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The Angel Inside - Part 7 The Creepy Dinner

Jay's POV

The day went by and it was 7 'o' clock in the evening. I needed to leave. But then an emergency case came up and I went busy. After one hour of treatment I was done. I didn't wanted to be more late . So I reached out to the car to rushed home. I drove a little bit fast. Enough to reach my home on time.

I stopped near the gate and parked my car in the garage which was at the back of the house but to my surprise there was an another black Ferrari beside. As far as I could guess it's Amy's car , I parked my car beside . I reached towards the door with the keys to open it and went inside.

I saw Amy on the couch exhausted as the back of her head rested on the couch. She was in her formal clothes. Seemed like she reached just now. I reached to the couch slowly not wanting to make her awake as I stood at the back of the couch looking at her .
I leaned on a bit to get a closer look of her face while my hands rest on the either side of the couch's headboard. she was sleeping peacefully as I stared her facial features. She looked like a cute baby. But she's the total opposite when she's awake. Lucifer!

I chuckle at the thought. I couldn't help but stare at her mesmerizing beauty. Her cheeks are chubby making me want to squeeze and pinch it. Unknowingly a smile plastered on my face looking at her innocent face. Her flicks rested on the side of her face. My gaze went to her lips. It looked as if she was smiling. I felt an urge of squeezing her cheeks.

As I was about to touch her cheeks, her long eye lashes fluttered giving me a signal she'll be awake any moment as I stood up erect and looked away pretending to be minding my own business.

She woke up. I took steps towards the stairs probably going to change and dress up for visiting Mr and Mrs Park's house. I felt her gaze following me as I walked up the stairs. She also stood up and went towards her room to change. I wore a normal plain shirt and jeans , wearing my glasses I looked at the mirror for the last time. I don't know but I feel anxious if Martha would create a scene again. Cause this time I'm going alone with Amy and not my parents. Before I remembered how I used to keep myself up with my parents, so there was a less chance of chaos with Martha. But this time there's no one to save me. Oh God!

I reached down to the living room as I see Amy all ready sitting on the couch. She also did wear some casuals. She wore a t-shirt and jeans. And her sleeves covering her elbows as she push it up. And her hairs binded in a simple plate, her flicks tucked behind her ears. And she was all simple and no makeup. She really didn't care if anyone judged her . Even in this simple attire , it would be a lie if I say she didn't looked gorgeous . She was talking to someone on the phone as I cleared my throat to grab her attention. She looked at me as I gestured her to move out. She slowly blinked her eyes and stood up and went out. I followed behind her. I went out grabbing the car keys.

I removed the car from the garage as I started to drive. Amy stood beside me silently looking outside the window as the cold breeze touches her face and her flicks moving in a sync with the winds. It looked beautiful .I continue to focus on driving. After sometime we reached Mr and Mrs Park's house. We reached to the door as a maid stood there greeting us. She took us inside and there stood Mrs Park greeting us with a smile,I can't say if it's genuine or fake. I smile back and greeted here whereas Amy stood with her poker face simply not bothered. We stepped inside as Mrs Park led us to the dining table. We took our seats on the chair.

Mrs. Park: umm.. actually your dad is busy in a meeting so he might be late.

She said akwardly. I gave her a smile for assurance while Amy is not at all bothered.

Me: don't worry mom we can wait.

The next moment Mr Park arrived. What a timing! I greeted him with a smile, looking at me he gave a small smile. But looking at Amy his smile dropped. I felt things pretty akward.

Amy: good evening , Mr Park!

She said formally. Mr. Park joined the dining table. I felt relieved as he wasn't akward but rather talked about things. But I knew he's trying his best not to make things akward.

Mr. Park: so how are you doing Jay?

He said with a smile. I smiled back.

Me: yeah! Pretty good! But still busy!

Mr. Park: I see doctor Jay is really busy.

I chuckled.

Mr. Park: your dad told me that Candice is going to be the next CEO for Conor's.

Me: yes! She's totally engrossed in business.

Mr. Park: recently she joined a company , didn't she?

Me: yeah! She's really working hard!

Mr. Park: which company did she joined?

Me: pd department.

Mr. Park: wow! She is really talented! Cause getting a job in Ace is really difficult.

Me: well who is going to be the next CEO for Park's?

Martha interrupted walking down the stairs.

Martha: me..!

I looked at her in disbelief but immediatelyI changed my expression into a forced smile when I realized Mr. Park were there and thankfully he didn't noticed it.

Me: uhh! That's great!(akward smile)

I saw the spoiled brat coming down the stairs as she saw me she smirked. I knew the drama is gonna start again. Oh God! Why me? She reached down continuing her sassy walk and reached the table having a seat opposite to Amy. I still forced a smile. She smirked again as she saw Amy while Amy stood there silently unbothered with her sorroundings as if she's the only one here.

Martha: Hi sissy! How are you doing?

She almost said singing. I knew she's acting again.

Amy: fine!

She spoke without any emotion.

Martha: you know I'm so happy with you that you got married... !

She said as if she was desperate to marry me and she acted like she sacrificed for her sister! How FAKE!

Martha: so how are you doing sissy? Umm tell me what are you doing nowadays? Are you still rebelling around, hitting people, picking up fights,huh?

She was clearly trying to insult Amy. But Amy didn't responded. Mrs park smiled as if it's a normal thing. I was doomed and really didn't knew how to react. So I thought it's better to stay silent rather making it worse!

Martha: you know there are so many people like you who have nothing to do , but you do and still you just roam and rebel around!

She pretended as if she was cracking a joke. But this time Amy smirked.

Amy: are you talking about yourself sissy! I think you should look in the mirror cause you are one of them who has nothing to do. Well what are you doing nowadays? Still wasting money and flirting with boys huh?

She also said singing with a smirk on her face. Hearing this Martha's smirk dropped. This time Martha was pissed off , seemed like Amy caught the right nerve. And her joke backfired!

Martha glared at her. While Mrs Park also glared at her. I was confused. Mrs. Park glared at Amy with her fierce eyes I think she shouldn't have talked like that to her sister. But even though it was Martha who started it.

Mr. Park: Amy mind your language!

After this the dining table was dead silent.

Martha: it's okay Dad! We are sisters! It's normal!

She looked at Amy and smirked. Soon the maid arrived and served dinner, cutting the whole conversation.

We were eating and talking, but I realized Mr. Park didn't even asked anything to Amy and neither Amy spoke anything. All he talked about was general talk, business and my profession, nothing else. Do all of them hate her? I thought.

The whole time Martha was being like an innocent creature. But moreover she was trying to mock Amy and Amy didn't reacted a bit. But Martha was trying again..

Martha: well as an elder sister I'll advise you to be my assistant and join our company , cause if you some small jobs in a cheap company, it would spoil the reputation of the Park's! And on the top of that your mess won't be entertained in any company!

She grinned. At this point my temper was rising, how can she fall that low just to bring down her own sister and instead of giving an answer Amy is not at all bothered , I don't know why she made a rule for me and that she has a bad temper, how can she be this much calm and tolerant? What if martha is right? Come on! Amy is not like that! But even her parents are taking side of Martha. I am doubting her! But I don't know anything about her.

Mrs. Park: you should agree with her sweety.

Amy didn't even looked up from her plate neither responded.

Martha: oh come on I know how much trouble you have done since childhood, you even harmed me too. Sometimes I feel you should visit a psychiatrist, cause your mental condition isn't stable. God knows how many people you have murdered till now!

But now Amy looked up , her gaze darkened and aura changed. She glared at Martha with her Deep, Dark orbs. I could feel her dark aura. It kinda gave me negative vibes. Her eyes showed her anger but there were no emotions on her face. Martha gulped. Looking at Martha who is scared, a satisfied smirked crept on Amy's face. She spoke in a deep, scary yet low voice. She started Scribbling a fork on the plate ,back and forth as it created an unpleasant sound. She spoke.

Amy: Sissy you know how much I like pshyco, thriller films. And the scenes of stabbing and punching a man to death is somewhat satisfying. And the helpless screams are so pleasant . It's fun. If you want you could join me too.

I Just Lost My Mind.! Did I really marry a pshyco? Oh God! She continued to say these things like she likes the smell of fresh blood, and talked about weapons , blood, flesh, etc and what not. She didn't care that we were actually having dinner at the moment and hearing such gross .

I was feeling nauseous hearing her words. It felt like the same day when I was asked to operate the first time I almost passed out that day.

Martha stood there sweating and trembling whereas Mr and Mrs park stood there with widened eyes probably in shock! Looking at Martha it felt like she's gonna puke or pass out any moment.

Suddenly Martha covered her mouth and runned to the bathroom. And the maids rushed behind to help her. Looking at Martha Amy smirked again. And then her eyes fell on Mrs Park who stood there in fear.

Amy: oh! What's wrong mommy? Feeling scared? But it's nothing new for you, isn't it? Come on you have done this before.

Mrs.park face turned pale. As if Amy caught her nerve.

Mrs. Park : A- Amy stop it!

She spoke suttering.

Amy: Mrs Park, would you like to hear one story? Let me tell you one!

She spoke with a creepy smirk.

Amy: there was a 9 year old girl who stayed with her dad , stepmom and a step sister. Her stepmom hated her so much that she planned to kill her. She locked that girl in a room filled with darkness and she hitted her with a hard material . Her stepmom hated her so much that she beated the girl to death.

Mr. Park: Amy stop your act!

He said fuming in anger. But Amy didn't lose an eye contact with Mrs Park. She continued glaring at Mrs Park and spoke looking at her right in the eyes.

Amy: That 9 year old begged her, but her stepmom didn't listened to her pleadings. Her stepmom left her in the dark room to die and that girl ...layed on the cold floor..... lifeless!

Mr. Park: Amy! Just stop it!

At last she broke the eye contact and Mrs Park was shivering in fear as if the story was about her. Amy looked at her dad and stood up . Her dark aura was gone. It became like before...Cold and Emotionless!

Amy: Thanks for dinner...... Mr. Park!

She made her way to the door and looked back at me.

Amy: Doctor I'll be waiting for you in the car..

Her statement made me gulp as shivers ran down my spine. She went away. I immediately stood up not wanting to stay there any longer as I apologized and bided him a goodbye.

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