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Do you love me? - Episode 28 - Relax

Continuation of episode 25
11 PM
They decided to have a late-night meeting to prevent the spread of this news to the news-hungry media. If this news leaks out all the news channels will start a debate about the meeting between these two rivals ( Arjun's dad and Ram's dad), what the cause of the meeting and outcome of it will become the hot topic and it will shake the state politics.

Arjun's home:
Arjun's dad started in his car with a driver, Although he has many men he left all of them to guard Arjun.
He was nervous and looking out through his car window to check whether there is an ambush waiting for him, The crowded city roads were empty and the atmosphere is so calm like a sea before a storm, the sky was dark without a moon and the magnificent city felt like a haunted town. After a few minutes of dead silence, he reached his destination and the Fear for his life made his body tremble because he was entering the lion's den without any weapons. As soon as he gets down the car he saw a mountain like a man came to receive him who is none other than Rudra. He took him to the lawn where Pavan's dad and Priya's family speaking while having tea. The lawn has many trees and a cold breeze from them refreshing his soul. He took a deep breath to relax but his heartfelt anxiety after seeing a large number of guards staring at him from the dark. He wanted to turn back and walk away but Pavan's dad already saw him and asked him to come and take a seat.
He went to them and sat in the chair opposite Priya's dad chair.
Pavan's dad: Which do you prefer coffee or tea?
Arjun's dad: No, thank you.
Pavan's dad( with predator's eyes): ok then let's get into the issue. Give me one reason to spare your son.
Arjun's dad: I know he did wrong but it's not a big slip to kill someone. He is just young and everyone does some mistakes at this age so please allow him to rectify them.
Priya's dad: what if someone did it to your daughter? Will you spare him too?
Arjun's dad: It depends on the person.
Ram ( angrily): uncle Don't act smart, your son did it intentionally. He knew that we will get after him but ( interrupted)
Arjun's dad: that's why it's called a mistake if not it is called an accident.
Pavan's dad( with a devils smile): is he feeling guilty about it?
Arjun's dad( nervous): Y...yes.
Priya's dad: then why didn't you bring him with you? He would have apologized to my daughter and the problem would have been solved.
Arjun's dad: I am not that stupid to bring him to ( interrupted by Ram's dad)
Ram's dad: Do you think he (Pavan's dad) is a Coward to kill you and your son in the name of the meeting? You should not tolerate this kind of behaviour brother in law.
Arjun's dad immediately said: I trust him that's why I came alone without any security, he is just trying to make you mad at me.
Pavan's dad: Mmm. So what are you going to do to fix this mistake?
Arjun's dad: I want to hear your suggestion first.
Pavan's dad ( with a cold smile): Haha my suggestion? Hm. He criticised my daughter in law with his sinful tongue, As a punishment for this, we should cut his tongue so that he will learn his lesson and will not repeat it, what do you people think?
After hearing these words everyone there was dumbfounded, Priya's family was angry at Arjun but punishment like this never crossed their minds.
Arjun's dad: #cough# Instead of being violent there is another way of punishment through which he will learn his lesson and Ram can be benefited.
Ram's dad: Really? What's that?
Arjun's dad: My son will withdraw from the elections and on behalf of him I will apologise Priya. What do you people say?
Ram: Do you think I will do politics over my sister?
Ram's dad: Hmm it's a good bargain but something is missing. ( Ram shocked and looked at his dad in anger)
Arjun's dad: what is it?
Ram's dad: your son should kneel before her and apologise in the place where he criticised her.
Arjun's dad: ok. I agree with it.

Outside of Arjun's house: ( 11:55)
Farook: How many men are guarding the house?
John: Around 100.
Farook: How many in them are ours?
John: 15.
Farook ( speaking in blue tooth): Get ready sunny ( sniper), you got a lot of work to do.
Sunny: I am born ready.
Farook looked at the 10 men standing at his back and signalled them to get ready, all of them wore black and were ready to hunt their enemies. Then Farook got a call and his face turned pale.
John saw the change in his attitude and asked: what happened? Is there any problem?
Farook: let's hurry back, someone is attacking the young master.
As soon as the word fell they notice a group of the car's rushed out from Arjun's house in the direction of the Pavan's house.
Sunny( who is on the top of the building away from there): what about me?
Farook: you continue our plan, don't kill Arjun we can use him as a hostage to call his men back.
Sunny: understood.
After blasting the Transformer Farook group started rushing from there to Pavan's farmhouse.

11: 57 PM
Pavan's dad phone buzzers and he lifted it, After hearing the information his eyes turned red showing a deep bloodthirst. He made a hand sign and Rudra hurried to him.
Pavan's dad: Go to the farmhouse and kill those ants, after that kill Arjun and bring me his head. (Rudra nodded and left with his men)
People there were shocked by that word and Arjun's dad screamed in anger: I never thought you were such a poltroon to do surprise attacks on children, Mark my word I will destroy your whole family.
Pavan's dad slapped him and said: who is a coward? Your son sent men to attack my son if anything happens to him, I swear I will torture your family and burn you all alive.
Arjun's dad ( started sweating and shivering, tears rolling out from his eyes and said): it's some misunderstanding, I...I will talk to him, I am sure it's not my son who is attacking Pavan,
Suddenly, his phone buzzes and it's an incoming call from Arjun, his hand were shaking and picked it and asked: Arjun what's going on? Do you know anything about the attack on Pavan?
Arjun: No dad, what's happening there?
With that word, Arjun's dad heartfelt ease and took a deep breath and said: I am putting the phone on speaker tell this to Pavan's dad. ( he set the phone in speaker)
Arjun: uncle can you hear me?
Pavan's dad glared at Arjun's dad and then he said: he is hearing you, son, just say it.
Arjun: uncle you have your men everywhere, and I know you have informers among our men that's why... I brought this new man from other states.
Everyone was stunned, Arjun's dad heart starting beating as it will crash at any minute and shouted: Arjun, apologise to him and call back your men don't make it too complicated.
Arjun: apologise my As*, Is he still hearing me?
You old dog do you think this city is your empire? I am the one who sends men to kill your son and I again sent 50 men to kill him, save your son if you can. ( call ended)
Arjun's dad: bastard, he fell on Pavan's dad feet and begged: please leave my daughter and wife, they don't know anything.
Pavan's dad: Go back to your home and wait for death. ( he started walking back into his house)
Arjun's dad: please I will do anything, please. (But he ignored him and walked away)then he moved toward Ram who was in shock and grabbed his hands and said: you love my daughter right? Please take her and leave this country.
Ram's dad: Running away doesn't solve the problem, the only solution is to save Pavan.
Ram immediately ran to his car and his men followed him, they started rushing to Pavan's house.
while thinking about Pavan's safety Priya's dad helplessly gritting his teeth in anger. Ram's dad looked at him and said: Don't worry he will be alright, after all, his 4 bodyguards( Sunny, harsha, Farook, John) are now in the city and they may have already taken him to a safe place.
Priya's dad: what if they don't?
Ram's dad: I...I don't know, let's hope for the best.
( thinking: if both Pavan and Arjun are dead then my son will become the king of this city and we can find another match for Priya, There is nothing for us to lose, hmm let's see)

After Arjun's dad left the home: (11:15)
Arjun's room door was opened, he came out and locked his mother and sister in a room, he thought it's the best way to protect them from outside danger and sat in a chair in front of that locked door
Arjun: Is everything is going according to our plan?
Sham( Arjun's dad right hand): Yes, young master.
Arjun: What's the time now?
Sham: 11:40.
Arjun took his phone and dialled the assassins he brought from other States and said: go and kill him before the clock ticks 12, I want to start my day with good news.
Assassin's leader: Forget about him and ready our remaining payment.
Arjun: I will pay you twice if you can put your words into action.
Assassin's leader: rest assured sir. ( hang up)
Arjun: send half of our men to kill Pavan.
Sham: But you already ( interrupted by Arjun).
Arjun: What if this assassin's failed to kill him and Pavan's dad men reached there in the meanwhile? we can't take that risk.
Sham nodded in approval and sent 50 men to kill Pavan.

12 AM
Continuation of chapter 27
Anu: what did you say?
Arjun: hahaha a Few minutes back I already ordered them to kill him, he may be dead already.
Anu: nothing going to happen to him.
Arjun: Hmm? Why are you so confident? He is not a Superman to fight 40 men and again 50 men on his own.
Anu: I guessed that you will do something like this that's why I already took protective measures.
Arjun: what can you do? You are just faking.
Anu: I think you forgot that I am the collector of this district, all the departments are under me including the police force.
Arjun: Police? They don't dare to do anything.
Anu: Don't I warned you to stay away from my Pavan? Just wait and see, I am going to ruin your life. ( call ended).
Arjun didn't even bother to call her back and took her lightly.

Meanwhile at Pavan's house( Farmhouse)
Pavan slept on the top of the water tank hearing music with headphones on.
Harsha and the man who was searching for him for this whole time finally saw him there and were relieved. Harsha tapped on his shoulder, feeling that touch, he suddenly opened his eyes and saw harsha.
Pavan: why are you here? Is there any problem?
Harsha: Young master hurry up we have to leave.
Pavan( climbed down from the tank and asked): what happened?
Harsha: there is a lot of movement in the surroundings, there are 6 cars on the highway and some of them have guns, it seems like they are waiting for orders.
Suddenly they heard the sounds of the vehicles, there are around 30 men and some of them have guns.
Harsha: young master, leave from the backyard we will buy you some time to escape.
But then they saw some cars at the backyard gate.
Pavan looked at all this and said: cool down harsha, we are in this together and there is no chance for escape but I have an idea by which we all may have a chance of surviving.
Harsha looked into the eyes of Pavan which don't have any signs of Fear, seeing him made his chest puffed up in admiration and said: what is the plan young master?
Pavan: I think you already informed my dad and surely our men are on the way here what we have to do is stay alive until they come. They are around 30 men and most of them don't have guns, we are only 12 but 11 of you guys have a gun, We are on the top of the building and have a height advantage. if we switch off these lights on the Terrace they cont see us and it helps us to do an ambush.
One of the men: what if they cut the electricity? Then we can't see them in the dark right?
Pavan: the lights around this building work on solar power, these lights charge in the morning and work at night, they can only halt them by shooting the bulb or by climb the poll and turn it off.
They all agreed and sat there waiting for the enemies to come, the cars entered the farm and reached the house. Harsha and the group aimed their guns at them and fired, Some of the enemies got injured and the rest become alerted and stopped advancing towards the building. Minutes passing by and the enemies caught Pavan's group location and started shooting at them, But they didn't fear and crouched down in Terrace letting the enemies waste their bullets.

Around 20 police vehicles entered the farm, Hearing the siren sounds made the enemies panicked and they started escaping in their cars.
Harsha: police? How do they know and reach here before our man?
A police jeep reached the house and a familiar figure showed up.
Pavan( surprised): Anu, she saved my life again.

At Arjun's house: 12: 02
On the phone: what? Police ride? Don't run away stay there our men are coming, what? bast*rd you took the money, right? shut up and stay there. ( call ended)
Arjun face become awful and he thrashes his phone in anger and shouted: let's go and kill him.
Sham: what happened, young master?
Arjun: Anu that Bit*h spoiled my plan, Shhh I misjudged her abilities.
Sham (who understood everything) said: it's not advisable to go there, I am going to call our men back.
Arjun: Shut up and do as I said.
Sham: it's not the time to get impulsive your safety is my priority.
Suddenly the power was gone followed by bullets sounds. 15 in 25 men guarding the house were Farook men, As soon as the power is gone they turned off the inverter and shot the other 5, they closed every entry and exit door of the house and rushing up to capture Arjun.
Sham: Traitors😤, we will hold them, please carefully jump through the window and leave.
Arjun: Run? Me? Never.
Sham: there are many times where kings escaped from the battle and came back and got revenge, we have hope until you are alive.
Farook's 15 men rushing up words through the stairs and that footstep sound panicked sham and other 5 men who were guarding the door.
In the meantime, Arjun was convinced to escape. He jumped on the Ac Platform and to the ground. He saw the fallen bodies of his guards and all of them were dead because of gunshots in the head. He started running to his car but stopped after hearing a voice saying: What about your Mom and sister? Is it ok for them to die?
Arjun glanced in the direction of the voice and saw masked men in black clothes, he noticed that man doesn't have any gun in his hands, so he immediately pulled his gun out but before he could do anything the masked man shot a bullet into the sky. Arjun was shocked for a second, that masked man was so quickly that he is no match for his speed.
Masked man: I advise you to follow me without doing anything smart.
Arjun: who are you? What do you want?
Sunny: My name is sunny and I am Pavan's bodyguard, all I want is you.
Arjun: Are you the one who killed all of these men? How did you do that?
Sunny: even they don't know how they died, I am a sniper.
Arjun: I never heard about you before.
Sunny: I never left any enemy who knows me to live to spread a good word about me.
Arjun( dishearted): if I come with you will you leave my mom and sis?
Sunny: sure
Arjun threw his gun and surrendered.
Sunny( in blue tooth): come back, we got our target.
Arjun still has some hope of killing Pavan but then sunny said: call your men back.
Arjun: what if I don't?
He shot a bullet at Arjun's leg ( which left from the leg tearing fat layers of skin without causing injury to bone )and he fell onto the ground.
Sunny: If you talk back to me again, I will kill you.
Arjun grunted in pain and did whatever he said without talking back.
The 15 men came down and they carried Arjun to the car. They tied a cloth around Arjun's wound and took him to Pavan's house.

At Pavan's house:
Anu reached him and smiling at him brightly and said: you owe me one, don't you?
Pavan ( acting like he is mad at her): What do you want?
Anu: Marry me.
Pavan: No way, I am engaged.
Anu: what? I saved your life so it's mine.
Pavan: You are also the one who planned all this attack, don't you?
Anu: no, I didn't.
Pavan: Do you want me to believe that?
Anu: l never lied to you and I ever will do.
A sudden rush of cars dragged Pavan's attention and glanced at them. Ram, Rudra, Farook and their man came. All of them came to the terrace and after few minutes sunny with Arjun also came there.
Anu playfully grabbed Pavan's shoulder and said: Baby if you don't trust me ask Arjun.
Pavan glared at her but was silent then Anu said: why didn't you proposed to me after I came from training?
Pavan: I came to you to propose but At that time you already moved on.
Anu: what made you think like that?
Pavan: Stop asking questions, and if you loved me then why didn't you said anything when I messaged you about My forced engagement with Priya? You just ignored my calls and tests but one thing is true Anu, Now I love Priya and I mentally fixed to marry her. Yesterday, she slapped me because of the anger and fear of losing me it's unintentional, I felt her love in it. Other than marriage I will do anything to clear the debit of your favour.
Anu: I can explain, the reason is I lost my mobile and was busy rescuing the people from the floods, yesterday forgot my diary in the room I stayed in, check it if you want.
Arjun got annoyed by Pavan attitude of not keeping him in his eyes and shouted: Haha how romantic to taking with loved ones before dying.
Pavan: hmm? Do you want to talk with someone?
Arjun: It's you who is going to die, do you think you are the only one who has spies?
As soon as the word fell his 4 bodyguards surrounded Pavan acting like human barriers,
Sunny ( roared): all of you guys go down.
After hearing him All their men went down but Ram's men were still there.
Sunny: can't you people hear me?
Ram's men: who are you to order us? Don't bose us.
Ram: All you people leave and after hearing that they All left from there in shame.
Only Ram, Satya( Ram's dad right hand), Rudra, 4 bodyguards, Arjun and Anu are left.
Pavan: he is just bluffing.
Harsha: we can't take chances, all of them have guns.
Pavan: you 4 Give me some space, go and collect the guns from them and send someone to take him to the hospital.
Farook looked around and didn't find any possible tread and Rudra is also there, he nodded and got down with the remaining 3. Later few men came and took Arjun to the hospital.
Pavan( turned towards the side of the wall looking at the lights on the road and said): What even happened has happened, we can't change it but if you want we can be friends.
Rudra got a call from Pavan's dad and started speaking.
# BANG #
With the deafening sound All the people down there was shocked, the 4 people rushed upwards but before they could reach they heard the gunshot sound again. After they reach there they saw Satya on the floor bleeding.
Satya is the one who shot the bullet at Pavan, he again tried to shot but Rudra immediately shot him and avoided it.
Ram was shocked, Satya is their trusted employee for more than 2 decades, why did he do that? He was about to die then Ram asked: why?
Satya( trying to hold breath): Ask your father... ( he dead)

After hearing the gunshot sound Pavan looked at his body for the traces of blood leaking out and didn't found any but then he felt a body pressing on his back and tears started running from his eyes.
Pavan: No, it can't be.
he turned back and grabbed her, blood is leaking out from her stomach like a river. Her face was pale and a clear expression of Pain can be seen on her face, He pressed his hand on the wound applying pressure to stop bleeding.
Pavan: you are so stupid, why? I said I can't marry you.
Anu: didn't I said I love you? we have been marrying for the last 6 lifetimes and you rejected me this time, After your engagements, I tried to commit suicide, maybe god interrupted me then, To save you now. After Few seconds of silence, her eyes shuddered tears and she asked: Am I going to die?
Pavan( quivering voice): no. You are not.
Rudra immediately came there removed his T-Shirt and tied it tightly around the wound to stop the blood loss. Pavan lifted her and started carried her to his car, he threw the keys to Sunny who is known for his speed, Sunny rushed down and brought the car. Pavan got into it and made Anu sit on his thighs ( because its seating capacity is 2)
she was slowly losing her consciousness and said: if I survived this will you marry me?
Pavan was silent and don't know what to say.
Anu: don't you love me anymore? then why are you trying to save me? stop the car let me die in peace.
Pavan: I never said that. How can I convince my parents? What about Priya? I can't do injustice to her.
Anu( gave a gentle kissed him on the lips and said): relax, I know what to do to convince them.
Sunny lived up to his name, he drives them to the hospital which generally takes 10 minutes from their house in a minute. They took her into the hospital and the doctors took her to ICU.
To be continued...
The novel going to be completed in the next 2 episodes but you people have to wait for a while.
I have exams( lab internals, 1st mid, 2nd mid, 2nd mid lab internals, 1st external, 1st sem exams) and there is no gap between the exams. So I hope you people understood what I said and In this episode, I almost concluded the novel you can imagine the next episodes( but I am sure most people will guess wrong). If I got time I will upload the next episode as soon as possible thank you.

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