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Do you love me? - Episode 24 - love me for a year

Nisha: B-But you are not going to do that right🥺.
Ram: it's up to you. What will l get by harming that little girl?
Nisha: You just want me to come to the birthday party which is going to take place tomorrow night.
Ram: yeah. But it's a long journey from here to the city, so you are coming with us now.
Nisha: please hear me once, From here to City, it will take just 5 hours in the car right. I will book a cab and start immediately after my sister awakens from sedation. I promise I will be there before 6 p.m. so please let me stay.
Priya: How can we trust you? Just a few minutes back you showed us your true colours.
Nisha: please believe me I Swear to God, I will come.
Priya looked at Ram for his opinion and he said: ok, But if you don't come tomorrow then your's house, I mean orphanage will vanish from existence. I think you understand what I mean.😠
Nisha: Y...Yeah, I-I understood.
Ram: that's good, let's go Priya.
They went to the car and began driving back to the city. Priya got bored and opened her FB to read some memes and while scrolling down the newsfeed she found the video Pavan's friend shared on the college group.
Priya: B-br...bro look what he did, it's n-not like him, he is so vicious.
Ram stopped the car and started watching the video.
In the video
Arjun's rowdies are highly outnumbered and got knocked down by Pavan's group, After understanding the situation, Arjun tried to escape in the car but stopped when Pavan shot a bullet into the sky as a warning.
Arjun: we can sit and talk like a civilised man, don't forget that my dad is MP here, you wouldn't get away if you do anything bad to me.
Pavan ( fuming): are you threatening me?
Arjun: of course, I don't know who you are? But you should know your place. If you let me go then I will forget about today and we can be friends.
Pavan smiled at him and said: friends? And forget about today? you are so Imbecile, I will make this day memorable in your life. Try to forget it if you can😈.
Arjun: think before Laying your finger on me, My father is co... before he could finish the sentence, Pavan kicked Arjun on the crotch, because of the insufferable pain Arjun placed his hands between his legs and fallen on the ground, His eyes started shedding tears and he groaned in pain.
Video ended there.
Ram: what happens after that?
Priya: How can I know?
Ram dialled Pavan and he is not picking his calls. Then he dialled Vamsi.
Vamsi: Hello bro.
Ram: what happens after Arjun got hurt?
Vamsi: Pavan crushed him and his friends made fun of Arjun, then he emptied the bottle of wine and smack it on Arjun's head and that made him bleed. A tall muscular bodyguard did first aid to Arjun and convinced Pavan to leave and we also left from there with him.
Ram: where is he now?
Vamsi: he is going to spend today at Sai house because sai parents are out of the city and Pavan is drunk and scared to go home.
Ram( he said thanks and cut the call): Now he will even stop talking with you.
Priya: I did it for him, who knows what Arjun planned, so I had no option other than saying this to his father( Pavan's Father) and once we proved about Nisha then everything will get back to normal.
Ram: I hope so.

Pavan's dad: Haha, he did all those things? Do you think my son got guts like me?
Rudra: He is on a different level, sir, Even I got scared of him for a few seconds.
Pavan's dad: What about Arjun?
Rudra: His father came for him, I gave a clear message that all this happened because of his son's mistake and we have no intention of harming them.
Pavan's dad: That's good, some of Pavan's friends posted videos on social media, I think you understand what you have to do.
Rudra: I will make them erase it, Sir.
Pavan's dad: ok you can leave. Rudra gave a nod and left from there.

At Arjun's house.
The doctor removed the glass pieces and stitched Arjun's wound.
Arjun: will hair grow again on the wounded area?
Doctor: No, but it won't be a problem, It will get covered by the remaining hair, no one can notice the wound.
Arjun thinking to himself; I will never forget this day of humiliation, every time I comb, this wound reminds me of him, I will do anything to get revenge on him.
Arjun's dad: Is everything alright doctor?
Doctor: Yeah, Use the medicines and Dress the wound every day.
Arjun's dad: thanks. ( doctor left from there and Arjun and his father sat next to each other)
Arjun: Dad can I ask you something?
His dad: what?
Arjun: For the first time, I saw fear in your eyes Who are they? why you left them?
Arjun's dad told him about the story of the past...and how cruel they are.
Arjun: one day I will make them pay for everything they have done for us.

Next day.
#Brinngg# #Brinngg# ( phone ringing)
Sai( gently shaking Pavan): Get up bro, how much time will you sleep? A girl named Anu is calling continually for you from the morning.
Pavan slowly opened his eyes and asked: what time it is?
Sai: 11.
Pavan: PM?
Sai: bro can't you see the sunlight? It's noon.
Pavan: what? He flinched from the bed, his head hurts because of the hangover.
Sai: Bro easy, drink this coffee.
Pavan: bro why I am in your home?
Sai: what? Don't you remember anything? since yesterday morning You have been sleeping here.
Pavan: did something happened yesterday?
Sai told him about what they did yesterday and the phone rang again.
Pavan: hello Anu good morning. Sorry good afternoon.
Anu: Did you forgot what day is today?
Pavan looked at his phone screen, saw the date and said: N..No how can I forget your birthday, happy birthday. I even got a nice gift for you, I am just waiting for the evening party.
Anu: that a nice thing to hear, Pavan I am giving a party for the hostelers in the restaurant opposite the university, you know, they are not allowed to leave the college after 7 PM. So for them, I am giving a party now.
Pavan: ok, so?
Anu: Will you please come? There is still so much time left for the lunch break so you can make it here easily in time.
Pavan: But why? I will attend the evening party. Is there any problem?
Anu: No, but I don't want to celebrate my birthday without you, please please please come for me.
Pavan: But you know ( he got interrupted by her)
Anu: please, please don't tell any excuses and come quickly if not I will cry, you don't want the birthday girl to cry right. So you are coming, thanks bye.
Pavan: wait listen( call got disconnected), why people are getting crazy? Why don't they remain normal like me?
Sai: I made videos of yesterday's fight and I am sure you won't say the same after watching those videos.
Pavan: Do you have any outfits that fit me?
Sai: No need for that, Vamsi came this morning and gave me your clothes. Where are we going now?
Pavan: To the college.
Sai: Ram called me to know whether you are coming to college or not and I said no, do you want me to call him and tell him about this?
Pavan: No. forget him as our friend. (He freshened up and they started to college)
After 20 minutes.
Pavan texted Anu: I came to college.
Anu replies: coming to the class?
Pavan: No, I will join you at the restaurant.
Anu: ok thanks.
Pavan: No mention.
After the completion of the class, Anu and her classmates started and on the way to the restaurant, Anu Accidentally met Priya.
Priya: Happy Birthday Anu, you look beautiful in this dress.
Anu ( nervous): thanks.
Priya: Why are you nervous?
Anu: you know I am. I am.. going to...
Classmate: come on Anu, Elephants are running inside my stomach.
Priya( what the hell, Cont he wait for a second?): I think your friend is dying for your treat. But I recall that the party is in the evening?
Anu: Haha yeah, but I am giving a separate party for hostelers. If you don't mind you can join us.
Priya: No, thanks for asking I am good.
Anu: ok I will keep going then.
Priya: ok see you in the evening.

After some time...
#Brinngg# #Brinngg#
Ram: you saw him? When and where? Ok, thank you.
Ram dialled 📞 to sai: where are you?
Sai: Pavan and I came to the restaurant near the college.
Ram: why didn't you told me until now?
Sai: because he said not to.
Ram: what the reason for him to come?
Sai: A girl name Anu bugged him until he agreed to come.
Ram😤(cut the call and dialled Priya): Anu is giving a party at the restaurant near our college.
Priya( just started eating her lunch with Ashu): I know a few minutes back I met her.
Ram: Pavan is also with her.
Priya: no he is not with her.
Ram explained the situation, and Priya got the reason for Anu's nervousness
Priya: she is going to propose to him in front of her classmates. Priya hurriedly wears her shoes and started running.
Ashu: what happened?
Priya didn't answer her and rushes to the restaurant.

At the restaurant.
Hostelers: This way.
Hostelers: We booked a small room to celebrate your birthday.
Anu( surprised): Really? I didn't expect this.
Hostelers: what's do you thought about us? we will just eat for free and leave without celebrating our Class princes birthday?
Anu: Haha thanks for doing this all for me, she saw Pavan and waved at him to come and after he reached them they all went inside the room,

the room was decorated with balloons and colourful LEDs, the neon lighting gave a bluish pink shade to the walls made the room beautiful with a retro ambience, At the centre of the room there was a circular table with a cake stand, A waiter brought a Chocolate Walnut Truffle cafe and placed it on the cake stand and left.
Glitters of Anu's earrings snatched Pavan's eyes and he glanced at her, Anu wore a marron double-layered skirt with embroidered crop top with a transparent full sleeve, her shiny black hair, Flawless milky white skin, and long lashes made her look like a doll.
She saw him staring at her, which made her cheeks red and got nervous.
Pavan: you look beautiful in this dress.
Anu: t-thanks.
Pavan: he is my friend sai.
Sai: Hii
Anu: Hello,
Pavan: why are you nervous?
Anu: no-nothing, I am good. After a few minutes, some of their seniors joined the party.
Pavan: why seniors are here?
Anu: they are my friends, we all played for the same district team.
The party started They put 18 magic candles 🕯️ on the cake as an indication of her age, she closed her eyes and brought her palms together to make a wish and then blow out the candles, she took the knife into her hands and everyone started singing the birthday song,
Anu: one-second guys, I want to say something before the cake cutting.
Classmates: so we have a birthday speech now, Please proceed.
Anu: thanks to everyone for making my birthday special, I am blessed to have friends like you guys, I...i...
Classmates: I?
Anu: I am in love with a person for the last 2 years but afraid to propose to him because what if he says no? I will lose him as a friend too. but today I decided to propose to him.
Classmates:😯😯😯😯 is he someone among us?
Anu: yeah,
Classmate: then who is he? What's the wait? propose.
Anu: I will propose to him after the cake cutting😖.
She cut the cake into pieces and kept the first piece separately on a plate and distributed the remaining pieces to the people there. In the meantime, Pavan sat in a corner placing a cool drink glass with ice chips on his face to soothe his headache.
Anu took that plate and went to him, people there didn't pay attention to them until they heard the word " I love you".
They all turned to them and started shouting and clapping, Her proposal caught Pavan off-guard. He didn't know what to do, he was thinking in mind about what to do now? How will she feel if I reject her? Will All these people make fun of her? How will I face her again?
Suddenly, the door opened and Priya came inside, Pavan saw Priya and their memories together ran inside his brain but the lost recall was Arjun kissing her, his blood boiled and he looks at Anu who was staring gloomily at him.
Pavan: I love you too. The Anu face brightened like a sun. She hugs him and kissed him on his cheek, the stains of lipstick was left on his face and whistles spread across the room.
Priya moved out of the room with a broken heart 💔, She is on the verge of crying but tries to hold back her tears, her heart was beating as it will burst at any time.
Ashu (came to the restaurant in search of Priya and found her): why are you crying, what happened?
Priya didn't notice that she was crying, she wiped her tears and said: so this is how heartbreak feels like, no wonder that he hates me for this.

Anu consolidated her and after a few minutes, Ram came there and understand the situation, he dropped Priya at home, From that day onwards Pavan and Priya become distant from each other. Priya gave a few attempts trying to spoke with him and failed.
After completion of the Party.
Pavan: Anu I want to talk with you in private.
Anu: I know you don't love me and said I love you to save me from embarrassment on my birthday.
Pavan: why did you do that?
Anu: you have to move on Pavan, Priya never loved you and never will, But I do I just need a chance to prove it to you and now I got one.
Pavan: But what about me and my emotions?
Anu: Please be with me for this year and if you don't like me then can break up with me.
Pavan: it's more like a business Anu.
Anu: do I have any other options?
Pavan: ok, but don't blame me for this.
Anu: I won't because I already know the outcome.

Vikas: then how you both became friends again?
Priya: He came to me and said sorry.
Vikas: how?

A year passed and they entered into 3rd year of engineering.
Vamsi: Bro will you please give me your car? My girlfriend agreed to come on a long drive with me.
Pavan: ok I will give you my car but do you have money for petrol?
Vamsi: hmm I...I will manage.
Pavan: haha I am just kidding bro, my car fuel tank is full. Be careful and come back before 4 PM.
Vamsi: thanks, bro.
In the meanwhile.
Ram teaching car driving to Priya
Priya: How many years will he remain like this? Do you have any idea to make him talk?
Ram: I have a plan but it's a bit risky.
Priya: what is it? Why didn't you tell me until now?
Ram: for suppose if we got into an accident and admitted to a hospital, I guess he will surely visit and spoke with us.
Priya: good idea😊.
Ram:😦 No No, press break, listen we have to fake the accident, #CRASH#
At college
At 4 p.m. Pavan went to the parking, Vamsi just came and his girlfriend was getting down the car
Pavan( he cont believe what he is seeing and went closure to her): Priya?
That girl turned towards him and said: My name is Nisha.
Pavan: Designing?
Nisha: So you still remember my name.
Pavan: Do you have a minute?
Nisha: I have hours if you are the one asking for it.
Pavan: I need to know something about Priya, so I need to take it with her alone, only if you have no problem with it,
Vamsi: of course bro.
Nisha told him the whole story and her reasons etc
Pavan mind shut off for a second and thought: So what they told it true, I made a mistake. I should have believed them. ( his phone started vibrating) hello, when? I am coming.
He went to the hospital and saw Priya and Ram. Priya didn't get a scratch but Ram got a bruise on his face.
Pavan: Are you both all right?
Their faces light up with joy and said: better as ever.
Pavan: I am sorry,
Priya: why?
Pavan: I saw... Nisha.
Priya: So you understand what we said is true and Now believing us right.
Pavan: Yes...
Priya: I love you.

To be continued...
Thanks for 1K supporters, I noticed some of the spelling mistakes in my previous chapter like whipped for wiped, Played for paid and so on, I tried my best to make the episode error-free but because of the autocorrection etc you can notice some mistake here and there, The episode is unedible (once we published it we cont correct the mistakes) so I cont do anything about it but thanks for understanding and not making it a big deal🙂, thanks for reading😊😊.

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