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Speak, what gift should I give to you today?

I'm a beautiful gift for you

love you more than life

Whatever you say today, should I spend it on you?

Your life is worthless, listen.

Should I also call moon stars in your prostration?

All my happiness is from you, dear

Should I take my swing of arms to caress you?

My little angels, my dears today

I heard the lullaby in the moonlit night and made me sleep?



There are so many complaints, memories, yet I am silent.

I look loose on the outside, but faint on the inside

To maintain friendship with the conscious

I will faint to show everyone in the gathering

Love has made you completely crazy.

Today I am intoxicated after drinking the jam of your eyes.

Wander in the world of dreams and thoughts

I don't know how many ages I've been with you



Let what is a secret be a secret.

Let the one who is near stay close.

Whether out of sight, but from the heart

Let the one who is with you stay with me

There is only one in your loved ones, that l

Let what is special be special

from eyes to heart

Let the one who is proud be proud.

Silence shouts

Let what is simple be simple.

There should not be any discussion in the world.

Whatever it is, let it be

Those beautiful moments spent together

I'll remember what I remember

completely immersed in love

Let the raga be the raga.

Till now what I kept hidden in my heart

Let what is a secret be a secret

When did friendship turn into love?

I'll love what is love


God understands love

you will understand us


I love your every wound.

Even in loneliness, someone seems to be their own.

After a long time remember me

It feels like a dream to call you

Years passed away, then my l

The mention in poetry seems different.

Day and night is decorated in dreams.

I feel true in my lovely eyes

We have established our own world.

Looks like a star in that sky




Who's own, who's alien to whom the news is here.

We live in ourselves, why will I be oblivious

love and talk love seems like a joke

We live in ourselves, why will I be careless?

Blurred memories are left of beautiful moments.

Why do we live in ourselves?

nothing will matter

We live in ourselves because I'll be ineffective

Wanted to break, but didn't expect to want.

We live in ourselves, why will I be shameless?

It doesn't matter whether anyone comes or goes

We live in ourselves because beziger ll



The boats are stuck in the storm.

Celebrities will be blown away by pride

raining continuously

The settlements are stuck in the water.

Lost in love of lover

I'll have fun in my eyes


Why are we angry with ourselves?

Why is everyone unfaithful here?

Silence is always giving

Why is everyone stupid here?

The moonlight is also on the screen today.

Why is everyone here naked?

Instead of getting wet in wet weather

Why is everyone here stupid?

Some decisions are of God.

Why is everyone here rude?


so don't look good together

That's why I'm with you because you look true


Games are dangerous for love

Games are dangerous for luck


Whatever moment you get, live with the tongue, friend.

Sports are life's dangerous

Listen to those who play the game of love

Games are dangerous for hearts


silence has a mouth

Laughter has a tongue

keep doing that by myself

Talking has a tongue


Angry love flows

Those who suffer pain love will flow

Day and night are immersed in love because of desire

Those who live in sorrow, love flows.

Love with the tongue, there is a dagger in the pocket.

Those who say rakib love a lot.


Bada badam mujhe balam mila hai.

I'll be the only one wet from God

Every moment I see sweet dreams

Why is the color of the eyes yellow today?

I have put my heart in the foolishness.

What is the color of love?

I didn't even think once

Everything is the play of the lines of the hand.

bowed down in love a little too much

Heart's leaking is already loose

keep ignoring my love

You have a seal of blind faith


The body has come out of the cage.

The heart is still attached to the mind cage.


Why is your thought involved in my every thought?

The eyes hidden in the curtains of Haya are murderers.

Hearts are in the mind, but not in luck.

how the heart is at peace, why ll


Sacrifice happiness by doing your own thing

A person lives by suffering from happiness and sorrow.

By shedding the ocean of mercy and compassion in the world

He gets respect by doing good deeds.


Don't ask me the reason for my silence.

Don't ask me the reason for my innocence

Someone is waiting on the crazy side

I don't want to ask why

He is in front of you in the form of an open book.

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sentiments & emotions define what constitutes human love. A pure joy to read your poetry

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