HAPPINESS - 30 in English Poems by Darshita Babubhai Shah books and stories PDF | HAPPINESS - 30


Today the eyes started raining along with the rain.

With remembrance, my eyes started to gleam.

The years of separation have become too long.

With my heart, my eyes also started yearning.

Looking at the letter in the hand of the postman

Along with the beats, the eyes also started beating.

A year has passed since then I have not heard the sound.

Along with the walls, the eyes also started to ache.

The seeping is connected to the soul.

Along with the soul, the eyes also started moving.


you are my every wish

You are the firmament of the heart

Be out of sight since l

I'll try you

In unrequited love

You will be the show of love

Mind to mind has met.

you are the god of my soul

For how many years have I been searching?

You will be the love of my soul


Every moment of mine passes in your memories.

Day and night this lava burns in the heart.

Years have passed and have met peacefully.

I still yearn in the hope of meeting

I have heard that if the beauty has improved, then l

The heart longs to have a look

The condition of love is not seen to be seen.

Today tears fall from the sky too.

I believe in his promise to return.

Then why does the heart beat again and again?


I still remember your memories, your words.

I remember every promise of yours.

She wants to stay together for seven births.

I remember each and every ritual that happened together.

I promised to write a letter everyday.

I remember every condition you kept.

He echoed in the plaintiffs with the love of love.

I remember your humming songs too.

Every moment spent in your Hijr, every moment.

I also remember the shock of the days of separation.


love like crazy

I feel loved like Majnu

Look into the depths of the heart

I feel loved like the ocean

I am not afraid of the world nor the people of the world.

I feel loved like a chatco

In the love of Husn, roam around like crazy.

I feel loved like lovers

Have become lifeless in unrequited blind love.

I feel loved like a lover


God has sent everyone for a purpose.

complete that on its own

I will sleep in my lap


keep working

will get the edge


Rinjim came to Bhadon with rain.

I will come to Bhadon after remembering the riches


I have got life for a few days.

Life is hot like chili

Look even among a million thorns

Life has blossomed like a rose

In the desire of happiness, of love

Life is covered with sorrows

like spring and autumn

yellow is ever blue life ll

with ease and confidence

Life is written from the liver


What will happen if I show the mirror

What will happen if I hide the situation?

Everything is written by fate.

What will happen by erasing Henna?

When the creator forgot to write

What will happen if I write in the palm?

We have a relationship of births.

What will happen by spending moments together?

Veins are flowing with blood.

What will happen if you drop it from the eye?


don't complain about life

Whatever God has given

I've given it a thought


Don't ask about loneliness

Don't ask me about my heart


Knee knocked in the heart, is it not you?

Again someone gave voice, is it not you.

A wave of wind came and went like this.

Looks like someone has touched you, is it not you?

Was sitting in your memories the evening fell

Somebody's call was heard, is it not you?



Afraid of separation

I am scared of separation nights.

Sometimes you will face the truth

Till when will I cover my face with promises?

I have spent my lovely moments together.

My heart is filled with memories

I'm getting a strange feeling

I don't want to go away from my arms

Will handle more than flowers

I have to cling to love



Wear green glass bangles with care.

Green glass bangles should not be pricked anywhere

bangle wala love make it you l

Dude will love green glass bangles

The onlooker just keeps looking at him.

Never forget green glass bangles

bangle lelo colorless screaming

Why would I bring green glass bangles everyday?

She eats sweetly

I will remember green glass bangles again


fell into deep sleep

I'll get lost in sweet dreams

see hushn smile

I have sown hope in my heart

renewing old wounds

yaad dil pe gayi

What did I see in my dreams?

I cried a lot

remember happy moments

nindia will die


life is LOVE