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Stay With Me - 10 - !! Damned !!

When I look at his face, my breathing increases, how dare he? Omg I should have known.. he is after all the mess. He turns out to be my greatest enemy..!!!

He regards me with stern face and calls out the name, "vidita..." and before he completes the sentence, a thin teenage girl, wearing light pink punjabi dress, hurriedly appears out from behind me and stands in front of Nomaan.. asking, "yes .."

Nomaan just moves his eyes towards me, I am still in the same state, dripping with more sweat, breathing heavily and cursing him inside my mind, as I can't move my lips.

That girl, Vidita.. approaches me, first forcefully removes the duct tape from my mouth that I screamed in pain, "ouch..." my lips starts burning like someone had put chilli powder on it..

Of course I am not able to speak anything due to burning sensation.. then she unties my wrists and ankles.. and It is like flow of blood rushed to my palms and fingers, it is only after few seconds I am able to feel them, first thing I do is cover my lips with my hand to warm them to lessen the pain...

Then she leaves and comes back with a glass of water, of course I am dying with thirst but at the same time I observe Nomaan, he is eying me from the corner, crossing his hands on his chest.

His face makes my blood boil, and I push her hand vigorously that the glass hits the wall and gets broken into pieces.

Vidita, like a ghost, watches me with a shock, but without uttering a word she goes and this time brings water in a steel glass.

Nomaan snarls angrily, "you have last chance you stupid girl.. otherwise I'll make sure that you don't get any water until you are here.."

His words add up to my anger so I shout back, "and you don't wanna keep me here for eternity.. do you?.. if yes then it's better to die with the thirst than to face you everyday .." and again I repeat the same.

Vidita is aghast, she is observing Nomaan well I am outrageous cause I am brought here against my will.. but I am not that easy to deal with..he should know that..

Nomaan gestures his eyes to her to leave the room, she gives me most pitiful look and slowly leaves. Nomaan locks the door behind her.

Oh god...!!! Now I am all alone with this jerk!!!

I am so burning with rage that all other feelings are suppressed beneath it. That's the reason I am not scared of Nomaan..

Still I am feeling pins and needles in my feet. I can't even walk properly otherwise I must have escaped until now. Though I am sharply observing his each and every reactions.

Then he sits himself on a couch opposite to me, crosses his legs and utters scornfully, "so how do you feel dear..?"

I grit my teeth and shout angrily, "how dare you to abduct me like this.. Nomaan I'll make sure that Rishi uncle will know about it.."

He smirks, "oh.. It was expected..." Then utters flatly, "do you think I'll get afraid of my dad.. then sweet dreams with that" he exhales.

Then he adds, "perhaps he won't even see your face after knowing what you have done."

I twitch my lips, "oh.. really what have I done that wrong?"

As he was waiting for that question he readily answers, "it's because of your stupidity I've lost an important project which costed me millions. I have warned you na..!!"

Well at first my eyes got widened by the listening the amount but then I come back to my senses, "and for your kind information.. who is responsible for that..? it's not me I am damn sure.. if you hadn't published that shit about me in the newspaper at first place then it wouldn't have happened so I am not the one to be blamed for your loss.."

He slams his fist on a glass table next to him saying, "why don't you get it you dumb.. that I didn't do that..and see.. he slams the paper on table, if you have observed it carefully, this part is separately glued to the paper.. more precisely to this paper only..this means someone has pranked with you but you were so ready to blame me.. why do you hate me that much..?"

I grab the paper with jolt, carefully observe it.. oh god it's true.. but I roll my eyes, "well but it doesn't prove that you didn't do it.. you did this prank to mess with me right? who can have my photo in that dress other than you?"

Nomaan annoyingly holds his head, "If you don't want to trust me then it's your problem.. but believe me.. I forgot about you, the moment I stepped out of your gate, why do you think that I would have published your photo.. who are you... huh?"

"Then why did you bother to bring me here just let me go..okay" I add quickly.

"Oh dear.." he snarls, "let you go.. let you go.. no... you know that day you have ruined my reputation, my image, my pride, my status.. so now it's my turn.."

Then he puts his forefinger to his chin thinking, "oh.. you don't have anything.. how can I ruin you.. huh?"

I sharply observe him to get the meaning behind his words. and my heart starts racing in my chest as I speak, "don't..... think.... about.. it.. okay..."

He gives a deceitful laugh as he speaks, "I can think anything, it's my mind after all, and why don't you admit that you are interested in me.. don't you?"

I shiver with anger as I answer, "Interested in you.. oh.. someone is day dreaming.." I chuckle sarcastically. "Nomaan.. you might have been heart throb for many girls but to me you are just arrogant, selfish, proudy creature.. so don't ever think about me like that..okay... now stop this nonsense and just let me go from here, I am telling you, Doing so will not get you anything but will have a greater effect on your image too."

He laughs cheerfully, "oh... so now you are worried about my image?? but you know.. no one out there will believe you, that it's me behind your abduction.. you won't be able to prove it anyway..." he smirks deceitfully.

"but what will you do...? When people will know that you have a spent a night with a you just worry about your image.. your dignity.. you poor girl, just think..what will society think about you..? "

"I cover my ears with my hands, well I don't care about society but my dad.. what will happen to my dad?" No I can't let that happen, but I don't know this Nomaan, what if he will try to....

'No..' I scream, getting up with jolt..,"just let me go Nomaan. I know self defence.." he laughs like he has heard some kind of joke, "oh.. so miss Tulika knows self defence too.. wow.. surprising..!!! but do you think your little frame can even push my hand? And If you wanna play mortal combat then I am champion in martial arts.. so I am afraid you will lose"

"Who cares?..." I roll my eyes... "I am leaving.. do whatever you can.." and I run towards the door.. "owww... challenge..?? I accept it.." He answers with a smirk.. and reaches to the door with long strides to stop me. so I stand there, scan the place for any exits, but I am afraid there is only one. "Oh enough of this shit..Let me go now...." I said frustrated.

To my surprise his expression changes.. "not enough for me.. cause I am not any man that you can meddle with and move on.. you shouldn't have crossed my path at first place.."

I stare at him and cold fear spirals through my heart...!! "What will you do to me.. Nomaan??" I ask him with my heart in my mouth..

He sharply observes me with stern face, "Just wait and see how will I make your life a hell, you don't know, but you have messed with the wrong person.. dear...."

He slowly steps towards me, twitching his lips and eyeing me with anger. I step backwards until my back hits the wall, gulp my saliva down, breathing enormously heavy, confused that it is my sweat or tears as they all are dripping from the face to my lips, giving my mouth a salty taste.....

He approaches me in a moment, comes that much close that smell of his cologne hits my nose, I can feel his rhythmic warm breathing on my face, he cages me between his arm against the wall.. my hands are clenched in fists thinking what would his next step be???

I try to slip down the wall.. but he grabs one of my shoulder..and again pins me to the wall..

Oh.. god.. again I am helpless.. I start panicking.., "Nomaan..." but he puts his forefinger to his nose, "ssshh.." He leans forward. I squeeze my eyes shut...,"please don't... please don't.. please don't.."

"What are you babbling?" He asks. As I open my eyes.. He is eying me with hanky in his hand. I got startled when he gently wipes off the sweat from my face, then slowly tucks loose hair strands behind my ears..,"

Tulika.. " the way he spoke my name.. first time I am listening to his gentle and calm tone.. and our eyes meet.. this time I don't want to take my eyes off of his beautiful amber brown orbs, nicely fitted beneath angled thick eyebrows.. and my panic is just gone..

'pang' a rolling sound of thunder wakes me up.. what is happening to me? I come back to my senses.. but he is still in the same state.. amazed..

My heart is hammering inside my ribcage.. this is not fear.. this is something else, no it can't be.. I lower my face down, he lifts it up gently.. I want to be angry but I can't. He speaks huskily, "Next time when you blame someone keep in mind that it's not necessary for the person to turn out the way you think he is... so don't be too quick to form your opinion about someone...!!"

He releases me, I am loss for words. He smirks, "don't stare me like this or my mind will be changed..." He winks at me. I don't wanna argue now.. so I grab my purse from the couch, sprint to the door, hurriedly step out without glancing at Nomaan.

Next moment I find myself on a very big manor.. where is the entrance now..? I look around that Vidita appears out of nowhere. She points towards my left side so I dash to that direction.

Of course tears are coursing down my face at the same time I am scared too, And as I step out to the porch, I notice, I am out of the city. In some kind of farm house and adding to my misfortune it's raining. What to do now?

I search my purse for mobile, thank god it's there switched off. I switch it on .. it's 1am. I can't leave, so I sit in a porch Of course crying and cursing that Nomaan badly... I hate that person more... I don't want to see his face again.. never...!!

I glance at the notification that Viansh was trying to call me. But It is not right time to call him back, he will start asking thousands of questions which I don't want to answer..!!

Suddenly I hear someone is approaching to the entrance so I get up and hide myself behind the porch column, I sneak a look behind it, it's Nomaan leaving in his car.. I just sit there resting my back to the pillar.

As he reaches as the main gate, Vidita comes to me, she utters as slowly as she can, "well di as our young master has gone now, you can come inside I am afraid you can't leave at this crucial time."

As I have spent my life in village, these trees don't fear me but I can't spend whole night outside, at the same time I don't want to step inside that hell too so I deny, "thank you but I am fine here."

But that little girl is quite smart so she quickly adds, "okay.. your wish, but rain is pouring heavily and as I am going to switch off all the lights then there will be snakes, scorpions and god knows what else? That's why I am telling you to come in.. please. "

I know that she is right, but should I trust her? Well Nomaan has left, so unwillingly I enter inside, Vidita gives a chuckle.

She leads me to kitchen, presents me with glass of water, this time I drink it cause I am dying of thirst, and I ask for another glass.

She asks eying me, "do you want to eat anything?" I reply, "no.. I am fine thanks..." then she leads me to a big bed room. "so.. do you live here all alone.. don't you get scared?" I ask. She chuckles again, "no.. I don't live here, my uncle and his family takes care of this Villa...they live in servant's quarters at backyard. " she pauses, "I work at young master's place in city."

"Then how will you go back?" I ask thinking about my dad. "Young master will send me a car.." my heart starts thumping in my chest thinking my maids will call to my dad that I am not home.. "I have to leave early.." I say worried.

She twitches, "umm... papa is a taxi driver,"I can call him if you want.." "can you call him now?" I ask. "No.. but he can pick you up at 5:00.." "okay.. that'd be great.." I reply somewhat relieved.

She stares at me unblinkingly and smiles. I ask, "what..?"

She quickly answers,"you are damn beautiful and brave too.. that's the reason young master is interested in you.."

"what..?" I furrow.

She replies, "yes... the way he was quietly listening to you.. no one I know, has guts to talk to him like you did.."

can it be possible?? I am doubtful. But I like her innocence. "Hey.. Vidita.. do you know those men who brought me here?"

Vidita answers, "I don't know them but they were not men.. they were women.. very strong and muscular" She answers flexing her thin arm... "what..? I ask aghast.. "hmm" she nods..

I twitch my lips saying, "oh so your young master keeps a gang of girls to abduct girls."

She laughs, "well may be young master had to do this for you cause it takes lots of courage to make young master annoyed.."

I think about the project he has lost because of me, I recall my behaviour that day, I was really too fast to accuse him wrongly.

Vidita wakes me up from my thoughts, "okay.. di now go to bed, I will wake you up at 4:30 okay....? if you want anything then.. I am in the next room..Good night" she smiles and leaves.

I just sit on a couch closing my eyes, don't remember when I drifted off, the unknown fear of being abducted swirl on my mind and I snap open my eyes. I am all sweaty, my head is spinning, my mouth is dry.

I tiptoe to the kitchen thinking glass of water would help me.. as I reach at the door, I notice kitchen's light is on and my eyes got widened cause Nomaan is in front of me, sitting on a dinning chair,eating something.

He startled me.. and I am about to scream but he puts his finger to the nose and flatly says, "shut up.. don't try to wake my people up, they are tired."

I ask hesitantly, "what are you doing here? You have left no?" He answers by swallowing the bite, "it's my place, who are you to ask me.. huh? by the way what are you doing here? I thought you were in a hurry to leave...Or you've changed your mind?" And he chuckles naughtily.

I try to suppress my strong desire to punch him. He interrupts me as I am about to leave..," actually I came back to discuss something really important with you.." I furrow my brows," and if I say, I am not interested then..??" But he continues without bothering to look at me, "I came to know that you have taken large sum of money from my dad to pay your debts.. is it true??"

My jaw drops, I swallow my saliva down to my throat. He smirks. I rush inside and sit on a chair opposite to him thinking how did he know? He laughs like he has read my mind, "don't stress your tiny little stupid brain, cause I have my own way to find what is happening behind my back.. so now I want all my money back.." he utters deceitfully, chewing a last bite of sandwich.

I fight back a helpless feeling of vertigo holding my head. He gets up to wash his hands and then wipes them with towel and sits on a chair beside me, I am glancing at the table, dumbfounded, cause this man knows everything and what if he will disclose it to my dad.. but I don't have anything, how can I repay him?

I notice from the corner of my eyes that he is observing me, but I don't know what's in his mind? But as I have nothing, I can't pretend to be strong, so I say lowering my eyes, "you can have my home." I close my eyes as I spoke those words cause either way I am gonna hurt my dad.. but I don't have any ways.

But he sighs, "what will I do with that big old manor? I don't want it.. by the way why did you take that much money? Are you not betting right?... no.. you don't look like a gambler..then.. drugs..??"

"Oh.. shut up Nomaan.." I speak annoyingly.
He states in a friendly tone, "hey..easy.. I was just checking.." he chuckles. "Let's come to the point... tell me when will you return all of my money? Well I won't count interest if you want.."

Oh god what will I do now? So I say crushing my self respect under my feet, fighting back my tears... tears of pride.., " right now I don't have any money.. I'll pay installments.

He utters fixing piercing gaze on me, "don't you think it will take years...??" "There is another thing that bothers me.." he scratches his forehead.

"why would my dad help you? I mean you can simply have taken the money from your dad.. interesting??" He pouts.

Oh gosh.. how can I explain him?

"I think I should inform your dad.. that what did his bellicose girl do?" He adds wiggling his eyebrows.

Of course fear gripped my face as I request him, "please don't go to my dad.. he doesn't know anything.. he is a heart patient, he wouldn't bear this.." I feel tear drop slips down my face... I hate it.. I hate myself for that cause I don't wanna show my weakness to this man.. I know he will laugh at me...

But to my utter shock..he wipes away my tears with his thumb and I couldn't even resist, in fact it brought me comfort I have never felt before...!!

He speaks in surprisingly calm voice, "okay.. your wish is granted..!! but still I want to know.. what did you do with that money..?"

"I can't tell you that.." I close my eyes annoyingly.

He shots his brows up,"then..??"

"Quit beating around the bush and tell me what you really want Nomaan.." I ask furiously.

He looks at me, I observe his face beams, "if it's that you want then.." he sets his eyes upon mine. They are sparkling in amazement as he speaks each and every word separately with halt in between them, as if he is opening a big secret,

"I..... WANT.... YOU.....TO......MARRY ME?"

My head starts spinning again... I am about to fall from the chair that he catches me in his arms...,"Tulika" is the word I have heard before I felt utter darkness and numbness... though my subconscious is wishing that please god tell me I am dead...!!!


A/N : Hey guys... Abduction is a serious one should attempt it, Even if it is for the prank...!! This story doesn't encourage or support any kind of antisocial activities.

Okay.. so do you think Nomaan has a thing for Tulika or he is just messing with her...?? Keep reading the upcoming chapters...😁

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