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Do you love me? - Episode 30 - the end


Unknown ( on phone): Brother, I dont know who they are but someone attacking us, please save us.

Pavan's dad ( who was at Priya's house): where are you? Why did you come out of the palace?

Woman( panting ): For the last few years palace was full of politics and My husband thought it's not safe for me and my son to stay there anymore so he secretly planned my trip to your house. But someone learns about it and attaching us. I am near lord shiva temple which is only a few kilometres away from your house, brother please save us.

Pavan's dad: stay with crowds, I will be there in a minute. he took Priya's mom car and told her to use his car if she wants, which was parked at his house.

He drove the car as fast as it can go and reached the temple, he sensed some power fluctuations in a small ally next to the temple and rushed there and found the driver body who was dead while trying to protect the queen, he also found 3 burned bodies of high-tier demons and a few steps from there stood Queen with her baby boy in her hands.

She didn't get any external injuries but her soul got damaged because of excessive use of spiritual energy and she was coughing blood while chanting spells on her son. When He reached her she gave her baby boy to him after kissing and hugging him for the last time, they both know that her death is inevitable and then she said: brother please protect my son, Raise him without telling anything about us, he will know everything by himself after he got stronger enough to face the reality.

she took out her hand and asked him to promise her son's safety when he placed his hand to promise, a tide of energy passed into him and his eyes pupils colour changed from red to golden reddish, that was her last fragments of soul energy and his power increased from the minister-level to king level.

Queen: consider this as a token of my gratitude, From today onwards he is your responsibility, her eyes turned lifeless and her soul left her body.

Pavan's dad was in shock and he can't speculate things happened there, the current queen of demons was killed so easily as killing chickens on weekends, Many doubts were raised in his mind: if the king knows about the threats to their life then why did he send her out of the palace without guards? He didn't even intimate me.

#Brinnng# #Brinnng#

Pavan's dad ( quivering voice): Hello.

Rudra: Master your car got into an accident and at that time Priya's mom was driving it, Her condition is critical, I felt some demonic energy at the accident spot and I guess it was intentionally done to kill you.

Pavan's dad: ok, get a van and come to Lord Shiva temple.

After Rudra came they transferred the bodies into the van and hidden that baby in an orphanage which runs with his funds and went to the hospital.

Priya's mom was seriously injured and seeing her made his heart heavy with guilt, if he didn't take her car all this wouldn't have happened to her. He went near her and his vision blurred with tears.

Priya's mom face was pale with injuries all over her body, doctors tried their best but various vital organs were already damaged and became impossible to save her, there were bandages all over her body including her face, she saw him and mumbled with difficulty: Brother, Sorry for crashing your car.

That word stuck in his heart like an arrow and made him lose control over his emotions, tears leaked from his eyes and made lines on his cheeks, the guilt in his heart was eating him.

Priya's mom: brother, Will you please take care of my husband and daughter for me?

Priya was only 7, she was sobbing while hugging her dad, Her father was also crying, he was in shock and unable to digest the fact that he is going to lose his wife.

Pavan's dad nodded in agreement and then she said: The only thing that bugging me is my daughter future and her marriage, I can leave this world in peace only if you Promise me a marriage agreement between your son and my daughter after they come to age. Will you please do that for your sister?

Pavan's dad made a promise and then she got a smile on her face which he saw through the bandages on her face, after a few minutes she slowly closed her eyes and fallen into eternal sleep.

Pavan's dad doesn't have sisters of his own but the two people who call him brother was dead, His heart was burning with grief and he lost control of him, His power leaked out from his body and his eyes turned pure goldish colour exceeded king's power, the rush of turbulent waves shuttered the glass windows and doors of the hospital.

He screamed, " One day I will kill the people who are responsible for this and avenge your deaths".

he got back to his senses after seeing both Priya and her father faint. From that day onwards he raised Priya like his own child and tried his best to fill the shoes of her mother.

Pavan's mom wrapped her arms around him and said: it's ok calm down it's just a dream.

He woke up from sleep and realised that it was a nightmare of the past and said: yeah, just a nightmare.

He looked into his phone and it was 4 in the morning, he dialled sunny, 3 months already passed and he was still searching for Arjun.

Sunny: Master, what made you call me at this early hours?

Pavan's dad: how many times have I told you to call me uncle when we are alone? Come back home, Pavan engagement was going to happen soon.

Sunny( laughing): young master is blessed to have 2,2 engagements, marriages and wives. I am not interested in attending those boring functions.

Pavan's dad: ok then do as you wish, but if you failed to find him this week then get back home ( hang up)

After Anu got recovered, she and Pavan had their engagement. Both Anu's parents and Priya's father were embarrassed to invite the guests for the upcoming marriage which they planned in the US.

After a few months of engagement they 3 had their marriage grandly in the U.S. Many men's hearts bled after seeing these two pretty Princesses marrying him, they cursed him in their heads for his greed of marrying those two dolls.

Nuptial night:

The most awaited thing for a married couple is there the first night, they feel nervous, fear, love and lust at the same time. A woman will devote her purity to her husband and a man...Well...he will sacrifice his peaceful life ( just kidding 😛). According to the Hindu ideology, lovemaking doesn't only mean uniting bodies but also souls.

That was the full moon 🌕 day of the month and the priest confirmed that from 8:30 P.M to 11 P.M is an auspicious time for the nuptial night. They made the rooms decorated for the ritual but the most awkward thing will be asking him "With whom do you want to have your first night first? " or to ask them " who want to have her first night first?" So After arranging everything, they leave it to them to decide and left them alone.

They were now in a house which Pavan's dad brought for Priya as a present for her when she got selected for a design company in the U.S, But she never told him the news nor he presented it to her.

Priya: Isn't it obvious? This is my house, We got engaged first, and he even tied the knot to me first. So It's final.

Anu: I showed kindness by allowing him to marry you, it's yours turn to repay it.

Priya: You took his first kiss right? Haven't you got enough?

Anu: Yes, I want more of him and As a first wife it's my right.

Priya: What is the use of ploughing barren land?

Anu got angry and said: A passionate farmer can do many miracles, who knows? barren land may turn fertile.

Priya: Then divorce him and marry a farmer.

Anu: you...

Priya: what you?... Spit it out.

After quarrelling for a while, they finally agreed to take slips. They throw slips of their names into a box and asked him to take one. He closed his eyes and took out a slip.

At the room: ( 🔞)

He was nervously waiting in the room for her to come, the room was decorated with strings of jasmine along with rose petals covering the white bed sheet. After a period of dawdle, finally, Priya entered the room with a milk glass in her hand. She wore a white net saree with a golden border which reveals her red blouse and navel on her flat curvy stomach. Her matinee lengthed Mangal sutra was fallen on the centre of her bust along with a long golden Lakshmi haram which extended down her bosom. She embellished her ears with the matching earrings of the necklace and the bindi on her forehead gave her a perfect look of a traditional newly married bride. Priya was a great believer in traditions, she doesn't like showing her skin to others but when it comes to him she will grab every opportunity to tease him.

He brought her to the bed and made her sat next to him. He drank half of the glass and gave her the rest, she drank it and stayed silently with shyness. After the marriage, Priya got her nose piercing and began wearing a small dotted nose pin on the left side of her nose. It suited her very well and Whenever she moved her face it was sparkling like a star. She noticed him checking her out and blushed. The aroma of Jasmine flowers on her hair filling the room which was already decorated with a guardian of flowers and making him lustful.

She intentionally slipped her Pallu revealing her cleavage and that made him flushed. He got thunderstruck and started digging holes through her with his stares, After a few moments of starting he finally buildup the courage to make a move, he moved closer to her and held her cheeks to kiss her, she blushed and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met which triggered a sensation that they never felt before and her soft tender lips making him crave for more, their gentle kiss now turned into wet kisses sharing their saliva and After few more minutes of passionate kisses, they break it leaving huge strings of saliva behind but then he suddenly backed off which made her puzzled.

Priya(confused): What's wrong?

Pavan: Before doing the stuff I want to reveal a secret to you.

Priya: A secret I don't know? Please Don't tell me that you are gay😱. Oh my God, I made a lot of effort in dressing like this.

Pavan( shock): What? No. Are you crazy?

His sudden change in the expression made her laugh until her stomach hurts, after seeing his grumpy face she kissed his cheek and said: Sorry honey, please continue.

Pavan( nuts ): I am half-human and a half-demon.

Priya: Are you telling me that you are a bad guy?

Pavan: No, the matter is ( he explained to her about their ancestors and.....episode 29).

Priya: Do you have powers like hulk?

Pavan( annoyed ): When we were taking Anu to the hospital I saw my reflection on the window and found that my eyes were glowing yellow, Panic of getting shot made the powers in me awake but I kept it a secret and never tried it again.

Priya( playful ): Please show me, I want to see it. He nodded in agreement (who don't like to do show-off before their wife?) and suddenly his eyes started shining yellow.

Seeing that freaked her out and an evil smile came on her face and asked: Will my kids become gods among humans?

Pavan ( what the f@ck, Is this all she can think of? ): Are you not terrified about the fact that I am a demon?

Instead of answering him, she started smooching him and that made him relieved. He clasped her tightly and made her stand, His hands started exploring her curvy body and reached her soft curvy hips, His big hands are way smaller to hold her butt and started squeezing them, she got turned on by that act and bit his lower lip in response, His hot fingers moved upward closer her jugs which made her flinch with shyness, his hands cupped her boobs fondling them while kissing her passionately. He made her fall on the bed and started kissing her neck, cleavage and then moved down to her navel. While he was on the way down she removed her necklace and earrings so that he wouldn't get scratched while they creep on each other, he started Kissing her navel and that made her ticklish and aroused.

He slowly unwraps her saree, unthreaded her petticoat and pulled it off leaving only her panties down revealing her straight and slender legs which were smooth and creamy as cheese, he kissed and nibbled her thighs for while and then slides up. their eyes met and their hearts are racing, their breathing becomes rapid and sweat started oozing out from them.

he laid on her top kissing her jawline and then nibbled her ear which induced a sharp tingling sensation that overtook her brain made her fall into deep pleasure.

His hands reached her blouse trying to remove it but failed. She glanced at him with her eyebrow raised mockingly and the corners of her lips widened and said: Hahaha Do you know what those elders instructed me before leaving? Just go with your husband lead and he knows what has to be done, hmm here you are failed to even unravel my blouse.

His face was burning with embarrassment and decided to rip her blouse apart. Priya felt his thoughts and said: My dear Little Virgin, demolition is not the solution, she unbuttoned her blouse and gave him a glimpse of her red bra then immediately rebuttoned it, His eyes bulged out as he excavated a hidden wonder of the world in a deep abyss and his heart skipped a few beats in excitement.

Priya ( gleaming red ): T-Try

He unbuttoned her blouse leaving only bra and panties, her erected teats were showing through her bra and her panties were soaked with her juices.

Do you want me to turn off the light? He asked

Priya(too shy to look at him): nodded in approval.

He turned off the light and grabbed her by the waist and made her sit, His kisses are turning into gentle nibbles on her lips and his finger on her back unhooked her bra and made her surprised and shy.

He said: I failed earlier in tension but believe me I did my homework, hearing that brought a faint smile on her face and her naked upper body was revealed with all its glory. Her body was shaking like a leaf while feeling his warm fingers slinging dangerously from her bareback to front.

It was the first time that someone saw her naked and she becomes more sensitive to his touches, he cupped her big boobs with his hands while squeezing one and eating the other, suckling her sensitive nipples made her excited and she started moaning with pleasure.

He got undressed and pulled down her panties, she was so weak to resist him and gave up without a fight. He was about to penetrate her with his tool and then she whispered " please be gentle", recently she heard a lot about first penetration pain and was scared about it.

He tried to be as gentle as possible and push it in, his tool teared up her hymen which caused her pain and bleeding.

Ahhhhh, A small scream skipped out of her mouth and tears rolled into her eyes which made him concerned.

In her mind: you filthy pig haven't I told you to be gentle? She madly wanted to bit him on the neck and rip his skin off.

Do you want me to take it out? He asked.

N-No, a...stay as you are, give me some time to adjust. After few minutes she asked him to start moving slow and he started thrusting her Gently while her Arms holding onto his back digging nails into his skin and she was gnashing her teeth trying to stop herself from screening. The pain gradually changed into pleasure and her moans filled the room.

Her body was twitching and after a few more minutes of Pounding, A hard orgasm hit her and thrown her into heaven that she never heard of, He continued for a few more minutes Unloaded his load into her which made her feel warmth in her womb. He rolled onto the bed and pulled her closer and hugged her. Her eyes were wet with a surge of emotions of happiness, pleasure and sadness of losing something she can never get back.

Pavan: Can we do it again?

She was surprised by hearing that because she read many articles in the anxiety of the first night and found that a man can't have sex more than 3 times in a row but a woman can have more than 🔟 orgasms in a row and A idea hit her brain.

Priya: Can you do it again?

Pavan: I think I can do it until you beg me to stop.

Priya: let's have a bet then.

Pavan: Bet what?

Priya: let's have sex until we can't anymore and Person who falls first will do what even the winner told him to do.

Pavan( confident): Him? Haha, I am ok with it. If you lose you should never say no to me.

After 2 hours:

Ahhhh... She moaned as his tool went inside her and stirring her womb upside down, she wanted to shout at him to stop but her mouth was busy moaning. After a few minutes of pounding, they both got an orgasm and she got freedom from his grip.

Pavan: it's Not over at.

Priya: you monster what do you think of you? She climbed onto him made her hand into a fist to punch.

Pavan: darling Hit me while looking into my eyes. She looked into his eyes and become numb, she doesn't know what was happening but she was not feeling any emotions, no fear, no hatred nothing except lust then he said: Dont you want to get pregnant?

Priya: y...yes.

Pavan: you are in the correct position, ride me and get your reward. As the word fell her body started moving without her control and heating up. After an intensive orgasm, She fell on the bed and breathing heavy.

She got goosebumps when she felt his hands on her waist lifting her hips, he stood on his knees and entered her again.

Uhhhh... He entered her and she started breathing through her mouth with her tongue hanging out. She holds the headboard for support and her mounts were jumping by his force. She was having pleasure but thought of losing the bet making her stubborn.

After 3 hours:

He grabbed her against a wall and pounding her hard, the once decorated room turned to be a mess and made the bedsheets and floor dirty, after a couple of intensive thrusts, they both finally reached their 9th orgasm followed by kisses. Priya was exhausted and her flawless fair skin turned red because of his fondling, Her inner thighs were covered with his ruff bites and her legs become numb because of the repeated orgasms. On the other hand, he was still fresh as new if we ignore a few Hickey's on his nick gifted by Priya and the odour because of sweat.

Pavan: Are you ready for another round?

Her body trembled indicating her limit and her lower abdomen hurts from continuous pounding So she accepts her defeat and said: I am not the only wife you have right?

He felt bitterness in her voice and said: Sorry Priya...we can't change fate, can we?

Priya: Carry me to the bed.

As soon as word fell, her back which was against the wall was now on the soft bed then she said: Is doing sex like hell is also a part of your powers?

Pavan: well... Maybe.

Priya: When did you learn about it?

Pavan: A month back While...masturbating.

Priya ( lashed out): Then why did you agree to the bet and caused hurdles to this innocent girl?

Pavan ( scratching his head): Who will reject a free meal?

She didn't have enough strength in her body if not she would have knocked him down, she signed in defeat and hugged him and fallen into a deep sleep.

After she slept he got down from the bed slowly and left the room to his next Pray. He saw Anu watch TV in the hall and reached her in a blink to scare her but she said: Go, wash up and come, don't forget to brush.

Pavan: How did you notice me?

Anu: I can smell your bad odour and I foresaw this in my dream.

Pavan: So you believe that your dreams come true?

Anu: yes, I am sure about it.

Pavan: If you know about the future then why didn't you told me about Satya?

Anu: My dreams will become true but not everything that happens comes in my dreams.

Pavan: Can you prove it?

Anu: Fresh up and come, I will prove it to you and by the way, I already dreamed about your demon bloodline so no need to explain it to me again.

Pavan was amazed, and thinking: Did she spying on us or she can foresee the future? Hmm, Let's find out.

After having a bath He went to her room and asked her to prove what she said is true.

Anu: Did you bring your phone with you?

Pavan: No. Why?

Anu: good, I am sending you a prediction, check it on tomorrow morning.

Pavan: why tomorrow? Why not now?

Anu: if you know the future, you will try to change it and that alters the future outcomes.

He got confused but dropped it in hunger for sex and started his hunt.

Next day morning:

#Phone ringing #

Her eyes were still closed and her hands were searching for the phone. After a few seconds of search, she grabbed the phone and answered it.


Ashu: Hey, Priya How was your last night? Did he deflower you?

She recognised the voice and opened her eyes and said: Is that the only question you got in your head?

Ashu: Not exactly.

Priya: Instead, of asking me how you are, you just literally asking me about my first night.

Ashu: come on don't be a drama queen, you just went for your first night with a handsome prince, not for war.

Priya: both are the same in different ways.

Ashu: What even, just answer my question already.

Priya( blushed): Y..yeah, we did it.

Ashu: congratulations, you successfully got popped your cherry.

Priya( embarrassed): shut up.

Ashu: How many times did you two, did it?

Priya( a bit proud): if I tell you this you will feel like a loser after your marriage.

Ashu: Why?

Priya: Because he is a sex machine and we did it 9 times in a row.

Ashu( screaming): Nine times? So you two had a blast on your first night, What happened next?

Priya: I got exhausted and fallen into sleep then he smoothly left to his second wife.

Ashu: To pop her cherry too? Is he a human or a beast?

Priya( in the brain: demon actually): he easily can satisfy two wives.

Ashu: Is that rumour true? Is it painful?

Priya: it's painful at the beginning but turned out awesome.

Ashu: Really? Do you ( interrupted)

Priya: If you want to know more then marry bye ( click). She got down from the bed and walked in front of a mirror, except for few reddish marks on her thighs rest of her beauty was unchanged, she looked at the messy room and felt glad that she is not the one who cleans it. She took a tower and went for a bath.

In Anu's Room:

It was 6 o clock in the morning, he just woke up from sleep and because of last night event, Anu got tired and was still sleeping soundly next to him on the bed. Without disturbing her He calmly left from there to his room and done his daily routine, he checked his phone and found Anu's prediction Message which contains 11, 4, G.

After seeing this his head becomes heavy because 11 is the number of times they had sex, 4 is the time they fell into sleep and G? What is G? Girl? Are we going to have a daughter?

He wanted to have a cup of coffee and went down to the kitchen, Priya was already there preparing breakfast and he suddenly hugged her from the back and kissed her cheek.

Priya: you demon, Take that handoff me 😤.

Pavan: Am I not allowed to show my love to my wife?

Priya: you horny Pig, I know what thoughts you have in your filthy brain.

He slid his hands to her navel and asked: Really? What do I have in my mind?

She rammed a hot ladle on his hands and he Plunged them in reflex. ( he can remove his hand before she could hit him but he was afraid that she will hit herself)

Pavan: #ouch#, it's hot 😓.

She turned to him and slightly bit her lower lip and said: Is that the only thing you find hot 🔥?

He was stunned by her words and said: Dont try to seduce me.

Priya: same here, go and sit in the hall, I will bring our breakfast there.

He nodded his head in agreement and as soon as she turned to the stove, He slapped on her Ass and ran to the hall.

She glared in the direction he left and a soft smile came on her lips.

After a while, she came there with a big glass of milk and a Plate with egg dosa's and chutney. She placed them on the table and sat next to him.

Pavan: where is your plate?

Priya: can't we eat in one? Are you still not comfortable with it?

Pavan: No, no I am fine with it.

They both had their breakfast and then he asked: Did you made breakfast for her?

Priya: Aunty and Uncle, along with my dad and her parents will visit us at 11 a.m. wake that little princess up and tell her to get ready, I already made breakfast and kept it in the hotbox.

Pavan: you are a sweetheart Priya.

Priya: You can say that.

After 11 AM.

Pavan's mom: Are you alright Priya? Did you get any sleep last night?

Priya: I slept like a log. Aunty His powers got awaken.

Pavan's mom turned happy and asked about the details, after knowing them she said: Did he used those powers on you?

Priya: If we consider lasting long in sex is also a power then he bullied me with it, I felt cramps in my womb for hours.

Pavan's mom caressed Priya with motherly concern, and then she asked: Are you happy Priya?

Apart from his marriage with her, I am so happy Aunty. She said.

At Anu's room:

Anu's mom: Are you fine Anu?

Anu: I am good, mom and I have to tell you a secret. She told her about the lie she made up and the truth that she can have kids.

Hearing that made her anger and wanted to slap Anu and said: How can a stupid like you become an IAS? No woman will do this thing.

Anu: well... I want his happiness and I will do anything for him.

Anu's mom: But why?

Anu: We are a couple for the last 6 lifetimes and after this life, we will stay together forever in the heavens.

Anu's mom: What 😦? Are you insane? Did you lost some screws or what? I should take an appointment with a psychologist for you.

Anu: So you think I got crazy right? Ok remember this, exactly in June of the next year I will deliver a beautiful baby girl into this world with the features of Pavan's mom, and if my predictions are wrong then I will meet a psychologist but what if I am correct?

Anu's mom: I will change all our properties into your daughter name.

Anu: then it's a deal.

In Balcony:

Pavan's dad: Why didn't you told me this before?

Pavan: I thought you will lock me in a room and chant some spells on me.

Pavan's dad: It's good news that you have control over your power but what if you don't? It's a threat to the people who live next to you.

Dad my eyes colour changed from yellow to dark orange, he said.

Pavan's dad: your power level increased, How did you do that?

Pavan( scratching his head): Well... I don't know... Maybe... I think...

Pavan's dad ( annoyed): spit It out.

Pavan: I think having sex improve power but how come you didn't know about it?

Pavan's dad: I reached red eyes level before marriage and I think sex won't help you to gain powers after that level. But don't worry about it I will help you to break through from it.

At the hall:

Priya's dad and Anu's dad were their sat silently like two old enemies in the room, Priya and Anu came there and chat with them. After a while, Pavan came there and greeted them.

Priya's dad: I don't know what you will do but I want a grandchild to play as soon as possible.

Priya ( in mind): you don't have to ask him, This innocent prince charming is a horny dog inside and already took it as a mission.

Anu's mom: Brother we are all in the same boat, l want to play with my grandchild too.

Priya's dad: it kind of you to consider my grandchild as yours.

Anu's mom: Yeah, I will try my best with it but the matter is...( she told them about Anu).

After two years:

After they came back to the county Pavan's dad managed to get a Goa residential certificate for Pavan and registered this marriage there. Because polygamy became illegal in India in 1956, uniformly for all of its citizens except for Muslims all over India and Hindus in Goa. As per the goa marriage act a married couple jointly holds ownership of all the assets owned (before the marriage) or acquired (after the marriage) by each spouse.

It took some time for Priya to digest the truth about Anu but after thinking many times she regarded Anu's mad love and they both got along with each other. They had their deliveries in the U.S and Priya gave birth to a magnificent baby boy whereas Anu gave birth to a cute little princess.

Today is their children first birthday(the same day for both babies) and they throw a grand party to celebrate it, Anu wanted to fulfil her dream and brought a beautiful pink gown for her daughter (episode: 26) but her mother-in-law already dressed her baby in a red colour gown with a golden floral design.

Anu: well...mother-in-law I wanted to dress her in this pink gown.

Pavan's mom: Hmm... But I brought this dress for her and it suited her very well, isn't it?

Anu: Yeah... But...It's my dream to dress my daughter in a pink gown for her birthday.

Pavan's mom(upset): Yeah she is your daughter and you can do whatever you want, Who Am I to decide her dress without your permission? I will stay at the function hall.

Anu doesn't want to make Pavan's mom sad and said: mother-in-law please don't get angry, I think this gown suited her very well than the one I brought. Let's go together, to the function hall.

Pavan's mom felt happy and admired Anu's nature in her mind, they both went there and Pavan and the remaining guests are talking, some of his friends making fun of him for becoming a father of 2 children at the age of 25.

It's better to spend money on the wife than spending it on so-called temporary GF said some other.

Priya was there sitting with the girls and having some conversation, Her baby boy was dressed in a pink gown and that surprised Anu. She went to her and asked: Priya, what's this? Why did you dress our son in a gown?

Priya: come on, let's have some fun confusing our guests, Give me my princess and take him with you. Priya always cares about the little girl and wished to give her the motherly love she lost in her childhood.

They exchanged their babies and Pavan called them for the cake cutting. After they reached the big 10 Kgs doremon Face cool cake, the crowd started clapping while the birthday song was playing in the background, Anu and Priya held the babies hand and cut the cake.

Photographer: Mam please look here.

Then Anu looked at him and he clicked a photo, Pavan was next to her and that scene is the same as the one she dreamed of before. She got tears with happiness and understood how fate works. A lock can be opened with only a right key 🔑, but not with any other keys. Fate works the same, we can alter fate by making the decision that influences it but not with any other decisions and making those decisions is the task.

Pavan: why are you crying?

Anu: No, I am not crying, I just become too happy. They had a photo session with the family and guests and had a happy evening.

As his father promised, Pavan becomes chairman of their companies and Priya became head of design. After few years Anu got transferred to another state, By the request of Priya she left her daughter with her and used to come home every weekend. They led the rest of their lives happy with a few little fights.

*****The end*****

Thanks for reading😊,

See you guys again later... Maybe after a year.

Past( When Priya & Anu went to the U.S for delivery)

#Buzzz# #Buzzz#


Master, it's me Sunny.

Sunny? What happened to you? I tried very hard to find you but failed, how have you gone missing? Where are you?

Sunny: it's a long story and Arjun is also with me.

Pavan's dad: haven't you killed him already?

Sunny: Well...I would have done it but there is another spirit in his body.

This storyline will continue in my next novel "Rise of demon empire", ( title may change ) and Sunny will be the main character in it( son of the demon king).