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Stay With Me - 16 - The Squabble

Viansh smiles, "oh.. what are you doing here?.." I bite my lower lip, "ummm.."

He adds with smirk, "You have come here to meet Nomaan right? then why are you leaving without even seeing him?" I look at him with shock, how did he know?

Viansh informs, "Yeah I saw that you didn't enter in his office" he adds with questioning eyes.

I heave a sigh, "actually I came here to deliver a tiffin to him but.." "but what..?" He asks quickly.

"I think he is busy with that Ruhi.." I twitch my lips in annoyance. Viansh narrows his eyes, "Ruhi.. and here?"

"Well.. I don't know the name exactly.. but she was the one I have met with, at your party.."

"yeah... her name is Ruhi.. but she can't be here.. cause Nomaan has fired her.."

My eyes got widened, "what???" Viansh shrugs, "yeah... so there might be some mistake.. so c'mon.. come with me.." with this he enters in lift and presses the 2 before I can react.

Oh god I again get butterflies in my stomach. This is insane, the way I am feeling right now.

As we step out, I follow Viansh, he pushes the door and get inside.

I wait at the door, and look inside, but to my surprise there is only Nomaan, working on his laptop. Well I can't be wrong, but then where is she?

But I can't think further as I see Nomaan'

s gleaming face, "hey.. Tulika.. welcome to my office.. but why are you standing at the door..? Come in.." he adds with naughty smirk. Is it possible that he knows, some minutes back I was here?

I nervously step inside. That Viansh explains, "your wife has come here to deliver you a tiffin.. by the way.. what was Ruhi doing here?" Viansh asks sharply noticing Nomaan's face.

Nomaan answers suppressing his smile, "well she was here to convince me for collaboration.. you know na?" He adds deceitfully. Viansh nods to that.

Nomaan states annoyingly, "leave it yaar..I am dying of hunger..."

He looks at me with smile, "so Tuli... thanks that you came here for me.. that too these much late, it's really nice of you, literally saved me.. dear.." he winks at me.

Oh god what happened to him, he is so 'chill guy' today, I am surprised that he is such a calm despite the work pressure.

That Viansh disturbs my train of thoughts, "so .. what has Mrs. Nomaan brought for us..?" I gulp my saliva down my throat.. opening the tiffin, I don't know why am I behaving like a dumb, "umm.. actually I have prepared this biryani.. that too in a hurry So I hope you will like it.."

They both look at each other, rubbing their hands and licking their lips in appetite, "we don't like it" they pause then add with laughter, "We love it..."

I happily serve them and witness them eating like hungry wolves.. they empty the whole tiffin. Then smile at me satisfactorily, "thank you..." I smile back at them then pack tiffin and get up to leave that Nomaan asks, "where are you going?"

I shrug,"I think my work is done here so I am leaving.." but he shakes his head, "no..wait.. Viansh do one thing.. wind up the work, will do it tomorrow morning before the conference.." Viansh thumps up to him in agreement.

I look at Nomaan astounded, He asks, "do you bring your scooter?" I nod my head to say, "yes"

He scratches his head and adds, " let's go for a ride then.. " I am still observing their faces like the dumb. "C'mon I am going to drop you.." and before I can say anything, he lifts his suit coat, grab my hand. With somewhat uneasiness I wave bye to Viansh.

In lift he utters, "thanks.. " should I say, he is still holding my hand, and I am not in a mood to take it back. I smile, "but you should eat on time.."

"okay.. I will madam... anything else?" He replied, I shake my head smiling. At parking he asks me for my scooter's key..

My eyes got widened, "what..?" He giggles, "give me your key, we are going on a scooter today.. "

"But your car.. ?"I asks handing him a key, with hundreds of doubts. "Our driver will take care of that, now come, get on" he answers with naughty smirk.

He gets on scooter, an I am observing this person, why do I adore him more and more for one or another reason?

As I sit behind him, I am so embarrassed, but he is behaving like a high school kid cause he asks, "can we eat ice cream before I drop you.."

I smile, "I don't have any reasons to say no.." he chuckles, I notice how happy he is today!! Is it because of me? God knows.. but I like it.

At ice cream parlour, he orders chocolate chips for me and fruits and nuts for him, but what surprised me is that naughty smirk on his lips, finally I ask, "what..? Why are you smirking?" His smirk turns to naughty smile as he asks, "ummm.. why did you leave at first from our office?" Oh god so he knows.. he adds, "it was because of that Ruhi..right?"

I lower my eyes as he explains, "I saw you, the time you entered in our building.. but that Ruhi.. I don't know what does she want, always tries to approach me with her silly excuses.." he sighs.

"But why did you fired her?.." I ask him back.

He keenly observes my face, "I don't like it when someone makes you angry.... "he pauses then adds, "except for me.." and giggles.

"Okay..just tell me you didn't like it when you saw her right?" He asks eating spoonful of icecream.

"Actually I wanted to see your reactions that's why I let her in.." he adds naughtily.

I ask rolling my eyes, "But don't you think it's a silly reason to fire someone..?" I am worried cause I don't like it that I am the reason that she lost her job.

He shrugs, "it's not silly when you tell lies about your boss" he stated with stern face. And I can't believe that how on earth did he know?

He smiles, "don't think too much, I have my own ways.." He keenly notices me, "wait.. you've got something at the corner of your lip" I try to wipe it but he interrupts, "no the other corner" I wipe it too but he again interrupts, "wait.. let me do it..." then he wipes it with the tissue, "Done.. kid.." I narrow my eyes, he shrugs, "yeah.. only kids eat like that.."

"So..." he heaves a sigh.. "do you really wanna go at your dad's...." I add, "I didn't say bye to my dad.. you know he was sleeping so.." "okay.. I will pick you up tomorrow night then.."

He drops me at my doorstep, and his car arrives."don't you wanna come in?" I ask hesitantly. He twitches his lips, "well your dad is already asleep so I think I should go home now.. you know gran right?" I wish good night and step inside.

So he is not that bad afterall, he cares for me, I like his company, I smile to myself and jump on a bed.

Next day passes quickly in my dad's company, well still he is somewhat worried about my safety, but he is assured too that when Nomaan is with me, nothing wrong can happen to me.

Only then it clicked in my mind, why my dad wanted me to marry with Nomaan, cause he is rich, strong, capable to protect me.. but does he like me?

I shouldn't think too much, atleast his family likes me, they love me like their own daughter and for that I am thankful to my dad.

At night Nomaan comes at my place, we chat for around an hour then we get up to leave my house, hugging my dad.

Should I say, it is cruel rule that girl should leave her house after marriage.

On our way back home, Nomaan states, "do you like Malaysia?" I ask him back, "Malaysia?" "Yeah.. I just love that country..and....." he deliberately stops.

"And what...?" I suspiciously ask. "And I think it would be great place for our honeymoon." He answers smiling at me.

I almost shout, " you mean by honeymoon?.. seriously Nomaan, I don't even know you and you are planning things which..."

He interrupts annoyingly, "just calm down, it is not the way you are thinking.. I just thought to spend some time with you, so that we can know each other, cause we both are in a same boat.. you know that right..."

I argue, "we don't need to go to Malaysia just to know each other.. I am fine here.."

He observes me from corner of his eyes, "can I ask you one thing Tulika..?" I nod inhaling. He adds, "I know we are married and all.. but did you have anyone in your life? I mean lover or boyfriend?" He asks flatly.

"This is disgusting Nomaan, how can you think like that.. I am not that type of girl okay.. how can you ask me this type of question?" I answer angrily, furrowing my brows.

But Nomaan... I don't know what has happened to him, he adds, "no.. I am asking cause what I observe is.., you are not making any efforts, I know I have acted differently in past but it doesn't define me bad..since the day of our marriage ,you always seem so cold.."

His words hit me hard, "you should have known earlier that I am cold.. I am not hot like your exes..ya.. I am making efforts but either you don't have vision to see them or you are ignoring them.. and if efforts means you want me to get physical with you then I am sorry cause I am not that cheap, I can't trust you that easily.." I stated in one breath.

"Please for God's sake Tulika.. I don't want you to get physical with me okay.. and my exes.. what do you mean by that, how many girlfriends do you think I have had?" He asks annoyingly. I roll my eyes to that.

He adds further, "and 'Cold' means in making efforts not getting physical.. do you think that after marriage I only want to do that one thing with you.. I am not that cheap either.. but you have that narrow mind just like the village you used to live..."

His last sentence boil my blood, so I lash out angrily, "Stop the car.. Nomaan..." he turns his head with jolt.. but I shout again.. "stop the car.." he takes his car on a side and pulls out..

I am breathing heavily in anger, "one thing.. never ever ever bring my village in between okay.. you don't know nothing about me and nothing about my village.. and as I have told you earlier, we are far more better than the city people I have met until now.. including you.. so please don't try to explain me how my mind is.."

With jerk I open his car door and step out of it, he is looking at me dumbfounded. I start walking on a road, he starts his car slowly to drive with me and asks, "this is last time I am asking to you.. are you getting in or not?"

I twitch my lips, "no.. I will call a cab.." he rolls his eyes, "have you seen your watch, it's 11:30.. do you think you can find a cab..?"

"I don't care, I will not go with you.." I answer him inhaling deeply. "Okay.. your wish then.." and he drives away his car speedily.

I stand rooted to the spot, how easily he has left me, I just hate him now. I was damn wrong about him yeah he doesn't care for me but for his stupid ego.

I open the app to search for near by cab that suddenly a white car pulls up near me, as the window glass gets lowered, I find young boy of my age. I have never seen him before.

He smiles, "wanna ride with me miss?" I twitch my lips, "hell.. no.. my husband is on his way.. thanks.." l lied. But he is quite smarter, "really.. cause what I witnessed is your husband just left you and drove away.."

How the f*** he knows? Is he following me? But he chuckles as if he has read my mind, "don't worry.. I was there at that tea cabin.." he points towards a small cabin in front of us. Though I am not convinced fully. So he opens the door for me, "okay get in young lady, it's almost midnight and beautiful girl like you shouldn't be left alone.."he laughs naughtily.

I don't like the way he spoke, so I roll my eyes, "you don't worry about me, I am born here, you just take care that you don't get late because of me, otherwise you'll get scolded for that" and I start walking.

He start driving his car slowly to match my pace, oh god who is he? What does he want from me, now I am really scared. I dial to Nomaan, and put my cellphone to my ear, it's ringing but he is not receiving, I curse his ego. And I curse myself too.

That suddenly I see his car is approaching me with great speed, overtakes that white car and stops infront of me. He opens his car door and without any delay I just get inside.

As I glance at that boy with proud smirk, What frightened me the most is that young boy was smiling deceitfully, I don't mind that and shut the door. I put a hand to my chest and heave a sigh of relief.

And say, "thank you.." to Nomaan. he asks with concern, "by the way who was that 'fontru'...?" "I don't know.. he was asking me to get in.." I reply still somewhat frightened.

"hmm.. I will take care of that.." he spoke watching his car in rear view mirror.

First time in my life I was these much happy seeing Nomaan. Well I am still angry at him. He looks angry ptoo, cause he is not talking to me, he is busy in driving and I am busy thinking about that man. The way he was smiling, it's like he knows me but how?

Should I inform my dad? But I might be wrong, I should forget him it is just this Nomaan guy has turned my mind 'cranky' nothing else.

At our home, everyone has asleep, so we directly tiptoe to our room, again I am embarrassed, confused and nervous. This time angry too.

I sprint to the bathroom, change to pajama and lay myself on couch. That Nomaan interrupts me, "you can sleep on a bed.. I mean we can share my bed.."

I pretend as if I am already asleep. So he clears his throat and mumbles, "huh... angry stubborn birdie."

I jump on a couch and ask, "what did you just say?" But he grins, "I knew you were not sleeping.." I roll my eyes, "whatever..."

He adds, "your neck and back will get hurt.. you can sleep on a bed.. I won't touch you.. I promise..."

I didn't believe that the Nomaan Arora can be this down to earth I like this thing about him, his first impression was clearly wrong.

So I slowly move my legs to his bed omg it is so soft.. though I slip to its edge when Nomaan joins me, but next morning when I open my eyes, I found my hand is over his waist, I take it back with jolt, get up to do my routine and dash to kitchen.

That gran calls out my name from the yard, she is taking a walk there, I approach her, touch her feet, but she hugs me affectionately, "so my daughter is back... come let's have a walk.."

She asks me about my dad and we talk about many things, at last she stops at small building at the backyard.

Well it is just a big room with porch area, some men are renovating it, gran asks, "Tuli..what do you think, which colour will suit better to this room..?"

I twitch my lips, "umm.. I think white will look good or creme may be.." gran adds, "you can see the catalogue and decide by yourself..or you can take Nomaan's help as this was his idea afterall..." she smirks at me.

"Idea... what idea gran?" I notice that when I hear 'Nomaan' a stupid smile appears on my lips and I can't conceal it no matter how hard I try to.. I am afraid gran has noticed that too.

Her face gleams with a lovely smile, "Tuli.. Nomaan suggested that this room is gonna be your art room, you love painting right?"

I am out of words.. Is he able to read my mind or what? I jump with excitement and I hug her, "oh.. thank you gran.. I will love this place, it's great for my work, surrounded by garden, quiet place, it's amazing.." that gran utters, "you should thank Nomaan.." I release her scratching my head, "I will .. gran."

"Okay it's time to have a breakfast.." smiles gran, as we both head towards our dinning room, on table I greet dad, I touch his feet, that our maid serves breakfast, but to my utter surprise Nomaan is not there.

"Where is Nomaan?" I ask. Dad answers with sigh, "in his room.. busy as always.. Vidita please take his breakfast to his room..."

"I will take it" I hurriedly get up, both gran and dad looked at me astonished. Well he cares for me, I should do the same..I prepare a dish and rush to the lift.. I am so happy today.

As I reach to the door, before I knock, I hear him saying, "I want every detail till evening.." must be busy in his phone about his business so I turn the knob and enter without knocking.

But my eyes got shut just glancing at him and the plate falls on the ground cause he is only in boxer, trying to wear a pant while talking on phone.

As he glances at me, he screams, "oh shit what are you doing here? Can't you just knock on the door you stupid girl.."

I ask, "have you wore your pant" He says, "yeah.." then I open my eyes and speak, "I didn't know, you move around like this in your room by the way this is my room too so next time be careful okay.."

He rolls his eyes, "I will think about it okay.."

I glance at the plate and state,"Oh.. I am sorry about your breakfast.. wait a minute I will be back" he adds annoyingly, "don't worry let me call Vidita.."

To my surprise she enters with two plates, I twitch my lips as it must be gran.

After breakfast I say, "thank you for giving me place for my artwork?"

"Do you like it?" He asks

"Yeah it's a great" I reply with blushing smile.

"hmm I thought so..." and his phone rings again. I don't know who is it, cause he goes to lobby to talk. As he returns after five minutes he states, "you do one thing come with me, I will drop you at dad's to move all your paintings here.. "

That's great, but won't you be late for your work? I ask thinking it's just yesterday I came back, will it be okay to go again today?

He replies thinking something, "no.. I won't if you don't take much time to get ready.." he winks. I hurriedly get up, comb my hairs into a pony tail and join him without changing my clothes as I am wearing a new dress.

Within twenty minutes we leave for my home informing gran and dad. I notice that Nomaan is in deep thoughts, his cellphone is continuously buzzing on dashboard.

I ask in a low voice, "are you okay..? You look worried." He smiles, "yeah.. I am cool.."

At my doorstep, I tell him, "it's okay.. you can drop me here, you are getting late for your work.." but he hurriedly steps out of car, without even taking his phone. so I grab it thinking it's strange..!

As we enter in my house, I get to know the reason cause what I see, it widened my eyes as doctor is there. My dad is laying on a couch, almost passed out, my maid run to me with teary eyes, she explained to me that my dad complained about pain in chest and it got worsened so they informed Nomaan this morning.

Before I come to my senses doctor informs Nomaan, "we should admit him to the hospital.."

Oh god.. I am literally panicking, cause he was fine yesterday, what has happened to him in one night, without any delay, Nomaan helps doctor to sleep my dad in our car, I take his head in my lap, I feel his body is tremendously cold, doctor informs me to rub his hand, I am continuously doing it.

At hospital, two men are already there to take my dad in stretcher, doctor and Nomaan dash after them followed by me. Doctor wants to check his pacemaker so he takes my dad to the check up room. Nomaan is busy talking to someone.

His phone, which is in my purse, buzzes again, I take that out, glance at the screen, it's Viansh, I receive.. but before I say hello Viansh almost screams, "omg.. Nomaan where are you? They are here.. you know we have worked hard for this project, and now if you don't show up today then it will cost us you know how much.. come quickly, I am trying to convince them.. " he hangs up.

I look at Nomaan, he is still discussing about my dad, I sprint to him interrupting, "Nomaan.." but no answer. I touch his hand, "Nomaan...." then he turns his head, but he is so calm, like nothing is more important than my dad.

I say, "I've talked to Viansh, you have to go at your office, I am here, I will call Abhi.. he will be here, you should leave.."

He narrows his brows at me that his phone buzzes again. He rolls his eyes, grabs a phone from my hand and receives, "Ya.. Viansh.. cancel that conference, I am at the hospital, it's Tuli's dad..."

I am observing this man with wide eyes, should I be happy or sad? I don't know.. I am just overwhelmed.

Is it the same person who has tried to abduct me for his loss in business???


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