HAPPINESS - 23 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 23


We will show the winning bet by winning.

I'll teach you and yourself to smile

Please pray to God in the morning and evening.

I will write happiness in your fortune

Listen very much, listen to my grandmother

Soon I will teach you worldliness


Do not ask me the reason for my silence.

You don't ask for my innocence


I think of you in all my thoughts.

Inexplicably my eyes cry uninterrupted every day.

The yearning of union increases in this way.

I sleep after seeing your pictures

They are scared even by the thought of separation.

The distance of the moment loses peace of my heart.

I wish you had the desire to get

I cherish your dreams day and night

I have a lot of love for you

I sow feelings of love in my heart

Written by drowning in my thoughts.

Your letter will be pearl in writing


Weather has brought with you

See how this weather has come


Good or bad time goes away.

Leave tomorrow's pyre, today it is so I will live


The stone is ready to be inscribed.

But i can't trust my own people

We cannot feed bread to a hungry person.

You can fill the temples with an eye

What is the nature that unseen and

People can be afraid of unknown power


Who stands in the way of happiness?

Who is lying as a bloodthirsty stone?

Everyone has the right to live life.

Who is silenced here silently?

The Muslims slept in the lap of love.

Who is crucified on love


Love has fallen in love.

Prank has become old in order

Has fallen in love with the stone.

There is a rebellion in ignorance.

I yearn to see you once.

I am a lover of love

Heartily morning and evening

Got used to talking

Ishq in Ghalib Muflissi

Love is worshiped

Do not even take the name of going away.

Have hated separation



Love is still innocent

Just don't let it feel anymore

If you can hear the beating of the heart

Even today the heart beats for you

It is another matter that they do not show and do not show.


I saw you, it's Eid.

Looked at the moon, it will be Eid

The light of hope was illuminated.

Friend, i'm done

What have you seen on your lips?

Saw love, i'm done


If the prayer is done from the heart, it does not take time for confession.

Risks to be fulfilled with heart, an age is cut off laughing ll


Broke and come today to meet Bediya era Sanam.

Breaking the chains today, blossoms have come today


One boy used to eat golgappa every day.

I used to eat a Golgappa in the evening

Some days he had a sweet meal some day.

I used to eat Golgappa without forgetting it.

Used to talk to mother on the phone.

Used to eat golgappa for food


Today I am calling again, your mother.

I am afraid of the world

To recite your lullabies with your love

If you are not, I will cling to your memory, mother.


Slowly learning love.

Slowly learning mischief ll

To talk with you, laugh - laugh.

Slowly they are learning Himkat ll


Want to drink from your eyes.

I want to live in your memories

On the moonlit night

I want to sink in your arms

I have done it with my eyes closed

I want to be robbed of your vados


There will be no less love.

Friend you will not be sad


Wherever we go

Pray will be with you


Stay close and sit here, do not get this moment again.

Learn to smile a little, then I will not meet you

Imprisoned to see you imprisoned in the heart.

Today, the decree was blown again by rebellion.


Change the pace as much as life requires

The changing moment will change the way of thinking

You will win, do not miss one day.

Change the mind about the people of the world.