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The Angel Inside - Part 8 Overactor!

Jay's POV

I stood there numb and devestated beside Amy who was silently driving the car . The steering wheel clasped in her hands as she rotated it in a motion to take a turn. Her eyes were fixed on the road as she poked her inner cheeks with her tounge . She seemed to be upset.

I was baffled and puzzled as the scenes that happened before as it ran through my mind. I couldn't figured out why her parents hate her so much? Because she's a troublemaker!? Or ...a pshyco!? They should have taken her to a doctor if she was! How could this be a reason for hate? And her duality is something on another level.

The whole time she tolerated Martha acting emotionless and immediately on the next moment she becomes scary to death and now she changes again being cold and bossy. Is she bipolar? Or does she has multiple personality disorder? She's unpredictable!The question runned through my head. Should I ask her? What if she kills me? What if her pshyco self comes back!? I'll be a dead meat! Ughhhhh! Stop overthinking!! Be positive! After a while I dared to start a small conversation.

Me: I - I would have drived the car Amy?

I spoke suttering.

Amy: I don't think after dinner you were in your senses to even walk by yourself. I don't want to go to hell that early by your drive!

My eyes widened at her words.

She spoke bluntly focusing on the road. Well she was right. I just lost my mind at that moment. I looked out of the window not wanting any talk further.

After a while she spoke again.

Amy: don't think too much doctor. Just forget it!

FORGET IT! After facing a whole damn pshyco drama, she wants me to forget it!! Wow! Just WOW! I think she's on an ease for a while so I decided to ask her a question.

Me: was the story real?

I said as my mind was stuck at her words that ranged in my ears . The way she spoke it felt as if she has seen it by her own eyes. It felt real.

Amy: what do you think doctor?

One of my side said it was real but my other side had a logical reason that it was fake . Amy had said she liked thriller movies. So maybe it's one of the story.

Me: I don't know.

I replied. She didn't spoke anything further. But I was curious.

Me: who was the 9 year old girl?

Amy: someone you know!

She said it with a sly smile and it felt different ,as if her scary self was back. Her statement had a suspense. And it felt really creepy. What if she's a pshycopath?

Amy: well I'm not a pshycopath!

My eyes widened. Did she read my mind?

Amy:don't worry I won't kill you.! Until....

Me: until?

I asked her as I felt tensed.

Amy: until you test my patience and make me lose my mind!

I gulped.

She chuckled at my reaction.

Amy: you know ,you're too easy to read doctor!

Me: is that so?

Amy: I was just getting an revenge on that brat. She doesn't like those spooky and creepy stuff. So I know how to ruin her mood.

I made an 'o' face .

Me: you were... really scary!

She smirked taking a turn on the road to the right. I looked out of the window as the winds touch my face.

My God! I was overthinking so much! I mentally facepalm. Obviously she was teaching a lesson to her bratty sister.! Dumbass! I overreacted without any reason. I scold to myself. But internally I was really happy today. Creating destruction and trouble or harming someone physically or mentally weren't my intentions. But Martha's terrified face just made me satisfied. Her deeds came back to her like a bommerang. She deserved it. Martha being defeated by someone was one of my dreams. It was the first time I saw Martha being defeated in the game of words and that too by her own sister.

Me: why did you scared your mom? You should have done that!

I said as I chuckled being a little friendly and frank. She didn't answered and continued to poke her inner cheeks by her tounge. she increased the speed and after a while pressed the break, killing the engine instantly. It caused me to almost bump my head in the front. Thanks to the seatbelt! My dear life ! I shook my head in disbelief. What the hell is wrong with her? But she seemed to be unbothered. Pathetic devil! I screamed internally.

I looked out of the window being furious. I realized we reached home already. She parked the car in the garage as she opened the door and went out of the car. She slammed the door behind not even sparing a glance at me. She left me! In the garage! Darn it! I came out of the car following her behind to the main door of the house. She opened it with the keys in her hands.

I stepped in the house and she didn't even turned back or bid me a good night. I knew her mood was ruined for today. And I didn't dare to ask her anything next. I silently went to my room, switching off the lights of the living room.

I changed my clothes and layed on the bed. I couldn't sleep. I was curious. But something strucked my mind at the moment. Wait! Martha is an easy peasy for Amy. Today Amy just smashed that brat's ego on the floor without any hesitation. She could shoo.. her away at once. So why did she married me!? And I don't really think Martha is the reason that she married to me. Something is fishy.
Was Martha right? Martha's words played on my ears. Troublemaker! And her words only meant that Amy was some sought of gangster. Wait! I didn't even asked what her profession was! What a dumbass am I? What if she's a Mafia!? Jeez! Stop overthinking, she's not! And Martha knows how to play with words.! Both the sisters are manipulating punks! She knows how to play with words and convince people to believe!What if she's lying..
I was pretty confused.. and I didn't knew when I drifted to sleep....

The next day I woke up, again my nightmare hit me. It haunted me everyday and always left a feel of guilt in my heart. Always! Everytime I try to forget it and distract myself it gets on my nerves even more...I don't know how to cope up with it..I again shrug it off and go up with my daily routine..

I dressed up and took my specks from the table, fixing it's tips behind my ears. I poked at the center making the frames settle on my nose as I glanced myself at the mirror. I sigh.
Sometimes I really feel,I changed too much. Sometimes I feel insecure about myself. However people say that"what's within is the only thing that matters!" But the fact is that ,in the end of the day when you look in the mirror.. you just find insecurities. Everytime you just try to make ourselves... perfect! But the more I try to be perfect..I just ruin things! I sighed again.

I moved out of the room as my gaze went to the kitchen, expecting Amy to be cooking breakfast! But all I feel now is silence and emptiness! I went to the kitchen hoping she'll be there but she isn't..! Did she left already? I thought myself. My gaze went to the kitchen counter, there was my breakfast in the plate, covered. I reached it as I saw a sticky note which said" have your breakfast before you leave..." A smile crept on my face. So sweet! And below it had her contact number. It hit me like a truck. Darn it! Jay! I didn't even have her contact number. But we are complete strangers. I mentally facepalm. I grab my phone to add her contact number before I message her to assure my number. I saved her number as I typed Amy's name but soon deleted it as an amazing name came into my mind. 'LUCIFER'....! Bingo! Perfect name for this devil! I chuckled like an idiot.

I had my breakfast and went out of the house locking it as I grab my car keys . I removed my car from the garage and reached the hospital. The day went busy and the same. The chaos of the day and on the top of that Max and his friends mocking at me, darn!

The day went by but it felt empty,I don't know why...
I don't know it was an all daily routine but something felt missing. After a long day I got a while to rest. I closed my eyes before I rest my head on the chair as I lean back. I felt relaxed. After a non stop busy day ,a bit of rest and relaxation ,feels like heaven. I closed my eyes as Amy's face flashed through my mind. Mysterious anticpiece!

I sigh. What did I get myself into? It was all okay with me , everyday was the same. Same work, same days, same mocks, a crazy sister, lovely mom and dad, what else did I need? Everything in my life was fine, I still had a lifestyle with a bit of flaws and miserable memories buried deep in my heart and everything was still in it's place ,still like the water in the lake. But she turned my world into a roller coaster ride , the day she entered into it. What does she holds in herself to be that ruthless to her own parents? This two days things went upside down.

My eyes slowly open as I glanced at the clock. Oh 10 already. I checked if any appointments or cases were left. I think I was done for today. I left the hospital with my belongings before I bid my Emma and Noah a goodbye. I reached home. It was dark inside as I opened the door. She isn't home yet. I should be happy. The devil is gonna come late. But I don't know why I'm desperate to see her. Aish... I shrugged it off and went upstairs to freshen myself. I came out of the bathroom as I went to the balcony gazing out.

The breeze touched my face as I stood there for a while grabbing some fresh air. Soon I heard the sound of a car engine down the road. It was a black Ferrari. It's her car!.

It stopped right in the front of the gate as the door opened. My heart sanked. A feel of jealousy rushing down my veins. I clenched my fists. It was the man whom I saw yesterday. The one with whom Amy went from the hospital. That cool,touchy and friendly punk of hers. Her boyfriend!

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