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Even if the pain is breathing

Now I'll make it to live courageously


Pain is our breath, now you tell me how should I forget?

Forget who says fucking, but don't be sad


If you have made pain a friend, then maintain friendship, Sanam.

Sometimes friends hurt, but don't be sad

Promise me you will do it with a smile.

It doesn't matter if you can't forget, but don't be sad

Remember me like us without sadness

Where is the mistake, but don't be sad

It's not a matter of a moment or two, the sorrow of a lifetime is gone.

Will support you till the last breath, but don't be sad

I believe that the one who has given great pain has given me pain.

Accept time is the healer, but don't be sad

The one who has given pain will also cure it.

Keep your spirits up, but don't be sad


Sometimes looking at the drops of my tears,

You will see your picture.

ever see the light in my eyes

you will see your destiny


Tell us if you have any pain, don't be silent.

Even if your arms are filled with pain, don't be silent.

Listen, I have an old relationship with pain.

Give all your troubles, don't be silent.

We want to try it anytime we want to win.

I will embrace the pain, don't be silent

The pain given by you is also on your eyes.

Give the gift of love, don't be silent.

will be as fun as old wine

I would like it with all my heart, don't be silent.


There is sorrow everywhere and we are in sorrow

Every look is us and in moments we'll be


The moon is hiding in the clouds

The moon is angry with the moonlight

you are used to waiting

The moon is not so fazil

to be friends with the stars

Moon is busy in preparation


Wish him more than yourself and God.

Because it is a wonderful gift of God

"mother" ll


take a look today

I have seen my moon

see that after a while

I have brought Chandni along

As soon as I see a glimpse of them

Now my heart has found peace

After a long wait

Today there is a deep dark shadow.

of love

bright light is shadow


never love anyone

Why does everyone say this?

After doing ta-age

Why do I bear the pain of separation?

Why does every dream remain unfulfilled?

Why does every Kashish heart endure?

Even in keeping Raabta nowadays

Why is it like a drag?

the things to say with love

Why does the drummer say that?


the memory fades away

Will take it to Piya

With my senses

the heart blows away


Allegations are being put on charges.

Tell me a little bit about your heart.

What are you putting on your heart?

Tell me the punishment too Dil - E - Nadaan ll

Those who are leaving with a deep wound

Tell me the medicine too


If the soul is gone, the body will remain.

We will go, love will remain


Surmai is living on the basis of memories.

I'm living on my sweet promises


keep it in the eye

I'll keep the journey on my feet

ll on God's servant

take a sweet look

try it

I'll keep the city bright


it's rainy season

It's the season of desire


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