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The Angel Inside - Part 4 - the childish rules

Jay's POV
After the marriage we sat in the car for our way to the home. New home. I don't know why they decided to make me live seperate. Maybe they didn't wanted Martha to only suffer missing her mom and dad. But now I'm sitting beside a woman whom I asked to marry me and I don't know anything about her. But the strange thing is her silence. She really broke my belief that girls talk a lot. All along the ceremony she just gave a small smile and nonetheless a short reply. I am really confused how to approach her.
She sat beside me looking outside the window not bothering about my presence. And the weird thing is she didn't even shed a tear . I mean mostly girls cry when they leave but I think she's something else. But then to I wanted to break the silence and talk to her.

Me: aren't you sad that you're gonna leave your mom and dad?

My question grabbed her attention, she turned towards me and her eyes met mine. Her eyes didn't show any emotion but still looked beautiful and glittering yet cold! She continued to look at me with her cold stare. Then she replied...

Amy: I don't have any sweet memories to cry for!

She replied sternly and again looked out of the window. I was taken aback. What did she really mean?. By the passing time, she's really becoming a mystery and my curiosity is killing me. But yet I don't want to make things akward so I'll take things slow...

The whole ride was silent we reached our new home. The driver killed the engine and we stepped out of the car. I looked at my side to inform Amy. But before I do she just opened the car door grabbed her long wedding gown and barged outside the car. I felt embarrassed. But then I came out of the car too. Our belongings already reached our new house. We both stood in the front of the house. As I turned to the switch board and on the lights. It looked beautiful. The house was sorrounded with beautiful plants and It would look beautiful at day and I was pretty sure it's my mom's choice, she knows my likes and dislikes. Then we reached near the door with the house keys and opened it. The house seemed big. It had 3-4 bedrooms,a storage room, a kitchen , and the living room. It was cozy and pretty. We both stood at the living room. I turned to face Amy. And her face still is blank! But atleast she should speak something. My anxiety rised. I still looked at her trying to find any expression. But still that blank face....ugh!
How should I even approach her? But still I try to break the silence. I start to move around the hall to act a bit casual. And I ask her.

Me: well did you like the house?

She looked at me and replied.

Amy: yeah! A better place for a living being!

She spoke bluntly. But still her words are sharp. She approached the stairs as she asked me a question.

Amy: which room is mine?

Me: umm... whatever you like.!

I answered being friendly yet hesitant.

She nodded and turn towards the left side where the bedroom was and she turned towards me and said..

Amy: this one..(she pointed the room)

She said and she started climbing the stairs to reach the room.

I wanted to be friendly with her but it seems a tough job. I really don't want to feel like a ghost in this house. So I cleared my throat and spoke..

Me: can we atleast be friends I don't want to become homesick.

She halted her steps as she reached out to the door and was about to turn the knob. Hearing my voice she turned towards me and replied...

Amy: fine.. but you need to follow some rules..

I frowned and raised an eyebrow in confusion as I questioned her.

Me: what rules?

Her face was still blank.

Amy: we'll talk about it later! Freshen up!

With that she entered the room probably to freshen up and I stood there dumbfounded.
Rules? Seriously? I never knew to become friends we need to follow rules.! Weirdo! I shrugged off and went to my room which was on the right side probably the room opposite to Amy. I went to the room and freshened up. After some time of relaxing in the hot shower I wore a plain white t-shirt and a grey lounge pant. I was really exhausted today . I can't stand being the center of attention. And to look normal in such situations isn't my cup of tea. I almost freaked out. I stepped out of my room and went towards the kitchen and saw Amy already cooking dinner. I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall it's 8. I looked at my mysterious wife again. She was busy cooking. I took my steps down the stairs, looking at her. She wored an oversized hoodie and sweatpant. Her hairs tied in a bun and her purple highlights were visible. I was shocked and my doubt was pretty clear that she was the same girl. She looked calm. She rolled up her sleeves and continued stiring the soup with the spoon. The smell of her cooking lingered around the living room. The atmosphere felt warm and cozy. I reached her while she turned off the flame and served the food in the plate. She starting to keep the plates to the dining table. I went and helped her with the plates. We sat across the dining table facing each other and silently had our dinner. After, we both cleaned the dishes , she took her steps towards the stairs. But then I interrupted and asked.

Me: we were going to talk about the rules, right?

She turned around reaching the chair and took a seat and pointed me to the chair, signalling to have a seat. I did as she asked me to do. We both were facing each other. She folded her arms to her chest and looked at me.

Amy: so friends right? But I don't know anything about you? Introduce yourself!

She asked me in a calm voice.

I looked at her and introduce who I am.

Me: umm.. I'm Jay Conor and I'm a doctor.

She nodded at my response. For a while I felt like I was giving an interview.

Amy: so, Dr. Jay, you need to follow some rules if you want my friendship and if you don't want to be,then too you need to follow it.
1. You could do whatever you want in the house but do not enter my room nor mess with my things.
2. Do not meddle in my business or poke your nose in my matters.
3. Think twice before you speak something to me. I may not be able to control my temper.

Wow! She's really dominant.
Hearing those rules I felt like signing a contract with her. It felt really childish. I let out a hasty laugh being nervous yet feeling weird about her rules.

Me: I didn't knew friendship needs rules!

Amy: I not good at maintaining any relationship! And you might get hurt by me.

She said sternly.

What a weirdo.! Hurt by her? Is she a pshyco. Her words felt like she will murder me if I don't follow it.

Me: can I ask you something?

Amy: hmm..

Me: why did you agree to marry me? You didn't even know me? What's your reason.

Amy: same as yours!

I gave a questioning look.

Amy: didn't you wanted to get rid of that brat(Martha). She gets on my nerves too and I didn't wanted her to meddle in my business. So I did the same as you.

I was speechless. She stood up and went towards her room biding me good night. She went away. I stood there dumbfounded. Who knows if it's just the start of my adventurous story!

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