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The Angel Inside - Part 5 - breakfast tragedy

I sigh and leave upstairs, laying on my bed. I was still confused about Amy' why did she even wanted to get rid of her own sister? Both of their attitudes are somewhat same.! But Amy doesn't bully me like her. But I can't assure if she does in the future. Suddenly the words of my dear bully Martha, rang in my mind "she's a troublemaker!"

She said those words when we met at the wedding as she greeted me or I can say mocked me saying Amy will make my life hell as she's a spoiled brat or can say troublemaker. But I just shrugged it off ...anyways , who would listen the witch's words!

I divert my mind as I draw my attention towards the interiors of the house. Beautiful plants and trees are planted around the house, and it's not much of construction work but more efforts are putted in gardening. And the result is worth it.

This house is quiet peaceful but I somewhat feel empty and I'm really missing my family and specially my sister. I didn't knew that I will miss her annoyance that much. Even if I am two years older than her she will scold me like a mom . She didn't even let a single day of mine be peaceful without any of our fights and rants. She and me were a total chaos. We always fight like Tom and Jerry and now I miss her absence. I miss her messing with my things, our daily childish arguments,no matter how much we're grown up kids. And on the top of that my mom making us settle and apologize each other was an another chaos. I thought that I will get peace in her absence but it seems difficult. I miss her.

As I was busy thinking and my memories washing through my mind, after a while my chain of thoughts broke when my phone ranged , the caller ID flashed with the name 'jerry ' and it was none other than my sister. I bet she's missing me too. I pick the call. And she starts to annoy me again and unknowingly a smile crept on my lips.

*On phone*
Candice: yah Tommy! Missing me!

Her sweet voice filled my ears. Hearing her statement I think to tease her.

Me: well a bit!

Candice: but I didn't miss you!

Me: Says the one who called me! Liar!

Candice: I'm living in peace and I'm gonna capture your room. Well your room feels more like an operation theatre. You have really decorated the four walls like this. Your doctory tools, pile of books, organ models! And... How many skeletons do you have?

Me: yah! Don't dare to touch them! They're my precious friends! You know! I have kept them safe for years!

Candice: haha! Nobody can save them from me!

She laughed.

Our debating continued and we argued for minutes, she was busy threatening me about my room and I know she'll also mess up with my books too but then I heard a voice on the background on her side and it was Mom.

"You both started on the phone call! When will you guys grow up!" Mom stated.

We both chuckled.

Candice: sleep in your new home Tommy! Good night!

Me: good night!

I hung up the call.

After her call I somewhat feel relaxed. And I drift off to sleep. I woke up in the morning and again my nightmare haunted me. I was drenched in sweat. I again try to calm down. And proceed with my morning routine. I wear my formal clothes and took my folded lab coat in my arm leaving for the hospital. It's six in the morning. I reached down the stairs and already found Amy cooking the breakfast and by the smell I can say she's cooking pancakes. She's really a wife material. But she's cold as ice and being around her I feel nervous. I wasn't this nervous even in my exams. She's really something. As I walk down the stairs her figure is a clearly visible. Her black shirt properly tucked in her black jeans , leaving the collar button of her shirt open having a little glimpse of her collar bone and the sleeves of the shirt gently rolled up to her elbow, she looked handsome and elegant. It gave her a manly look. Her hairs binded in a ponytail , and her purple highlights on the last inch of her flicks laying across her face gracefully ,her purple highlights on the lower tips of her hairs gently layed down her back. She looked like a model. she seems to be working in the company. But I doubt her , that day she looked like a school nerd and now she's a total bossy..! Anyway I don't care! After all she's a beauty with with an ugly attitude like her sister! I reach her as I cleared my throat wishing her a good morning. But in reply she shortly says"morning!" With her emotionless face , still busy cooking! "mood wrecker"! I mumbled under my breath. I can't understand her. But as far as I know she hates me the same like her sister. Now I doubt if she either added poison in the breakfast. She walked passed me grabbing the plates and placing them on the table.

Me: stop acting like you care!

I mumbled but it was loud enough for her to hear it.

She looked at me , raising an eyebrow.

Amy: do I look like I care?

She questioned pointing an index finger on herself while cocking a brow. I was baffled. She continued..

Amy: well your mom informed me about your schedule. So pretty much I can handle things..

I knew she just did this for my mom's sake. It's not like she cares for me. And who would ever care for a nerd like me. And I shouldn't forget that she is that brat's sister (Martha). I don't understand why the heck did I approached her yesterday, just to be a so called friend. But I don't think it's going to create any difference. A troublemaker always a troublemaker.

Me: you can act like my wife when we are in front of the people, so you don't need to carry any such formalities here..

I stated in a cold voice.

Amy: eat your breakfast..then leave.

Me: stop caring about me and I am leaving..

I stated in a cold tone. I turned to leave.

Amy: I don't like people who don't appreciate someone's efforts. So you better have it and leave.

Her voice seemed scary. Seems like I made her angry. But I don't care.

Me: you don't need to like me! I'm late!

I spat back. I thought she'll burst out in rage but she didn't and kept her calm. I started to leave . But suddenly I felt a hold on the back of my collar and she pulled me. I turned around being furious at her actions. Before I would say something she grab my jaw and shoved a big chunk of pancake in my mouth. I struggled munching and gulping it. I looked at her furiously. She looked me in the eye.

Amy: you think too much don't you!? Look I really don't care about you but I pity the patients that come under your knives and I don't want them to die by your absent mind just because of hunger and anger. Got that!

She said coldly as she left my jaw harshly and move towards the couch. She grabbed her black blazer that laid on the couch and took the car keys and reached the door but she halted her steps and turned back.

Amy:Have your breakfast, I'll drop you!

I gulped at her words it was neither request nor warning, but she was hella scary. I don't give it a second thought as i follow her instructions. After having my breakfast I reached out only to see Amy sitting on the driving seat as she opened the car door and she signed me to come in the car. I came and sat beside her. Suddenly a notification popped up in Amy's phone. Looking at the screen of her phone, she rolled her eyes annoyed. She sighed after a while and turned her head towards me.

Amy: we are going for a dinner at Mr and Mrs Park's place in the evening! So you need to finish your work early today...

Mr and Mrs park? Which kids calls their mom and dad by their surnames?. weirdo! I came out of my thoughts and saw her driving at a fast pace, I was scared that she'll crash the car and make me die somewhere. Oh my poor car!

On the way she asked me the address of the hospital and I replied her the address . The whole ride was silent. We reached the hospital as the gates opened and we entered the hospital , driving her car to the parking lot,she parked the car and left without sparing a glance at me. She went out as I follow her behind. She reached to the gate to leave without biding me a good bye.

"Rude!" I mumbled. I saw her figure fading away as she walked away and then a black SUV arrived and stopped in front of the gate as there stood a man who was waving at her and signalling her to get into the car. I was pretty confused with the man who was in the car. He was acting friendly. He looked cool. I mean look wise he seemed to be a businessman. He had a formal attire. And his shiny black hair pushed behind with gel and the black sunglasses covered his eyes which made him look even more elegant. Such elegant look can make anybody drool over him. And my wife isn't an exception. Maybe I'm thinking too much . He would be her friend or maybe..... boyfriend?

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