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Revenge of the Ghost - 28

Baba continued without taking a break as he was able to feel the impatience around him. Ravindra was losing his mind and if he did not get any answer soon about his beloved Satya, it would be a huge problem for him. Baba said, ‘Surajsinh and Manoharsinh reached the place near to the well. It was completely motionless. There was no one there. They opened the door and stepped inside. They saw Manusinh and he was very angry at his men and was beating them mercilessly. When he stopped, he saw both. Surajsinh waved him. He came and told he was extremely sorry and narrated the entire incident to Surajsinh and added that he would do everything in his power to bring those girls back. It was just a matter of time as he had already sent his men to find out who had taken those girls from him.

Impatient Manoharsinh spoke in between and told that he knew who had taken all those girls from them. Surajsinh and Manusinh were startled to know that he knew about this as they were completely in dark about this whole incident. Manoharsinh told them how he saw the entire incident and eventually asked a handsome reward to tell the name of the person. Surajsinh told him that he would get money beyond his imagination and a promotion too if he helps to find him plus to help them in order to cover up the entire incident from Police department. He agreed immediately and told the name.

As soon as they heard the name, there was pin drop silence. Everything around them just stopped for a while and for them even the blood in their veins was stopped for a while. Surajsinh screamed very loudly and told Manusinh how the hell an average teacher could do something like this. Shyam was just a teacher and normally teachers are not very brave people. Surajsinh told Manusinh that we had to make an example out of this situation, so nobody could ever think of anything like ever even in their wildest dreams. Manusinh’s brain was very cunning and cruel. In a fraction of second he had thought many unusual and brutal ways to punish Shyam. Surajsinh read all those thoughts as his face was telling the entire story about that. He told Manusinh, first we needed to bring back those girls as the consignment had to reach to the middle east by the end of the week.

Manusinh agreed to that order and asked Manoharsinh about the bus in which all those girls travelled. Manoharsinh gave all the information about the bus including the travel route, bus number and even the bus conductor’s name. Manusinh called one of his men and gave him all the information and told to every one of them in a very cruel way to bring back those girls here by the evening or ready to die by his bare hands. Everyone of his gang was very afraid of him because of his savage nature and his barbaric punishments. They all started immediately to bring those girls back.

Meanwhile, Shyam was completely unaware of this development, and he was in school like a regular day. He was very happy and feeling very proud of his deed of saving those girls from those wicked goons. Surajsinh asked Manoharsinh to leave and wait for further instructions. Manoharsinh started to go out and suddenly was called back. Surajsinh asked him to give a very detailed report of Shyam’s activities during the week including his wife and daughter. Manoharsinh felt happy to get that task as that meant more money for him and a sure shot promotion. He was ready to take his steps over the mountain of dead bodies, over the hubris of humanity, over the wreckage of broken dreams as he was a very greedy man and could not see anything beyond his greed.

Manoharsinh went to the nearest tea stall to Shyam’s house to gather all the information required by Surajsinh. At the site near the well, Surajsinh was discussing how maximum torture could be applied to Shyam before killing him and make an example out of it. Manusinh kept on suggesting various ways according to his inhuman brain and Surajsinh kept on rejecting it as he was not ready to deliver such old-fashioned punishments to Shyam. He wanted something original and so barbarous that even the souls of their bodies shiver in sheer fear and pain. The incident had to engraved in every villager’s mind in such a way that nobody dares to lift even a finger against him. Finally, he concluded, and his face lit up with crooked smile. He found a perfect punishment for Shyam and his entire family. He asked Manusinh to make certain arrangements for the same and after listening to those things, a stone hearted Manusinh had goose bumps. It was going to be bloody and extremely brutal.’

How Surajsinh will punish the entire family of Shyam? Will all the girls be recaptured again? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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