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Stay With Me - 11 - Fate's Decree

"Tulika.... Tulika...." I hear a slow and sweet but concerned voice, I feel someone caresses my forehead, I half open my eyes nodding "hmmm?" I perceive beautiful dimpled smile revealing pearl white teeth, for a second I thought him for an angel.. assuming myself in heaven that my eyelids get closed and I feel darkness.

The voice asks me,"are you awake?" I nod with a smile.. "hmmm" do you wanna sleep? The voice adds. I nod relaxing my body on the soft bed I am lying on.. "yeah". I feel warm ness of blanket that covers me.


I get up with jolt as I open my eyes, my heart is panting heavily, my head is still aching badly, I look around and see that I am on bed in my room.. glimpses of last night keep mulling over in my mind. Wait.. was it the nightmare? No.. it cannot be.. then .. I hold my head.. And Ting.. I recall.. Nomaan's strong arms around my back... a shiver of chills passes through my body, my whole body has a goosebumps as I remember his last sentence...

Then how did I reach here at my place? Did Nomaan..? No it's not possible.. I run to check CCTV footage..

I see that at around 4:00am the black Mercedes car stops at my gate, Nomaan steps out of it, he is about to press the bell but he checks the door handle first and snap opens my gate, then he opens the front door, my eyes are glued on screen and my hand covers my mouth cause he carries me bridal style out of his car.

Enters in my yard,.. omg the way he is lifting me is like I am just a pillow, as he enters in my lobby, he looks at the camera then looks around, of course to search for my room, then he enters inside one room... well it's my room.

Unfortunately we don't have cameras inside rooms so I can't watch how did he put me on a bed but after exact 10 minutes he comes back, shuts my main gate and drives away speedily.

I watch that recording for almost five times, cause I can't believe that Nomaan carried me, why did he do that..? well he would have let me sleep there, at morning I would have been at my home... but it might be possible that he doesn't want to let anyone know that I was at his place.. !!

Thank god.. he has saved me from the greatest embarrassment I was supposed to face..

And no one should watch these too, I delete the recording of whole day.

It's 5:32am, I get up and with a heavy legs move towards my room to brush my teeth not able to believe that Nomaan has dropped me here!!

Cold water cascades upon my bare skin, as I stand beneath the shower... I feel him touching my face, stroking my hairs, wiping my tears.. as I close my eyes.

Damn. I am afraid of these feelings, I try to get rid of his thoughts.. then water splatters on my face, I close my eyes and see his face... This stupid shower didn't help me much.. I shut it off.

In kitchen my maid hesitantly states,"didi.. when did you get back..? I am sorry I fell asleep.." "thank god for that.." I mumble. " was quite don't worry.." I smile to her.

As expected Viansh calls me,"hey.. where the hell were you? You know.. I couldn't sleep all night? Your phone was switched off.. why?" He looks mad at me.

Again.. Nomaan is all over my mind, how can I tell that I didn't sleep too cause your friend has abducted me to threaten me or is there anything else?, Viansh interrupts my thoughts, "hello Tuli I have asked you something...??"

"I am really sorry Viansh.. but I was not feeling okay, so I dozed off and phone was dead due to low battery.." I lied crossing my fingers... please god forgive me for that.

He sarcastically asks, "wow.. you dozed off..?" He cuts the call annoyingly. I call him back but no answer. This Nomaan has messed it all up, now I have to meet Viansh..hmm Evening sounds better..

I throw myself on couch, my mind is in trance with swirling voices of Nomaan and Vidita.. how on earth he knew about the money? What if he will disclose it to my dad? Why does he want me to marry him? Why do I feel that he...? this is not possible he is just messing with me, the way we both rejected each other.. nothing is possible between us... but then why my stomach is fluttering thinking of him..oh god this is making me insane..

My mind is not in a right state right now and I don't have anyone to open my heart out .. mom I miss much.. and my eyes get moist with tears.

I switch on the TV and surf channel absent mindedly, as I ain't able to concentrate on anything today, This Nomaan.. today I can't even hate him cause my instincts are blaming me for whatever has happened recently.. well it was just misunderstanding.. I close my eyes and try to calm myself..

My cellphone rings.. it's unknown number.. I generally don't respond to it.. so I let it ring.. but it rings again.. so I receive it, "hello." There is a silence on another side.. I repeat, "hello.."

And the voice I am listening to..I can't believe my ears, yeah I recognise it very well, "Tulika.. are you feeling okay now?" I narrow my eyes thinking is it possible?.. I must be wrong, so I ask, "Nomaan....?" And I hear affirmative nod.. "hmm" this is delusional, I feel bile rises in my stomach, it's like suddenly my brain starts using so much blood that my heart starts pounding. I can't think of anything other than.,"yeah.. I am cool.. thanks.." As I answer.. I feel my cheeks got warmed.

He flatly replies, "ok.." and after a short pause he hangs up. I am still holding the phone to my ear like a stupid.. why am I behaving this way..?

I dash to bathroom, splash water to my face, perceive my self in mirror, I remind my self, "I don't like him.. I don't like him at all.. I don't know his intentions but he had abducted me.. so it's just a mere effect of stockholm syndrome*

I should think how to repay his money... so that he won't be able to bother me again..

'Here's the problem' my inner voice shrinks 'you don't have a money.. ' My palm caressing my hairs.

I am not a much of a thinker, I just do things which comes to my mind, but I am thinking too much lately, and it's making me crazy.. so I decide that enough of this nonsense burden, I'll talk to my dad about Rishi uncle's help, well if I explain him the condition, then I don't think he will be affected that much..

If he won't able to help me then I will sell this big house so that I can repay atleast some amount.

And it clicks in my mind I will opt for auction, Viansh can help me, yeah I will talk to him about it at evening.

That my inner voice interrupts, "what about the project Nomaan has lost because of you?" Yeah about those pranksters, I will find them out from the underworld... if needed.

All day long I just lay on my bed with my eyes closed as I ain't able to figure out my thoughts.

At evening I get ready in blue Jeans and V-neck black top, yesterday's incident has shaken me in a way that I don't have any guts left to walk to Viansh's place.

it's around 7:30pm, when I press the door bell of Viansh's home, well I want to heartily apologise for yesterday so I hide my face behind 'I am sorry' board.

I was waiting for Viansh's reply but all I heard is a voice of a woman, "yes..?" Taken aback I look at her, putting that board behind my back.

She is middle aged woman in saree, trying to suppress her laugh. I ask hesitantly, "Viansh..?" She smiles, "he is in his room, please come in...."

I reluctantly enter inside, she serves water eying me with utmost interest, "You must be Tulika.. right?" I am somewhat shocked. She adds chuckling, "I am Viansh's mother.. yesterday he talked about you a lot, waited for you too.."

I say with embarrassment, "oh.. hello aunty.. yeah I am sorry for yesterday.." "it's okay dear.. make yourself comfortable..I'll be back.. okay?" and she leaves.

I sit there admiring his home interior, that I hear Viansh's voice from behind my back, "so you show up today huh?" "Hey.." I cheerfully turn my head getting up.. but my mouth stays open as I spot, not only Viansh but Nomaan too..

Oh god.. why are you so cruel? Whole day I have wasted in helpless efforts to forget him and here I am infront of him.

Nomaan twitches his lips naughtily, "hey.. so we meet again.." such a shameless person, how dare he? Yesterday he was threatening me and today he is being gentleman..

I sit back on a couch without greeting him. He chuckles as he addresses Viansh, "Okay.. bye yaar I should leave now.. I don't think your friend is fond of me.." Well why is it disappointing to me that he is leaving? I should be happy na..? I roll my eyes

I don't know what is happening to me lately, my thinking.. it's just illogical.

He addresses to aunty who is in the kitchen, "okay.. aunty.. I am leaving now.. just wanted to wave 'hi'.. but both of you are coming to my place tomorrow.. okay Viansh..?"

Aunty dashes out of kitchen, "why so early? I am preparing snacks for all of you.. just sit here.. after all you've just come."

And both of them sit on a couch opposite to me, Viansh asks innocently, "so what happened yesterday?" And again my eyes meet with Nomaan's. "I was not okay.." I answer lowering my eyes. And before Viansh starts asking me more, I plaster a smile and get up, "I.. I am going to help aunty.." I sprint to kitchen.

Aunty is preparing pakoras I stand there beside her, as I am not good at starting conversations. She smiles, "you can chat with them.." "No aunty, let me help you in frying.." I say.. slowly lifting frying strainer.

Aunty drags me out to join them As she serves them, It's so awkward to answer aunty's formal questions in front of both of them.. well Viansh is kinda embarrassed too.. cause he is aware of our last encounter at his place.

I have had so much to discuss with Viansh, my plan got failed totally.. It's better to leave before aunty asks me more about my mom and I become miserable again.. !!

After having little snacks and tea, I get up saying, "okay Viansh.. I got to go now, as my dad is arriving so.."

And at the next moment both Viansh and Nomaan get up almost speaking together, "let me drive you home.." and the next moment we all freeze with shock of our own disbelief.

Aunty is looking at Viansh, well Viansh is staring at Nomaan in incredulity, Nomaan's eyes are on me and hot blood mounted to my cheeks in abashment.

That Nomaan clears his throat, "actually I am leaving too so.. I thought to give her a ride.." he shrugs.

"I have my scooter, thanks.." I state feeling uneasy.

"Okay.. so I am leaving first.. thank you aunty for the hospitality.. Viansh, make sure to come to my place with aunty.. so bye everyone.." I glance at Nomaan, his smirk makes my stomach flutter. I swiftly move my legs towards the gate.

At my place, I throw myself on my bed thinking about Nomaan. The way he got up, the way he was regarding me.. why do I feel that everything around me is about to change? Cause since yesterday Nomaan has occupied 80% of my brain.. and today his behaviour has triggered chain of endless thoughts..!!!

He is complicated.. please god save me.. and my door bell rings.. I see that my dad has returned, he hugs me affectionately like he is meeting me after long time, well it's been just two days but I like the way my dad is treating me lately so I hug him back, take his bag and accompany him inside.

I can see contentment and satisfaction on his face as he sits on a couch, I join him, He utters, "I have good news Tuli, our company is expanding, I think within a year we will be quite successful.."

I smile at my dad saying, "Wow.. that's great.. but you look tired so we'll talk about it later dad, first you just freshen up, I am going to prepare tea for you." And my dad caresses my cheek saying, "I missed you my daughter.." I answer, "missed you too dad.." of course last two days come back to my mind, I got upset again.. but thank god my dad didn't notice it, he leaves the hall. And I go to the kitchen.

My dad is continuously talking about his Mumbai trip, deals, customers and many things, I am just listening to him artificially, thinking should I tell to my dad about money or not?

He looks so happy today, so I drop the idea, decide to tell him tomorrow morning.. so I get busy in kitchen to cook simple dish for my dad, thinking about Nomaan's money..

At dinning table, my dad starts conversation, " Tuli.. I want to tell you something, but promise me you will listen to me carefully."

I knew... what's in his mind so I keep eating without uttering anything, but my dad continues as if I have said yes, "Tuli... I want you to rethink about Nomaan.." I look at my dad with a shock that spoon falls from my hand.

I try to swallow down the food, sip water and ask, "what are you talking"

My dad clears his throat and answers, "Tuli, you have just met with Nomaan only two times, whatever way he has behaved, it may possible that only circumstances were responsible for that, it doesn't mean that he is bad..."

I close my eyes in annoyance and again Nomaan's words echoed in my mind..

I ask annoyingly, "why are you in a so much hurry to marry me.. dad?"

My dad clears his throat, "Look.. dear.. all I want is to secure your future.. you are aware of my condition.. and Nomaan and his family, I don't see anything wrong in that boy.."

"Cause you were not here yesterday" I sigh to myself. My dad is still going on, "Rishi is family to us, Nomaan independently handles his own business, he is good looking and well mannered too.."

I roll my eyes remembering his manners, "but dad.." he interrupts, "let me complete first... Tuli.. Nomaan is capable to take care of you every way.. all I care is about your security.."

I sarcastically laugh, "dad.. all you care about is, money, looks and security.. don't you think a marriage needs respect, love, care and trust too.. did you search for them in Nomaan?"

My dad states annoyingly, "okay.. if you know anyone with love and all other values.. then tell me, I am ready to meet him.."

My insanity makes me burst out laughing thinking about my past.., "Anyone I know..

As if life has given me many chances, the only place I was free - was Ahire.. outside of it I was like a caged bird fluttering its wings to fly.. irony is that I was caged since my birth.. so I don't even know flying." tears start rolling out of my eyes. My dad is regarding me with confusion...

"It was all for you, you know that" my dad closes his eyes annoyingly. "What do I know.. nothing.. all I heard is the word 'enemy.. ' who the f**k is that enemy? Don't you think it would have been better to die once than to die slowly everyday..."

"Tuli.." my dad shouted. But I ignore my dad, "This is the reason my mom died at such a young age.. cause hiding in not living it's just breathing dad.." I stated panting heavily.

"Tuli.. here we are talking about your marriage.. Rishi was asking me, it's because of your mother he is doing all these, otherwise do you think, he will ever see your face, after the way you talked to his son? And I bet your mom would have wanted the same for you.." I have told you my decision, You can decide by yourself now and I am sorry for all your miseries, I know I am the one to be blamed for everything..

He slowly gets up and as he reaches at the door, thud.. he stumbles down panting heavily.. "d..a...d.." scream comes out of my mouth.. me and my maids sprint to him, he is bathing in sweat, his body feels cold, he is holding his chest with his hand..

We lay him on a bed, I call to doctor, thank god doctor is my dad's friend so he is ready to visit my dad this much late at night, He instructs me on a phone to measure my dad's BP and give him particular medicine. I do as he has said. Thank god it's after ten minutes my dad is breathing somewhat normally.

Doctor arrives after around half an hour, checks my dad's vitals signs, give him some tablets and sedatives to calm him down.. as my dad closes his eyes doctor talks to me, "the symptoms are of stress stroke.. I have told you not to give him stress... don't make him angry, he has been through a lot, that's why little things affect him, do whatever you can to make him happy, afterall we are doctors not god, a massive stroke can be fatal so take care.."

I assure him, "I'll definitely sir.." the doctor smiles at me and explains about medicines then leaves.." I thank him and accompany him to the gate.

As I come back to my dad's room, he is in deep sleep, under the effect of sedatives, I sit on a floor beside his bed, grab his hand in mine and say, "I love you more than anything in this world dad.. I am sorry for my behaviour.. but I can't see you like this.. you know dad if you can hear me then I have a good news to share with you.. yeah..


And I feel a knot twisted in my stomach..


*Stockholm syndrome: it's a condition in which a hostage develops a psychological bond with their captor during captivity.

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