strength. well I hope you are enjoying the story.

....Stay safe....

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