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Evrything you See has An Advantage as well as Disadvantage

Once upon a time in the rainforest of Africa lived many types of animals. One of it was tortoise. There all animals would make fun of tortoise as it moved very slowly. Animals like rats, moles and other animals said that even their baby is faster than a tortoise.

There lived a creep of tortoise. In that there was a tortoise named Bhoojo who was slower than all tortoises. Many tortoises prayed to god to remove their body from shell. And even many were given blessing and came out of shell. But Bhoojo didn’t because their parents told that without shell he won’t live. One hunter came every week and hunted many animals. He saw that all tortoises are without shell and so hunter thought that it would be easy to catch shell less tortoise. Bhoojo usually thought that he should also take blessing from god and remove his shell. Soon after he couldn’t stop as all tortoises made fun of him and even tortoise babies without shell were faster then him. He at last went to an old tortoise to take counsel.

That old tortoise said that he must wait for 2 days. After that he could pray to god and remove his shell. That old tortoise could see future and he saw that tomorrow at midnight there will be a hunter coming to hunt creep of tortoise. On the next day Bhoojo was sleeping near a tree inside his shell as it was very cold outside. Almost all tortoises without shell were feeling cold. At midnight that hunter came and was fallen down by shell of Bhoojo and hunter was going to shoot but then he thought that it was just a stone and hunter went off for hunting tortoise. And then Bhoojo woke up and through his grunting he alarmed all tortoise and animals about hunter and all tortoise went inside water to hide. And animals went inside a big cave. When hunter reached near pond he saw that all tortoise vanished and then he doubted that it wasn’t stone it was a tortoise only and then hunter ran to that spot and saw that it was tortoise only and it was escaping. Seeing hunter Bhoojo went inside shell for protection and hunter shot tortoise shell with shotgun hearing sound of bullet all cheetahs,hyenas,lions,panther etc. Went near that spot and attacked hunter as Bhoojo alarmed all animals and they were protected because of him.

All animals and tortoise were showing gratitude to Bhoojo and were very happy as no one died except hunter. And all tortoises went to god and requested to get their shell back. Then Bhoojo went to that old tortoise and thanked him as if he hadn’t waited for 2 days he would die because of hunter’s bullet. Now he got to know that his parents were telling true that without shell he would die.
And now all tortoises knew that shell was useful as it provided:
• Warmth
• Protection and
• Sort of camouflage
Although it reduced their speed it was advantageous. So, all were happy getting their shell back.
There is a very thought provoking quote:

“To Every Disadvantage There Is Corresponding Advantage.”
-W.Clement Stone

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