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Stay With Me - 18 - The Confession

Whole night I ain't able to sleep cause I am damn tensed about that guy I met yesterday morning and second annoying thing is that this is first time I am sleeping without Nomaan in his room, and I don't like it.

It is irony of any relationship that you understand the value of a person in his absence. Yeah.. for me now I realize that it was always Nomaan's care that made this place 'a home' for me. But still I am confused does he like me? Or should I say does he love me?

I close my eyes praying to god that please make him fall for me!!

Next day as I join gran and dad for breakfast they are planning for Diwali celebration.

Dad wants to arrange a get together so he will be busy in invitations and gran instructs me to do shopping. It means my days will get busy.

First thing we do is prepare our to do list and the way gran suggests me to buy gifts and sweets for each and every member of Arora family including maids and their families, chefs and drivers, I think I have to start shopping from today only!!

To execute the procedure, me and gran visit near by shopping mall. At night my mood gets low as Nomaan informs me that he will be going to stay two more days at Mumbai.

Should I say those were the longest two days for me? But when he returns he is so happy and excited about his work.

But one thing I sense in his behaviour is that, he is concealing something from me, yeah he avoids picking up his calls in my presence, choose texting over calls, stop talking if I accidentally enter the room where he is. Whenever I try to ask him about that he just grins.

If I swich off my mind to this phone thing then I can say we are like bestie now, yeah we share stupid things, and I don't feel awkward about that, we talk for hours well whenever we get time, we laugh over little things and I, like a stupid, smile to myself thinking about him.

Now just four days left and thank goodness that Isha comes home to make things easier, the whole day we sit and talk about her miserable life in Bangalore, she has returned with list of dishes she wants to eat and list of jewellery and dresses she wants to buy for the occasion.

So next day morning we go for shopping, she is busy looking the western gowns while I visit saree section, that I hear somewhat familiar voice, "oh.. so Mrs Nomaan is busy nowadays..!!?"

I roll my eyes looking at the person, cause its Ruhi. She wickedly smiles, "if you want then I can help you in selecting as I accurately know Nomaan's taste in dresses.."

To that I reply, "no thanks.. as his taste has been changed a lot now.." I get busy in selecting that she crosses my way, folding her hands on chest.. and utters gritting her teeth, "I am not done yet you bitch.." of course her words make me furious, I ask annoyingly, "what's wrong with you? What have I done to you that you hate me these much?"

She answers as if she has been waiting for the same question, "cause it's you who has stolen my Nomaan from me.. yeah.. he was about to propose to me and you just entered in his life out of nowhere and how can it be possible that he has selected you over me.. I mean just look at you, you are nothing in comparison to me.."

To that I couldn't suppress a chuckle and her nostrils flared as she asks, "what so funny you bitch..?" I smile sarcastically, "perhaps Nomaan must have been annoyed by your cheesy, superior and abusive attitude..! Actually I have one free advice for should try to move on now, as he is happily married man..!"

To that she adds boiling from inside, "to hell with your advice and I don't care whether he is married or not but you remember one thing I will never stop trying to get him back.. never..." and she leaves stomping her feet, my heart sinks at her words, thinking what if Nomaan will leave me for her..? No I am his wife.. but at the same time my inner voice asks, "oh.. really..?"

I squeeze shut my eyes to clear my mind, at the same time Isha calls out, "hey.. Tuli.. come and help me.. I am damn confused yaar.."

I dash to help her, but my whole mood of shopping has gone now. Why on earth only my days are bad, I mean, I was worried about that strange guy and now this Ruhi wants Nomaan back.


As that Ruhi gets out of that mall, and gets in her car, a white car start following her.

Ruhi pulls up her car at the side of the road and steps out, as the white car stops behind her car. She approaches to the driver and asks angrily, "may I know the reason that why are you following me?"

That boy smiles showing his ugly teeth, "so that you come and ask me for the reason.. ha ha ha.." Ruhi is annoyed now, "see Mr. I am not interested in your silly jokes so don't ever try to follow me otherwise I will directly stop my car at the police station..!"

That boy interrupts her, "okay okay.. now let me get to the point.. I don't have any desire to follow you but accidentally I found out that you are interested in Tulika's husband?" Ruhi rolls her eyes, "so what..?" The boy answers, "I want that I think I should take a little help from you, after all you know them.." the boy winks reading Ruhi's face.

Ruhi asks furrowing her brows, "are you her boyfriend.. yeah it may be possible afterall she is village girl.." she loudly chuckles to herself. The boy annoyingly interrupts, "it's none of your business.. you just answer me are you in or not?" Ruhi thinks for a while then asks, "what if I refuse to..." that boy gives her evilish smile, "I am damn sure you won't do that.." and they both smile deceitfully to each other.

The boy informs, "we have a plan to discuss, let's meet at my place at your time" they exchange their phone numbers and go to their separate ways to meet again...

God knows what will happen when the most evilish minds will think together..!!


As we get home I am still worried, Isha, dad and Gran are busy talking about the dresses and celebration but all I am interested now is in Nomaan's past..

As we have taken our lunch, I dash to my room, type the key words in browser "relationship between Nomaan Arora and Ruhi.."

In a blink of an eye, browser presents me with many news channels' articles about them along with their photos together..

After reading some of them I am somewhat relieved cause whatever they have had written was without any evidence, but yeah in some photographs the way they were holding hands looking at each other, I don't like it.

I can't concentrate whole day, yeah I am consoling myself that it's his past but though I want to clear my doubts with Nomaan, at night when he enters in our room, his eyes got widened watching me awake.

I wait for him to get refreshed and have his dinner, he sits besides me on bed, observing me with puzzled face.

I ask hesitantly, "Nomaan there is something I want to know.." he grabs my hand, "and what's that?"

I heave a sigh, clear my throat, "Nomaan.. did you have anyone in your life before our marriage?"

Nomaan's face turns pale as he asks, "why are you asking me this today, did anything happen?"

"I just want to know.." I reply. He cups my face, "Tuli.. yeah I have dated girls, but I swear I was not serious about any of them..And when I am saying the word dated that means dinner out not anything more than that"

"What about Ruhi ?" I roll my eyes, he is shocked, "Ruhi..? Oh c'mon.. I hadn't dated her, she was a classmate turned employee, as we both were single we used to company each other in many social events as friends that's the reason media thought that we were dating, but we both knew the truth."

Omg.. looking in his beautiful eyes I am convinced that he is not lying then why Ruhi was desperate to get Nomaan back? It may be possible that she has a feelings for Nomaan.."Hey Tuli.. what are you thinking too deeply?" He asks with piercing gaze, I shake my head, "Nothing.."

He chuckles naughtily, "will you get jealous if I say yeah I was in love with someone..?"

"Hell.. no.. why would I get jealous?" I roll my eyes, tried to bury my fury inside my heart. He smiles as he adds, "your face didn't co- operate with your mouth.. yeah it looks sad and angry.."

"It's not sad okay.. it's just tired and sleepy" I gave him an excuse. He laughs merrily, "you should know that you can't lie.." as I look at him, our eyes meet, he grabs my hands, gently caresses them with his thumbs. He observes goosebumps all over my hands.

He smirks, lifts my hands and puts a gentle kiss on back of my hands. Touch of his soft lips, give me electrifying burning sensation.

He utters huskily, "I swear I didn't love anyone but...." and he stops, studying my face.

I fake a smile, "I believe you...Good night Nomaan..."

"Good night dear.." he wished me back, somewhat disappointed.

Whole night we both were just switching sides, well I am not sure about him but as for me, I am asking myself, am I ready to accept Nomaan as my husband, my lover, my everything? Still my mind is not clear, so I decided to take some time.

Next day morning we both are feeling awkward, so we get ready almost quietly, after breakfast he leaves to the office informing he will be late so not to wait for him.

As I am busy with Vidita in cleaning the table, gran asks to join her to the garden.

As we start walking she asks, "Tuli.. I can see you are tensed what is it dear..? I hope things are okay between you and Nomaan?" I can feel her eyes are scanning my face.

I lower my head,"it's just..." gran interrupts, "don't tell me" she sighs deeply, "you know Tuli.. if best friends become lovers and then that love results in marriage, they are lucky, but for me, if Strangers become couples, gradually become best friends and then love blossoms from their friendship, then they are blessed. So you both are blessed...!"

I sigh, "only if I know what is love..?" To that gran replies, "yeah... love is very complicated yet amazing feeling.. you know dear.. love is not when someone promises to bring you the stars from the sky.." she chuckles, "it is little things we do for each other just to see happiness in our loved ones' eyes, love is when we make them feel special, when we put them before ourselves.." she pauses to catch a breath and sits on a garden chair.

Well I wanted to hear more from her but Isha interrupts, "hey good morning, both of you... then addresses me, "Tuli.. I want to prepare 'baingan bharta' today, if you can teach me.." I smile, " I know that dish very well..." she almost drags me from the garden and makes me busy to list out things needed, at evening we get busy to prepare 'bharta' with 'bajra' cake... at night we enjoy the delicious dinner, except for Nomaan.

Yeah I am somewhat suspicious about Nomaan's work, cause after getting back from Mumbai, he always leaves early in the morning and returns late at night, late means after 12o'clock, what is he doing?

Upon asking he always repeats the same words "new project.." And perhaps that's the reason whenever I get free, my mind starts reminding me things Ruhi has said to me.

The two days pass quickly in preparation: packing the gifts and sweets, deciding Rangoli designs, decorating the house.

It's Diwali morning, Nomaan hasn't returned from his work since last night, that's the reason there is train of thoughts swirling in my mind and every next thought is worse than the last.

It's around 4am that Nomaan enters, I keep my eyes closed and pretend to sleep that he sits beside me, "Hey.. Tuli.. I know you are not sleeping, get up and get ready, I have something to show you.."

I hate this man, he didn't have courtesy to say sorry, to give explanation for being late and now he wants me to join him.

I get up with jolt, obviously in a fighting mood, but he hands me a box saying, "a dress for you, now c'mon.. we are getting late, I want us to leave before Gran wakes up..and you will get all your answers today so please don't ask me anything right now" I roll my eyes thinking I shouldn't spoil my Diwali by arguing with this man, he is heartless, at the same time I am curious to get my answers so I keep quiet and do as he has said.

I dash to Bathroom and get ready in magenta and black Anarkali suit, which Nomaan has given me in the box, of course I don't have time for any hair style so I keep my hairs open, I know his eyes are glued on me with a cute smile on his lips, but I don't want to look at him.

Though I notice his dashing look when he gets ready in light pink shirt and blue denim. It is almost 5am when he accompanied me to the parking, informs to the butler that we are going to a temple, will be back until 10am.

My jaw drops to the ground thinking which is the temple he is talking about? But I keep my mouth shut to quell the storm rising inside me.

I notice that he is so cheerful today, I can't believe that he has worked whole night. He is continuously singing old romantic songs along with the player.

I am annoyed, has he been always this careless or behaving like this on purpose today? I close my eyes to calm myself down and had no idea when I dozed off.

I snap open my eyes when Nomaan addresses me, "it's time to wake up my angry bird." and my eyes got widened just glancing out side of the window cause it isn't any temple we are standing at, but it's our farmhouse at Ahire, the place I used to live with my mom.

I twist my head with jolt to look at him, but he says, "close your eyes without any questions..and yeah no peeking"

"Oh.. so there is gonna be surprise for me.." I say closing my eyes. He grabs my hand and leads me to somewhere.

Finally after around 10minutes he tells, "now you can open your eyes slowly and promise me you won't scream..." I am about to say, " why would I scream.. but at the same time when I open my eyes, " oh my god..." words come out of my mouth.

Cause I am standing inside my home, But it's not that old small house with clay roof tiles as I remember, but it's totally renovated into small castle.

"Wait.." I exclaimed as I dart around a whole house to take a look, my jaw drops to the floor with surprise. Cause it's the castle of my imagination.. same colours, same surrounding.. omg!!

As I come back to the hall, he is standing still wearing his usual dimpled smile on his lips.

I approach him still bewildered, "this is the same castle I have drawn.." he scratches his head with smile, "so.. now you know why I used to return late at home.."

I am loss for words, yeah I have never thought of this in any of my best dreams, cause for me this is not just a building but my home, its every corner has a memory of my mom, its every room has a story to tell.. the place where we have shared so much laughter and fun together, I can still hear the echoes of her voice.

I am overwhelmed with emotions, all I can ask is, "Nomaan.. how did you do this?" He locks his eyes with my admiring eyes, "umm.. nothing much, I saw your painting and decided to give you the big surprise.."

He is still uttering something, I am looking at him with blank mind, I don't have any confusion at this moment, my mind is as clear as the atmosphere after lifting up the fog, that I want this person to be mine, I couldn't let him go.. never... with this I draw close to him.

He is looking at me with anticipation in his eyes, I embrace him in my arms, resting my head on his chest saying, "thank you so much.. Nomaan.. you have converted this house to my dream house.. thank you..thank you...and I am sorry for being mad at you.."

He is taken aback by my sudden reaction though I can feel his heartbeats getting faster, and as I have expected he hugs me back, he utters sighing deeply but still in a naughty way, "oooo..I didn't know my wifey has a unique way to say thank you and sorry...otherwise I would have renovated this house before our marriage.."

Of course he gets a punch on his chest in answer, but I don't think it has affected him, he smiles stroking my hairs, "just kidding.. but you know... I like it when you are this close to me.. I like it when I can feel your heart beat..when I can feel your smell" he lifts my face holding my chin, adjusts my hairs behind my ears, our eyes linger on each other's lips..

Heat raises from my stomach to my chest, as he tilted his face and leaned closer, drawing his face nearer to mine, I can feel heat of his breath mingling with mine.

My heart is exploding with excitement and love.. I feel his smell hypnotic beyond reason, which makes me close my eyes. As he caresses his lips to mine, I feel a spark that sends me to seventh heaven.

He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into him, presses him into me and kisses me harder, his lips are softer than anything I've ever known, soft like drizzle drops, like a touch of feather, like being weightless in water.. unknowingly my fingers starts running through his hairs...

My lips parted to utter small moan of pleasure and he was waiting for that moment to explore every corner of my mouth.. I am like floating in another universe lost in him, the taste of him has nearly silenced all my thoughts.

The feeling is immeasurable like thousands of showers of joy and pleasure, tingling sensation all over my body.. I want to seize the time and wish this moment to never end..

As our lips parted, we both have a blushing smile, he utters beaming, "You are don't have slightest Idea, how badly I was craving for your soft plump lips.." and pulls me back to claim my mouth again, this time hungry and intense, his hand is busy exploring my body over my dress, and his every touch makes me to want him more, to want his love, his care, his everything.

As our lips are separated, he gently pecks on my forehead, then pulls me in a affectionate hug, whispers huskily, kissing my earlobe, "I Love You Tulika.."

At the moment, it's like thousands of butterflies are fluttering in my stomach, as I feel our hearts are racing, I smile and tighten my grip around his waist to pull him close, to get dissolved in his embrace.

It is amazing feeling, melting in each other's if earth has stood still, like it's just us in whole universe, the moment of eternal joy.. as I am about to reply that..

It was one of the most wretched moments when his cellphone rings, I release him with a smile, he annoyingly pulls his cellphone out of his pocket..and my heart sinks as I read the name flashing on screen

It was non other than that RUHI..!!


Hey my lovelies.. I am sorry for the late publish, but this covid era is at end now, so I have to cope with work pressure along with writing, it's like riding two horses at a time, though I will try harder to publish every week but in case if I can't then please forgive me.. 🙏🙏

And yeah.. what do you think about this chapter.. ?please let me know.. thank you...😊

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