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Stay With Me - 9 - The Headlines

In a fraction of time, our all encounters, until now flash back to my mind, and I am somewhat disappointed that this ignoramus is Rishi uncle's son.. for me they are as different as chalk from cheese.

But our dads... they exclaim together, "do you know each other??!!!" Well I am searching for words that Nomaan answers eying me from top to bottom, "hmm.. somewhat..." I look away as our eyes meet.

I was so excited to meet uncle's family, but now I am wishing them to leave as soon as possible. I address my dad clearing my throat, "dad.. dinner is served.." I don't know it is some awkwardness, I am feeling right now. That's the reason I am not feeling urge to eat anything but my dad gestures me to join them.

Rishi uncle eats slowly savouring the flavours, but for Nomaan I can't say anything cause he was silent throughout the dinner, suspiciously I found him perceiving me by his peripheral vision.

After dinner they take a seat in garden, I don't want to go there, so I get busy in cleaning the table, that after around fifteen minutes my dad calls out, "Tuli.. why don't you join us..?"

I mumble rolling my eyes, "this dad na.." as I walk to the garden, my dad points towards the garden chair, "come.. sit here.." I notice Nomaan is busy in mobile.

Rishi uncle starts, "food was quite tasty..." I smile to that, "thank you uncle.. " then they both look at each other as if they want to say something.. my dad asks somewhat hesitantly, "so tell us.. how do you know Nomaan..?"

My eyes move towards Nomaan with jolt, well his eyes are on mine, "umm..we've met at Viansh's birthday party.." I answer recalling his behaviour and twitch my lips at him. He rolls his eyes.

" you have met with Viansh..!!"uncle exclaims.. "yeah.. he is good friend of mine..." I reply remembering Viansh with smile.

But my dad swiftly changes the topic, "it's.. it's really good that you know each other.. it would be easy now.."

I furrow, "what would be" My dad scratches his head in confusion, "actually I.. no.. we..." he sways his hand to point out himself and uncle.."were thinking.. that you and Nomaan.."

Obviously me and Nomaan are looking at each other with wide eyes... knowing exactly what will come next though we ask together annoyingly, "us..what?" Rishi uncle completes the sentence, "that both of you are perfect for each other.." he pauses, "umm.. to be life partner.."

My jaw drops, at the same time the phone from Nomaan's hand fell on the ground. I get up with jolt, "No.. it's not possible.." well he is good looking with appealing personality and bewitching eyes but he is so haughty.. I don't like that about him.

He adds, "yeah dad... I don't like her too" he glares at me with disdain and fury. I narrow my eyes, "and no one is asking you to like me.."

He addresses uncle, "see..? Always have this bossy attitude.. what does she think of herself?"

"King of the world.. do you have any problem with that..?" I reply folding my arms on my chest. He chuckles sarcastically, "king..and you..? huh... in your dreams.. cause in real world you are nothing... well atleast to me.."

Our dads are looking at us as if they have seen the ghost.. stunned.

I reply, "well.. I don't care what am I mean to you... ? cause I don't live to please people like you... you grumpy head.."

I observe his nostrils flare as he lashes out, "dad.. can we leave now..? Her attitude stinks and I can't take it longer.."

I chuckle, "then stop breathing.. problem solved.."

Both my dad and Rishi uncle shout together, "enough... just enough... you two.."

I lower my face down saying, "I am sorry uncle.. but I won't marry this person even if he is the only one left on this earth.. never.."

As expected Nomaan yells, "I will better die unmarried than to marry this insolent girl..."

I roll my eyes, "you are more inso...." "Tuli..shut up.." my dad interrupts angrily. I glance at Nomaan furiously, his proud smirk don't go unnoticed by me. I wish, "Good night uncle" and leave the place stomping my feet.

I dash to my room slamming the door shut. Jump on my bed breathing heavily, "huh.. that jerk.."

I don't know what is happening there now, but after around 20 minutes my dad knocks on my door, "Tuli... open the door, I know you are not sleeping.." he must have been somewhat disappointed because of my behaviour.

He sits next to me and asks with annoyance, "what was that out there Tuli..?" I look at my dad still anger on my face and answer, "dad.. we better don't talk about that, cause I can't marry that pea brain, not in my scariest dream.. that's it."

"May I know the reason..?" My dads asks raising his brows, his arms folded. I tell him the way we have had met and try my hardest to portray Nomaan 'a bad guy.'

I add, "He is arrogant, dad, he might be son of Rishi uncle but I bet he doesn't have single trait of him. And above all I don't like him."

Surprisingly my dad replies, "hmm.. if this is the scene then I won't constrain my girl.." he smiles, "okay.. I'll talk to Rishi about it.. I am sure he will get it so don't get stressed.."

He clears his throat getting up, "umm.. all I know about Nomaan is something different. cause whenever I have met him, he has been always smart and cool so I thought him to be best match for you... but I'll do as you wish.." he sighs deeply and leave the room.

I twitch my lips as I mimic my dad, "best match and him... only if anyone is born on earth as superior as him then only it's possible..."

The night has been sleepless for me, sometimes there is a feeling of invisible fear that girdles my heart and next moment all I feel is indomitable energy.. what can that be? deep in thoughts I move my legs to art room early in the morning and spend almost a day in it.

All I need is someone to talk to but my girls are busy in studies, Abhi is in his gym and that Viansh too is out of town for I don't know how many days.. oh..god... I miss my mom..

Thank god Rishi uncle didn't call me and my dad didn't try to convince me.

Next day morning, my dad is in his room and I am in the kitchen preparing tea, suddenly I hear big thud, and thinking about my dad I sprint out of kitchen and see that someone has thrown a newspaper in our yard.

Well dad might have subscribed for it I think.. so I run to the yard and lift the paper and suddenly my eyes got caught by the headlines on a front page with image below.

The headline is : Nomaan Arora - a heart throb of Pune is ready to settle down..??!!
Below there is image of him and my eyes got widened as I glance at the image next to him.. it's me in my maxi dress.

I rub my eyes several times, bite my lips and pinch my self to believe it's not a nightmare..!!

I hear dad's voice, "what's so interesting Tuli...?" "It's sale of some beauty products dad..." I fought back tears. "I want to have all the details so I am keeping it" I glare at Nomaan's photo furiously...

My dad just nod his head, eyeing me suspiciously, I dash to my room, shut the door and dip into the whole news:

As per the report a mysterious clingy girl spotted roaming around Nomaan Arora- a son of billionaire, hot, dashing and most handsome face of the Pune..

Question is.. does this successful businessman pay any attention to her? Or she is just a playing her mind tricks for his looks and money.. we are doubtful about that...!!

The rage pierced me to the core.. tears of hatred welled up in my eyes, I grit my teeth in anger, "Nomaan... you have to answer me for this..." yeah it is him... otherwise who else can have my photo of that day?

I wipe away my tears with determination, get dressed up in same maxi dress, why is this happen that Viansh is not here when I needed him the most..??!!

I search for his office in cellphone, inform maid that I will be back in a while, thank god my dad is not around so I hurriedly self start my scooter and off to his office, of course cursing that Nomaan, it must have been the most wretched moment I first time met him that I can't get rid of him. Only I know how much it took me to conceal myself.. that dumbo has exposed my face on a media..!!

My dad has just recovered from a major attack, now I don't think he has ability to survive another one, which he can get from this headlines..

I know my rejection may not have been tolerated by that egoistic.. that's why he has done this to satisfy his ego....but without knowing the circumstances. I hate him.. I hate him more.

Today I am so outrageous that I didn't know how do I reach at Nomaan's office, of course like his proud self, his office is just excellant example of showing off the wealth, covering largest area.

His office must have tight security, it won't be that easy to meet him, but I will by any ways, how can he do this to me? If I have rejected him then he too has done same to me.. so we are equals.. I want to let him know that I don't care for how rich and handsome he is...!!just let me live in peace.

And my lips get pursed cause at this time I am going to take advantage fo that newspaper. As the security approach me to stop, I show him paper, "you know... Nomaan won't take it lightly if you will stop his girlfriend..." I feel bile arises in my gut bursting out the last word.. .. but wow...that worked....

So with the same strategy I enter inside his office, ask to the receptionist, she is beautiful young lady, regards me with shock, "sir is in the conference." She replies formally. "Okay I'll wait then.." I shrugged and sit in the waiting area, I sharply scan the place, spot the lift. As the girl gets busy in calls, my eyes caught by a sweeper and I follow him to the rest room, "I am sorry.. I am lost.. do you know where is the conference room.. I am being really late." I ask frantically.

That sweeper eyes me keenly and answers, "conference room is on the fourth floor" I gently reply, "oh thank you so much" and I dash to the lift, of course there are many employees and visitors are moving around so no one gets suspicious about me.

I swiftly get inside uttering in anger, "Nomaan wait I am coming to ruin your conference."

As the lift stops, my heart starts racing in my chest, I observe that whole floor, after a small corridor, there is a glass door, as I reach to the door, I feel my hands are cold as I am damn nervous but furious too.

I push that door with jolt to open, omg.. there are around twenty men sitting around a big rectangular table, and at the far end I spot Nomaan sitting in middle, busy in laptop.

The very next moment all eyes are on me. Nomaan senses my presence, he furrows his brows and asks getting up,"what are you doing here? How did you get in?"

And my anger burst out like a balloon, I approach him in a few steps,"how dare you to publish shit like this about me?" I ask slamming the paper on table. He glances at the paper dumbfounded, of course his jaws get clenched, but I know people like him always wear a mask of politeness when it comes to their benefits.

He grits his teeth in anger, though he speaks as calmly as he can, "I don't know anything about it.. though we can talk about it after my meeting. So you can wait outside."

I shout again, "oh.. poor innocent victim..." I roll my eyes, "I know that you are arrogant, self centered but you are big liar too... how could you do this to me?, didn't you think that how will it affect me?, what have I done wrong to you that you want to ruin my life.. huh? yeah.. Nomaan.. unlike you, I don't like cheap publicity to get famous." I notice that his eyes are fixed on paper.. "oh..hello.. Mr. I am talking to you.." I snap to make him look at me. "Why are you so silent today? Just talk to me like you always do.. so that these people can witness your true colour."

He slams his hands on a glass table, walks towards me, and almost drags me out of that room, grabbing my wrist tightly, I feel his hand is cold..

As the door closes behind us, He rolls his eyes,"security..." he shouted out gazing at me. he leaves my hand with a jerk and utters angrily gnashing his teeth, "see.. whatever you are speaking about, I don't know who did this..? But how dare you sneak in my important conference, believe me when I am warning you about this.. if.." he repeats, "if .. today my proposal will get refused because of you then you are.. Dead..." he speaks with so much fury that it gave me the shivers, I gulp my saliva, what if he is telling me the truth..?

I see two strong men come up by stairs. As they are about to move towards me, I warn them, "don't you dare touch me, I've entered with my own free will so I'll leave the same way.." they halt aghast and confused looking at Nomaan.

I address Nomaan, "and you... do whatever you can to remove that senseless news.. otherwise I'll sue you in the court if needed..cause this is about my dignity and I won't overlook it..." I sprint to lift glancing at him with aversion.

As the door opens, I hustle to the exit, knowing his security men are following me. but on the way back to my home, my heart sinks with unknown fear, like I have awaken a demon, Nomaan's face and words are swirling in my mind.

But then I console my self, what can he do to me? Insult me, fight with me, I am used to it now. Though my instincts were not satisfied.

At home, my dad is worriedly waiting for me, as I park my scooter, he almost yells "what was that much important Tuli? Atleast you could have informed me."

But I don't answer to my dad, cause I don't want to lie to him. "Sorry.." I apologise, lowering my eyes.

Five days passed, I am somewhat confirmed that my assumption was right, it was Nomaan who published the headlines, and relieved too thinking he knows now that I am not the girl, he should mess with.

On 6th day, at morning Viansh calls me,"hey... guess what...? I am back.." " I missed you yaar.." I jump joyously. "Let's meet at my place for dinner.. you know I will cook..." "Oh... you will cook.. then I'll visit your place after dinner" He chuckles loudly, "just joking.. we'll order something delicious.. you just meet me at 8.. okay..?" "Done... then see you at eight.. bye.." I hang up.

Then my dad informs me that he has to go to Mumbai with Rishi uncle for his business, and it might take day or two there.

I am happy for my dad, that his life is back on track now, so I merrily sound, "okay dad, don't worry about me.." and he leaves with Rishi uncle after lunch.

At evening I get ready in black chiffon polka dotted long sleeved top and white denim, bind my hairs in sleek ponytail, accessorise myself with big white tops and white satchel, finish the look with white sneakers. Weather is good so I decide to take a walk.

Road is completely empty..I might have reached at the middle I felt someone from behind my back pressed my mouth and taped up it.. I try to throw a back kick but in vain, cause next moment my face is covered with black cloth, and what I experience is utter darkness, though I try to punch their faces but I feel that there are more than one cause they grab my both hands and tie them then they lift me up and make me sit inside some vehicle seat tying my ankles.

The vehicle starts with utmost speed, I can't even move, I am furious with rage and frustration. for a while I felt that I might get fainted, my head is spinning.. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes.

"Act wisely Tuli.. this is not a time to pass out, keep your ears open, definitely you will get a clue.." I pull myself together.

They all are quiet, The vehicle must be a van, cause one of them has slided it's door. But I doubt there is anyone around.. am I alone in the vehicle???

But next moment my phone starts ringing, oh..god it must be Viansh.. but suddenly it stops ringing and don't ring again as those jerks might have switched it off it or thrown it somewhere outside.

Anger seems to flow in my veins, but all I can do is, "..ummm...ummm...ummm" that helplessness starts dripping from my eyes in form of tears.. but I don't think those crocodile-skinned would have been affected by my whimpers.

It's been almost an hour, I am riding like this, then finally the vehicle takes sharp turn and stops after minute.

They drag me outside and again I feel a strong hands that lift me on one's shoulder, all I can do is failed attempt to punch his back with my tied hands, but whoever he is..he is strong as rock.

He puts me down on a soft surface like couch. And I hear foot steps fading away that means they have left me alone and gone.

My whole body is dripping with sweat, my wrist and ankles are numb due to lack of blood circulation, that I can't feel my fingers and can't even move them. my lips are tightly sealed which adds to my pain I am feeling.

After some time, I hear foot step approaching me, at every second my heart is sinking, cause I am sure, today I am gonna face the enemy my dad has mentioned. Part of me is thinking that it's good cause I will know now who is the enemy?

I feel that person's presence behind me, I brace myself as he slowly lifts that cloth from my face, I try to open my eyes, but they squint first to adopt the light.

I was hoping that they might keep me in some dark and dirty place, but on the contrary, I am in a very nice place, cause what I am seeing is, I am in a big room, on a large bed size couch, floor is covered with velvety carpet, every corner of that room is decorated with antique artifacts the place is well furnished with ebony. but whose place is this?

I turn around with jolt as my eyes are eagerly searching for the man behind this deed, I am damn curious to know the person who made my whole life a hell, who separated my parents and who has stolen my independence. But to my surprise the person is vanished.

That I notice someone is stepping down the stairs at far right side from me so I am not able to see who is it? As that person feet touches the ground, he turns his face towards me with clenched jaws and angry stares.

I am shocked with wide eyes, cause that person is none other than Nomaan.. !!!


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