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Stay With Me - 14 - The Rituals

I am so glad that Isha joined us at dinner and companied me till I wave them good bye.

One thing I feel strange is my dad is not relaxed, well may be I am responsible for that but I don't want to reopen that topic again so I should keep quiet I think..

So tired and exhaust I sleep like a log whole night.. next day as I join my dad for tea, he orders, "you are going to Mumbai.. Abhi will drive you so pack your bags."

I almost squeak," but why?"

"Well so that your friends can help you in shopping, I will be busy here and they can't join you here due to their study so it's better you join them.." he elaborated.

I jump happily cause It's really tough job to do marriage preparations all alone, for that I miss my mom to the core cause if she would have been with me then I would be totally carefree. But alas... my luck!!

I get busy in packing, at afternoon Abhi arrives and along with Brijesh uncle, me and Abhi get in our car.

As Abhi starts the car, I don't know for unknown reason, I don't like to go from here, it's like there's someone important I am leaving behind.. and my heart is sinking thinking about it.. and suddenly my cellphone buzzes, reading the name on screen I get to know it's Nomaan I am sad for.

Does it mean my heart is.. and knot twists in my stomach. "your phone is ringing. " Abhi interrupted.

With embarrassment I receive, "hi.." he slowly replies,"hi.." after a short pause he adds, "umm.. actually Isha is leaving tomorrow morning so is it okay for you to have dinner together?" he asks hesitantly.

And my heart is like 'please stop the car and go back to meet him...' but I can't be that silly so I explain him everything and he is annoyed," oh God why should you go to Mumbai just for shopping.. gran will help you na..and who is this Abhi now?" "he is a friend and it's dad's idea..." I explain.

"Okay.. as you have already left, I can't do anything but call me when you reach there.." he informed. I nod to that and hang up. I observe naughty smirk on Abhi's lips.

It is two and half hour later we reach to Mumbai and now I know why people call it 'city of dreams'.

That whole night me, Mrunal and Simran chat about Nomaan and his family. One thing is strange Whenever I say something, inadvertently my talk comes to an end with Nomaan. My friend tease me for that.

From next day we start my shopping, mostly at evening. It took a whole month to buy dresses, jewelleries and shoes..well this is what weddings are..but indian weddings are just too much.

During this whole month Nomaan and Isha called me daily, Isha helped me in selection through video calls, while with Nomaan it was awkward at first but now I am kinda used to answer the weird questions like what are you doing and what did you eat and many silly ones though I enjoy talking to him. Viansh just called twice though I message him some time.

It is 2nd October when I get back to my home, here Pragya aunty ( Abhi's mom) will help me in packing. Nomaan and Viansh are out of town for company's stuff. Isha will join me at 15th. Gran and Rishi dad are busy in their preparations and here my dad doesn't even sleep peacefully.

From the morning he and our wedding planner get busy. Actually both families want a destination wedding and for that they have selected Lonawala.

As the day of our wedding getting closer I am just being insane.. cause I have to pack my bags according to rituals like mahendi, engagement, haldi, Sangeet and wedding.. and Pragya aunt is eating me alive telling, "bride should take care of this and that.." oh...God!!

It's before 7 days my dad and me along with Isha, gran and Rishi dad leave for Lonawala, there is no any call from Nomaan or Viansh since last week, well they might be busy.

Here we are going to stay at Nomaan's holiday home, for wedding we have booked a resort. As we step inside the house, I am shocked cause both Nomaan and Viansh are here to welcome us.

Well our dads are busy at venue. Gran is busy with Isha and Viansh. I am arranging my bags in my room that Nomaan enters inside.

I get up with jolt, "hi.. honey.. did you miss me?" He asks naughtily. I frown to the word 'honey' and nod my head to say 'no', twitching my lips. Of course I lied well I missed him but not like lovers do.. or may be 'yes' I don't know.

He rolls his eyes shrugging, " but I did.." as I look at him with jerk he winks at me smirking naughtily.

Gosh.. why is he being flirty now? I am loss for words. He giggles looking me dumbfounded and I am witnessing God's masterpiece smiling gracefully in maroon tee and blue denim.

Then he clears his throat and sits himself on a couch informing,"we have a pre wed photoshoot tomorrow, we'll leave early at the morning so be ready."

There are thousands of questions in my mind starting from what should I wear? Why didn't he inform me earlier? ..

But he answers as if I have spoken them out loud.. I don't remember though...,"dresses are already selected by Isha so don't worry about them and I didn't tell you cause you didn't tell me about your trip to Mumbai." I roll my eyes,"omg.. I didn't know.."

"Okay..I believe you.. actually I wanted to give you surprise so.. be ready at 8:00.." he informed and leaves as his phone rings.

At afternoon we visit our resort to select decoration themes and decide spots for our rituals as there will be many..¡¡¡


Next day morning as I get in Nomaan's car my first question was," where is Isha and Viansh..? she told me they were coming..""yeah.. they have left already.." he shrugs.

As the car leaves the place, he starts the music player. To my embarrassment it's bollywood love songs Playlist.. one by one songs start 'kya muje pyaar hai..?' 'Mera pehla pehla pyaar' 'mere bina me...' and many like those.

I feel all the blood in my body, rushed to my cheeks, and I know he is quite enjoying it.

Thank God it's after one and half hour we are at the venue. It's beautiful green lush forest and Isha and Viansh along will all other team are there.

As I approach Isha and Viansh I ask annoyingly, "why didn't you come with us?" Isha chuckles,"oppa.. told us.. not to.." I notice Nomaan's naughty grin.

First they make me ready in sky blue long trail gown, Nomaan is in Blue blazer. After that gown, they change me to cyan chiffon sari then black skirt with red top, but for me everytime Nomaan stole the show wearing contrast matching outfits.

When it comes to pre wedding photoshoot there come so many romantic events like touching, staring, cuddling even kissing sometimes.

Can anyone believe how awkward and embarrassing it can be for me??! but thank God Nomaan knows that and in our case it was romantic but in a decent way.

Mostly our photos were of holding hands, sitting on a broken log, resting at tree trunk, smiling at each other.. should I say it was Viansh and Isha's joke which made me smile.

Though Nomaan teases me saying, "you don't have to always make a wry face.. you are ruining my photos.."as a result he got his foot smashed under my high heel. (photographer insisted me to wear those to match Nomaan's height.. weird na...), he starts hoping on one foot and my stomach starts aching due to laughter. In short it was so much fun.. as we used different props like umbrella, flowers and frames too.

Our photoshoot takes almost whole day with just lunch and tea break. We return very late. Whole night I can't sleep as I was under Nomaan's charismatic spell.


Just 5 days to go. Our friends and relatives are here as from tomorrow official function will start.

Well weddings are so much fun for everyone but I think we indian celebrate it at different level of fun.

Cause it's all about bright colors, loud music, big jewelleries, glittering outfits, variety of dishes and above all these, endless fun.

And mine is not an exception.. as it starts with 'mahendi', I wear light blue lehenga choli with Zari and sequins with matching jewelleries, Nomaan is in same color chulidar set. We have planned this event on our resort's terrace, the whole place is decorated with green leaves and pink flower drapes, along with some traditional music and dance performances by our friends, well all I have to do, is to sit on a comfy couch for hours just watching them enjoy. It took four hours to apply henna on my hands and legs.

Next day morning we have our engagement ceremony, to match with green and silver balloons and ribbons decoration, I get ready in silver sequins, off shoulder bodice and emerland green skirt embroidered with flowers, accessorized myself with green gold plated choker necklace, matching drop earrings and mangtika. Nomaan is looking gorgeous in silver cowl style kurta-pajama with green floral jaket.. whole ceremony was like never ending fun with ring exchange, cake cutting under confetti showers. Should I mention poses for photos?

Then comes 'haldi' , for that I chose sunny yellow ruffled saree with pink flower jewellery while Nomaan is breathtaking in yellow kurta and white chulidar. This ceremony is held at resort garden under colourful hanging tassels and canopy for us. We both are looking like yellow marigold as our face, neck, hands and legs are covered in turmeric paste, cause Isha and Viansh took full advantage of the ceremony.

for 'Sangeet' I preffered aqua marine gown with stone work and embroidery.. once again Nomaan is in same colored indo western suit. It is held at resort's party plot under strings of colourful fairy lights and lanterns. It's first time I dance with Nomaan as if no one is watching us with my heart pounding inside my chest.

All these events were full of fun, laughter and countless photos with some funny poses with my friends, Isha, Viansh and of course my hubby to be Nomaan. I think atleast I feel comfortable when he is around. These are the days when I laugh to my heart's content.. should I include that blushy smile, I get when Nomaan is around..¿¿¿

Finally the most awaited day has come, I am damn nervous from the morning, or I can say I didn't sleep last night.

It took three and half hour for my attendants to make me ready in dusty lilac and golden net lahenga, it is just perfect blend of 3D peacock motifs with pearls, sequins and debka embellishments, to compliment the bridal look my beauticians further accessorized me with dazzling bangels, non floral hathphools, baby pink and polki studded choker and rani haar set with mangtika and pink nose stud. My flushed make up is beautifully done with a gorgeous dose of pink, soft shimmery eye make up, glossy light pink lips and floral hair bun. All my girls are in gray lahenga as a bride maids.

What am I feeling right now is inexpressible it's not that I am not happy and excited but in my case I came to know Nomaan few months back and within an hour I will take my vow to spend my whole life with him, to love him.. I think I am not ready for that.

Of course his presence gives me goosebumps and chills of excitement, I love the way he makes me feel special, the way he looks at me, I know he likes me though I feel that I don't know him completely.

Now I am sure I really have trust issues may be my childhood is responsible for that and I am not gonna get rid of it completely.

My dad and Abhi enter in my room, my dad whispers, "It's time to go dear.." I get up with butterfly in my stomach, praying to God that please don't make me panic..

And they both hold my each hand, and to my surprise my bride maids opens a beautiful pink flowers floral chadar over me.. giggling happily.

But as I step out of my room, I am astonished as the aisle is decked up with pink and white flower bed.

Our 'mandap' looks dreamy with lilac curtains, white draped roof with pink floral danglers and central chandelier along with blooms there I spot Nomaan sitting on a chair. Of course his eyes are on me with a smirk. He is looking like a true royalty in his embroidered beige sherwani paired with a lilac stole and safa.

One by one the rituals start, as we both extend our hands for hastmelap I feel his hand is cold too just like mine, is he nervous just like me?

Then comes important one that is sat phere or shaptpadi, in which, in front of sacred fire we both will take our marriage vows. My mom used to explain the meaning of them, that each vow represent a pledge we both take as husband and wife... to be loyal to each other, friends to each other, to be great companions till the end of our lives.

I didn't know at that time, that my aai was married though explaining these seven vows moistened her eyes, now I know the reason. "I miss you mom.." I mumble to myself.

After phere.. Nomaan laces 'mangalsutra' around my neck and applies 'sindoor' to my forehead. my heart is panting in my ribcage cause from this day onwards I am Mrs. Nomaan Arora... I observe Nomaan from the corner of my eyes, his face is gleaming with joy.

Oh god.. I will spend my whole life with him now.. few months back spending a day with him seemed impossible!!!

After the ceremony one by one our relatives approach us to congratulate us.. there are so many guests and friends from Nomaan's side but I don't find group of those clingy girls.. well good for me though..!!

Then we seek blessings from our elders, Gran kisses my forehead saying, "bless you my child..!"

then comes boring photoshoot, we just complete that session too with lots of coziness and uncomfortable situations.

And last but not least comes 'Vidai..' the toughest part.. cause whatever I have supressed until now it all comes over and I cry like a baby hugging my dad.. I got very little time to live with him.. but he has shown his caring side to me, I know he loves me.. but he manages to calm me down saying you are just moving to another house in same city..

Well we all are going to spend next two days here only, so now my heart is beating fast thinking I have to spend rest of the day with Nomaan, do I have to say a night.. or I should say.. omg.. first night..???

What if he will try to do those things with me? Yeah. I am his wife so I can't say no.. he can touch me if he wants to.. what will I do?

At our resort, we are given presidential suit. Gran and Isha along with Meera di (Nomaan's cousin) accompany me to the suit.. I take a bath and change that heavyweight dress to light pink coloured chiffon saree and sleeveless blouse. Isha and Meera di make me ready by blow drying my hairs and straighten them. I wear thin gold chain along with gold pink studs.

Both of them continuously babbling about how good I look.. I must admit yeah I am good looking and now I know from where do I get that beauty.. I used to adore my aai for her beauty and I am her daughter as for my dad, Rishi uncle told me he was handsomest man of the college.

But at this time my stomach is constantly fluttering thinking about Nomaan. I don't get nervous easily but today I am goddamn nervous, Isha and Meera di are making me more uncomfortable.

Gran is observing me with admiration, her lovely smile reminds me of my mom, she would have been on seventh heaven today.

Gran keenly notices me uttering, "oh.. why do I see those frawn lines on your forehead.. are you worried child?"

Of course I am but how to tell her? Isha chuckles to her question, but she orders her, "I see.. your work is done you go to your room, we will join you in ten minutes okay.." Isha leaves twitching her lips and stomping her feet. I notice Meera di sits besides me silently.

Gran utters sweetly, "I can understand, what arrange marriage feels like, you don't know my son well, I know he is somewhat childish, stubborn, well he has been raised without his mom, so Rishi has spoiled him a little but I want to assure you that he has a beautiful heart.." she cups my face.

"Sometimes I feel that he is so alone, frustrated. You know when I first time saw you, I came to know that two of you have lot in common I really wish that you both will be a great couple." She adds.

Then Gran gives me motherly hug wishing me, "good night sweetheart.." and leaves the room.

As she left Meera di chuckles naughtily, "and don't worry about tonight.. just go with flow.." She sprints to the door as Gran calls out her name.

Oh gosh I feel my cheeks are warm, I must be blushing cherry red. My heart is beating like a big drum, I don't know I am excited, nervous or frightened? Though I try to calm my self by deep breaths.

And bingo I hear the door of our suit opens, unwillingly my eyes got lifted, Nomaan is standing there still in his Sherwani, what surprised me the most is he is smiling looking at me.

Omg.. what would I do? I know I am his wife, well I think I like him but still I am not ready to do things what lovers do..!!

I am looking at the bedsheet with unsteady gaze, with my heart panting in my ribcage, oh god.. please make him sleep early.

I can hear his footsteps approaching me. He sits at the edge of the bed, waiting for me to lift my head. But I don't want to look at him.

So after around five minutes he gets up saying, "I should take a bath first.." and leaves to bathroom, I close my eyes with heaving sigh and wipe my sweaty face.

I am confused whether to go to another room or not.. it would be awkward if I leave without informing him. But what if he won't let me.. no... I get up, as I reach near the bathroom, the door snaps open, Nomaan steps out of it only in towel wrapped to his lower body, we are damn close, I feel water is dripping from his hairs to his handsome face coursing down to his chest, omg.. his chest is ideal with defined muscular contour!!

He utters huskily, "you can touch it, if you want to.." I come back to my senses. I observe his naughty smirk, I don't want to tell him anything.

As I try to walk pass him, he crosses my way saying.., "hey.. I am just joking dear.., you can atleast behave somewhat friendly, I am not gonna eat you alive.. partner!!"

Well I must admit I want to believe him, I want to trust him, my heart feels the warmness.. that I am secure with him but my mind is not ready yet, it is arguing reminding me, the way he abducted me, the way he treated me..!!

I see he is combing his hairs looking in the mirror facing his back towards me, I want to drink in his beauty, the way his shoulder blade with each and every muscles, is moving with his hand, I can't believe I am so into him..!

I can't explain it perfectly but there is something happening inside me..

His words touch my eardrums, "why are you staring at me like this..?" He asks looking at me from the mirror. As our eyes meet, oh dear his charm.. he again wakes me up saying, "your lip.." "huh?" I ask startled. He chuckles happily, "you are biting your lip.."

I lower my eyes in embarrassment, saying, "I will sleep in that room." To that he turns his head towards me cocking his brows, "why?" I gulp my saliva down, "see.. Nomaan, I know we are married but I need some time.."

But he is in totally naughty mood, "umm..and time to do what?" I scratch my forehead in embarrassment but he slowly starts approaching me, omg..not again...

I move backwards, this time not with fear but with shyness.. as my legs touch the bed, I sit on it and he stands facing me as I try to slip backwards, with one gentle push he lays me down, and slowly slowly hovers over me, he cages me between his hands, with his half necked frame over me, the mix smell of his shampoo and scented bar is driving me nuts.

Why do I think I am loosing my self control I think it must be my PMS.. that these weird chemicals in my body trigger carnival desires.

His face is over mine our lips are just few inches away, I think he is feeling the same way, he moves his face closer as if he wants to kiss my lips and my eyes get closed out of annoyance, fear or pleasure I don't know or I don't want to analyse at this point..!!

But to my surprise his lips touches my collarbone followed by my earlobe giving me goosebumps all over my body, I can feel his lips stretched into smirk.

My chest is inflating and deflating heavily, suddenly I hear loud knock and we get up with jump. He gets busy to wear his night suit. I sit on a bed dumbfounded. Trying to figure out what has just happened? Still having burning sensation at the spot his lips touched..

Again I hear a knock, so I get up to open the door. I see Meera di is standing there with a tray having two glasses of milk.

She smiles as she observes me thoroughly, omg... my hairs are messy along with my saree, and I must be blushing cherry red now.

She hands me tray uttering clearing her throat, "glass of saffron milk for the newly wed. Make sure to drink it before you go to bed" I feel the way she emphasises the word 'Bed' I lower my eyes and utter, "okay.. thank you di"

She cups my face saying, "good night dear.." I hurriedly shut the door as she leaves. I see Nomaan is doing something in his mobile sitting on a couch.

I put tray on a table and address to Nomaan annoyingly, "don't ever touch me like that okay?"

To that he shrugs naughtily, "you were giving me access." I roll my eyes mimicking his words. And leave to another room, locking its door.

I close my eyes with panting heavily, Jump on the bed. That I hear a knock on my door. It's Nomaan, "hey.. what about your glass of milk.." I hear he giggles loudly.

I annoyingly reply, "You can have it.."but as I close my eyes, I unwillingly start thinking about Nomaan. I switch my side smiling about his effect on me.

Ugh... what is happening to me?


Hello dear readers.. I don't know how will you take this chapter but for me I have enjoyed so much writing it as I have always been fascinated by big fat indian weddings.. I hope you will feel those vibes..🤞🤞

Stay safe..

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