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Do you love me? - Episode 26 - love at first sight?

Anu( looking at their pics): He surely hates me now. Sigh let's watch what will happen.
she closed her eyes and crashed into her bed while memorizing the past...

Anu's mom: Remember that you are just a teenager, you may get attracted to some boys and you may think of it as love but it's just attraction. These all feelings are hormonal effect which is quite common for your age. we are not against love but what I mean is it's not the right age.
Anu: maa... I understand I am getting late, bye
Anu's mom: All the best.
That was her first day of Junior college ( intermediate), she sat in the car next to her dad in the front seat.
Anu's dad: Are you nervous?
Anu: No dad, what is there to get nervous about? It's our college and I know you already took care of everything.
Anu's dad: Life is not only about studies
Anu: I know dad, I am not only a bookworm, but also a distinct level basketball player and I have so many good friends.
Anu's dad brushed off his statement with a smile and said: Maybe I am feeling nervous instead of you.
They reached the college and Anu went into her class after saying bye to her dad, the class was spacious with only 30 seats and the lecture started shortly after a few minutes of introduction, the students in the class are either rich or intelligent.
the class was about to end then 2 boys showed up at the door. One of them seems to be innocent and the other was arrogant.
Lecturer: It's the first day of college and you two already came late, tell me what the reason? First, tell your names?
the two looked at each other to resolve who to answer first, Then the innocent one spoke up: I am Pavan sir, then the arrogant one said, Ram.
Lecturer: So what's the reason for being late?
Pavan: The office room is crowded and it took a while for us to pay the fee, sir.
Lecturer: Hmm, can't your parent's pay the fee?
Ram: they don't have time and we are not in school to bring parents on the first day.
Lecturer: What is your parent's occupation?
Pavan: My father is a businessman
Ram: My father is MLA of this constituency.
Lecture (dread): please come in.
They both came into the class and sat on the back seats. that was the first time Anu saw him but it felt like she knows him for a long time.
After the classes, her father came for her and they went back home.
On that night Anu got a dream that she was next to Pavan with a baby in a pink frock in her hand. She suddenly woke up from sleep, it's 3 Am and she can't fall right back asleep again and started thinking: So this is the attraction mom warns me about, sigh tomorrow, when I see him I will call him brother and everything will be alright.
But she never saw him again in college and intermediate first-year exams began.

At exam Centre:
Anu was searching for her hall number on the Notice board at the exam Centre.
if you don't mind, will you please see and tell me my room number said someone ( male)
Why? Can't you see the board? Said Anu and turned to look at the person, and that was the second time they met.
Pavan: Yeah, your hair is blocking my view.
Anu blushed and rushed out to her examination hall while saying sorry to him. She thought she will see him again on the next exams but didn't.
She again saw him a few time in the college but never spoke to him, one day she buildup her courage to talk to him but then she saw him with Priya, she thought of them as friends and wanted to do friendship with Priya to know about him but it didn't go well. Every time she brought the topic about him, Priya used to curse him and told about how much she hates him.
Anu saw Pavan at distinct games and cheered from the distance but didn't approach him. The second year also completed.
Whenever she thought about him she felt bad for being a Coward, she decided to propose to him if she saw him again. But dreams of him never left her.

One fine morning:
Anu's dad: What did you decide? BSC with groups or B.tec, BSC, groups? It's better to take a degree with groups coaching, studying will save you time and you can spend it on preparing for groups.
Anu: Yeah dad, I think the same
Anu's dad: some of your friends joined our university for B.tec.
Anu: Hoo really? Do you remember their names?
Anu's dad: Ashwini, Bhavana... ( some other names)and that two trouble makers.
Anu's dad: Ram and Pavan.
Anu( exclaimed): Pavan? Which branch?
Anu's dad: calm down why are you speaking loudly?
Anu ( blushed): Sorry, which branch?
Anu's dad: CSE, Did you even know him? I mean what I heard from the college principal was they were not regular to college.
Anu: I know him, dad, I saw him at the district games, he is a good volleyball player. (She praised him and spoken highly of him).
Anu's dad: if possible, I will meet him once. They spoke for some time and then her dad left for work.

Next day:
Anu: Dad, I decided to join CSE.
Anu's dad puzzled by her sudden change in the decision and said: why did you change your decision? Is it because of...
Anu: Yeah dad, it's because of my friends, Bhavana is also a civils aspirant but she joined B.tec, then why can't I do that? I am a topper of the state.
Anu's father: No one has doubled that but there is no need for you to choose engineering because of others, it's your life and your opinions are important than others.
Anu: But I felt like doing engineering.
Anu's dad: think twice before selecting the course, there is still time left.
After few months Anu convinced her father and joined the engineering in CSE branch.

On the first day:
She went to college and the HOD of her department accompanied her, she saw some of the seniors raging and asked HOD about that.
HOD: They won't do anything, they will just ask their names that's all and they know if they crossed the line they will get suspended.
Anu: But why should they ask the names of the juniors?
HOD: To be friends and to maintain a good relationship between juniors and seniors.
Anu nodded and went to the class, she stared at the door for the whole day expecting him to come but he didn't show up. she heard the news of him fighting seniors and rumours of his affair with a girl of the designing block, that rumour got Anu down. She blamed herself for not taking a step earlier, that evening her father surprised her with a movie plan and while going back from the theatre they saw Pavan covered in blood on the road. That sight of him caused pain in her heart that she never felt before and they took him to the hospital...( episode 9& 10).
She spoke with him a few time on the phone to know about his health and speaking with him made her happy because he recognizes her now and they can be friends.
After a few months, she saw him on the way to the college and walked to the college with him...( episodes 16)
He took her to his house and introduced her to his mother, Anu bows down and touches his mother feet, which made him and his mother awkward but made a good first impression of her to his mother.
She started coming to his house for combined studies and become pretty close with his mother.

After exams, she didn't get a reason to visit him and became dull then he called her to come to his home anytime and said that his mother was missing her, hearing that made her touch the sky with happiness( episode 17).
Pavan accepted her invitation and went to Anu's home and while chatting he asked: what you like the most?
Anu closed her eyes and spoken out: I... Like you.
Pavan: But Anu Priya.
She already knows that but hearing from him felt like a dagger in her heart. She was on the verge of crying but held back her tears and gave him a fake smile and said with a quivering voice: Haha don't make that face I am just pocking fun out of you.

After that, they went shopping and she was looking at watches, she selected one and he suggested another and that made her fall into a dilemma to choose one in them, Then Pavan paid for both and after that, they went to an ice cream parlour, she didn't want to end her little tour with him and requested him with her puppy eyes to take her to the zoo.
he hesitates but agreed, To make that memorable she suggested to go her bike and he didn't have any other option than to agree with her.
The roads were full of traffic, A naughty idea came out from her brain made her flinch with shyness but after a few minutes in the traffic, she hugged him from the back and blushed.
Pavan: what are you doing?
Anu( made an excuse): I am afraid of falling so... ( episode 18).
They went to the zoo and she took some pics with him and enjoyed it like it was her lost day on earth, whenever she feels down she used to see those pics and felt comforting.
At the end of the day, she gifted him an apple watch and hoped that he will remember her at least as a friend while using it.
The next day she saw him in the parking lot, he was shaking with anger, and when she greeted him, he started asking about the DP, and her polite answer made him calm down and apologised for being rude.
Anu moved to her car and saw them leaving without Pavan and decided to give him a ride ...( episode 19)
Pavan asked her to suggest a gift that a girl can't decline and that gift should remain lifelong.
Anu: Buy her some gold jewel.
Pavan: Hmm yeah, let's go to a jewellery shop.
Anu: now?
Pavan: yeah, do you have any chores to do?
Anu: No, But why me?
Pavan: Help me with the selection, you have good taste.
Anu and Pavan went to the store and after seeing many models they selected earrings and brought them. Later She dropped him at his home and said: never forget that I am always there for you. You can count me anytime.
Pavan: Of course, thanks Cu tomorrow.
The next day he got a panic attack and she understands that his love is one-sided like her's. ( episode 19)

On the night of the annual day celebrations:
While she was going to the event, she heard someone shouting her name and saw Priya calling her and moved to her.
Anu: why are you waiting here? Let's go.
Priya: you love Pavan right?
Hearing that from Priya startled her and said: No. We are just friends. Because it's not a lie she said that with confidence.
Priya: you are good at lying. I would have believed it if I don't know you.
Anu(thought: there is no need to hide it anymore) and said: I am used to lying to myself and others.
Priya: Propose to him at your birthday party in front of everyone, he won't reject you.
Anu: But he... He😕
Ashu: Don't worry about it, he will hate her after today.
Instead of being happy, she became said to think of Pavan's panic attack.
Anu: please don't hurt him, he suffered from a Panic attack because of things that you did recently.
Priya: panic attacks?
Anu: don't you know? (Anu informed her about that)
Priya: Ram didn't tell me anything.
Anu (phone ringed, her father was waiting for her at the function): I have to go bye. (She left from there).
After that day she never saw Pavan around Priya. She understands that Priya broke his heart and felt happiness( because he is single now) and sadness ( because his feelings got hurt) at once.
A few months later she proposed to him on her birthday and he accepted it, (episode 24).
Later it turned into two side love...(Episode 25)

3rd year:
Anu went to college and waiting for Pavan so that they can go together to the class. After a few minutes of waiting his car appeared but he is not alone, Priya sat next to him and they were chuckling while talking about something. Anu was surprised for a moment but she was glad that they both became friends again. Pavan parked the car next to Anu's car and she gave him a soft smile.
Anu: Hii Priya, it's so nice to see you.
Priya: thanks, look at you to become quite beautiful, what is your secret?
Anu: Haha maybe love is the secret, she looked at Pavan while saying it and he gave her a gentle smile. looking at them made Priya anger but she kept it to herself and gave a fake smile to Anu.
Priya: Ahem, ok guys I will see you in the evening.
Anu said bye to Priya and held his hand while going to the class.
Priya got annoyed by the sight of them and left from there in bitterness.

At Priya's class:
Ashu: So you two are back to normal.
Priya: Yeah.
Ashu: then why do you look upset.
Priya: I don't want him as a friend, I want him as my man.
Ashu: I think your train left the station a long back.
Priya: even if it left, it has to return to the station again.
Ashu: what do you mean by that? It's immoral, they are happily in a relationship. You should not ( interrupted by Priya)
Priya: what would have happened if he didn't mistake me for Nisha?
Ashu: but it already happened.
Priya: Yeah, I can't rewrite the past but I can change the future.
Ashu: how will you do that?
Priya: everything has a price and I will pay it.

Priya messaged Pavan: Don't wait for me, I have some work to do, see you tomorrow.
Pavan( replied): if you want I can wait for you.
Priya: No need, Ashu is with me and we will come together.
Pavan: ok bye.
Anu and Pavan came to the parking lot and spoken for some time while Priya and Ashu watching them for a distance.
Priya: It's too much, they both sat in the same class for the whole day and still conversing as they met after a decade.
Ashu: they are like love birds 🐦
Priya: shut up.
After some time they had a hug and Pavan left from there in his car.
Nisha: I can smell jealousy in the air.
Priya: stop speaking nonsense, let's go.
while she was reversing her car, Anu saw Priya and stopped.
Anu: just now he left, do you want me to drop you home?
Priya: no thanks, I want to speak with you.
Anu: Ok? What's the matter?
Priya: not here let's go to the restaurant and talk.

At the restaurant:
Priya explained to her about the misunderstanding that stood between them and the course of events that happened after that.
Anu: time God, everything is back to normal now that Arjun sounds so cunning.
Priya: Yeah, but the main reason for this meeting is ( exhale )
Priya: I want Pavan back.
With that word, the air around them turned serious
Anu: what do you mean by that?
Priya: I want you to break up with him.
Anu( outraged ): who are you to tell me that?
Priya: He accepted your proposal because of our misunderstanding, if not it wouldn't have happened.
Anu: But it already over, we are a thing now.
Priya: I am the one who gave you the idea to propose to him on your birthday in front of everyone.
Anu ( lashed out in anger): So what? You trashed him and I treasured him there is a lot of difference between us.
Priya: Hoo Really, then let's talk about your relationship, Did you guys even kissed each other?
Anu paused for a second and said: yes we did.
Priya( chuckled): on cheeks?
Anu: it's none of your business.
Priya: let's make a pact, if you have proven that your love is true then I will never interfere with your relationship and if you failed, you should leave him.
Anu: How can I prove?
Priya: Simple, you two just have to do things couple do.
1) sharing the same spoon while eating food.
2) Drinking the cool drink from the same bottle with two straws or one and
3) A lip kiss.
Anu ( understood that she is trying to use Pavan's phobia against her): love is not about being physical, what if I don't agree with your terms?
Priya: maybe I can't do anything now but once you got selected and left for the IAS training, I will do anything to get him back.
Anu ( startled ): No, he will never cheat me.
Priya( winked ): who knows? He may tempt for my sweet lips or... Something else.
At present, you are keeping him busy with your company but once you left for training He may feel lonely and that loneliness may benefit me to become closer to him or it may become difficult for you to spend time with him and that may lead to miscommunication, slowly it turns to trust issues and results in Drift-apart your relationship and may finally lead to break up,
one thing is for sure, he will surely struggle to choose between us. Do you want him to struggle?
Ashu: if I were you I will do those 3 simple things and keep my relationship safe.
Anu( spaced out for seconds): what if I tell him about our discussion? It's will solve my problem, right?
Priya: Do you feel I didn't think about this? Just yesterday Pavan and I again became friends and I went to his home. If you tell him about this, he will again start avoiding me and I will stop going to his home, his parents will ask me the reason for not visiting them and I will tell them a convincing story and that will causes him family problems because he can't explain the true reason to them.
Anu: sigh What if I don't go for training?
Priya was shocked with her question and thinking: Is she that much serious about him? Who will do that? She is insane, I have to change her mind.
Priya (exhale ): Will you give up on your dream for him? You may delay it for few years but ultimately you will leave and if you stayed back, one day he will learn about the truth behind killing your dream and he will blame himself for holding you back and that may lead him to depression.
Anu (started crying): I love him so much, please don't mess with our relationship, I will give you anything you want.
Priya signalled Ashu and she said: What do you want to leave him?
Anu glared at her and said: Mind your words, What do you think I am, a characterless person?
Priya: sorry she didn't mean that but what's your decision?
Anu: I am not afraid of you but I am accepting your deal to prove you the strength of my love.
Priya: good, you got time until your birthday, all the best.
The hostility between Anu and Priya started from that day and led to the cold war between them.

To be continued...
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