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Stay With Me - 15 - Tender loving care!!!

Tulika's POV

I don't remember when I dozed off, it's 7:00 am when Nomaan knocks the door to wake me up. I reply opening up my eyes, "yeah I am awake.." as I get up, first thing I do is, tidy up my Saree.. it's tough to sleep wearing Saree I ain't gonna do that again.

Nomaan knocks the door again so I open the door with sleepy eyes, trying to bind my messy hairs in a bun. Omg.. he is ready in ocean blue Tee and black denim. "Hi.. good morning sunshine..!" He greets me with sweet smile. I am in trance, thinking omg.. how can anyone look this sweet just by smiling with those cute dimples..!!

He snaps. As I come back to myself he wiggles his brows asking, "where...?" I simply shake my head and utter, "I go, get ready first.."

He interrupts with his eyes glued on my face, "We are going to visit some local spots so make it fast.." "Okay.." I smile.

I complete my routine and choose navy blue salwar suit to wear. As I am about to zip up my kurta, oh god zipper is stuck and I ain't able to move it.

I peek through the door, I see Nomaan is there. I ask clearing my throat, "where is Isha?" He answers looking at me with concern, "she is in her room. May be getting ready.. why did you ask?" "Nothing" I replied and again try to pull up a zipper. But it's hopeless so I think to change the dress that Nomaan enters in my room, taken aback I turn around to face my back to the wall. He keenly observes my behaviour furrowing his brows and asks, "is there anything you want..? you can tell me.." I shake my head, adjusting my kurta on my shoulders,"no.."

He suspiciously asks, "why are you standing like that.. then?... get ready, we are getting late." and he sits on couch. I roll my eyes, "can you please go out?"

He simply states, "no.. not until you tell me why did you ask about Isha.." I sigh deeply explaining, "umm.. my zipper has stuck. He says suppressing his laugh, "that's the reason for your awkward pose I think.." I nod pouting. He chuckles, "that's all you are worried about..? C'mon let me help you.. turn around.."

Oh.. god.. that was all left to face now..!! I utter in defiance, "No.. I will change my dress.." "You don't need to.." he gets up to approach me.

As I turn around, he slowly moves my hairs to one side, leaving tingles on my shoulder. I squeeze shut my eyes in embarrassment thinking about what will he be able to see inside. I feel his extra gentle touch as he is trying to unstuck the zipper, for me it is tinkling of several enthralling sensation.

But it doesn't last for long as in a fraction of time he zips up saying, "perfect...." all I can utter is, "thanks.."

He gently turns me around to face him. "So.. did you sleep well?" He asks adjusting my hair strands. "Hmm" I nod lowering my eyes.

"Close your eyes" he says. Startled, I look at him. He smiles, "please.." As I shut my eyes, I feel he laces a chain around my neck. As I open my eyes it's a beautiful double layered gold chain with heart pendant..

"It's beautiful.." I say looking at it. He explains, "I wanted to give it to you last night.." he pauses then adds locking his eyes with mine, "it's my heart.."

my heart scutters to his words, yeah he is making it difficult for me not to think about him, suddenly I remember how Mrunal and Simran forced me to buy a special first night gift. It is in my purse, "wait...I also have something for you.. "I hesitantly inform him, pulling out a gift box from my purse, having a flower brooch with rhinestones.

As he is about to open it, I say lowering my eyes, "I hope you'll like it." He smiles observing the brooch, "it's elegant and beautiful just like you..!!" We smile stupidly to each other, why on earth am I behaving like I have no brain?? I clear my throat, "I should get ready now.." "hmm" he nods and leaves slowly.

The whole day passes to visit some local temples and caves.. as we come back, most of the guests have left. It's only our families with Viansh and Abhi. At the resort's reception Nomaan gets busy with our dads.

I get to our room, lay myself on couch, I am feeling so tired, my legs are aching, my eyes are heavy, it's just whole week's fatigue that I ain't able to move an inch, so I close my eyes.

Nomaan's POV

As I enter in our suit, what I see is my grumpy fierce bird is in deep sleep, this is first time I got a chance to drink in her beauty.. and I don't want to take my eyes off her.

She is amazingly beautiful, her closed eyes reminds me of beautiful white conch shells. her perfectly proportioned lips I don't know for how long will I be able to ignore them?? her little nose with tiny nose ring in it. I envy, the way strands of her hairs are laying on her soft pink cheeks..!!

I want to embrace her in my arms and love her like a crazy, I want to tell her how do I feel about her. It may sound stupid but I feel she completes me, somehow I know she is the one with whom I can be truly me, I can act stupid and talk weird..

I lay my self on a bed, observing her like a creep and I smile to myself for that.. And I don't remember when my eyes got closed.

Next day when I open my eyes, she is busy with her luggage as we are heading back to our home.

Isha and Viansh along with my lady are in my car. We played 'Antaxari' all the way to home and my heart starts racing as I see her smiling gracefully, I will never let her loose that smile..

At our home, Gran performs 'gruhpravesh' ceremony.. I can see she is somewhat anxious, may be because from now on she has to live here with us..

But I notice certain change in her expressions, yeah she looks relieved when gran hugs her affectionately and addresses her, "welcome to your house..."

She glances at me. I give her a welcoming smile. Then Isha grabs her hand to accompany her to my room, As gran informs butler to get her luggage arranged in room.

I am damn confused thinking what is she feeling right now?, cause yesterday night was catastrophic for both of us, well internally. I don't know what will happen if we both spend more time with each other??

As Isha steps out of my room, I slowly move my legs towards my room, with somewhat excitement and somewhat nervousness..

As I enter inside, she is in bathroom, I try to focus to read messages, as my cell's inbox is full with unread messages. But it's hard with the beautiful distraction around.

Yeah she steps out of bathroom in baby pink colored dress, wiping her hairs, I try hard not to look at her unblinkingly. Though she caught my eyes, and I look away giving her smile.

What I sense is, she is noticeably discomfited by my presence and it kills me the most..!!

If I can turn back time then I want to undo those stupid things I have done to her, I have had misunderstood her, as I have little information about her past, it will take time for her to fully open up to me.. and I am damn ready for it, I want to take things slowly for her, and I hope she will understand my feelings and love me back like I do.. finger crossed..!!

An idea flashes into my mind to read her thoughts about me, So I clear my throat to get her attention, as she looks at me I flatly inform, "you look tensed.. see.. if you are not comfortable with me then you can move to a room next to mine.." I speak those words in one breath with sinking heart...

And my heart leaps with joy as I find that she is totally taken aback, but I felt her words didn't match with her mind as she states, "okay.. I will.." and I am like, "oh.. no.. what have I done..?"

But I enjoy the way she angrily ties her wet hairs and lifts the largest suitcase with jerk, I try hard to suppress my laughter for the efforts she is making to move it.

Of course I ain't gonna help her to move out of this room..!!! And thank god as she opens the door, Gran is there.. she studies our faces and asks coolly, "are you going to your dad's..?" Tulika is red from embarrassment and I am quite enjoying the view. She shakes her head in defiance. "Then?" Gran looks concerned

Of course she doesn't have answer so I pretend to help her, "gran.. she is moving to our guest room.."

But to my shock she swiftly adds as if complaining, "he told me to..." I roll my eyes and try to explain but you know elders are such a over reacting, gran covers her mouth with her hand and almost squeaks, "why..? you both are shameless or what..? You are married now.. how much time do you both want to accept it.. huh?" Then she addresses Tulika, "Just take your bag inside and unpack it, I am sitting here to see who is stopping you?"

I am dancing from inside but keep my face low to suppress my excitement. Gran almost shouts at me, "you.. what are you looking at, take her bag inside.." I mumble, "happily.."

I deliberately touch her hand while grabbing the bag, cause everytime I touch her, I feel that tingling sensation, I quite enjoy that cause I have never felt that before.

But she takes her hand back with jolt, twitching her lips. Actually I wanted to watch her shamelessly but in presence of gran it's not possible so I leave the room saying, "I have some phone calls to make.. so I am leaving first..."

Tulika's POV

It's quite confusing right now that I am disappointed or relieved that I have to share the room with Nomaan. Truly speaking I didn't like it when Nomaan told me to move out as if I am no one..!! Well thanks to Gran, she has appeared exactly on time!!!

"Hello.. I am back.. may I help you?" Isha enters interrupting my thoughts and we get busy to unpack my bags chatting about our wedding. It's just my third day with them and I feel that I know all of them for years, I feel their care and warmth, deep down I feel lucky for that.

I must admit Gran is such a lovely old lady. In between she talks about Nomaan and his childhood.

About Isha, of course we are more like a friends than in-laws so I told her to address me with name, I like it more. But adding to my sadness she informs me that she is leaving tomorrow, as she is approaching her term ending, so after unpacking my bags I help her to pack her bags, talking about her studies and life in Bangalore.

She insists me to come to see off her tomorrow, well I agree to her gladly.

That night we all retire to bed early as we all were exhausted.

Next day Nomaan and me drop Isha at the airport, she warmly hugs me and waves me bye, Then hugs Nomaan and orders him to take care of me, I chuckle to that.

On the way back home, Nomaan asks, "do you want to go at your dad's?" Of course I am missing my dad. But what about Gran and Dad? Nomaan explains with smirk as if he has read my mind, "Gran told me.." and I happily say, "yes..."

He gives a big smile and turn his car towards my place. My dad welcomes us, after around fifteen minutes Nomaan gets up to leave as he has pending work in his office.

I get up with him but he says, "it's okay if you wanna spend some more time with your dad.. I'll pick you up today..umm no tomorrow evening as I may stay late at office today.. " "hmm" I nod. "Okay.. bye then.." he adds and takes our leave.

I get busy with my dad, talking about his health and medicines. And as he asks about my In- laws, I start non stop speaking about gran, Isha and Rishi dad that my dad teases, "oh.. I see.. your Rishi dad is better than me..right?"

I squeak to that, "no.. my dad is best in this world...but yeah I am blessed that I have gotten so much loving in-laws" I notice dad's face gleams with satisfaction.

After lunch I get busy collecting my essentials and sorting unnecessary stuff. I deeply breath in the smell of paints as I enter in my art room, I collect paint brushes and colours as I want to continue painting, I don't think Nomaan will mind it.

In short my whole day passes swiftly in warm company of my dad. At night after dinner, dad goes to bed and I go to my room, I am not sleepy at all so I switch on TV, that my mobile rings.

As I glance at the screen to my utter surprise it's Nomaan, well with part excitement and part nervousness I receive, "Hi.. " to that he asks, "Hi.. what's up?"

"Umm.. watching tv" I answer.

"okay.. then let's have a dinner together, I am coming to pick you up" he states excitingly.

"What..?? omg.. Nomaan it's 10pm.." I state rolling my eyes. "So what..?"

He pauses, "Oh you already have your dinner right?" I feel he is somewhat disappointed.

"Yeah.. but you just come here, I will prepare something." I say feeling sorry.

"No.. it's okay I'll have it afterward as I still have some work to do, it's just I wanted to see you.." he says in the playful tone.

I roll my eyes with blushing smile. "okay..then.. sleep well .. meet you tomorrow.. bye." He hangs up.

Oh god it's already 10:00pm and still He wants to do some work, he is crazy, I have doubt if he has eaten anything since morning or not..? he is really stupid.

I get up, call out my maid to help me, I hurriedly prepare vegetable biryani, pack in a tiffin and get on my scooter to deliver it to him as I don't think it's good idea to wake my dad up just to inform him..!!

I don't know why am I doing this? But I don't like it that he hasn't had anything. Yeah I care for him..!!

I am driving fast as roads are almost empty, though around half an hour later I reach at his office.

It reminds me, how I reacted last time, when I visited his office? But now everyone knows me as they all have attended our marriage.

Nomaan's securities who were after me at that time, now get up to greet me!! Besides them whole office is empty, I don't find his receptionist too.

Upon asking about Nomaan to one of his security, he tells me that, Nomaan must be in his office on 2nd floor, so I take a lift.

My stomach is fluttering, and this exhilarating feeling is totally new to me, cause I am smiling like a stupid just thinking about Nomaan's reaction.. will he be happy or shocked?

As I step out of the lift, I see his office door, I adjust my hair strands, and with a hammering heart, I push his office door. As I peek through the half open door, I see Nomaan is busy in his laptop, but on the chair next to his, I find the girl who met me on our announcement party. I remember Nomaan mentioned her name 'Ruhi'.

First I thought that she might be his PA, as I am about to enter inside, that Ruhi utters with cheap smile, "c'mon.. Nomaan.. you should taste it, you know I have specially prepared this manchurians for you, just take a bite.." and she outstretches her hand towards him to feed him.

My heart shattered into pieces... so my husband is enjoying manchurian here, I am dumb, he is jerk, he's married to me just for his dad, he doesn't care for me. This girl was telling me the truth afterall.

I shouldn't get hurt, but it's hurting me like a hell. I can't be weak, I don't want his love. I don't want his care. What a player he is!!

I don't want these feelings if it hurts me these much. Cause I have to bite my lower lip to stop tears falling from my eyes.

I close my eyes, inhale deeply, slowly pull back the door, they both are too busy with each other that no one looks at the half open door, I sarcastically smile to that.

I have wasted my time, my efforts for a heartless person. I am boiling from inside and want to throw the food in trash bin but it's better I give it to some needy and hungry person.

I get in lift, obviously totally numb. Cursing myself for being naive. At ground floor as the door of the lift opens, my eyes get widened cause Viansh is standing there, breathing heavily, perhaps waiting for the lift.. or for me??!!!


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