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Do you love me? - Episode 29 Warning ️

After a few hours
Pavan informed Anu's parents about the incident and they immediately rushed to the hospital. After coming there the first thing they wanted to do is to curse him for coming into their daughter's life, if it is not for him their daughter wouldn't have been in this situation fighting for her life but they said nothing. They crashed into the chair praying to God to save their daughter. Anu's mom eyes were swollen and her throat was sore because of crying, on the other hand, Anu's father was blaming himself for saving Pavan on that night, he knows what he is thinking now is wrong but he can't help it.
He knows that his daughter liked Pavan for a long time but he never took a step to make a marriage commitment with Pavan's family. Who can blame him? He waited for them ( P&Anu) to announce their love to him but it didn't happen and the engagement between Pavan & Priya caught him off guard.

A few minutes later Along with Priya's family, Pavan's dad came and there tried to uplift their spirit by consolidating them, All are waiting for the doctor to come and Ram was itching to ask his dad about what Satya said before passing away.

After some time a doctor came from the operation room and Anu's parents rushed to him and asked.
Anu's dad: Is she alright? Can we speak to her?
Doctor: Bullet got shot into the bottom of her lung and she lost so much blood but we managed to save her. She is stable now and you can speak with her after falling sedative action.
Their hearts felt at ease and thanked him. Then the doctor said: please meet me at my cabin there is something I have to talk about the patient. Anu's parents faced turned dark expecting something bad.

Sunny: Don't worry young master, Everything will be fine, she just got shot by a .22 calibre bullet, if she had been shot by a .45 calibre bullet like Satya she would have died on spot.
Pavan: If you think you are consolidating me, please stop it and how many times have I told you to stop calling me young master? You look younger than me.
Suddenly Rudra came to Pavan's dad and whispered something in his ear. He immediately signed Sunny to come and said: Arjun along with the guards whom we kept to watch him go missing, Go and finish them, if you succeeded in it I will grant freedom for you.
Sunny's face bloomed with joy and he disappeared from there in a blink.

Anu's parents followed the doctor to his cabin and asked: is everything is Alright? Doctor.
the doctors sat silent for a minute and said: I have bad news, because of the hole in her stomach, peritonitis spread in her body and reached her pelvis, to stop its further spread we had to cut her fallopian tubes and because of that she can't have kids of her own in future.
It was heartbreaking news for them, when Anu was young she always used to blame them for not giving her a brother or sister to play and recently a few times she joked that she will at least have 2 kids or more but not less.
They fell into shock they don't know how to react to it, whether they should be happy that their daughter is alive or get sad about the thing she lost. After few minutes Anu's father sadness turned into anger at Pavan because of saving him their daughter became Nulliparous but he will marry Priya and have a happy life with kids, they are not against him being happy but what about their daughter?
Anu's mom: there should be some way for her to become a mother right? Like IVF or something like that.
Doctor( thinking: I should be careful she seems to have some knowledge): yes, but its success rate is low and it won't be the same as a normal. They are required to take lots of medications to stimulate their pregnancy development. If you want me to suggest present surrogacy is the best method available in the market.
After a few minutes of silence, Anu's parents were disheartened and left the cabin. They came back to the waiting hall and told Pavan about what the doctor said and demanded Justice for their daughter. Hearing this made the people out there sad, even Pavan's dad who is known for his ruthlessness seems to be awful, they were all silent don't know how to clear Anu's debt.
Pavan looked at them remaining silent and said: Aunty and uncle What happened to Anu is unfortunate and It's all my fault if it's not for me she...she...(trying to control himself) won't be here like this. From today onwards I will take full responsibility for Anu.
Priya's dad: what do you mean by that? nursing her or Paying hospital fees like that?
Anu's dad: he doesn't mean that and doesn't forget that we are wealthy than you.
Pavan: I owe her everything I have, my life... belongs to her. If you are ok with it I...I...will...m-marry her.

Everyone around there was alarmed, Anu's parents wanted to ask for it but they didn't expect him to take the initiative, they felt happy that at least their daughter will have a happy life with the person she loved and the person who won't blame her condition.
Priya's dad( shouted): what about my daughter? You both have been living together for a while now, Do you know what it means to her? From the moment you two entered the house, She recognised you as her husband, She even gave up her dreams for you, Don't make a decision in vain and stay calm.
Ram: Can you say that in front of my sister? Just stay calm, we can compensate them with something other than that.
Priya's dad: yes, we will do anything for them, we will find someone who can accept her wholeheartedly and keep her happy.
Anu's father: then find someone for your daughter.
Priya's dad: we already got one so we don't need another.
Anu's dad: same here.
Pavan: Please don't quarrel, ( looked at Priya's dad) what you said is all true, but what can I do? What would you have done if I died there?
Priya's dad became silent for while ( because the answer is obvious after a few months or years they would have married her to someone else) and said: you are alive and that's all I wished for.

It doesn't matter what he thinks, all it matter is his Father decision and he is on our side said Ram's dad.
Pavan's dad glanced at Anu's parents who were looking at his son with hope, they are good people who never expected anything from anyone and are always respectful to him, after thinking for a few minutes he said: After Anu's recovery let's all of us meet at my house, I have a solution for this I hope you people will agree with it.
Anu's mom: Brother, We know you are a kind and respectful person and We believe that your decision will be unbiased So whatever the decision might be, please say it now because as time passes people who are next to you will plot against us and we can't afford it.
Pavan's dad took a deep breath, he knows what she said is 100% true, Ram's dad is a person who can plot at them anytime with his wicked brain and said: I am not against tying your daughter to my son. ( Anu's parents face beamed with joy) but Priya should not suffer from this, she also loved him as much as your daughter did and this marriage was promised a long time ago by me to her mother before her death, I can't break it and according to what the doctor said your daughter can't have kids, I can't let my bloodline end ( clearing his through) So he will marry them both, this is my final decision if you people want to drop out from it, you are free to do so.

All the people out there was stunned and was thinking the same, " from where did he get ideas like this?" What should we do now?
Pavan: dad no how can I ( interrupted)
Pavan's dad: just shut up, you are the one who created this mess so take responsibility for it.
Priya's dad: we...we should at least talk with Priya and Anu before making a decision.
Pavan's dad: of course who stopped you from doing that?
Anu's parents don't know what to say, they are not happy with it but can't oppose it. They are waiting for Anu to wake so that they can decide after discussing with her.
Note: "The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 declares that bigamy is illegal" and The punishment for bigamy is imprisonment, which may extend till 7 years or fine or both. So please, don't get motivated by this novel🙏🙏😅.

A few hours later:
Anu got her consciousness and her parents went to spoke with her, and then she asked: what did the doctor say? Am I ok?
Anu's mom: everything is already, all you need is a month of bed rest and care.
Anu: then why are you look so sad?
Anu's dad: what do you expect us to be like? Did you even though about us for a second before getting in front of a gun?
Anu: While I was on the way to the hospital my eyes felt heavy and I thought my time is about to end but the only thing that running inside my head is you two, I wanted at least to speak with you guys for the last time and apologise for not being a good daughter, I am sorry dad, sorry mom.
Hearing those words melted their hearts, tears started running from their eyes and they fell into the dilemma of whether to tell her about the bad news and the discussion going on outside.
she will know it today or the other So her father chose to tell her everything. They imagined that she will react dramatically or be shocked or something else but she took it lightly and said: I agree with the marriage.
Anu's parents didn't argue much, they saw him waiting outside the room and left from there giving them the privacy to talk.
As soon as they left Pavan rushed to her, he was so sad and ashamed by the fact that he is the reason for her misery, he kneeled next to her bed holding her hand and said: I am so sorry Anu, I should have been more careful, because of me
Anu: come on, you believed it too? It was all my plan, I made the doctor lie.
Pavan( shocked): what do you mean? You can't be joking right?
Anu: Did I ever lied to you?
Pavan: But how?

After taking to ICU
They kept Anu on a ventilator, gave a tranexamic acid injunction to stop bleeding and transducer blood. Within minutes the police came there guarding the hospital and informed the management that she is the district collector, Hearing that made the management more responsible. They did the MRI scan and found the bullet, they were preparing for the surgery and then Anu signed a doctor to come to her, he immediately hurried to her and then she removed her oxygen mask and said: I have a favour from you to ask. ( she explain what he have to do)
Doctor: mam but... I am a doctor and doing this is against my profession.
Anu: If you do that for me, I will give you 10 lakhs.
Doctor: mam it's not about money, it's ( interrupted)
Anu: if you don't agree then I will make the hospital close.
Doc: mam, I am just a doctor here it's not my hospital.
Anu: 20 lakhs and that's final.
Doctor( agreed immediately): I will do it.
(I don't mean that all doctors are aiming for the money, but some corporate hospitals do things for money)
After a few minutes, they took her to the operation theatre.
Note: the treatment part may have deviated a little from the original procedure.

Pavan: So that means you can have children right?
Anu( gave him a smirk) and said: I can have as many as you want.
Pavan: why did you do all this for?
Anu: Isn't it obvious? I did all this for you, didn't you said you can't do injustice to Priya? This is the only possible way to make my parents and Priya father agree with these two marriages.
Pavan( scratching his head): I don't mean this, I...I...don't know what makes you think like that.
Anu🤫: Shhh, Be honest with yourself and why should you limit your options when you can have both?
Pavan( embarrassed as hell): Are you ok with it?
Anu: No, I don't like sharing you with her. But...she may be a hothead and selfish ( inhalation) but her love is true, if she was there yesterday, she would have done the same.
Suddenly the door opened and Priya came in, she woke up early and saw the video sent by Anu, she tried to call Pavan but he didn't pick her calls ( his phone was in the car) so she dialled Ram and he told her everything happening there.
Pavan: Priya We need to talk💬.
Priya( crying): I am sorry, instead of being rash, I should have heard you first.
Pavan: it's ok. All that matters is you understand your mistake and apologised for it.
Priya went near Anu and said: I am forever in debt for you and I agreed to share him with you.
Anu: good for you.
Pavan: Priya, you have to know that ( interrupted)
Anu: I am going to be his first wife and you will be second.
Priya face turned red with anger and nodded in agreement while thinking: Say whatever you want, once I gave birth to the successor, I will be the first wife, not you.
Anu: if you don't mind I want to have a few words with Pavan in private.
Priya understands what it means and left the room then Anu said: keep it a secret from her, I want to see her reaction after I got pregnant.
Pavan: 😑

After meeting Anu, Priya's family left from there to their home.
Ram: Dad, I want to ask you something.
Ram's dad: Did Satya told you something before dying?
Ram: why did you do that? He is your son in law, how can you do something against him? What will happen if his dad finds it out?
Ram's dad: Sometimes we have to gamble with our lives to achieve something.
Ram: Do you have grudge against his family?
Ram's dad: I will tell you a secret which no one knows other than me and Rudra but if he finds out that you know it, you will die. Can you afford it?
Ram: I am all ears.
Ram's dad looked around confirmed that no one else was there other than them and closed all doors, he asked Ram to come closer and started whispering into his ears.

After Pavan's grandfather died everyone wanted to dominate the city and occupy his businesses, All the big shots in the city ( except Anu's family) including my father and Arjun's grandfather want to eliminate Pavan's dad at the burial ground. But then...
Pavan's dad: Hmm, All you people conform about killing me?
People said in unison: Yes, We can't suffer another dictator.
Arjun's grandfather and my father: we will leave you alive if you agree to hand over your properties to us.
Pavan's dad: What if I refuse?
Ram's grandfather: Then we don't have any other option, he signalled his men and they started rushing at him.
Rudra and a few other men next to Pavan's dad were there fighting with them but they were highly outnumbered. I thought he will kneel and beg for his life but everyone was dumbfounded after watching some of their men shifting onto his side.
Pavan's dad: "here I come"!.
In a blink of an eye, Pavan's dad reached us and punched one of the men next to me. By that force, the men's head separates from his body and fell off. That horrified seem made me feel like some is sucking my soul out of my body and I met his gaze for the first time. His eye pupils were shining red and there is a wide sinister smile on his face. My heart started beating heavy and my legs trembled with fear, I looked around and saw some of the big shots who have heart problems fallen on the ground finding it hard to breathe. he stomped on their heads, breaking them into many waves of peace.
People who saw this started running while screaming the word: "Ghost".
He left no one, chased all of them one by one and killed them mercilessly by breaking them bone by bone, Within a fraction of minutes, the burial ground was full of the bodies which were shattered into pieces, the soil turned red with a river of blood and the air filled with howls of agony. He was standing in the middle of the scene with his body dyed in blood and his white dhoti turned red, he was staring at us with an evil grin on his face and that made me feel unease, In a split second, he came next to me and kicked on my crotch and that made me fell on the ground with unbearable pain, immediately Arjun's GF(grandfather) and my dad shot bullets at him but before they can hit him a small black tornado covered around him and saved him from getting shot. That breeze turned into a man with reddish-golden eyes, he wore a black robe on a red coat 🧥, his presence exerts pressure which forced us down pressing on to the ground. He snapped his fingers and the Guards other than Rudra vanished ( illusion magic) and said: you are so ignorant, How can you show your back to them while fighting? You are still not strong enough to withstand bullets, they will penetrate your body and may cause death. If that happens How can a person who can't save his brother in law can continue as King?
Pavan's dad bowed down and apologised: Sorry My kind, I will be more careful next time.
Golden eyed man: what do you want to do with these men? It is not advisable to leave them who know about us alive.
Arjun's dad: please, leave me alive, I have a wife and a small son they need me. Please. Brother, please show some mercy.
Golden eyed man: You low livings are so funny, how can you ask mercy from someone whom you tried to kill? I don't think he is dumb enough to leave you.
Pavan's dad: Sir king, If you permit me I want to erase their memories and rewrite them.
King: As you wish.
The pressure on them was removed and they stood up, they looked into his eyes and then he said: You both ( Arjun's grandfather and Ram's GF) wanted to kill me but while talking about the sharing of properties you two got into conflict and fought, because of that All this people dead and you lost a leg ( Arjun's GF) and he (Ram's GF) lost his right hand. #snap#
They got back to their senses, their hands and legs are still there attached to the body but they fell on the ground crying and acting like they don't have them.
that scene shocked Ram's dad, he never thought he has to go through a day like this.
Pavan's dad ( shifted towards Ram's father who was still on the ground with pain): first I want to know something, raise your head and look into my eyes. (He did as he said) Do your brother ( Priya's dad) also have a hand in this?
Ram( hypnotised): No, he knows nothing, he went to his mother-in-law house and don't know about your father's death.
Pavan's dad face turned happy with a genuine smile: You didn't believe me when I said he will not scheme against me, did you heard now?
Rudra: My apologies for the wrong guess, master.
Pavan's dad ( looked at Ram's dad eyes): you will remember everything that happened here and suffer from nightmares about it throughout your life.

Ram ( clapping): I agree, you turned old enough to tell fairy tail to children but you forgot that I am not a kid to believe this.
His dad: Are you stupid? Don't you remember your grandfather mental condition? We showed him to many doctors and priests but no one succeeded in curing him.
Ram: you used to tell everyone that he become a bit crazy, because of the bomb blast that occurred at the burial ground.
Ram's dad: you believed me when I lied and not trusting me while I am saying the truth.
Ram: the topic is why you tried to kill Pavan? Instead of answering it, you are telling me a fairy tale.
Ram's dad: there are many people with demon blood living around us like Rudra, Pavan but only a few in crores successfully awaken their powers. These people are not true demons their ancestors are born by the lovemaking of humans and demons, Passing down generations most of those people got dominant human genes and lost their abilities, Even Pavan's mom who is an own sister of a demon king fails to awaken her powers and Pavan also still failed to do that but We can't guaranty that, he may turn out as a monster like his father anytime.
Ram( irritated): Will you please stop these lies and tell the truth.
Ram's dad: I wanted to take this opportunity to kill him and make you the king of this city. It's easy to kill a lion cub that fighting an Alpha, what I said is true wait I have proof. He took out reports and showed him. It tells that Ram's dad becomes infertile because of his testicular rupture and Facing Fatal insomnia.
Ram: But...But this... Insomnia... Maybe you are facing hallucinations.
Ram's dad: it's ok if you can't believe this but never tell this to anyone, if he knows about it he will kill you. Don't forget that "He is a demon".
Ram: If What you said is true then he will hypnotize you and find out that Satya is not a traitor and he did that because of your order.
Ram's dad took out his locket of Hanuman with a red gem on his crone and said: this gem protect me from getting hypnotised, don't worry I already tested it by lying to him twice.
Ram: Dad you are insane.
(this past storyline doesn't have much impact on this novel and you will see these again in my next novel " the rise of demon empire" )

To be continued...
There is only an episode left and most of it will be romance, Please suggest to me some novels ( with episode number) So that I can understand up to what extent I can write romantic scenes.

Some people may not like the harem type of end but this is the only possible happy end I can think of.

I want to say something to the people who gave and will give a single star to my novel ( I am talking about overall episodes).
As days pass the novel rating will turn to 4 and 3.5 and it's common, it's not only faced by me also by other people too.
But yesterday I got some free time and just checked episodes from 1 to now and found some funny ratings, So let's talk about the categories of readers🕵️‍♀️.
1) Romance lovers: A person gave 1 star for 11 episodes and gave 3 stars to episode 12 which contain some romance, bro if you are desperate to read a romantic novel you should have searched for one I am a shy kid so... I can't write one 😅( conditions apply),
2) Advertisement haters: people who give 1st star by blaming us because of ads, Ads are not in our hands and we don't get a penny by writing a novel, we just do it because we wanted to ( free entertainers 😉)
3) Story don't matter: Some Random people just pick a random episode reads it and leaves a review, I don't understand why they do that? Without reading the beginning episodes How can you understand the story and characters?
4) Haters😈: how can we identify haters? Haters are the people who give 1 star without following, I think they won't even read the episodes, funnily I saw few reviews without any stars and that surprised me
5) Ghost accounts👻: some of the 1stars were given by accounts that won't follow anyone, we can call them "ghost accounts ", we can't do anything... Except blocking, and Finally
6) Supports 🥰💪: Once I got fed up with all these bad ratings and by my pgecet counselling results. I got 637 rank and expected a seat in a government University, but I didn't get a seat there... reservation candidates got seats even though they got 4000 ranks ( this is how equality works in India) and that depressed me. It's not the first time, When I was in 4 year B.pharm I failed to qualify in GPAT ( 180 marks is cut off for OC candidates) but some of my classmates who failed in sem exams qualifies in GPAT ( 90 marks is their cutoff) So I got a bit sad and stopped uploading the novel episodes, I even uninstalled the app. One day I checked my mail and found the mails from MB, they send the top 10 authors list every week. I didn't upload an episode for over a month or 2 but still, I was yet in the top 10 and that made me think. I thought ok some people are curious about the story so let's complete it and I again started uploading the episodes. If it's not for you guys I wouldn't have continued the story, thanks for your support 😊.
Thank's for reading🙂.

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