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The Angel Inside - part 6 silence is the best Savage answer

I lay down my head back on the chair as I sigh and start up checking the file, analyzing the medical records of my current patient. Today I need to cop up my work fast. I chuckle at myself internally thinking about my life decesions. One move and things turned upside down. Things really turned to a whole 360 degrees. I was a nerd, became a doctor, got a wife and is there anything left.? I question myself. My pathetic life! Welcome to hell! Conor! I mumble to myself.

As I continue with my work the time flies away and its afternoon now... Things were hectic like always. Looking and treating the patients one after the another is not an easy task to accomplish. So after all the treatment and surgeries I got sometime to rest as it was lunch break now, I walked along the hallway to see Emma and Noah waving at me as we leave together at the cafeteria . Three of us took our seats together as we were having our lunch and discussing about one of our patients reports on whom we had a surgery before as it was a 50-50 chane for his life. And his condition was critical.

As we were having our lunch peacefully......there's Max... Another mood wrecker!! And seeing him smirk makes pretty sure he's going to create a drama on me right here... Annoying brat!! I mumble under my breath.

He stood looking at me in the eye and I could only see hate and disgust in it for myself. Someday they use to show me love, our strong bond of friendship, and brotherly relation but now I just see is hatred. Things weren't like this before. Someday we trusted each other more than anybody else. And today he hates me , he hates me to the point that he doesn't even want to hear the truth.

He stood up in front of me and some of his colleagues standing beside.. they all were my highschool bullies and some were also my seniors, but I decided to ignore it. I was pretty much engrossed in eating food as my friends gave me a weird look cause they knew it too that soon a drama is gonna start. They always ask me to fight back but I don't cause I prefer peace rather than destruction and things are already a mess and if I do something now it will grow worse. So I decide to better leave it. I am plainly minding my own business but my instincts say that Max is glaring at me. Soon I heard a tap on the table as I raise my head to see him and his minions. And there he is..

Max: ohhhh! Our Dr. Nerd Conor is married to another nerd!
He said as some of his colleagues chuckled and bursted out laughing. It gained attention across the cafeteria and people started staring at us. I just continued having my drink. The cafeteria was a dead silent for a while and no one took action against them cause they were the juniors as no one wanted to be suspended from the job. As one of our senior is the son of the owner of this hospital and my dear highschool bully. So yeah raise your voice and you die.

Colleague1: Nerd into Nerd ! What a couple!

Colleague2: serves you right! Book worm!(sarcastically)

Collegue3: I didn't knew you got that much guts to reject a beauty like Martha over a sick nerd.

"Atleast I got brains, who would even choose a person whose attitude sucks! "I thought! I was merely pissed, but I didn't wanted to create a scene. Cause it's an everyday routine to get mocked by him and his colleagues. Cause from day 1 they have been targeting me to get rid of me from the hospital. And sometimes we have got warnings to behave. Cause we can't discuss our personal lives here there's also something called professionalism. And I don't like to create a rucus of my personal life at my work place. But this brat is a headache. And they all still continue to laugh at clap at these sick jokes. I already knew Max is doing this thing on purpose cause he also watched Amy in the hospital that day. And her look says it all that she wasn't a nerd. But I know he is provoking me to fight back and is really eager to take revenge for Martha. And it was for sure that Martha had filled his ears with her melodrama . It's always been her who ruined my relations with everyone and one of them is Max. And all he wants is to get revenge on me as I rejected his dear best friend Martha which someday ..was me and now he's being sympathetic on her fake cries. And he'll do everything to make me regret it.

Max: we have got a deadly combination here!

He said as he removed the phone from his pocket and showed a pic of Amy. It was the pic in which she has glasses on ,looking like a typical nerd. And I already knew it's Martha's deeds. This time I had an urge to fire back my words on him but as he was doing things on purpose, I won't let him win. But I didn't wanted him to drag Amy in this envious relation and cause her trouble. But still I was busy fighting with my thoughts and feeling as I stepped back to reality.

Max: Thank God! Martha didn't married a jerk you!

And they laugh out loud.. except my friends.. while the people around gossip about me. Now it was enough , internally I was fuming in anger. But I need to play it cool to shut them up. An crazy idea to make them piss off came in my mind as a smirk crept on my face and I look right into Max eyes who was confused by my actions. I started laughing like a maniac and my laughter echoed the cafeteria as it went dead silent. As I had finished eating my lunch and was about to stand up, I clapped my hands and continued to laugh making them frown on my actions. After a while I simply stood up from the chair as I pat Max's shoulder and left... leaving them dumbstruck . Punks ! I mumble. And later my friends stood up smirking at them.

Noah: we have got idiots here..

Emma: who make a clown show out of themselves...

They both said out loud, smirking at their stupid act. The people around soon starting gossiping and laughing at the scene. And we left checking for the patients.

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