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I got my sweetheart with a big heart.

Still no luck

Inspite of unbridled desire

Why is the color of henna yellow today?

You have come now, and have to go now.

You have given me from the bottom of my heart.

In the moonlit night of a pleasant laughter meeting

The light of intoxicating eyes has become blue

I left my hands without telling me.

How have you taken it?

4 -6-2021

******************************* ***

Don't ask me the reason for my loneliness.

Don't ask me the reason for my infidelities

In the depths of the heart is settled in love.

Don't ask me the reason for that shadow

The people of the world have objections to love since ages.

Don't ask me the reason for my indifference.

There is a different way of celebrating the hobby on death.

Don't ask me the reason for the shehnaiyan today.

Heartbreak continues

Then don't ask me the reason for congratulations.

5 -6-2021

******************************** ***

Don't ask us what happens in love.

I cries endlessly day and night in unrequited love. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and . . .

of lovely moments spent together

I sleep with tears shed all night in memory

I am afraid that fate should not put a seal of separation

I lose peace as soon as there is a moment's distance.

The yearning to have a look grew so much that

The promise of meeting sows the seeds of desire.

The journey of madness is passing through the limit.

In madness, my parrot recites me.

6 -6-2021

********************************** ***

There are memories, there are promises, there are stories, after someone's departure.

This will remains, after someone leaves


*********************************** ***

It is not the job of the heart to lay heart here.

Everything here is infamous, not the work of Sharif.

You will not get anything by keeping your hand on your hand.

Luck will not work in front of hard work

Big dreams and thoughts are scattered to pieces.

Have fun, it's not Latifo's work

The seasons keep changing, in the style of autumn.

Laying yellow jajam is not the work of Baharo.

Be good and true every moment.

In the mercy of God, the work of the Mazaros will not be done.

Don't hurt anyone, don't think of doing it.

If the karma is good, then the work of prayers will not be done.

Big dreams and thoughts are scattered to pieces.

Have fun, it's not Latifo's work

In today's era, look with a sincere heart.

It is not the job of a pharaoh to fulfill love.


********************************** ***

After years we came out of their street.

Saw his house tears will melt in the eyes

The memories of the old days were refreshed and l

I have long slept dreams

I used to talk in my mind, which I am today

I'll slip the words of love from my tongue

If you are passing through the moment of wishes, then l

Then why is the mood of the lover thin?

There was no happiness on his face.

Today I see you instead of beauty


******************************** ***

After a long time, I have found peace and happiness.

Who has come to keep roses on my grave?

*********************************** ***

You have a habit of jealousy, and we love you.

We want love and will love you

Many years have passed by sitting waiting for you.

We are relieved of love, and you will get tishnagi

wandering around in madness, tramps all through the time.

What to say to you is something else that Firangi will


************************************** ***

Let us know if there is any mistake.

I'll give you the right kind of punishment

It's better to hit your head with a stone

put locks on your heart today

I still don't understand

What has happened? u na daga ll

You are going to inflict very deep wounds.

give me some medicine to amuse my heart

I have a little hope from you

Sometimes I'll give wafa instead of wafa

It has never been so big.

I'll bury the matter in my heart


******************************** ***

I kept running to shoulder the funeral.

If you live then you will never come to meet me

********************************* ***

love is given or not

Every moment keeps haunting

***************************** ***

Just be careful, this world is a big scam.

Take care of your feet, this world is a big crime.

The beating of the heart continues, listen to the words.

Write a letter carefully, this world is a big crime,

Every moment keeps spilling out of Mehboob's eyes.

Drink your jam carefully, this world is a big filth. . . . . . . . . . . . which has to

The age of love has always been the enemy, openly.

Be careful, this world is a big crime.

Have to play together for life, this is not many games, Sanam.

Please give me a promise, this world is a big filth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which has to


You will have to pass through many crooked roads ahead.

Learn to walk carefully, this world is a big crime.

Whoever leaves you in the middle of the way, then stop for a while.

Meet him carefully, this world is a big crime.

********************************** ***

After years I have seen my moon

After big wishes, I have seen my friend.

Mrignayani Mehbooba's naughty look

I've seen love in nine intoxicating eyes

Today love is over.

I have seen the name of the lover in my hand.

We are shy like a bride

I have seen red cheeks by the puzzle bar

After a while in his hands

I've seen a jam instead of a pen

by being forced into the hands of the heart

I have seen slaves to good people

*********************************** ***

There is neither peace in the day nor sleep in the night.

I have seen the condition of the loved ones

A stick of God turned

Ram is in my heart today

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