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talk about soul

life is lifeless


Some are proud, some are famous here.

Some are silent, some are forced there.


The chaman in which I understood myself safe

That's where Chaman is gone after Veera.


This love is not easy, you know that

There is a river of tears that you will accept


Come to the limit of trying to explain

Then leave everything to the trust of God.


Where does the fucking death come so soon?

She is tormented and tormented.


This loneliness pricks the heart.

This separation makes my mind cry

What are the untold alphas called

And start looking for this excavation.


Sometimes your eyes and sometimes your face have to be read.

It is not possible to tell everything in words.

Keep calling you morning and evening without forgetting

It is not possible to express love every time.

What is the matter that you are sitting far away from your face.

It is not possible to hug in the gathering.

Deliberately in the joy of love in love

It is not possible to defeat the loser himself.

When there is a thick cloud of sorrow in the moon night.

It is not possible to recite the melody of happiness.


If I could speak Diwali, I would have told you

How much you are tormented in the days of your separation


This pleasant weather of rain feels good.

It's nice to come to meet you there.

The heat increased in such a way that life became dry.

it's nice to get each other wet


Life is a dream, feel it

Enjoy it every moment

Don't meet again tomorrow, this beautiful moment

Enjoy happiness with both hands

If you see a moment, you get relief.

You will also quench your thirsty heart


Found the destination of Baharo

Got the destination of the sights

In the lovely nights of Poonam

Got the destination of the stars

Looking for Sahil

the edges got the floor


She is very happy after being separated from me.

Let us be happy in their happiness.

She is very happy by staying away from me.

Let us be happy in their distance


If you don't like it, then tell us.

If you don't like Raza, I'll tell you

Love is always a game, listen to the strange

If you don't like the fun, I'll tell you

It's a pleasant weather that steals hearts

If you don't like Shama, I'll tell you

refreshing body and mind

If you don't like Lata, I'll tell you

Today the drizzle of rain will get wet.

If you don't like the wind, I'll tell you



Flowers of desire have blossomed in the heart.

Ever since we've met you again

Why are you not so good, but l

Jee ko pricking love tere khale hai

The day used to pass but the night did not.

Seeing you, it is dusk in the morning.

Then the sleeping dreams took their limbs.

Then new dreams have grown on the eyelids.

In the time of separation and your memories

I'll walk together like a shadow


pain has become medicine

Merz has become paid


The bird died in the cage, there must be some reason.

Friendship broke with cage, there must be some reason

Always changing colors , at the world's fair.

The bloodthirsty left alone, there must be some reason

I wanted from my life which I thought as my own.

Turned away from love, there must be some reason

will live together, die together, they will

Heart's pride is broken, there must be some reason

We had to be freed from life so soon, I lost.

Ran ahead in the race, there must be some reason


It's not good to meet everyday

It is not good to cry everyday


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