Do you love me? - 27 in English Love Stories by Pavan Naidu books and stories PDF | Do you love me? - Episode 27 - everything is fair in love and war

Do you love me? - Episode 27 - everything is fair in love and war

Days passed but there was no progress in their relationship ( physically ), she qualified for the preliminary exam and preparing for the mains but her relationship compilations stirring her mind upside down and making it harder for her to concentrate on preparation. Mains exams will be conducted in October and it's already September now. Fear of losing him started making her feel horrible and she decided to do something out of the box to make him do those things with her.
On the other side, Priya was so confident about her win and enjoying her life like she always does.

Anu tried many things but still failed, Months passed and she qualified for the mains and got 33rd rank, her parents were so happy and thrown a party to announce their daughter's success to everyone in their circle. People who saw dark circles under Anu's eyes admired her hard work but they don't know the true reason for her sleeplessness.

On the day of the Party
Many influenced people attended the party, Anu's dad booked two halls of the hotel one for Guests and the other for Anu's friends so that she can spend some time partying with them and enjoy her success.
Priya's dad and Ram's dad came to the party, along with their children. Many people there rushed to show their respect to them but hushed after seeing Arjun's father entering. Anu's dad didn't know what to do and the dialogue war between Ram's dad and Arjun's dad had started.
Arjun's dad: being a lions tail doesn't make you a lion, a real man will fight his own battle then begging for help.
Ram's dad: A warrior wins a war not only with strength but with intelligence. Sorry, there is no chance you can know it 🧠👈.
Arjun's dad slammed his fist on the table in anger and said: One day I will wipe out your family from this city and then you can have fun in hell with your lame jokes.
Before Ram's dad could react some footsteps sound grabbed their attention, Anu's parents rushed to invite them and it was none other than Pavan's family.
People there stood out from their chairs to show their courtesy (including Arjun's dad) because disrespecting him is no different from inviting death into their houses, All of them were shocked to see him at this party, Anu's dad invited him personally but he never really dreamed of his appearance.
Anu's dad: I am so glad that you came, sir.
Pavan's dad: Hoo? Then why your face was so pale like a person who just saw a ghost?
while looking into his cold eyes Anu's dad started sweating and trembling to answer.
Pavan's dad: Haha I am just kidding, My wife has a special bond with your daughter and forced me to come with her.
Anu's dad: I am happy to hear that
Anu came and greeted them: thanks for coming aunty and uncle.
Pavan's father: you made your parents proud, My son should learn from you.
Pavan's mother glared at him and he smiled at her and gestured to everyone to sit.
Pavan's mom joined the woman's while the man began greeting him.

On the other floor:
Boy 1: How many times I proposed to her, she never considered me but now she said she is going to introduce her boyfriend, who the hell is he?
Some other boys: don't worry bro, we will scare the crap out of him and make him leave her.
Boy 1: thanks bro. I will bring him to our table and you guys help me in dealing with him.
Anu took Pavan to her school friends and introduced him as her boyfriend, many of them are happy for them but some looked frightened.
Boy 1: Anu can you lend your boyfriend for a second?
Girl: don't tell us that you fell for him.
Boy 1: what?
The remaining girls chuckled and Anu looked at Pavan who was getting uncomfortable with the girl's talk and said: yeah sure but don't do lose talk with him. Be careful.
Boy 1: haha don't worry we won't do anything bad to him.
Girl: she said to you, the girls giggle again and Pavan went with him to the boy's table where some of the boys already became sweat buckets while looking at him. Ram saw Pavan and came there and sat next to him.
Boy 1( he knows Ram but didn't know that he is a friend of Pavan): Look bro I don't have any grudge against you but if you didn't listen to me I can't guaranty your safety.
Pavan: My safety? Ram also seems to be puzzled by the statement.
Boy 1: you seem to be naive, he started laughing and looked at his friends who were silent as the dead. He didn't understand the reason but then one of them grabbed his Arm and took him to a corner.
Boy 1: what's wrong bro? Why are you sweating in Ac?
Boy 2: A few years back I told you about a freak who Crushed Arjun Do you remember that?
Boy 1: yeah, you said you were with Arjun on that day.
Boy 2: We ran from there in fear of our lives.
Boy 1: why are you telling this to me now?
Boy 2: it's him. He is that Freak. ( he gestured at Pavan)
Boy 1: You may have mistaken him for someone look at him he looks so innocent.
Boy 2: No one will walk with tags on their head indicating that they are freaks and psychos, and if you still want to mess with him go ahead but I am out, let's go back.
Boy1 walking back with deep thoughts running in his mind and saw a thin man next to Pavan.
Man: young master your parents are leaving, they asked me to inform you.
Pavan: thanks for the info, Harsha.
Harsha: anytime young master.
Pavan (saw boy 1 coming back and asked): bro, A few minutes back you said something about my safety but I didn't get it will you please explain it again?
Harsha suddenly turned serious and looked around while his hand on the gun in his pocket and asked: say it quickly.
Boy 1 saw the gun and shaking, he tried to speak but his voice is not coming out.
Boy 2: Nothing bro, he told you to use safety while... Before he can finish harsha gave a teasing look to Pavan and patted his shoulder.
Pavan: please stop looking at me like that, what he is saying is to use safety equipment while playing the game.
Boy 1: yeah exactly.
Harsha: ok I am leaving, if you feel anything off please call me immediately.
Pavan: ok
After a few minutes, Anu came and asked Pavan to join her at dinner.
Priya along with other girls sat at the table and he sat next to Anu.
While using the knife Anu intentionally cut her finger and Pavan tied a piece of cloth around it. Anu finds it hard to hold the spoon and all other girls except Priya glaring at Pavan and their faces grew serious.
Pavan thinking: why are they looking at me angrily? What did I do?
Anu: it's ok Pavan don't feel shy in front of them you can feed me, they don't mind.
other girls: please don't mind us.
Anu winked at Priya and she glared at her. He understood the reason for their anger and started feeding her.
Anu took a bite of the grilled chicken and placed it near his mouth and said: Pavan try this, it's so yummy!
Pavan fell into thoughts: why she is offering me the piece she already took a bite of? She knows my problem but ( while he was in thoughts she pushed that piece into his mouth).
Girl: they are so cute. I want a boyfriend too.
He wanted to spit it out but All the girls are looking at them So he swallowed it without chewing.
Anu: how was it?
Pavan: Hmm, it''s so delicious🥺.
Anu: really? Try this. ( she again did the same as before but this time the piece is spiced. He got a cough and tears rolled out from his eyes.)
Immediately Anu gave a glass of lassi with straw (in which she drank before) and without previous thoughts, Pavan instantly drank it.
Anu got a big smile on her face, she already did 2 of her tasks in a day in front of Priya. Priya was quiet, having her dinner in peace and It shocked her.
The rest of the dinner went smoothly and he left to the washroom.
Anu whispered to Priya: Prepare to lose.
Priya: Haha look at you, you got changed a lot.
Anu: changed? Me? never.
Priya: Yeah, You forced him to do things he hates and your face beamed when tears rolled into his eyes because of your tricks, if this is your love He will eventually leave you without any effort from me.
Anu understands what she said and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Girls: Anu what happened? Why are you crying?
Priya: she is not crying they are tears of joy.
Girls: but it didn't look like that.
Pavan came back and she wiped her tears before he could notice.
Anu I want to talk to you, will you please come with me said, Pavan.
Anu and Pavan went to the balcony of the floor.
Anu( she guessed that he is going to scold her and starts crying ): sorry, I...I wouldn't have forced you to eat, I am just ( interrupted by Pavan)
Pavan: Hey why are you crying? I didn't bring you here to talk about that and we are in a relationship for more than a year it's my fault for not coming over my phobia, you already waited for so long, I am sorry ( he wiped off her tears)
Anu: you don't hate me right?
Pavan: don't be stupid how can I hate a cute girl like you? And smiled.
Anu hugged him and said: I love you.
Pavan: me too, but if you release me, I have something for you.
Anu: I need nothing if we can stay like this forever.
He gently moved her and took out a box and gave it to her.
Pavan: then you should buy this hotel.
Anu: Do you want this hotel?
Pavan brushed off the topic by saying: Stop taking and open it already.
Anu opened it and saw a 4 Heart-shaped pendant with a chain in which 2 hearts are sparkling due to the diamonds on them. She smiled in delight and kisses him ( on the cheek) and said: did you spend all of your 2 years of scholarship money on this?
Pavan: Did you like it?
Anu: l love it. She turned back and gestured to him, he wrapped the pendant around her neck and tightens the hook of the chain.
Anu saw their reflection on the glass window and turned red and said: if anyone saw us now they will assume that you are tying Mangal Sutra around my neck.
Pavan: If you had sindoor, I would have placed it on your scalp and completed the ritual.
Anu: wait I will go and bring it.
Pavan: Hey, I am just kidding.
Anu: Haha I know, but that day will soon come in the future. But Suddenly her face turned sad
Pavan: Are you thinking about leaving your parents?
Anu: No
Pavan: then why do you suddenly become sad?
Anu: we are in a relationship for nearly two years but still sometimes I feel more like a best friend than a girlfriend I am not saying that you are ignoring me but... When it comes to some stuff you are disappointing me for a very long time.
Pavan: come on I already apologised for that.
Anu: yeah, you did but why don't you correct it? Do you have any ideas about marrying me in future? Or Am I just...just...timepass.
Pavan: what made you think like that?
Anu: if you had thought about it you would have taken a step in this stuff because we have to do them eventually but you keep on dodging It for a while now.
Pavan: I didn't think of it like this, but why are you so serious about it now?
Anu: because I am serious about you.
Pavan( angry): So what do you want me to do now?
Anu: I want you to correct your mistakes by kissing me now.
By that statement, his anger faded out with awkwardness. He looked around and said: what if someone saw us?
Anu: I don't care and what is there to afraid of? I am kissing my boyfriend.
Pavan: Sigh ok let's do it.
Anu: then close your eyes I will take the lead.
Pavan: no need, I will take the lead, close your eyes.
Anu: Are you planning on running away after I closed my eyes? ( smiled)
Pavan: better do it before I changed my mind
Without any further questions, she closed her eyes and he placed his hands on her cheeks and leaned in to kiss her, once again he looked around to confirm that there was no one around them and kissed her. His lips fallen gently on her lips and that sensation triggered the oxytocin and dopamine in their bodies made them feel affection and pleasure at the same time.
Suddenly, the door leads to the balcony was opened and that made him flinch away from her in tension.
Anu's friend( girl): sorry, please carry on. She slammed the door and flew away from there like a rocket.
Pavan: (.... Did she saw us kissing?
Anu hugged him and said: I liked the kiss. Can we do it again?
Pavan dragged her with him to the dining table while saying: let's go there before she spread the rumours.
Anu: listen to me.
Pavan: I already listened enough for today.
They reached the table and the girls already giving teasing smiles to them. He looked at Anu's face which turned red as a cherry.
A girl handed a tissue to him and said: people will think wrong if you walk with lipstick strains on your lips.
Pavan( shocked): it's... It's... Not... That.
Anu took it and wiped the strains off and said: that's what I am trying to say but you didn't listen to me.
Anu looked at Priya and said: now some people will understand that you belong with me.
Priya was on the edge and drilling the table with her fork in anger.
Pavan: I feel like leaving see you later.
Anu: please stay for some more time.
Girl: Hey, from where did that pendant come?
Anu: how was it?
Girl: it's too nice.
Anu: it is a gift from my boyfriend.
Girl: imitation jewellery?
Anu took out the box and showed the bill in it. ( generally, when it comes to gifting gold people keep the bill in the box so that it will help them in future if they want to exchange it or something...)
After looking at the bill Girl's eyes Flashed at him in surprise they were going to say something but interrupted by Priya's ringtone.
Priya ( answered the call): yeah dad, I am coming ( she left from there without saying anything to Anu)
Girl: what's wrong with her? She didn't say anything to the host and left like that? What a manners less person.
Anu looked at Pavan who is shaking in anger at that girl but stood calm.
Girl 2 ( both Anu and Priya's friend): Maybe she is in hurry.
Girl: maybe.
Pavan stood up from the table and said in an irritated tone: I am leaving bye.
Anu: ok see you later and he left from there.
Girl: what's wrong with him? Why he suddenly turned mad?
Anu: she is his good friend.
After a few days, Anu and Priya met again in the college.
Anu: Can we talk for a minute?
Priya: what?
Anu: I did everything you said in front of your eyes.
Priya: so what?
Anu: you are not going to mess with my relationship right?
Priya: Do you think I am Satya Hari Chandra to keep my word? This is kali yoga, genuine people didn't exist on the Earth and now everyone has a devil inside them.
Anu: you should respect our agreement.
Priya: what if I don't.
Anu waved her hand to slap her but Priya blocked it with her Arm and said: if it's come to this you are not even an opponent for me.
Part of Anu's hand which got in contact with Priya's Arm turned red and she was crying in pain.
Anu: you cheat.
Priya: once a great person said " Everything is fair in love and war" and I am just following it. Better be thankful because I do not tell him that you tried to attack me. Priya walking away from her.
Anu memorised his face when her friend commented on Priya and trembled.
Days passed and Anu's heart was fallen into turmoil, She wants to trust him and sleep relaxed but she was getting worried about Priya's wicked plans.
3rd-year second sem end:
it's already March, she got qualified in the interview and selected for IAS training. she got some leisure after many stressful months and she now started spending that time thinking about her future. But all she got is answerless questions. She started looking into the matter from different perspectives and made her decision.

2nd love anniversary:
Like every year she invited all her friends to celebrate her birthday but this time in a pub.
In Pavan's car
Anu: where is my gift?
Pavan gave her a bouquet and said: I am a bit out of cash, so...
Anu: I am just kidding but if you want you can gift me something which cost nothing to you
Pavan: what is it?
Anu kissed him by surprise and he also started kissing her back, the kiss went for so long until he got the urge to breathe, their lips disconnected Leaving a hug string of saliva behind. He took some breath and she did it again 3 more times.
Pavan( breathing heavily): Are you trying to kill me?
Anu: sorry I lost control over me, who knows whether I will get the chance of kissing you again or not?
Pavan: What do you mean by that?
Anu: you will know it soon. Let's go inside people are waiting for us, he nodded and they went inside.
Anu: let's cut the cake together.
Pavan: it's your birthday, not mine.
Anu: it's our second love anniversary. So join me.
Pavan: if you want I will stand next to you that's all.
Anu nodded and They went to the cake and she started talking: Today is a special day of my life because it's not only my birthday party but also our 2nd love anniversary. So please, do whatever you want and enjoy the party.
People congratulated them and started having their fun.
Anu asked him for a dance and they both spend a wonderful time together.
Hours passed by and the party was about to end.
Anu: excuse me everyone I want to announce something.
All stopped and looked at her.
Anu: this is not only our love anniversary party but also a break-up party.
People: breakup?
Pavan who stood next to her got shocked, he didn't understand what she means by that and said: Haha she is messing with you guys, right Anu?
Anu looked gloomily at him and said: No I am serious, I am breaking up with you.
Pavan eyes turned red and said: there is a limit for pranks Anu.
Her eyes turned sad and said: I am sorry Pavan, we can't continue this.
He dragged her out of there and asked: what's wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? Why are you doing this to me?
Anu: I don't have trust in long-distance relationships and it will take two long years to finish my training and I can't give you enough time so it's better to be apart now.
Pavan: Don't you trust me?
Anu: world don't revolve around you, I may like someone there and may dump you. Anytime can happen in 2 years.
Pavan: I trust you.
Anu: then stay single until I return and if you want me back you should propose.
Pavan: How can I know that you didn't move on and waiting for my proposal?
Anu: this pendant, If I have this pendant on me that indicates that I have you in my heart.
Silent took over for a second, and Anu said: let's go inside.
Pavan: I thought you will never leave me but it's too easy for you to break up with me and how can I come inside? You didn't leave any face for me to show in front of them.
Anu stood there silently and Pavan walked out from there, she wanted to stop him but words didn't come out of her mouth.
Because of his 2 love failures, he decided to stay away from girls and kept only Priya in his friend's zone.

Phone buzzers
Anu woke up and looked at her phone, it was a call for Arjun and she answered it.
Arjun: Did everything went on as we planned?
Anu: Yeah, that hot head slapped him in public.
Arjun: good. Do you member what to do next?
Anu: you don't have to tell me twice.
Arjun: Haha All the best. ( call disconnected)
After some time he had lunch and staring at the clock to reach 12.
At 12
Anu sends the full video of the incident that happened in the car to Priya. Minutes passed but Priya didn't saw the video so she dialled her but she didn't lift the calls. He tried with different numbers but the result is the same.
Priya who cried for the whole day become tired and fall deep asleep, her phone was silent 🔕 and can't hear Anu's calls.
Anu immediately dialled Arjun and said: we have a problem, she is not lifting my calls and didn't watch the video.
Arjun ( cool voice): Do you remember our plan?
Anu: yes, according to our plan she has to watch the video and learn the truth about the incident, then She will feel guilty for her actions and immediately rushes back to Pavan to apologise, In the middle way you will kidnap her and marry her forcedly or keep her as a hostage and make Ram withdraw from the elections. But the problem is she is not watching the video.
Arjun: Don't worry, I have a backup plan.
Anu ( took a deep breath): really? What is it?
Arjun: killing Pavan.

To be continued...

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